Mr. Big Ch. 02

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You want it where?

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!!” was about all Loretta could say at that moment. See, Loretta — Mrs. Sullivan had insisted I call her by her first name, now that we’d become so intimately acquainted — had just received about the hundredth thrust of my cock, getting more insistent and harder, as she stood, bent over the hood of her car, skirt around her waist, panties still hanging on one ankle. And with me, fucking her hard, with long, deep, powerful strokes, just as she liked it.

We were on a dirt road, maybe a half mile from the turnpike, in a small stand of trees, and Loretta was coming again, just before I was ready to shoot my load. (I’d learned a lot inside Loretta’s juicy pussy, including how to control my orgasms until after hers — usually her third or fourth, if I could manage it and she wasn’t too obscene).

We’d fucked here maybe a half dozen times. It was safer than trying to do it at her house or mine. One time, she was riding me in her bedroom, watching the way my cock disappeared into her cunt (as she insisted on calling it — as in “Oh fuck! My fucking cunt’s so fucking full of your huge fucking cock”) when we heard the front door slam and Chris arrived home early from school. Fortunately, he’d come home with Caitlin — we heard their voices — and they just headed to the lounge and put the TV on, not guessing that his mom and her brother were busy with some very dirty sex in the master bedroom. I was nearly shitting myself with the terror of potential discovery, but Loretta insisted on riding me and frigging her own clit for another minute before she came. Then she climbed off me, said “wait here”, put on a robe and went downstairs — with me still nursing a huge boner.

Two minutes later, she came back upstairs. “They were making out — nothing too serious, Tommy, just a little kissing and groping — so I made some noise to let them know I was around and said I was just about to get in the shower. They’ll expect me to be gone for at least twenty minutes, so I guess they’ll keep busy. Let me finish you off and then you can slip out the door when I go back downstairs.” Loretta’s mouth is quite big, but even she couldn’t take more than a few inches of my dick. Still, she used her tongue and lips in a very sexy way, stroking the shaft with both hands and making lots of eye contact. In about three minutes I was able to give her a king-sized bucket o’ cum in her hungry mouth. She then headed for the shower, and afterwards went downstairs quite noisily, so that Chris and Caitlin could rearrange themselves and pretend to drink sodas and watch TV together. As she talked to them, quite loudly, I slipped out the door and headed back to my place.

So since then, we’d found ways to meet up on days after work. I was helping out at Chuck’s construction company part time after I’d graduated from high school and was waiting to go to college. That was a long, hot summer. We’d start early and try to finish early, often to avoid the late-afternoon rain showers. Chuck would go back to the depot and one of the other guys would give me a ride to the end of my street, or sometimes to the mall. I’d arrange to meet Loretta and we’d find a way to sneak off somewhere private and fuck wildly before she’d give me a ride home.

But things started to get a little dangerous. Loretta told me that Chuck had complained to her that she didn’t seem interested in sex anymore. One time, he called by my house on the way home to leave some tools I’d need the next day and found that I wasn’t there, even though one of his guys had left me at the end of the street over an hour earlier. My mom had no idea where I was, and I had to make up a story very quickly. (It involved a mystery girl. My mom seemed pleased, as I hadn’t brought a girl home since Donna, and I think she was beginning to suspect I was gay).

Finally, the time came for me to go to college. I’d quit Chuck’s company the week before. The hard physical work had helped to keep me fit and had given me a tan. Once or twice, some girls had driven past places where we were working and had called out to me. I wondered how they would react if they knew what I was packing in my pants. Would they be as excited as Loretta or as terrified as Donna?

I’d chosen Arizona State University for my business course — and because they had a good reputation for sports, especially football — and I was trying to work out the best options to fund myself and where to live. Rooms on campus seemed to be expensive and limited, but then Loretta mentioned that her cousin Justine lived in East Scottsdale, and that she had a spare room. Her son Mark, who was a few years older than me, had gone to college in Europe. His room was vacant, and from what Loretta said, Justine would apparently charge me a fair rent, provide me with some home-cooked meals and might even let me drive Mark’s SUV.

“She misses Mark. Since her husband died six years ago, they’ve gotten closer, I guess. She’ll be glad of the company. It’ll be bahis firmaları like having her boy back again. Maybe.”

