Mountain Inn

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“Whew! I hope this is worth it.”

But, of course he knew it would be worth it. It was just the time spent in the car showing its wear. But the end was near. He could feel it as he aimed his car along the twisting Virginia mountain road. Fall in the hills was always special to him with the brilliant yellows, oranges and reds layered across the mountainside like an oil painting lazily strewn across the landscape. The sun cascaded through the treetops, making for the beginning of a beautiful sunset.

“How perfect is this?” he thought. With the scenery, the hint of a fall chill in the air… and her! The reason for taking this insane trip! The reason he completely rearranged his life, came up with multiple alibis, and the reason his hands were sweaty and his heart was about to beat out of his chest. Her blue-green eyes dazzled him from the first time he saw them, even though he only saw them through a picture. The pictures she did send him were wonderful. He could only hope that reality lived up to the expectations. A smile and small laugh followed that. She probably thought the same of him!

Upon pulling up to the inn, he could only smile. “Even if she is a bust, the weekend will be worth it for this place!” The website didn’t lie. It was dark wood with beautiful scenery all around. The waterfall that the site showed but be heard as is cascaded over the rocks behind the inn and the ensuing stream of icy cold water flowed just off to the right and snaking under the bridge at the foot of the driveway. The lobby was just as inviting – a large stone fireplace with a large roaring fire dominated the room. To the right was the bar. Not a closed, separate entity, but more of an extension of the lobby, separated by only tall plants and some conspicuously placed granite rocks.

He checked in and got the keys, along with an envelope. It wasn’t special. Standard white letter size with his name on it. What caught his eye was in the upper left corner. A checkmark! That was the signal! The signal that she was here! “Wow! She must’ve hauled ass up here!” Now he was really going insane. Where is she? Would he recognize her from the pictures? None of them actually showed her face well… so other factors would have to come into play.


Well, that left nothing to doubt. That voice was unmistakable. He took a deep breath and slowly turned around. He was met with a beautiful set of blue-green eyes that twinkled with excitement.

“Christy?” he said with nervous anticipation.

“Mark!” she exclaimed with more warmth that made the fire envious.

They moved towards each other and embraced like lost lovers, holding each other as if their very lives depended on it. The electricity they generated could be felt throughout the room. This was not lust… this was real love, the kind of love movies used to be made of.

No words were spoken for a long time. This was all about this new feeling. That single point of first contact that has no substitute. “Ohhhhhh, Mark! You are making me weak already.” He reluctantly pulled back and looked directly in her eyes, smiling. “Maybe we should get a drink first?” She nodded her approval and they walked arm-in-arm to the bar. They quickly found a booth and he ordered two bud Lights (her preference, he remembered).

There was nervousness as they held hands, talking about simple things… the weather, the drive, the fireplace. Simple handholding gave way to hands on thighs and heavy petting. There was no doubting the attraction, the desire, the pure passion in the air. It was palpable. But at the same time… that nervousness of when to take that big step? Mark came to the conclusion that there was no sense in being timid now.

“Christy? May I kiss you?”

“I’ve been waiting for that since I said I’d come here.”

He leaned in and she met his lips halfway. A simple kiss at first, the spark made them jump and giggle. Was it static or emotion? Hard to tell at this moment. They leaned in again and kissed simply, bahis firmaları but refused to let it end. It quickly became more passionate and soon they were arm-in-arm again, locked in a passionate embrace. When they finally broke for air, some things were apparent. First, the waitress had already dropped off the beers. Second, they were the center of attention. Others in the bar were leering, some were smiling, some were jealous. Third, they knew they couldn’t stay there… things were already to hot for public display. Mark threw some money on the table and, taking Christy’s hand, stood up and headed for the elevator in the lobby.

They never lost contact as they walked across the lobby and into the elevator car. When the doors closed, they resumed their embrace, lips clenched together and hands freely roaming. Christy was quickly allowing her hands to fall down Mark’s back to his firm ass. She smiled as she squeezed, feeling his tight cheeks. He was responding similarly, sliding his hands from her hair-draped shoulders down her back and to her hips, pulling her groin to his and grinding his swollen member against her. The ding of the doors snapped them out of their dream and quickly they walked down the hall to their room, Christy in front for two reasons… so Mark could see her sexy ass sway and also to hide the bulge that was protruding from his pants.

