Mrs. Martha Cane (Vanilla Lady) Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

This story is a complete fantasy. There is no underage sex or cruelty.


When Maureen told us that she had arranged for Henry and I to attend the Special Evening on Thursday we were both filled with excitement and trepidation. Henry told me quietly “I am afraid in case I am too old Martha.”

I understood his nervousness very well and told him that I felt exactly the same way. For all our fears we both knew we wanted to go.

On Wednesday, Maureen came over to see us. She knew how we were feeling and worried about us as she reassured us “You don’t have to worry Aunty Martha. You and Uncle will be fine. All of your friends will be there and are so looking forward to seeing you.”

I felt I had to say “But Maureen, I am almost 60. Some of the young men will laugh at me.”

She shook her head and told me “You have no idea how they think Aunty. You are just at the age they fantasize about, and you are nice and plump and a sort of Mother Image for them and you dress so beautifully.”

I looked dubious “A Mother Image?”

She smiled “That’s right Aunty. A sort of Mummy for them. They will all want you.”

I nodded and asked hesitantly “Should I wear young clothes?”

“God no Aunty. Just wear your ordinary clothes which are all nice. You have a lovely flowery frock which is knee length and so respectable and your normal underclothes, but definitely not tights.”

“Not tights?”

“No they can be passion killers. Either wear tan hold ups or tan stockings and suspenders or nothing.”

I gasped “Nothing?”

She laughed at my consternation “No, I don’t mean ‘nothing at all’. Just not stockings or tights. You will have to wear your knickers. The men will expect a woman of your age to have panties on.”

I felt relieved. I wondered how far she wanted me to go “What about panties. Should they be tiny ones.”

“No Aunty. Wear your ordinary knickers. The ones with the wide gussets. They suit you and they are quite erotic, especially for the young men. You can wear nice modest heels which is suitable for your age.”

I nodded. I could see Henry listening apprehensively. He asked “What about me, Maureen. Should I wear anything special?”

She laughed and so did I. She just told him “No of course not Uncle. You go as you are. You are an older mature man, and that is what the younger wives will want. They will want to excite you and make you a big boy.”

He was panting with nervousness but I could also see he was swelling out his trousers and so could Maureen. She laughed “He has got a horn on already Aunty.” We both laughed.

I asked her “How does it start Maureen?”

She sat down and explained things. “We are meeting in the Church House. The Vicar and his wife are the hosts on Thursday. Nobody rushes anything. Remember they are all very normal respectable people. Even the people who have been many times before, are still nervous and apprehensive. For the first hour everything is like a normal get together of the Parish. Some of the guests will not participate but they wont mind things happening around them and will want to watch.”

“But when will it actually start, Maureen?”

She smiled “It will start usually with the younger men getting impatient. When they start just try to slow things down a bit otherwise they get carried away.”

“It will be the same for you Uncle. I know young Mrs Davies has designs on you. Just let her chat to you and let things take their course.”

Henry gasped “Do you mean, Lucy Davies, the Religious Instructions Teacher in the local school?”

Maureen nodded.

It really shocked me “But Maureen, her mother is Grace Rowlands married to Jack. They are our best friends. Are you telling us that their daughter will be at the Special Evening?”

Maureen laughed “Yes, that is exactly what I am telling you Aunty. Not only will Lucy be there but so will her mother and father. You will have a shock when you see the people who go to the Adult Evenings.”

Henry and I shook our heads in bewilderment.

Before she left Maureen told us “I will pick you up in my car at 7 pm tomorrow night Aunty. Can you be ready then?”

I assured her we would be ready and asked “Will you be taking care of us at the Vicarage Maureen?”

She shook her head. “No Aunty. I thought that it was time that you did some things on your own. You did say that you and Uncle Henry didn’t want to be a Vanilla Couple.”

I looked at Henry and he looked back at me. We had said that. He nodded. I said “Yes Maureen. We have to deal with this ourselves. Does Malcolm know you are taking us?”

She nodded. “Yes he knows.”

That was the first time she had intimated that her husband knew about her Adult Evenings.

I had to ask “Has he been to any of them Maureen?”

She looked as if she didn’t want to discuss it but did say “He has been to some Aunty, but they are very Special Adult Evenings. I will explain those to you some other time.”

