Musical Chairs Ch. 03

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Big Ass

Bruce smiled at her. “You know how the winner of a pie eating contest gets a dozen free pies? Well, now you get the same prize. You can have anybody here, any way that you want them. You’ve certainly earned it.”

Julie let out a weak laugh and curled up David’s arms, hanging limp, her eyes misting with appreciation. “Thank you, but I’ve had enough for the nonce. It was wonderful, so wonderful, very wond…” Then her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

A while later (15 minutes? An hour?) she regained consciousness. Someone, probably David, had carried her to a bed and covered her with a blanket. She could hear laughing voices in the living room. She rustled to the edge and sat up. She felt good. No. She felt great. “That”, she said to herself, “felt great. I could do that again. Well, maybe I could.” She laughed “It gave me a lot but it sure took a lot too. I don’t know how much I have left on balance.”

She found her land legs. She was steadier on her feet than she had expected. She walked towards the door and the happy crowd. Louder than any was her voice demanding, “Smack it! Smack my ass! Make it hot. Make it as hot as my cunt. Make it hot and I’ll let you taste my fingers when I come, my fingers drenched with my molten juices.” “Tom, I know it’s you licking my ass. Keep it spread and fuck it with your tongue. See how horny I am. Feel how easy you tongue goes into my asshole? I love how you’re fucking my cunt…”

Everyone’s back was to her as they watched the replay on the wide screen TV. Tom commented, “Man is she hot. She almost socked me in the chin pulling on her clit. And really, I was half afraid her asshole would grab my tongue and never give it back.”

David chuckled, “I’ve often feared that with my prick. Heh, heh. I am a very fortunate man. Very fortunate indeed.”

Angelica sat there contemplating. “Does she give as good as she takes?”

David nodded.

Angelica reflected some more. Reflected, wiggled and smiled.

Quietly, Julie walked up behind them. Angelica startled when Julie whispered into her ear, “Yes indeed I do give as good as I take.”

Angelica turned towards her and took a deep breath. “Intriguing”. Then she parted her lips to receive Julie’s. She licked Julie’s lips, then backed off for Julie to lick her’s. Julie followed her lead, then lead still further, licking the insides of her lips, then the inside of her mouth. Julie’s tongue varied from stiff to soft, piercing and bathing. Everything was wet – lips, tongue, breathe, mouth. Something else was getting wet for both of them.

The men grew silent, as they took notice of Julie and Angelica’s play. Soon the only sounds you could here were their quiet moans, and Bruce’s voice on the video “Well, now you get the same prize. You can have anybody here, any way that you want them. You’ve certainly earned it.”

Julie broke from Angelica’s kiss, look around and said “Any way? And anybody? As in more-than-one anybody?” Everyone nodded.

Julie scanned the people and the scene. So many thoughts went through her mind. She noticed the hook and chain hanging from the cathedral ceiling. “Am I correct that something is meant to hang from there?”, she pointed, “Something other than a chain, that is?” It was confirmed. “Hmmm. What, then? What do I have to work with?”

Bob said, “Well, usually I, we, have someone bound to the chain. Of course in the video of last meeting you saw how David was tied to a pole that was hanging from it.”

“Anything else?” Julie asked.

“Well, sort of a trapeze, more of a sling really. Barely a seat. Open in the middle as you might guess. It can be set for any height.”

Julie smiled. “Good then. Angelica and Bruce and David, you’re elected.” Yes, you can all watch if you want; and yes, you may bring the cameras. No. You MUST bring the cameras.”

They helped set up the sling about 24″ above the floor bench. Julie went over to where Angelica was sitting on the couch, extended her hand, and gallantly “lifted” her from her seat. With Angelica’s hand high in the air, Julie half-pirouetted under their joined hands rubbing her back against Angelica’s breast and dusting her ass with Angelica’s bush. With her free hand Julie reach behind, and pressed Angelica’s ass, pushing her breast and bush even tighter against her. Letting loose of her ass hand, she continued the pirouette, bringing them breast to breast, then encouraged Angelica in a half-pirouette herself, bringing her bush against Angelica’s ass, swooning as her nipples brushed against Angelica’s sculpted back.

With Angelica, now in front of her, she tangoed them over to the sling, running her legs along Angelica’s sinuous form. “Nice bit of climbing last month. Think you can make it in one jump?”

Angelica nodded “Umm huh”, then bent to put some spring in her jump.