They practically fell into the room, but were stooped dead in their tracks when they looked. The curtains were open and beyond the deck flowed the waterfall Mark heard upon arrival! And the evening sunlight trickled through the spray, creating a brilliant rainbow across the hillside. “How fucking perfect is this NOW?!,” he thought. Christy walked to the sliding glass door and out onto the deck. When she slid the door open, the rushing sound of the waterfall filled the room. Mark walked up behind her and pressed her against the railing, pulling her long hair back and kissing her cheek, ear, and down her neck, which sent chills down her spine. She turned to kiss him again, but he stopped her.

“Christy, we’ve wanted this for so long. I want this to be as close to perfect as I can make it for you.”

“Oh, Mark. Just the fact that you have done all this for me is more than I could have asked or hoped for!”

“Thank you, baby, but there is something I want to do for you that nobody has ever taken the time to do for you. Something I know you has been wanting all your life.” Mark grinned at the look of confusion and anticipation on her face as her took her hand and kissed it gently. He stepped backwards into the room, bringing Christy with her, the sunlight dancing in her blonde hair.

She reached for the sliding door, but he quietly told her “no” and pulled her to the bed. He sat down on the bed and pulled her in front of him. He started by tracing her face, keeping his hands just barely off her skin, but close enough to feel his presence. There was such a strong sensation between them her skin was on fire. His hands echoed the contours of her body as he slowly moved along her face, chin, neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, stomach and down to the waist of her pants. He stopped and hovered there for a moment before slowly reaching for the bottom button of her blue silk blouse. She watched as his fingers deftly unfastened the first button, then slowly gliding up to the next button, unfastening that one. With each button, her breathing became a little more labored and deeper.

His hands were getting closer to her breasts and he was doing everything he could to hide the nervousness in his hands. She was also fighting the urge to either grab him or collapse; the anticipation was growing to an alarming level. He deliberately tried not to touch her ample breasts as he slowly released the remaining buttons until the blouse fell open, exposing her royal blue bra and ample cleavage. He fought the urge to charge in, knowing other things need to be done first.

He rose and sat Christy on the bed, dropping to his knees before kaçak iddaa her. Reaching for her feet, but never losing eye contact, Mark removed her shoes and socks and gave each foot a brief massage. She loved it and purred in contentment. Again he was on the move – his hands sliding further up her legs, sending jolts through her with every passing inch. Upon reaching the waist, he smoothly unfastened them and soon they were joining her shoe on the floor. Next, his hands were roaming up her abdomen and the feeling of his hands on her was powerful. He felt her breathe shakily, her stomach quivering. When he had ascended between her breasts, he spread his hands open, pushing the blouse aside, exposing her bra. He stared in awe for a moment before leaning in and gently kissing her between her mounds. Again she sighed in satisfaction and grabbed his head, mashing it against her.

“Mark, don’t get me wrong, it all feels so good and I love everything you are doing… but I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got to have you now! We can play later. Right now, I just need to make love to you.”

She pulled him away and asked him to stand. She immediately untucked his shirt and started on his belt. Mark saw and felt the urgency in her and removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes while she removed his pants. They were now clad only in their underwear, but that didn’t last long. They embraced and kissed again – this time Mark had no hesitation as he went immediately for the back of the bra and unfastened the clasp. His hands pulled the straps over her shoulders and she reached in and pulled the restrictive garment away. Now they were chest-to-chest, skin-to-skin. No tuning back – the fuse had been lit.

Their hands were roaming everywhere and eventually found their way under what remaining undergarments they were wearing. Both obviously enjoyed groping and being groped as their kisses became even more desperate. Christy broke away first, dropping down, kissing him all the way. When she reached his navel, it was very apparent that he was enjoying himself. She tugged at his boxers and released his manhood, his thick 6″ member standing straight out for her attention. She smiled wickedly as she saw it aiming right at her.

“It’s even more perfect than he described it. Definitely as good as the video he sent.”

She couldn’t resist the temptation… she could wait just a moment more. In one swoop, she took the head of his cock in her mouth, eliciting a deep gasp from him. Her tongue danced along the rim of the head as she took more in, sucking and enjoying its texture and taste. He was already dripping precum and the honey-sweet taste danced on her pallet. Not wanting to wait too long, and not wanting to spoil the moment coming up, she reluctantly pulled away, slowly dragging her tongue along it’s underside as she retreated.

