Mr S’s life ‘Clair’

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these stories are just a few of my sexual adventures hope you enjoy them as much as i did.

This story takes place when I was 20 years old, I had just started leave and decided to travel down south to visit my family but I wanted to surprise them so I had caught the train to my home town instead of getting a lift from the airport. My folks don’t live that far from the local train station but the walk was still enough for me to remember what I had left behind three years before when I had joined the Army. Not much had changed the small seaside town was as sleepy as I remembered it.

As I approached my family’s house I noticed only one car in the drive way, the huge Ute my brother drove was part in the driveway taking up almost the whole carport. The beast is what the family call the old 76’ F100 with its massive tires and illegal suspension how he has never been caught I don’t know. But the beast was my brother’s pride and joy it matched his personality in every way.

My brother who owns the beast has a nick name that is as fitting as his cars, from an early age he has been known as the ‘Bear’ when he was fifteen he had stood at 6 foot and had a beard even rob zombie could be proud of. He was the largest kid in any football team until he turned 18 and other boys caught up with him. Now he was still tall but he had focused his growth into size the last time I had talked to him he could bench 120kg and squat over 200kg.

Being a small town I wasn’t surprised to find the front door open also there would be the wall that is my brother to overcome. But as I entered I expect to see my brother watching Saturday footy with a beer in his hand. But the lounge room was empty. Then I heard a crashing sound from the hall way. Possibly he was moving furniture or doing a home improvement he had a knack for building.

However the truth was far different for as I reached the door to his bed room I could see him lying on the bed but naked with a slightly chubby blonde girl bouncing up and down on him. I was about to walk away when my brother saw me.

“Mate didn’t know you were coming or I would have brought two home” if there is one thing I like about my brother is that at any time he can joke around.

“Ill keep that in mind next time” I replied noticing he didn’t even bahis firmaları miss a beat as the blonde kept riding him hard.

“oh how rude of me this is Clair” said my brother reaching up and giving her c size boobs a squeeze.

“Yeah hhiiii…” she sighed as she threw her head back

“Well mate I’m going to chuck my bag in the spare room and watch the game you kids have fun” I said as I started down the hall once more.

“arrhhh fuck the game shit I forgot” my brother laughed as I walked away.

I flung my bag onto the bed in the spare room and headed for the toilet to empty my bladder. As I was coming out of the dunny I came face to face with Clair she was about my height with long blonde hair and a round face, she was but naked and I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts they were a good size and went well with her slightly curvy body.

“Hello” she said smiling cutely I really like a woman with some meat on her bones and she was cute to boot probably about 17.

“Well hello again didn’t recognise you without a hairy bastard attached to you, Clair isn’t it?”

“yeah it is I guess you’re the bears little big brother then” she asked in reply I noted my brother had told her the name he calls me which is fitting as even though I’m the oldest I am the smallest at 5’7.

“yep your right there….” I was cut off by my brother standing in the bath room door way as naked as the day he was born and as hairy as a bear. Now this wasn’t what had stopped me in my tracks it was his bloody huge cock swinging in between his legs it would have been over 8 inches and he wasn’t hard bloody hell they should call him the anaconda.

“Have a go mate ill have a beer ready for you when you’re done” he offered before turning and leaving for the lounge room.

I was gobbed smacked I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t sure if I was shocked by him offering his girl to me or the size of his cock. I looked back at Clair who just stood there with a cute seductive look on her face.

“And your all right with this?” I asked

She liked her lips and started to walk towards me only to fall to her knees inches away from me and then reach out and grab the zipper of my jeans.

I looked down to see her looking back seductively and It wasn’t long before I felt her soft hands rapped kaçak iddaa around my penis. I was starting to get hard just looking into her green eyes.

She started to slowly jack me off and play softly with my balls.

“Do you like that?” she asked

But before I could reply I felt her mouth start to slid over my purple head and down the shaft. She only got down about half way I was hoping for her to deep throat me but she made up for it by continuing to jack me off and play with my balls.

Once she had got me to my full length she stood up and looked me in the eyes still playing with my dick with her right hand and running her left hand down my chest I quickly removed my shirt and let her run her nails down me.

“Oh your so ripped” as she ran her hand down my waxed chest feeling all the muscles from my neck to my abbs I wasn’t as big or as strong as my brother but I looked extremely muscular and fit rather than baulk like him.
I reached down between her legs and started to rub he clit.

“ohhh yes” she sighed as I started to work up speed I felt her pick up the pace on my cock.

I went to slid a finger into her cunt when she jumped “ummm I think I too saw down there” I was hardly surprised after seeing the size of my brothers cock I would think she would be bleeding in there.

I was thinking I would just get a blowjob when she suggests something else.

“You will have to fuck me in the arse” well I was not about to say no so I reach around and start rubbing her pussy juice into her anus.

I started gently at first while still rubbing her clit until I could poke the tip of my finger into her tight passage. I looked into her eyes as I forced my finger into her arse hole and she smiled, before pushing me away.

“I better get you lubed up” and so she went back down on her knees and started giving me head again only this time she slobbered and licked me till I was completely covered in her spit.

I pulled her to her feet and took her over to the bathroom sink and bent her over so that her face was only a few centimetres from the mirror. I wanted to see the look on her face as I forced my cock passed her tight but hole.

“Oh yeah fucken give it to me” she begged as I prodded her arse.

I was thinking about going slow but the look kaçak bahis in her eyes told me she liked it ruff so I pushed forward encountering resistance as I felt her anus try to stop me from violating it, however this just spurred me on and so I pushed harder till I felt the head of my cock penetrate and saw the look of shock on Clair’s face.

I could see the pain in her eyes as I pushed until my whole cock was up as far as it would go.

“Oh fucken hell that hurt” she muttered before I started to pull out.

“I’m going to destroy your arse” I said back pushing in again.

“Well your going to have to go faster and harder than that” she challenged and I was up to that challenge. I started pumping harder and faster into her arse as she reached down and started to flick her clit with one hand while holding herself steady with the other. I could see the painful look on her face turn to pleasure she started to bite her own lip as I fucked her as hard as I could.

“oh yes that’s the good stuff fuck me harder” she pleaded looking back at me over her shoulder.

I could feel the load in my balls building up and I was about to unload it in her tight arse when she looked back with her cute face moaning in pleasure. I could see she was about to orgasm so I stepped up the pace to a level I didn’t think I had left in me.

“oh oh oh fuck me ffffuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee” Clair’s whole body shuddered as the orgasm swept through it. I quickly turned her around and she fell to he knees before I unleashed a huge load of cum onto her face and hair.

I was expecting her to stand up and walk away but instead she started giving me head again cleaning off her arse juice. When she was done she looked up at me and smiled before saying “I better get cleaned up now” she looked so sexy kneeling there with cum dripping of her face.

I pulled up my pants and grabbed my shirt as she got into the shower. What a fuck I thought as I left the bath room and went to watch the footy with my brother. The bear was sitting on the couch with a beer in his hands at least he had some shorts on now and a singlet “heres your beer mate like I promised” he said flinging a stubby to me.

“great fuck isn’t she bro we will have to get her out of the house though before mother gets home tonight” he said turning his attention back to the footy match.

I sat down thinking to my self maybe we can get one more fuck out of her before then.

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