Mum Trapped By the Fan

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The following story is a fictional event between an adult male and his mother.

I do not recommend trying to have sex in the situation described, it could be hazardous to your health.


“Honey can you come and help me?”


“Come here, I need some help.”

“Just a minute.”

“Oh come on quickly, I’m stuck.”

I stood, flushed the shitter and mumbled to myself, ‘what the fuck now, stupid bitch always needing me.’ Then I put on a stupid squeaky voice, ‘Change that bulb, wash the dog, take the dishes for a walk, feed the washing machine, empty the cat.’

“Fuck you mum.” When I turned the corner into her room, mum has a well rounded body with the classic 36-24-36 shape that all women seem to want. Well that’s what she claims along with being a size 10, I think in reality the numbers are a little bit – let’s say wishful thinking. In reality I think she is a little more than she claims but being 5ft 9 and fifty-four she actually looks a good shape.

Dad is long gone with some stupid, and for that matter ugly, bimbo that he got pregnant over his office desk. I’m twenty-two and an inch taller than mum but unlike mum I don’t look in good shape as I sit in sarıyer escort front of computer screens all day for work and gaming.

I felt my cock twitch and grow when I saw mum and at the same time burst out laughing.

“You shit bag, it’s not funny.”

“It is from where I’m standing mum.”

By now my cock had reached its full size inside my pyjama bottoms and I had to adjust myself to get more comfortable.

“Oh come on sort me out. And turn this bloody fan off.”

I found the remote and stopped the fan.

“What the fuck happened mum?”

“Just trying out a new sex position… what do you think happened you twit?”

I stepped back to take in the whole scene, mum was standing there with a big pink dildo sticking out of her cunt, her white bra still just about contained one breast but the other cup had been pulled up so the other tit was hanging down under it, the bra’s shoulder strap was tangled in the remains of her thin white full length slip, the bottom of the slip was tangled in the ceiling fan and the fabric was well and truly wrapped around mums up stretched arms and head. As I entered the fan was still turning and winding the fabric tighter around sefaköy escort her arms but, with the strain of the twisted cloth it stopped quickly when I pushed the off button.

Oi larfed and messed about, imitating the actions and voices of the Benny Hill sketches.


I managed to stop laughing enough to ask “What happened?”

“What do you think happened? I was taking the slip off and caught the fan you idiot.”

“and the, err, cock thingy?”

“I was stirring my fucking tea.”

I laughed harder, mum was getting angrier.

I stepped forward and reached up to attend to the trapped and ripped cloth and felt my pyjama bottoms slip as I stretched and my cock fell free through the opening, it hit the dildo and knocked it out of her cunt. It hit my foot as it fell and I shrieked, more in surprise than pain but my attention was diverted from the fan and bent down to retrieve it. The dildo was warm and very wet against my dry hand.

Suddenly an idea crossed my mind and seriously thought about stirring her tea for her. I had never really had any sexual thoughts about mum before, probably because my best friend Henry Brownlee’s mum had fantastic tits silivri escort and knew how to show them so all my thoughts went that way.

I stood up from the floor and dropped the dildo on the bed, grabbed my cock, pulled the foreskin back and positioned it between mums’ legs.

“Don’t you dare.” Mum wriggled a lot and tried to back away from me but being trapped by the cloth and with the bed behind her there was no where to escape to. “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE.”

It was tricky with the her struggling but holding on to my hard cock with one hand and her arse with the other I managed to push forwards and up.

Mum shouted “BASTARD.” The more she struggled the more I humped, her struggles changed somewhat then she shrieked “YES, OH YES.” And before I could follow her actions she was holding on to me by her legs around my hips and humping against me until I finished and cum in her.

“Stupid fucking bastard, now will you get me down.”

I held her arse cheeks as she unwrapped her legs from my hips and she put them back on the floor to take her weight again.

I left the room.

“Where are you going? Come back here you sod.”

I returned with the big carving knife and carefully cut through the cloth between her hands and the fan, she dropped to sit on the bed as I removed the rest of the twisted mess from the fan then put the knife down and untwisted the cocoon of white satin.

As soon as her hands were clear she started thumping my legs and started shouting again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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