Even in my nervousness I was intrigued but knew she wouldn’t say halkalı ucuz escort any more so I kept quiet and accepted things.


On Thursday Evening, Henry and I got ready to go out. We were both a bag of nerves. Maureen picked us up in her car dead on time. As we travelled in the car, I jabbered nervously. Henry was very quiet. All Maureen said was “Don’t rush things. They all want to see you there but they wont overwhelm you. Just enjoy things but don’t do anything you don’t want to.”

As we entered the Vicarage we were met by the Vicar and his wife who smiled pleasantly and after the usual greetings led us into the large reception area. A lot of our friends greeted us but as Maureen had told us, they didn’t overwhelm us, thank goodness.

We all settled down in cosy little groups. We ended up chatting with young Mr Davies and his wife Lucy. As she taught in our local school and I was a Governor we had an immediate subject to chat about. I knew that Bill Davies was a keen fisherman and Henry had been something of an expert angler in his younger days so it was a very friendly group.

I could see my friend Grace Rowlands and her husband Jack chatting with the man who runs the Post Office and his wife. Grace gave me a wave and mouthed words to the effect “Will chat later.”

Lucy Davies was of course my friend Grace Rowland’s daughter and when she had been very young had always called me Aunty Martha. We both joked about these memories and I asked her how her teaching was going. She was so enthusiastic about things that her husband laughed “Now you have her started Mrs Cane, it will be a job to stop her.”

Henry was interested in a new Fishing Group which had started in the village and it turned out that Bill Davies was the secretary, so it soon became clear that my husband intended to join before long.

I looked around and could see that there were quite a number of groups in the room in similar sorts of friendly discussions. It was a reasonable size room but was set out with settees and easy chairs. We could all see each other and yet we were separate.

There were all sorts of drinks set out on a separate table and Bill immediately asked us what we would like. Neither Henry nor I drank much alcohol but we were both afraid of being wet blankets and not joining in. I felt a bit awkward trying to explain but Bill and Lucy were lovely.

Bill said “Don’t worry Mrs Cane, quite a lot of people don’t drink. What would be nice for you would be to have a tiny drop of white wine and top it up with lemonade and the same with you Henry, a tiny drop of whisky topped up with plenty of coca cola.” They were such good company we felt so relaxed.

I did say to Lucy “We don’t want to spoil your Evening, Lucy. You will probably want to talk with your other friends.”

She smiled back “Certainly not Mrs Cane. We will all mix up more later on but for the beginning both Bill and I wanted very much to spend an hour with you.”

I felt gratified when she said “I have adored you for years but over the last few years Bill has really fancied you.”

I giggled, but Bill intervened “Now Lucy, don’t embarrass our friends. They are new and don’t want to hear anything that might shock them.”

I explained that we were new at these parties and it had come about with chats with my niece Maureen and that Henry and I realised how much we had been missing.

Bill nodded his head wisely “Not very different from us Mrs Cane. And even more so for Lucy’s mother and father. I think we all realised together that there was more to life than work and theatre and teaching. There was a lot of excitement around as long as we opened our minds. To be honest we all realised that we had been living Vanilla lives.”

Henry surprised me saying strongly “They are our feelings as well Bill. Both Martha and I were fed up of being a Vanilla Couple.”

Bill Davies nodded. He had been surprised how strongly Henry had spoken. So was I really but I was glad he had.

I looked around the room and could see there was a little more intimacy in the groupings.

My friend Grace Rowland had slipped her cardigan off to reveal that underneath she had a sheer black blouse on which was quite see through.

The thing that surprised me was that she didn’t have a bra on. Like me she was almost 60 and her breasts and nipples were exposed and she was talking to the Post Master. She was clearly enjoying him ogling her.

Lucy saw me looking at her mother and just smiled without commenting apart from saying “Mr Jones from the Post Office likes talking to my mother.”

I tried to hide my surprise. It was important that we joined in with everything naturally. We wanted to be part of the Evening.

Henry did his bit to join in and said “I think you said you said you fancied my wife Bill. In which way?”

Bill Davies coloured up and murmured “I don’t want to embarrass you Henry. I am sorry.”

I said “Don’t be silly Mr Davies. We have come here of halkalı üniversiteli escort our own free will. You wont embarrass us.”

Lucy joined in to support me “Quite right Aunt Martha. I can tell you that Bill has more than fancied you for over 5 years and some of the things are really outrageous.”