She stood to face him once again and that same smile returned. Mark needed no encouragement and started down her body, dragging his tongue the whole way. He looped his fingers in her thong panties, but did not pull them down. Instead, he pulled up slightly making them very snug, outlining her incredible features even more. He pressed his closed mouth to her panty-clad mound and hummed deeply, sending chills up her spine. He could smell her through the thin fabric and could feel her wetness, too. Running his nose along her pussy he ground lower, kissing her inner things… right at the edge of her panties. Mark then began pulling down slightly on her thong just to move the fabric enough to kiss where the straps were, kissing each new piece of exposed flesh. Kisses become slower and more deliberate the closer he got to that area below her navel. He knew it was driving her crazy, but it was having the same effect on him and wasn’t willing to stop just yet.

He pulled down a little more, just above the tip of the hood of her clit. His tongue began licking all around the outline of the thong while he pulled a little more, exposing the hood. He blew on it, but did not kiss it. kaçak bahis He pulled more and very slowly exposed more of her. Mark breathed in deeply, intoxicated by her scent. With one quick tug, the thong joined the rest of their clothing on the floor. He stared as if hypnotized by Christy’s beauty for a moment before extending his tongue fully and tapped her clit with it. Mark leaned in more, widening his tongue to slide further between her lips, all the while moving closer until her lips met his. He began a rocking motion, sucking on his clit like a little cock, flicking her hood with his tongue while his lips hold her lips tightly.

Christy’s knees were getting weak and she knew that if he didn’t stop, she would cum very quickly… which would feel wonderful, but the way she really wanted it. She grabbed him and pulled him back to his feet. They kissed, sharing her taste back and forth. They almost floated down to the bed, Mark landing on top of her, his cock pulsing against the door to heaven. It was at that moment that time seemed to stand still to Christy. Everything became a snapshot. The airy sound of the waterfall. The dying sunlight. The feeling of the comforter. The scent of arousal in the room. The taste on her lips. The look of pure love and lust in Mark’s eyes. The moment was here and it was met with almost a reverence. Christy knew that the next thing to happen would bond them together for life… and she was ready.

They froze, locked in each other’s eyes until Christy nodded in silent approval. Mark began to rock slightly, his cock sliding against her swollen, wet lips, tracing the route it was about to take. He altered his stance slightly and his head rested at the entrance of her pussy. He held there for a moment, as if unsure this is what she really wanted. There was no doubt as she grabbed his hips and pulled them, bringing his cock with them. The feeling was beyond comparison as he sank into her until his swollen balls rested against her. They held that pose for a moment, reveling in the sensation and kissed with more passion than either had ever known before.

Mark began to move slowly, dragging his cock in and out of her. Christy rocked in perfect rhythm, enjoying the sensations and sense of fullness and complete contentment. Their lovemaking soon reached a fevered pitch and the sound of slapping flesh could be heard echoing off the walls, along with their cries of joy. Christy was practically screaming, pulling her legs back allowing for even deeper penetration by her lover. Mark leaned forward to whisper in a breathy voice “I love you so much, Christy! You are incredible!”

That, combined with the new extra friction on her clit from his engorged cock was too much. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him and, staring him dead in the eyes, screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh, God almighty, I’m cumming! Cum with me, baby – please! Fill me now! Cummmmmm!” Her spasms started deeply, quickly taking over her body as she was overcome by the immense emotion of the moment. She didn’t even realize that she had orgasmed so strongly she had squirted some of her cum. Mark certainly noticed, and the strong clamping of her pussy along with her screaming and the extra sensation of her orgasm was too much for him as his cock exploded with a torrent of his hot, sticky seed, which only encouraged Christy’s orgasm more. Wave after wave overtook them both as they gripped each other riding out this unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime moment.

As the orgasms subsided, Mark came to rest on Christy, resting his head on her shoulder, his member still enjoying the warmth of her. She stroked his hair lovingly and tenderly. They were speechless for a moment as they each thought about what had just happened and the ramifications of what had happened.

“There’s no turning back now, Christy. We are changed forever.”

“And I couldn’t have wanted anything more, my love.”

“I guess now we should go downstairs and get our luggage, huh?” They looked in each other’s eyes and broke out in laughter, knowing this was the way they would spend the rest of their lives together… live for them both had started all over again and it was going to be one long happily ever after from here on out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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