There was something about Loretta’s expression that seemed to say something else, but I couldn’t quite understand it. However, the best news of all was that Loretta offered to take me and all my college stuff to her cousin’s house, as I didn’t have a car of my own. She told Chuck that she hadn’t seen Justine in a long while and would like to go visit for a few days. My folks were very grateful to Loretta, as things were still a little tight, financially. And me, I was delighted, though I wasn’t sure how Justine would react if she caught Loretta and me making out in her house.

As it was, I needn’t have worried. We took four days over the journey, stopping in motels each night. Loretta was like a fucking animal; as in ‘an animal that constantly wants to fuck’. I guess she must’ve felt that, after this trip, she’d lose the use of my cock for a very long time, and wanted to make the most of it.

Every night, at each motel, we’d order room service and then fuck like crazy. Each time, she tried to suck me deeper than before into her mouth, as if she felt she needed to prove that her mouth was as accommodating as her juicy cunt. I wasn’t going to complain, but both of us knew there was no way she was gonna deep-throat me. Still, it was a lot of fun feeling her try, and more than once I pumped a load of jizz down her throat.

On the second-last day of our journey, without my knowledge, Loretta had inserted a butt-plug, apparently after breakfast. We were taking turns driving and I was behind the wheel, around 11am, when she causally reached out, unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and started going down on me. Now I know that the Kings of Leon sing about ‘head while I’m driving’, but honestly guys, it isn’t safe. I had to pull off at the next intersection and find a quiet place to stop, before shooting my load into her mouth.

It was then that she climbed out of the car, opened one of the rear doors and lay down across the back seat. I could take a hint, especially as she had pulled her skirt up around her waist and her panties were off, so I started licking. It was then that I noticed the end of the butt-plug sticking out of her ass.

“Hey, Loretta, what’s with the plug?” I asked between licks.

“Just wanted to see — how it felt — with the plug in while — while you fuck me. Later. Just — just make me come now.”

I ate her with a great deal of enthusiasm, using all of the skills she’d taught me. She, being a greedy girl, came twice before she made me quit.

We stopped at a Denny’s for lunch, then she drove for a while. At around 3 pm, we pulled up at a little place near a lake for some take-out coffees, and walked around to a quiet spot to drink them. There were some picnic tables, so we sat down for a couple of minutes, taking in the view. Then she looked around and said “Hey Tommy. Great place for a fuck, don’tcha think?”

She didn’t wait for me to answer. She just stood up, bent over the end of the picnic table and pulled her skirt up. “Tommy, I still can’t get the thought of your amazing cock outta my head. After I leave you at Justine’s, I’m gonna have to get used to just having Chuck’s cock in me. That used to be enough, but now…” She looked at me. “And Tommy, I don’t want any slow and gentle this time, I just want fast and hard and fucking wild. Can you do that, baby?”

“I…” I was about to say ‘I guess so, Loretta,’ but that would have sounded pretty lame, so instead I looked at her, lying there across the table with her ass up, her legs spread and a horny expression on her face. I slapped her ass and said “whatever you want, slut.” To be honest, my balls were beginning to ache a little from the number of times Loretta had drained them over the past two days. However, the sight of that pantie-less pussy and that plugged ass, as well as the horny expression on her face, were all doing a great job of getting me hard again.

I pulled my cock out, semi hard. She looked at me and said “What’s wrong, boy? Can’t get it up? Afraid you can’t satisfy a real woman?”

“Oh, I’ll get it up — and up you, bitch. Just suck it first,” I replied, shoving it into her open mouth. This was all far away from my shy encounters with other girls, and even from my early experiences with Loretta. We both knew that our hormone-fueled relationship was going to have to end very soon, and Loretta was clearly ratcheting-up the raunch factor. I was just going along for the ride — and it was a hell of a ride!

She sucked like she was trying to drain my balls yet again, and I went from putty to rebar in about a minute. I knew that if I let her continue she’d have yet another protein snack before long, so as much as I was enjoying it, there was only one thing to do.

My cock was covered in a sheen of her saliva as I pulled back and scooted around the table. Her pussy was already wet — I couldn’t believe just how wet this woman could kaçak iddaa get from just thinking about getting fucked. But there was a complication. The butt-plug she had in was different than the one I’d seen when I was eating down there that morning.

“What’s with the new plug, bitch?” I asked.

“Fuck the plug. Just fuck me!” was all she said. So I did.

The thing about a woman having something up her ass is that her cunt gets tighter. Like I said, despite having had kids, Loretta was still plenty tight enough for my dick. But as I tried to shove it in, just the way she seemed to be asking for, there was a lot more resistance than I was used to. Loretta squealed.