“Wait, please.” Julie asked at the bottom of the crouch. Julie reached under and ran her middle finger over Angelica’s clit, between her pussy lips, up over her perineum and pendik escort anus. “One” she counted. Again, she stroked using her index and ring finger to spread Angelica’s cunt and ass cheeks. “Two.” Another stroke, this time broad and flat with her hand, teasing the clit, pulling on the lips of her cunt, but pressing her ass together, not spreading it apart this time. “Three.” Angelica pressed back but Julie’s hand lifted off. Then delivered on light “smack!” on Angelica’s ass. “Go!” Unexpected as this was, Angelica’s athletic training had her going from totally straining back to instantly leap forward. She cleared the back of the sling in one smooth leap, landing her legs on the outside and her buttocks right in the middle of the sling.

“I’m impressed.” Julie said. “Not really surprised, but impressed none-the-less. That tautness, however, may work against you, unless you know how to relax as well.”

“Not going to be a problem.” Angelica smiled. “Feel.” With that she grabbed Julie’s arm and forced it to within fingertip reach of her pink playground. “Feel it.”

Julie stroked over the same path she coursed before. The pussy was soft and inviting. A finger easily dipped in to touch the first drops of dew. Angelica forced her arm back further. Julie was astounded at the ease with which her fingertip entered Angelica’s asshole. Angelica’s muscle control was amazing, able to be tight and loose at will, when and where she chose. Angelica loosened her grip, releasing Julie’s hand, and sat back to see how the rest of the action would set up.

Julie gave her another deep kiss. “I assure you, Angelica, you will LOVE this.”

“Now Bruce and David, I noticed that padded bench. Bring in over here.”

They duly retrieved it. “Uh, any particular place you want it?” they asked.

“Oh yes. Most definitely.” Julie crouched down to eyeball the angles of approach to Angelica pussy and ass. She grabbed their stiff cocks, and with these as tethers guided the bench into just the right position underneath Angelica. One end of the bench was just about even with her pussy, the other extended out about 2 feet.

“Good work, gentlemen.” Julie allowed, then slid mischievously underneath to give each cock a longer lingering suck. One more check on the siting. “Okay, you can set it down.” To confirm her judgment, Julie slipped on top of the bench. Her mouth was just a little too low to comfortably lick Angelica. She ordered a pillow. Dave went into the bedroom to get one, helped lift Julie’s head and slipped it underneath.

“Perfect”, she said, and it was. As Julie’s warm breath spread over her pussy, Angelica’s scent released into Julie’s deeply inhaling nostrils. She almost drifted off before remembering that she was the maestro in this sybaritic symphony. She brushed apart Angelica’s lips, running a dry tongue gently over the tips of the labia, up to her clit, and then gliding back with the underside of the tip.

The tip of her tongue touched the entrance to Angelica’s cunt. To the dew drizzling on the gateway, she added her own hot humid breath. Here she could taste the pools formed on the strand in the approaches to the depths. Holding Angelica’s ass in both her hands she dove in as far as she could. Her lips pressed against Angelica’s as her tongue fathomed her cunt. She would not touch bottom, but she would find the most intoxicating dive. Even though her tongue ached from the straining reach, she hesitated to withdraw.

Angelica, true to form, opened and tighten on Julie’s tongue – striving to take in ever more, but striving also to press every pleasure point in to seize the flexing pressure. The parted lips of her mouth let out a low lingering moan, holding a vibrato tone for seeming ever, then rising a little on the slow, reluctant withdrawal of Julie’s tongue.

Julie released one hand from Angelica’s ass. With a curl off her fingers, and a wave of her wrist, she beckoned David over. When his cock came within reach, she took hold, and guided him to a stance just above her head. Watching with a watchmaker’s eye, Julie pulled the tip of his dick to where it could just touch Angelica’s clit. His balls sort of rested on her forehead. She teased his cock over Angelica’s clit, watching the pretty pink point swing from sides to side. She pulled his cock down halfway to the entrance of Angelica’s cunt, then let it flick back up to tease her clit from below.

Where cock and clit met, tongue now joined. Julie thrust her tongue up to separate and savor their flesh. She drew a long wet stroke between them, then parted them to run a single swirling liquid lick around the glans of David’s dick. With a double swirling figure 8 (or more accurately infinity) she bathed Angelica’s labia, circled her clit and again pressed David cock against her tongue and wiggled it between them again. The vibrato draw of her tongue between them set their two voices moaning. They found a chord and resonated in a chorus of tone matching the reverberating tease from the tuzla escort soft point of Angelica’s clit against one side and the stiff bluntness of David’s dick on the other.

