My Accident Ch. 01

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This is a true story, it happened to me about a year ago and things haven’t changed since then.


I broke both my arms when I crashed with my skateboard. I had to stay in hospital for one day before I could leave. I was glad being home after that one day at the hospital. The only two things that reminded me of my crash were the two plaster casts on my arms. Yes, I broke both my arms and couldn’t help myself. I was helpless as a baby and felt ashamed. I needed help if I wanted to eat, I needed help in the bathroom and I needed help n the toilet, but who should help me? There was no other man around in the house after dad left two years ago. It was only my mom and my two older sisters. Who would help me in the bathroom and who would help me on the toilet?

“Sweetheart,” I heard my mom say, “if you need help just ask me I will do anything you ask for.” Let me tell you what my mom is about. Mom is a 44 year old woman, she has a very nice and hot body. Her hair is blond and she has really lovely brown eyes. She is about 5’6 and is a little bit bigger but not fat. She takes good care about herself and always dresses very perfect and sexy. She always wears pantyhoses or stockings which fit perfectly to her high-heels. Her ass seems to be a little bit bigger and so do her tits. I have seen my mom nude a few times because none of us locks any doors. So it happened that I walked into the bath while she was showering or while she was taking a bath.

Time passed and after maybe two or three hours it was my bladder calling for release. So what to do? I tried to hold it as long as possible but after another hour I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Mom?”

“What is it, Jack?”

“Mom, I need to go to the toilet. Would you please help me with my pants?”

“Sure, honey. Let’s go!”

So we went into the bathroom.

“Jack, turn around so that I can open your belt an zipper and pull your pants down.”

So there was no way back. Slow, very slow I turned around. Mom got an her knees and opened my pants and then pulled them down. Now I was standing there my penis just inches away from her.

“Nice tool you have”, she said back on her feet. yabancı escort “Now have a go.”

“Mom I can’t while you watch.”

“OK, honey, I’ll wait outside. Just call for me when your ready.”

She left the bath and closed the door. I turned around and let go but not everything hit the toilet as I wanted it. Some of it hit the floor and made it wet.

“Mom?” She came back in and fixed my pants. “Mom, I am sorry about the floor but there was now free hand.”

“It’s ok, Jack, don’t worry about it.”

I went into my room while mom cleaned the bath floor. Afterwards she came to my room.

“Jack, we must think about something different for you to pee.” With these words she left.

It was about 9 p.m. and I felt tiered. But before going to bed I needed to pee. But first I wanted to change into my night outfit. So mom came and helped me.

“Mom, I need to pee before I can go to bed.”

“No problem, just follow me.”

In the bath she pulled my boxers down and asked me to turn to the toilet. I did what she asked me for.

“Don’t worry, now I will hold your penis while you pee and we have no problem with a wet floor as we had early the day.”

“But mom, I can’t. I can’t pee while you watch and I can’t pee while you hold my … my penis, you are my mom.”

“So where is the problem, Jack?”

“I can’t pee in front of you and I can’t pee while my mom holds my penis in her hand. I just can’t!”

“So what is so difficult about it? I can pee in front of you. I do not see any problem about this.”

With these words said she pulled her skirt over her hips. I could clearly see her white silky panties she wore and her stockings. Then she pulled down her panties. Now I could see her naked down below. There was not one hair. ‘My mom shaves her pussy!’ I thought to myself. I could see the tip of her totally naked pussy. She set down on the toilet. Then she parted her legs so that I could clearly see her big fleshy pussy.

“Take good and close look. Can you see everything or should I spread my legs a little more?”

I was speechless and without any answer she opened her legs wider. “Take a close and real good look yeni escort what mommy is doing. Take a close look at my pussy and my peehole.” With her right hand cared her pussy lips once and allowed them to open a bit.

“Are you able to you see everything? So here I go.”

First nothing happened. Then some yellow liquid dripped from between her lips. Again she opened her pussy lips with her right hand, now spreading her lips wide. There was nothing left for imagination. Everything of her private parts were clearly visible. And then it happened. A yellow stream escaped came out of her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My mom was sitting in front of me, spreading her legs and lips open for me to watch her peeing. She looked so beautiful and so sexy. I felt there was something growing in my pants.

“Sweetheart, do you see what mommy is doing? Do you see moms pussy? Do you see me peeing?”

“Yes, mom, I can see it. Mom, you are so beautiful and it’s so beautiful to see you peeing. I never thought it would look so sexy. I could watch this for hours.”

It seemed mom would never stop it seemed as she could go on for hours. In the meantime my member had become hard as a rock and it must been visible through my pants. I was so hot and hard as never before. I thought of a little playing after I was finished here. I would give my tool a good rub. Then I remembered my two broken arms and I was unable to relieve myself. ‘Damn!!!’

My mom still let some pee drip in the toilet. She spread her lips a little more. I guess she was giving me a little show. And it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this. If I interpreted the look on moms face right she was loving and enjoying what she was doing. When she was finished she stood up. ‘Cause I hadn’t moved she was standing only a few inches away from me. My face was directly in front of her bare pussy. Some last drops escaped her slit and landed in her silky panties ‘round her ankles. She stepped out of them and took it in her left hand. With her right hand she spread her lips once again just four inches away from me. She took her panties and wiped her pussy with it. I couldn’t help myself I was starring at her lovely yenibosna escort pink pussy and the moist lips she was spreading. I had to control myself not to move closer and lick her sexy lips. She wiped her pussy a little longer then necessary. Afterwards she laid her panties on the washbowl and licked the fingers of her right hand clean while she starred into my eyes.

“So, Jack, if I can pee in front of you I think you can do the same, don’t you think?”

The only thing I could think of at this point was my fully erected penis that showed through my pants. Mom lowered her eyes and now she looked at the tent I built in my pants.

“Uups, what’s this? Seems you liked watching me, didn’t you? Did it turn you on watching me pee? Did moms little boy enjoy watching mommys pussy?”

I was unable to answer ‘cause my throat was dry as a desert.

“But with this it’ll be impossible to hit the toilet. Come on over here. We’ll take the tub.”

I moved towards the tub where mom was standing. She stepped behind me pulled my pants down and freed my hard one. She stepped closer till she pressed her body into mine. I could feel her big breasts pressing into my back. Slowly she slid her right hand around me. When she touched my penis she opened her hand and closed it around my shaft. She slowly let dance her hand up and down a few times. Then she whispered into my ear:

“So let go, big boy! Let me see how you pee.”

My bladder was near bursting and so it was easy to let go. A yellow stream came out of me and landed in the tub. But after 30 seconds everything was over ‘cause my bladder was empty now. Once again mom slid up and down my shaft which still was hard. To tell the truth it even became harder.

“Turn ‘round, big boy.”

I did as I had been told. Mom bent down and pulled up my boxers. When she came up she let my erection touch her face. But she did it as it was by accident. When my boxers were up again she left the bath. In the door she turned around.

“I wish you sweet dreams, big boy!”, she said with a grin on her face.

I went into my room. On my pillow I found the silky panties mom wore today and there was a little note which said:




End of Part 1

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