Mountain Weekend

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Thanks to D for reading this 4000 times!


I’m so glad I decided to take my uncle up on his offer to house sit for him. His quiet little house, tucked back in the mountains gives us a lovely setting for a quiet, or not so quiet weekend together. Saturday morning I wake before you and make a few arrangements. Once you get up, and use all your vampire rage on your MySpace app, I convince you to go for a walk in the woods. I only get you to agree by promising you a special treat later; with a raised eyebrow you put on a t-shirt and follow me outside. I’m wearing jeans that show off my ass and a plain black v-neck t-shirt; my heart shaped pendant shines off the pale skin of my chest. When we get outside a slight breeze stirs in the early spring air making my nipples hard; as you realize there is no bra under my shirt your eyebrow raises again. I grin, grab your hand and lead you into the woods behind the house.

We don’t have to walk far to get to the little clearing I discovered a few years ago; part of my early morning preparation was to set up a blanket and picnic basket. I turn to see you smile and lead you to the blanket. We happily eat lunch munching on sandwiches and drinking wine, I feed you grapes and tell you not to get used to being treated like a Greek God. I lift a bunch of grapes over my mouth and tilt my head back slightly to pluck one of the grapes with my teeth. You see the curve of my neck and can’t resist placing a kiss there; I tilt my head back further so you’ll continue. As you kiss and lick at my throat I moan low and you can feel the vibrations through your lips. You sit back, pick one of the grapes and place it at my lips, I bite at your finger instead and use my tongue against the ridges of your fingertips. You start kissing just under my earlobe and I close my eyes enjoying the feelings you’re stirring inside me. Then I remember I had something else planned and push you over onto your back.

“Close your eyes, I’ll be right back.” You try to protest but I’m already behind a nearby tree.

“If you had to pee you could’ve just said so.”

“You’re such a romantic. No I do not have to pee. Just close escort kartal your eyes, I have a surprise.”

When I come back out I tell you ok, and you see that I changed from my jeans to a frilly red skirt that reaches almost to my knees. It’s not the most revealing garment, but when I straddle your hips to kiss you it exposes my milky white thighs. Your thumb grazes along the side of my exposed leg; I kiss you and sigh against your open mouth as you slowly caress my thighs, moving your hands up until you cup my bare ass cheeks and realize I have no panties under the skirt. I chuckle as you groan and I can feel you getting hard through the material of your jeans.

I put my mouth by your ear and whisper, “I want to feel your mouth on my breasts.”

Only too happy to oblige you grab the hem of my shirt and push it over my head. My cheeks are glowing red not only from the cool air, but from the blush that is slowly spreading down my chest. I can feel the cool breeze against my bared breasts and my nipples tighten unbelievably. I know that the cool air is only part of the excitement causing my nipples to tingle; being exposed, out in the open under a cloudless sky has me so excited that I can feel my pussy getting wet. Your mouth covers my breast, your breath hot and moist on my skin makes me moan lustily. Your hot breath is quickly cooled by the breeze and I find myself shivering lightly. You put your arms around me and cover my breasts with kisses and light nips. You drag your tongue ring over my nipples and I arch my back and lace my fingers behind your head holding you to me.

I’m momentarily startled when I feel you shift beneath me and roll us so that I’m lying on my back and you’re hovering over me. You kiss me hard, holding your body above mine, then kiss down along my jaw to my neck. You bite and suck at my neck and I feel a bruise forming, marking me. You move back to my breasts, kissing and caressing, drawing moans from my lips, finally biting at the nipples, a burning sensation spreads down my belly to my pussy making me push my hips against you. You grin slyly, thrilled at eliciting this response from me and begin kissing your way down my body. You maltepe escort push the skirt up and expose my bare mound to the air; another surprise awaiting you as I shaved just for you this morning. You kiss and suck at my labia, the lips thickening with my desire and my hardened clitoris distended and swollen and waiting for you to pay attention to it. I whimper and beg, “Please,” and you finally give in and rake your tongue and tongue ring over my engorged clit. My hips buck and I cry out my need, you slip two fingers inside me and begin finger fucking me as you suck and nibble at my clit and pussy lips. It only takes a moment of your talented tongue before I’m cumming, calling out your name. I lie for a minute getting my breath back as you kiss your way back up to my mouth. You cover me with your body and we’re each radiating heat, no longer cold at all in the early spring air.

I grab your shirt and start pushing it up, kissing your stomach and brushing my tongue over your nipples. You oblige me by sitting up and removing the offending article of clothing. I lightly scratch my nails over your back and stomach, flicking lightly at your nipples with my blood red nails and kissing, licking and biting them until I make you groan. I unbutton your pants and tell you, “We need to get these off of you.”

You stand and drop your jeans to the ground, I grab your hips, kiss the head of your hardened cock and lick the length, ducking my head to the underside and running my tongue over your balls. I run my hand down the length while continuing to lick and suck your balls, nipping at the skin of your scrotum, delighting in the noises I’m drawing from you. I move my mouth to the base of your dick, kissing and licking my way back to the head, wetting the skin as I go. I take the head in my mouth and suck on it, moving my hand up and down the shaft, using my other hand to rub and massage your balls. You place your hands on the back of my head, using me to steady yourself and pulling my mouth further down your shaft. I run the tip of my tongue over the head and underside of your cock and start moving my mouth down the length as far as I can making my tongue flat to give you a new pendik escort bayan sensation as I move back to the head. All the while pumping your shaft with my hand, I hear you whisper my name and sigh, “keep going,” I know you’re close and start sucking harder, moving my hand faster, using my thumb on the underside of your dick, you yell out that your cumming and I pull your dick out of my mouth continuing to pump your shaft with my fist letting you cum all over my tits. You sink down to your knees and kiss me, holding me against you, our bare chests pressed together, I can feel you becoming erect again, the light touch of the filmy material of my skirt teasing you.

You trap my hands behind me, kiss my neck, my throat, the ticklish spot under my ear, I finally plead, “Please, I need you inside me.”

As I hope, it is your undoing; we both groan and while you’re distracted I wrench my hands free and push you onto your back. I straddle your hips once again and put the head of your erect cock to the mouth of my aching pussy. I push down until you enter me and throw my head back groaning at how good it feels. I slowly move my hips up and down, taking in more and more of you, my eyes shut tight, concentrating on how incredibly you fill me, every nerve ending in my hot tight pussy being luxuriously tortured and giving me an almost immediate orgasm. My body spasms and stills, you gently roll us so I’m on my back, you lightly kiss my eyelids and as I look up into your eyes you begin slowly to move inside of me. I whimper and kiss you, moving my hips up to yours, biting my lip.

“Scream for me baby,” you say; knowing how hard it is for me. Knowing my tendency is to bite my lip and stifle noise. “We’re all alone, I want to hear you.”

At first I just make more low whimpering noises, then begin moaning and groaning, it feels so good and my senses are quickly becoming overloaded after the orgasms I’ve had already, you call out my name and I begin crying out, louder than I have before, loving the feel of you, scratching my nails hard down your back. You tell me you’re cumming and say my name in that way only you do and it pushes me completely over the edge, I scream as you’ve always wanted me to and we collapse, breathing hard, lightly caressing each other as we come back down to earth.

“If this is why you wanted to go for a walk, I can’t wait to find out what you’re going to do as a special treat in exchange for me coming out here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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