I wanted to giggle and I could see that Henry was really intrigued and asked “Come on Bill. You said we were all friends here and there were no secrets.”

Bill nodded. He said “Well Henry I must confess I have fancied Mrs Cane since I saw her in that smart fitted dress when she made that nice speech at the School Reunion party. I can’t tell you what I wanted to do to her.”

I wanted to giggle as I heard this young man talk about me like this in front of his wife and my husband. I remembered that dress very well and knew a few of the men were looking at me later on as I sat on the settee. I wanted to know more now, and so did Henry.

Lucy could see I was a bit giggly and smiled and teased her husband “Go on Bill. You told me what you wanted to do to Mrs Cane. Tell her husband, he wants to know.”

Bill Davies coloured up a little and then told my husband “To be honest Henry, I wanted to shag her. I have wanted to shag her for a long time.”

It took my breath away and Henry gasped. I didn’t feel unpleasant and Lucy could see I wasn’t unhappy and pushed him a bit further “Go on Bill, say the rest of it.”

Bill Davies was looking at me quite lecherously now and told my husband directly “When Martha was upon stage, Henry, I really wanted to walk up behind her and pull her skirt up and her panties down to her knees and ram my prick right up her.”

Lucy giggled and poured some wine into my glass. I had a job keeping a straight face and drank a little. I liked the taste and it made me relax. I felt wonderful and drank some more.

I could see that Henry looked uncertain whether he should go with the flow or object. I knew that if he objected then the whole Evening would be ruined for everyone. He drank some more whiskey.

I decided to let our young friends in on a couple of my husbands secrets and said to Mr Davies “Actually Henry writes naughty stories and your wife plays a prominent part, Bill.”

Bill smiled “I would like to know what sort of part. Can you tell me Henry?”

I could see that Lucy knew that I was really enjoying things now and poured me some more wine. She must have realised that as long as Henry didn’t object then we would all have a very nice evening.

She sat provocatively on the arm of the settee in front of my husband. She didn’t actually pull her skirt up but she let it ride up so that all her stocking tops and suspenders were showing. I giggled. I liked her plump thighs. I knew Henry would.

Any objections that Henry may have had had now vanished and he stuttered something.

Lucy laughed “And tell me Aunty Martha. What did Henry want to do to me?”

I had some more wine and was giggling now like a young girl. I told them “He thinks you are like a lovely doll and is always wondering what sort of panties you are wearing?”

Henry blushed and gulped some more whiskey. He was aroused but looked apologetically at Bill Davies.

Bill had designs on me and wanted to make sure that Henry didn’t spoil things.

He laughed “You are quite right Henry. Lucy does look like a nice plump Doll. Just think of it Henry. If she was your Doll, you could change her knickers whenever you want to.”

The conversation was getting more direct now. Henry partly groaned and we could all see his arousal through his tented trousers.

Bill Davies didn’t let go. He asked my husband “Do you want to see her knickers Henry. Shall I tell your Doll to pull her skirt up for you?”

The tone had changed somewhat. Suddenly Lucy had become, Henry’s Doll.

Henry sounded like a little boy in a sweet shop “Please.”

Mr Davies didn’t have to instruct his wife.

Lucy smiled sweetly as she eased her red skirt up her plump thighs to expose her thin black panties.

The really were thin. Almost transparent.

We could all see hairs coming out the side of the underwear and even more obvious the dense growth right between her legs. I liked it.

I thought that although she was a lot younger than me, she had as much hair as I had.

She could see me looking and must have guessed what I was thinking as she smiled “I have always had a lot of hair just there Aunty. I have wondered about having it shaved.”

I had another drink of wine and smiled “I think it looks really lovely Lucy through your lovely thin panties.”

Lucy smiled “Thank you for being so nice Aunty. These are my pretty Dolly Knickers.” and opened her legs wider.

She did it as much for me as as Henry.

Henry was getting very aroused and I could see he wanted to join into the conversation and told Mr Davies “Martha has a lot of hair between her thighs, Bill.”

Both Lucy and I laughed haramidere escort when Bill Davies groaned and spoke directly to me “I have always imagined you with a nice black badger with an open pink mouth.”

The four of us were really getting into the mood now and although we were talking more and laughing it was in a secretive sort of way. We were chatting in hushed tones. Actually the whole room was like that.