Now clit and cock teased each other again. On this next playful wiggling and tickling of dick and clit, Julie extended her range. She ran her tongue all along the shaft of his cock to his balls. Her nostrils flared at the scent trapped there by the fur at the base and in his balls. She continued on, back curling behind his balls, then counter-reversing over the perineum to his anus. Her lips pressed to the circle and her tongue spiraled into the center.

David’s cock jolted a little in her hand, dipping below Angelica’s clit to the entrance to her cunt. There it would easily have thrust inside, were Julie’s hand not wrapped tight around it. Still, the head dipped in a little and sent a shiver of aching desire through them both – a shiver that set his anus tightening on Julie’s tongue. Julie loved teasing and pleasing him this way and played the tantalizing tip into his asshole for a while before retracing the path back to where the two were joined. She let her tongue lick the underside of the neck of his cock, tasted some of the drops of pussy juice and moved on to Angelica’s asshole.

Unlike David, Angelica relaxed and let her tongue ease in. “Hmmmm. This is great. I really must thank you, David, for the recommendation; and I very much thank you, Julie, for the way you’re tongue fucking my asshole. I was hoping you’d give as good as you get; now I only hope they gave you as good as you’re giving me. Feel me opening for you? Feel how eager my asshole is? Fuck it. Fuck my horny asshole with your tongue.”

With that Julie removed her hand from David’s cock, and spread Angelica’s ass again. In spreading the cheeks, she pressed Angelica forward towards David’s cock. It glided smoothly into Angelica’s juicy cunt. David started to glide in and out. Julie backed off to watch and gathered her breath and her thoughts.

She said, “You should be well aware that you’re not the only one with a hot asshole, Angelica. Tom tongue fucking mine was great, but I want more. I need a good ass fucking. Bruce promised anything I want. Well my ass is horny for his dick.” Just to make sure she was heard, she yelled, “You hear that Bruce? I want you to stick you dick up my horny asshole.”

Bruce had been sliding his hand over his cock, knowing that he had some part in this but not sure until now what that was. Called to action, he hastened to fly into the breach. He’d wanted her too, exactly as she wanted him. He kneel at the end of the bench where Julie’s legs had been dangling, He ran his strong hands over her belly and down along the inside of her thighs. He pressed them apart as he drew further down to her knees, then hooked his thumbs underneath and lifted her legs in the air. As he did so, the cooling air touched her heated pussy.

Before he rose up, he ran his tongue up though her crack, wetting her anus, and stroking her pussy. He licked into her cunt, and drew out some of her wetness to add to his. His tongue pressed gently back down into her anus. She breathed a deep sigh of relief that this was going so well. She felt the sphincter muscles relax and open up for him.

“Oh Bruce. That is so right. That is soooo tickly good. My anus is so eager to feel you. I love your tongue, playing so sweetly on it and in it; but I need your cock. I need it so deep. I want to feel your cock fill my asshole.”

“Patience, Julie. You are making this good for me and I intend to make it great for you.”

Bruce rose up and laid his cock over her pussy, with the head on her clit, and the shaft over her parted labia. He glided up and down feeling her velvety folds. Little by little the moist pool in her cunt passed on to his cock making his strokes slicker and slicker. As he began to move more freely, his path extended. His balls started to press lightly against her labia on the upstroke. On the down stroke the tip slipped past her lips to her anus, painting is with her juices, and sending a shudder through her whole body.

“Oh. That is so good.” Julie mewled. I can feel how wet you’re getting my asshole, and I love how you slide soooo nicely over my pussy. Make is good. I want this to last forever.”

Angelica reached her arms down and pulled on Julie’s nipples. “Speaking of getting your asshole wet, mine still wants your tongue. I’m collecting on your promise. But I’ll sweeten the deal. Why don’t you lick my ass and I’ll do a great job of encouraging Bruce. “

With that, Julie leaned into her work, spreading Angelica’s ass, getting it wet with her tongue, thrusting inside her. As she did, she wiggled her own ass just as Bruce’s cock was gliding up towards her clit again. The shift pressed him down and inward – inward to the font of her wetness. Bruce slid into her cunt so easily that he surprised himself when he felt the drips of her dew on the fur at the base of his cock.

