Ms. Jiggles Ch. 05

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Ms. Johnson and the Halloween party was the talk of the school that day. If there was an award for best costume, she easily would have won. No questions asked.

“That’s the big booty lady from the party on Friday,” a female student said to her friend as they watched Ms. Jiggles move down the busy hall. “What an attention whore! Did you see that outfit she was wearing? Her booty was just all over the place…”

“Yeah, I saw her,” the other replied, “She was dancing with all kinds guys too.”

“She sure was. I think she’s fucking some of these boys too, but I don’t know for sure,” she said with a shrug, “You know they say to never trust a big butt and smile.”

“Right? I heard she gets around…”

As Ms. Jiggled went to her office, students stared at her big, 55 inch ass, that shook and wobbled like crazy with each step. She walked with a proud bounce, her hips swinging from side to side, her big butt putting the bystanders in somewhat of trance.

She got back to her office, and received an incoming text message from Darius.

I want you. I can’t even lie.

Lol well that was fast, she replied.

Haha sorry. I’ve been thinkin about you this past weekend. I saw you at the party too.

I see. What are you doing now? We can meet real quick 🙂

In my dorm room on Instagram. Bored lol He replied, laying on his bed.

Lol ok let me finish up some things and I’ll stop by xoxo.

Darius heard a knock at his door an hour later as he laid on the bed, shooting his basketball toward the ceiling. He rose up and answered, met by a smiling Ms. Jiggles with her hand on her hip.

“Mmm…hey handsome,” she smirked as she let herself in, bumping her huge, round ass into him as he posted along the door. He stuck his head out the door, checking to see if the coast was clear before he shut the door behind her.

“Nobody saw you come in, right? I just don’t want to get in trouble,” he said, watching her big ass bounce before him.

“No, we’re good babe,” she replied, wandering and checking out his room. Posters of different NBA players were taped on the walls for inspiration, and by the bed was his iMac computer on a desk. She had never seen a man with so many sneakers. Various pairs of Nike shoes were scattered along the floor, and that was just a quarter of Darius’ collection. “Now, where were we?”

She walked up to him and hugged him, his hands sliding down to her round ass. In a pair of loose fitting slacks, the round, protruding shape of her butt was still noticeable. He held her booty as he bit on his bottom lip, groping and exploring its sheer mass and size.

“God damn,” he moaned, looking over her shoulder at the enormous ass that jutted out behind her, “This ass is too much.”

“Mmm, I knew you would come around,” she purred, and then pecking him on the lips, “Who would pass up all this ass?”

They kissed passionately as his hands went into a frenzy, smacking and groping as much ass as he could. His bulge grew and pushed against her thigh, and she reached down to grab it, giving it playful shake.

His hands roamed around her massive ass cheeks, squeezing the spongy flesh covered by the soft fabric. “It’s so fucking big,” he said, his dick hardening in his NCU basketball shorts, “I think you got the fattest ass on campus. Shit…”

She bit her lip, and her mouth curled into a smirk. “Yeah I think I do too. I told you before I get what I want, and who I want.” She lowered down into a squat, and peeled the top of his shorts down, exposing the hairless region before his dick started. He held the front antalya escort of his shirt up at the chest, displaying a chiseled set of abs as Ms. Jiggles stretched the shorts down more, and his thick shaft came into view.

“Fuck yeah…” he moaned, standing up against the door, the look of pleasure on his face as his mouth hung open.

She blinked. “Damn you got a fat ass dick, my goodness!”

When she pulled his shorts down further, the girthy, swelling shaft bulged and bent against the waistband, waiting to be free. With every passing second, his big veiny cock swelled, twitching it’s way to it’s full length.

“Yeeessss!” He moaned in relief as his big black cock flopped out, lewdly landing on Ms. Johnson’s shoulder. As she grabbed and hoisted the big, twitching cock up, the look of astonishment showed on her face, realizing that his dick was still growing.

“Jesus, you’re hung like a horse,” she said, licking the underbelly of the long, expanding meat. She pumped it for good measure, and slid the big cock in her mouth.

Then, there was a knock at the door.

Ms. Jiggles and Darius paused in surprise, and their eyes slowly met each other’s. Oh fuck, he thought, his heart racing as the room suddenly got warmer.

“It’s Alicia, babe. You in there?”