Everyone was talking but the sound was lower and more of a gentle hum. It was very sensuous. I noticed that Lucy’s boss the Head Mistress of her school was lighting some small candles in one of the alcoves. They sent out a very slight aroma which was very pleasant although not strong.

Lucy saw it as well and told me “Mrs Parker always brings a few candles as they are so relaxing and puts everyone in the right mood.

It wasn’t very obvious but I could see that several of the young men had their hands up the back of some of the older ladies skirts and dresses as they chatted together in small circles.

One of the men was Mr Jones from the Post Office and his hand was right up my friends Grace Rowland skirt. I could see that Lucy was watching her mother as well.

As we were both looking we saw Grace very casually alter the position of her feet, just a little. It was hardly noticeable but the main result was that she was now standing with her legs open. Mr Jones must have had more freedom with his hand.

Lucy murmured in my ear “My mother likes Mr Jones doing that to her.” I nodded. Although Grace was still taking part in her conversation she was clearly enjoying herself.

Henry and Bill were quietly chatting and looking around the room. They weren’t talking about fishing.

Lucy pointed out a few of the secretive things to me which were happening. A few of the smaller groups had joined together and the low swell of conversation carried on without increasing the volume and the gentle aroma of the candles wafted around. I was drinking more wine and Henry was gulping the whisky back.

I had shock when I saw the Vicars wife in one of the smaller groups on her knees in front of Mr Tomkins the local Landscape Gardner.

It was an odd sight in itself but it was much stranger than that as Mr Tomkins had his penis out and had it in her mouth. She seemed quite happy to suck away.

Obviously Mr Tomkins was happy but I immediately wondered what the Vicar would do about it and whispered my concern to Lucy.

She laughed “There wont be any problem there Aunt Martha. Cant you see him. He is in front of them with his back to us. It was so erotic, I could feel my tummy pulsing and my breasts felt lovely and full as gasped and muttered “But,he can see his wife?”

Bill Davies heard me and said “He likes watching his wife do that Mrs Cane, just look at his arm.”

I gasped. Although we couldn’t see properly, his up and down arm actions seemed to be very lewd but again it excited me. I wanted to join in some of these acts.

I looked at Lucy Davies for confirmation. She smiled and nodded. Bill Davies confirmed my thoughts by saying “The Vicar always wanks himself when he watches his wife with the other men.”

It was erotic but I was still amazed at the reference to ‘other men’.

Before I could ask the question Mr Davies said “She usually sucks off about 5 or 6 of the older men.”

I found it incredible. The Vicar and his wife were the most respected couple in our community.

Even as these thoughts were going through my head, the Vicar was breathing heavily and turned a little. I could see him plainly now in his smart dark suit and nice tie. The only thing that changed this image was the fact that his trouser buttons were undone and he had his penis out.

Lucy whispered “He cant do the full intercourse thing properly, so he likes to masturbate.”

Bill Davies smiled “He is our Wanker.”

I whispered to Lucy “I am so excited but I am not sure about my husband.”

She smiled “Don’t worry about him, Aunty.”

I could see Henry drinking more whiskey and really looking straight between Lucy Davies’ legs.

She was now lying back on the settee and her skirt was right up over her waist and her legs were splayed displaying the wide gusset of her transparent panties.

I could see that my husband was entranced.

Mr Davies asked quietly “Do you want to fuck her, Henry?”

Henry looked guiltily at me. I nodded back to him.

He murmured “I would like to, Bill.”

Bill Davies laughed “That’s the beauty of these Evenings, Henry. We can all do as we like and none of the husbands object.”

Henry murmured “Thank you Bill.”

Bill Davies smiled “I like your wife as well Henry.”

My heart pounded with excitement. It looked as if it was my turn.

Henry looked a little shocked “My wife? Do you mean Martha, Bill?”

Mr Davies nodded casually “Yes Henry. Aunt Martha. As I told you earlier, I really would like to fuck her. I have wanted to shag her for a long time.”

This was really exciting me. I was still sitting opposite them but I had let my legs part a little. I wasn’t sure if my underclothes were showing, but I felt a little light headed.

I knew that we were almost there now. We were all breathing heavily. Something had to be said to move it on. Bill told my husband “I expect you want to get your Dolly’s Tits out Henry?”

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