Her kartal escort cunt was so inviting, he want to remain there, thrusting, burrowing, delighting in the silkiness. He might have too, if Angelica hadn’t enjoyed Julie’s ministrations. “That is so good, Julie. Keep fucking my asshole. Oh, Bruce. This is great. Give her as good as she’s giving me. Fuck her sweet asshole so sweet. Fill her asshole like she’s filling mine. Better than she’s filling mine.” Having reminded herself of that delicious pleasure she pulled harder on Julie’s nipples, trying to deepen the tongue fucking into her anus.

Dazed by the tender caressing of Julie’s cunt, and impelled by Angelica’s incantation, Bruce pulled back and lowered the head to the petals on her rosebud. The slicked up tip pressed in to the flare of the glans. In her eagerness, Julie tightened to hold him, but pressed him out instead.

“Getting a little greedy there, Julie, heh heh.” he said, “Very well. I’m getting a bit eager myself.” He pressed too lightly against her tightened anus and ended up glided up into her cunt instead. The tip found renewed slickness, and after some more thrust was drenched with a coating of cunt juice.

He slid his cock out and back down to her asshole. Holding his cock steady, he pressed inward. Julie almost started to tighten, then drew a little Zen breath. All her muscles went limp – all but her legs in the air, and her tongue in Angelica’s ass. She found inspiration in Angelica’s control, and softly resisted the urge to clamp down.

Bruce felt the first twinge of tightness and pressed more insistently. The sudden softening of Julie’s resistance found him thrust past the glans, the neck, and half an inch further into her asshole before he slackened the force. He watched and waited. Julie had withdrawn her tongue from Angelica’s ass, and moved one hand to press against his chest, holding him back until she was ready for more.

When she was ready, she backed off her touch and pressed forth her tongue again. Angelica let out an appreciative gasp, and pressed through the seat as much as possible to feel that delicious wet tongue in her anus. In pressing down, she also pressed forward more against David’s cock, so persistently and sweetly embedded in her equally eager cunt. “Yes. Fuck me both of you. Fuck my cunt with your cock, David. Fuck my asshole with your tongue, Julie. This is so good. Ohhhh. Give it to her Bruce. Fuck her ass like she’s tongue fucking mine.”

Carefully, Bruce pressed on and in, following Julie’s fingertips as she lightened her touch on his chest. She felt him begin to fill her asshole; the outward pressure on her anus lessened while the inward thrust offer such sweet satiation. When he began to rock in and out, gently and lazily, her fingertips dropped down to gently stroke her pussy again.

She undulated her hips to feel more and more of his cock, his pulsing stiffness pressing on her sphincter. Adding to the thrilling warmth in her asshole and the responsiveness of her clit, she dipped a finger into her cunt hole – swirling it towards her g-spot then back against the wall.

The swirling of her fingers in her cunt echoed in the swirling of her tongue in Angelica’s anus, the slow fucking of her own asshole urging her on. Also urging her on was the pulsing of Angelica’s anus in response to David’s fucking. Each thrust pressed Angelica back a little, and increased the pull on her pinched nipples. Each counterstroke brought more of the scent of Angelica’s pussy to her keening nostrils, exciting her to desperate penetration of her tongue into Angelica’s ass.

“Come on, David. Give it to me. Fuck my dripping cunt.” Angelica demanded, strengthening her hold on Julie’s nipples, and using them to thrust back at David. “I love it. I love the double fucking I’m getting. I love the way you fill my cunt. I love the stiff wetness in my asshole.”

David, long teased and taunted by watching Julie being fucked and licked had a hard time resisting the pleasure offered by Angelica’s pulsing, milking cunt. The long wait for that sweet, silky sheathing of his cock made him desperate for her. The ever-present encouragements to press deep and deeper were beyond resistance. Pure urgency led his strained surge of power into her cunt. And now pure urgency was powering a surge within his cock. The surge of his impending orgasm took control and made him fuck wildly and desperately. He wanted nothing but to feel himself cum in Angelica’s wonderful pussy. And cum he did, flooding her cunt.

“Oh yes. Pump it all in me. I love the way your cock explored and pulses. I want all your cock and all it’s cum. Fill my cunt.” Angelica screamed. But she, too, was losing control. While she could still hold on to Julie’s nipples, using the leverage to press her pussy down over David’s cock, she could no longer control her own reactions. Indeed the oncoming orgasm began to control her, demanding the she press against the cock that was feeding it. She was greedily opening her anus for Julie’s thrusting tongue and her cunt for David’s thrusting cock; then tightening on both as if to hold the delights forever. Reaching and grasping for more and more of the delicious pleasures eagerly offered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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