Darius grabbed and stuffed his huge, young cock back into his shorts as Ms. Jiggles stood up and fixed her clothes. “Y- yeah one sec,” he said, panicking as he tried to conceal the boner she made in his shorts. “That’s my girlfriend,” he whispered to Ms. Johnson, “Just play it cool.”

With one deep breath, he opened the door, trying to act as normal as possible with his throbbing bulge hidden behind the other side of the door. Ms. Jiggles stood behind him, looking at Alicia from over his shoulder with a smirk.

“Hey I tried calling and texting you, but you didn’t respond,” Alicia said, “And why is s-”

“I better get going,” Ms. Jiggles said, cutting her off, and moving to Darius’ side, “Everything seems to be in order. Your files are good and you seem to have all paperwork signed. Enjoy the rest of your day, Mr. Taylor.”

Ms. Johnson excused herself and left out the dorm, her big, beach ball booty bouncing wildly as she went down the hall.

“That’s that big booty secretary bitch. Me and Tiffany was talking about her ass earlier. Why was she in here, Darius?” She asked, folding her arms and giving him a dirty look.

“S- she was helping me with some…um…paperwork. You know, making sure everything was up to date. Basketball stuff babe,” he said, going along with the lie, “But babe can we talk a little later? I really need some rest. Practice was intense today.”

Alicia shook her head, her eyes squinted, knowing something was weird, but she went with it “Yeah…if you say so. Just make sure you call me when you get up.”

“I will, love you,” Darius said and kissed her. He exhaled hard as he shut the door, his heart still racing, his hands trembling. “Holy shit that was close…”

When Ms. Johnson got home later that night, her iPhone alerted with another text from Darius.

That was too close earlier! Damn lol

I told you we wouldn’t get caught lol. What did she say after I left?

Nothing I told her I was tired and needed rest. God I was going to fuck the shit outta your thick ass!

Mmm Oh really? Talk is cheap lol so why not come over? Ms. Jiggles replied.

How tho? You know we have a curfew in these dorms.

Hmm…don’t worry about that I’ll take care of it 😉 and remember this is just between us xx

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The next day, Alicia and her long time, childhood friend Tiffany met outside of their Math class.

“You know I caught that lady with the big booty in Darius’ dorm yesterday?” Alicia asked.

Tiffany gasped. “What!? Ms. Johnson? The secretary?”

“Yes! The bitch was in there when I went over there to see him.”

“So what happen?”

Alicia sighed and rolled her eyes. “Girl, nothing. They mentioned something about some school paperwork they had to update.”

“Hmm, sounds fishy to me. You might want to keep an eye on him.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Johnson was pulling up in her BMW into her parking spot in the NCU faculty lot. Her massive, round ass, covered by a long, dangling maxi skirt, jiggled like crazy as she entered. Matched with a small denim jacket, her loose, dangling skirt made her butt appear even bigger. The big, protruding ass cheeks bounced and clapped against themselves, causing the dress to wedge in and out of her ass as she went.

She went to her office, and sent Darius a text.

Good morning handsome 🙂 I have it figured out. Meet me at my place so we can finish what we started.

Hey. What’s up? You know i still have the curfew thing…

Don’t worry just come tonight. I’ll give you the address. I need that dick!!

Ok cool, and I need that big fucking ass of yours!!

Darius used an Uber to get over to Ms. Jiggles’ house that night, covering up in his grey NCU Basketball hoodie and sweatpants. He used the excuse that she had told him to, which was he had to attend to a family emergency. It worked like a charm, voiding his curfew for the night.

Ms. Johnson opened the door to a smiling Darius, whose looks resembled that of the singer Chris Brown.

“Well it’s about time,” she smirked with one hand on her hip, “Come on in.”

He bit his lip as he followed her, studying her huge ass squished into a pair of small, red boy shorts. The bottom of the round cheeks bulged out, exposing the big overlap where her booty and hamstrings met.

“My bad. The Uber guy got a little lost,” he said, taking off his hoodie, “But damn I’ve been thinking about that fat ass all day.”

“Yeah? Well it’s yours tonight. And no more interruptions from you know who,” she smiled, looking back at him as she lead him to the bedroom.