“Oh fuck! That’s — fuck that feels big!”

“Of course it’s big, slut. You know how fucking big it is. You’ve fucked it and sucked it enough times.”

“Sweet Jesus! It feels — feels fucking HUGE now! Can you — can you feel the — the plug. In my ass?”

Sure I could feel it. It was like some big, hard lump, pressing against the upper surface of my cock as I drove it into her. It sure as fuck forced my cock against the front wall of her cunt, and like she asked, I wasn’t being gentle. I was pounding her like she was some slut-whore on heat. It felt weird and very exciting at the same time, and from the noises she was making, Loretta wasn’t complaining.

“Oh! Oh fuuuck! Oh fucking shit, you’re so — so fucking huge! Fuck, that’s — that’s — ohmygod! That’s — oh! OH! OOOOOOOH!”

I guess it was the fact that my cock had already unloaded itself into Loretta about a dozen times in the last couple of days that prevented me from coming real fast. I just kept on pounding away, even though the pressure in Loretta’s cunt was tighter than anything I’d ever experienced, and to my amazement, even though I hadn’t touched her clit, I felt and heard her come a second time.

“Oh fuck, Tommy! Please — please come. Come in my cunt! Can’t — can’t take much more. Come for me, baby! PLEEEASE!” The contractions in that hot wet cunt finally tipped me over. I was in balls-deep, pumping all I had left in my balls into Loretta while she squealed and moaned. I guess I was making quite a lot of noise myself.

When I finally looked up, I realized we had an audience. A young couple, maybe not a lot older than me, were watching us from the trees by the lake. She was cute — maybe five-five, long blonde hair, quite skinny but with nice tits. Just the sort of girl I would have liked to meet. He was kinda average — average height, average build, average looks. Her shorts were halfway down her thighs and he had his hand inside her panties. His jeans were undone and she was jacking him off.

“Way to go, guys!” he said, a little hoarsely.

“Awe-awesome!” she gasped. “That was soooo hot!”

“We — we were gonna do what you guys just did, but — but we saw what you were doing and we just had to watch. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No problem, guys”, I replied, pulling slowly out of Loretta’s pussy and straightening up. As I turned to face them, the girl’s face changed.

“Oh. My. God! That’s — that’s so the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. And — hey, it’s not even fully hard! Lady, you must have an awesome pussy to take a pounding from that monster!”

“It — it takes a little practice,” Loretta said, straightening up and reaching in her bag for some tissues to mop up the cum that was leaking down her legs.

The girl was still staring at my cock. “Guys, we were gonna, like, do what you just did. We came out here for a nice fuck in the woods and saw that you were here already. Could we — I mean, could you…? Er, like, we’re both so horny now, and I so need to get fucked but — but could I — could I, like, kinda hold your cock while Shawn fucks me? It’s so awesome, and — and that would be so, so hot!”

I looked at Loretta. “What do you think?” I asked.

“It’s your cock, Tommy. I can’t stop another girl holding it while she gets fucked. You may need to clean it up a little first, though. I can probably help with that.”

The next few minutes were pretty surreal. The girl introduced herself — “I’m Kristy, by the way” — as she moved past us to take up her position, on her back on the table. She dropped her shorts and panties onto the ground and spread her legs. Shawn walked past, his cock still sticking out of his jeans. It was a respectable size — I’d guess around eight inches and quite thick — but Kristy didn’t seem to be able to take her eyes off mine. I don’t think that it helped that Loretta’s idea of helping me clean up my cock was to drop to her knees and start licking and sucking her juices and my cum from off it, making me squirm a little. Despite having come only a few minutes earlier, for the fourth time that day (we’d fucked, of course, noisily and enthusiastically, before breakfast), I found I was getting hard again.

“Let me see. Please? I — oh! Oh yes!” Kristy was reaching toward me when Shawn took his place between her open thighs and started kaçak bahis to slide his cock into her. I turned around and stood close to Kristy’s head. She reached out and took my cock, now almost fully hard again, in one hand.

“Oh my fucking God! It’s so — so fucking enormous. Oh! OH! Oh, Shawn baby. Just — just imagine this going — into my little pussy!”

Shawn seemed to be enjoying getting his own cock into Kristy’s little pussy. He just grunted in reply.