His huge dick was twitching already, forming a pronounced outline in the thin sweatpants as he watched her giant ass wobble before him. “God damn…”

She looked back at the thick, swollen shaft as they came before her bed. “Mmm! Getting hard already for me?” She lowered down into a squat in front of him, and slid his pants down with ease, letting his huge, long cock flop free. “Mmm fuck…it’s bigger than yesterday,” she said, grabbing and pushing the head in her mouth with no hesitation. Her thick lips slid and popped off of the head before she stuffed it back in, bobbing her mouth up and down on the top portion of his shaft.

“Fuck! Suck that dick hoe,” he said bravely, her wet mouth working the growing, young dong. She moaned to herself as she sucked him off, working her head and neck in a stroking motion. Her hands cupped the back of his thighs as one his palmed her head, guiding it as she sucked.

His long cock continued to grow, hardening and expanding to insane proportions. The growing length tested her throat as she sloppily sucked it, the fat dickhead dared to slide pass.

Ms. Johnson gagged and slid the huge, donkey of a cock from her mouth with belek escort a sickening POP. She tried to catch her breath as she licked the big, bobbing cock to it’s full erection.

“Good Lord have mercy this is a big ass dick fuck!” She said in one breath, gazing up at the hard, twitching pussy stretcher, and licking it up and down, as he grinned.

“13 and a half inches,” he said proudly, his monster cock protruding from his body like a baseball bat as she worshiped it.

Her face lit up. “Fuck! Jesus sweetie…I’ll have to call you Mr. Ed from now on with his horse dick.” He giggled as he watched her work his dick, ducking underneath it to lick and slobber along each side of the long shaft.

“I think it’s ready to get inside that pussy,” he said, looking down at Ms. Jiggles with the cockiest smirk. He flexed the 13 and a half inch cock, making it bob and bounce above her face.

“Fuck, I don’t think I can take this,” she said, her mouth working every hung inch, “It’s fucking huge…”

“Don’t back out now. This is what you’ve been wanting.”

Then he got her into position. Her big ass sat up high as she got into her patented doggystyle position. As Darius got behind her, he groped and slapped the giant, round ass cheeks, and then pulled her shorts off, revealing a fat set of pussy lips.

“Damn baby, fuck,” she moaned with her face on the bed as Darius held her ass cheeks forward, and pressed the huge dickhead against her clit.

“Mmm there you go, take this dick,” he moaned back, sliding the monstrous cock in her pussy inch after inch. She clenched the sheets on her bed, feeling the long, hard shaft fill her walls. He gripped the big, soft butt cheeks and held them back, getting a better view of her wet pussy welcoming his dick.

Her face changed into an intense grimace as Darius began to hump. Holding her by the waist, her booty was able to wobble freely, bouncing back forth with his strokes.

“Damn you fuckin’ me baby! You fuckin me! SHIT!” she said, moaning as his long cock worked her wet pussy. She trembled as she felt his dick pulsate inside of her, and with each stroke he was getting deeper.

“Mmm damn… you big booty bitch,” he said, his face hardened, “All this teasing you been doing, now I’m going to get in this pussy!”

The next stroke was all 13 and a half inches. He fucked her with hard, rapid thrust, pulling his dick out to the head, and then slamming it balls deep. “FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” She screamed, her big ol’ booty slapping against his hard, washboard abdominals.

“FUCK YEAH! TAKE IT YOU BIG BOOTY BITCH!” Darius said through gnashing teeth, his long cock jamming in and out of Ms. Johnson’s pussy with fierce thrust.

He unleashed his fury, pumping his hips rapidly as she tapped out into submission. She begged and pleaded for him stop, but he showed no signs of slowing up.

“AAHHH SHIT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” She screamed as she came for the umpteen time. Her king size bed bucked back and forth as she tried to run from the dick, but Darius pulled her back, forcing every inch side.

“Take it take it take it take it FUCK!” He said in a fast, chanting cadence. Deep, roaring ass clapping vibrated through her bedroom.

He came like a hose, and didn’t even bother pulling out as the booty bouncing, pussy fucking onslaught came to an end. “FUCK!” He yelled as long, thick ropes of cum shot inside of her. Ms. Jiggles panted for breath and her body quivered as Darius slapped at her big booty. “God damn…” he said with a sigh as her butt jiggled into place, his torso glistening in sweat, “Now that’s how you beat a pussy up!”

“My God, you fucked the shit out of me,” Ms. Johnson said, her voice fading, “Boy you are an animal. Let this be our little secret…”

“Don’t worry Ms. Johnson. I won’t tell a soul. I swear,” he smirked.

To be continued…

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