Kristy started stroking my cock up and down. “Fuck, I — I can’t even get my hand around it! It’s — oh! Oh yes! It’s so awesome! Can I — can I suck it, please?” She looked up at me with big, blue eyes and an eager expression. I nodded.

Kristy shuffled a little closer and pulled the head of my cock into her mouth. The soft touch of her lips and tongue was amazing, considering I’d just come. I reached out and buried my hand into her soft, blonde hair, cupping the back of her head.

Shawn seemed to be enjoying himself, but then fucking a cute, horny chick like Kristy can’t have been a chore. As much as I loved fucking Loretta, I could see the attraction of opening Kristy’s slim, toned thighs and burying my meat in that sweet little snatch. Despite having fucked a woman with a tightened cunt, thanks to her use of a butt plug, and having already shot my load somewhere into the same woman three times the same day, I still couldn’t avoid getting horny thoughts about all the very dirty things I’d like to do to Kristy, who seemed the kind of dirty girl who might enjoy them. Whether Shawn would go along with them was another matter.

And then Loretta got in on the act. She pulled up Kristy’s t-shirt — the lovely girl wasn’t wearing a bra — bent down and started sucking on her nipples. Kristy moaned loudly, and then again when Loretta reached down and did what Shawn or I should have been doing — started rubbing Kristy’s clit. I heard Kristy come for the first time about a minute later, but Shawn kept pumping away, and Kristy kept the head of my cock in her mouth, so I guessed she was expecting more. I had to resist the impulse to push.

And while all this was happening, Loretta took Kristy’s free hand — the one that wasn’t stroking my cock — and slipped it into her own pussy. The girl was the center of attention, and seemed totally blissed out. I started to slowly thrust my cock deeper into her mouth, and though she couldn’t take as much as Loretta, what she could take sure felt good.

Then Loretta stood up. “C’mon, guys. I need to come, and I’m so close. Help me out!”

At that point, I had an idea — quite a dirty idea. “Hey guys; how about we switch round? If Loretta would like to get fucked by Shawn, I’d sure as hell like to see if Kristy would like to see how my cock feels in her pussy.”

Loretta looked at Shawn. “What do you say, young man? Would you like to fuck a horny older lady who’s desperate for some more cock?”

Shawn just gasped “Fuck, yeah!” He slowly pulled out of Kristy, and I could see his cock, wet and glistening from Kristy’s pussy, pointing straight at where it wanted to go — into Loretta.

I pulled my cock out of Kristy’s mouth. “Kristy, do you want me to try this for size in your pussy?”

She looked at my cock, wide-eyed. “Do you — do you think it’d fit? I mean — we could — we could… try…”

“We can. Are you guys clean?”

“Sure,” Shawn replied, moving past his girlfriend as Loretta eased herself up onto the picnic table and opened her legs. “We only fuck each other. And Kristy’s fixed.”

“Good. Same here,” I said, moving around between Kristy’s legs. “OK, Kristy — are you ready for this?”

“I — I — I’m not sure,” she gasped, staring at my cock as I lined it up with her wet, recently-vacated fuck-hole. “Could you — please — take it slow?” Her gaze moved up from my cock to my face. There was a kind of pleading expression on her face that said ‘I want this but I’m scared.’

“Sure, Kristy,” I replied, pressing the head of my cock into the opening and starting to push.

“Oh! Ohmygod! Oh shit, that feels — that feels so — so — fucking BIG!” she moaned.

Not waiting for her to decide that she wanted to change her mind, I pressed a little harder. She screwed up her eyes and this funny little squealing noise came out of her mouth. I kept pushing, slowly but firmly.

And then I was inside, and maybe two more inches of my cock slid in before I held back. Kristy eyes sprang open, and so did her mouth. “Oh my fucking GOD!” she gasped.

“Good?” I asked, hopefully.

“Uh — fucking — fucking HUGE,” she gasped back. “I’ll tell you — whether it’s good or bad — when I catch my breath.”

So I pressed deeper. “Oh GOD!” she moaned. “Slow! Please, slowly, slowly!”

So OK, pull back, then push a little. Slide back a little, then push a little more. And again. And again.

“Stop! Please, stop!” she gasped as I’d got maybe three-quarters of my cock inside her. “Just — just let my pussy get used to it. Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” Her head fell back, her hair making a kind or halo around it, and I could see that she was sweating and breathing heavily. “Fuck that is so, so — so fucking BIG!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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