Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 03

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With a loud moan, Billy ejaculated into his mother’s flat. Peggy’s body shuttered as she could see her son’s cock pulsing as he came. She couldn’t see his cum coming out because his cockhead was inside the shoe, but she could tell his ejaculation lasted longer than any man she had ever been with. Her pussy was dripping now. They sight of her own son cumming into her shoe, turned her on more than she had been in a very long time. She may be a horrible mother, she thought to herself, but she couldn’t deny her son was a hunk, and he had made her pussy so incredibly wet.

Billy looked spent, like he was going to collapse. Peggy wondered what her son planned to do now that he had cum inside her shoe. Would he wash it? Before she could get an answer, she heard the front door open. Billy panicked, dropped her flats, and ran out of the room. She could hear that he closed his bedroom door. Peggy was about to make her way downstairs to see who had come in, but then she heard the front door close. She peered out of her bedroom window to see who had come in. Her room on the second floor afforded her a good view of those coming to the front door. She could see her neighbor Marian walking away with her the flower pots Peggy had borrowed. Peggy then remembered she had told Marian to come get them whenever she wanted. Marian had a spare key that Peggy had given to her, and Marian was always welcome to come over and borrow anything she needed. Peggy was able to do the same thing at Marian’s house.

With that Peggy closed her bedroom door quietly so Billy wouldn’t know she was home yet. She walked over to the foot of her bed and stared down at her sneakers and flats strewn about. She put her sneakers back in innovia escort their spot, and then put her left flat neatly next to them. Her right flat was still laying in the spot Billy had dropped it on after he came. Peggy was warm with excitement. She knew what was in her right flat, and she eagerly retrieved it from the floor. She turned it upright as she held it in her hand. Peggy was astonished. Billy had cum so much, that he nearly filled her flat half way to the top. Peggy’s face was red hot.

Peggy had seen male pornstars cum a lot, but all the men she had been with had small loads, a tablespoon at most. What Billy had produced was mind-blowing. Peggy stared in facination at her studly, 18 year old son’s load. She had always loved swallowing cum. She loved the taste, and the feeling of it sliding down her throat. She thought of herself as some kind of cum slut. She could never get enough. Now, in her hands she had a shoe full of her son’s ejaculate.

Peggy knew she should just wash her shoe out and never mention it to Billy, but the temptation was overwhelming. Peggy would never get another opportunity like this again. She wanted to taste her son’s cum, and here was her chance. Peggy dipped her index finger into her flat, and scooped up a dollop of Billy’s thick cum. She stared at it for a minute, asking herself if she was really going to eat her own baby boy’s cum. Peggy slowly moved her finger towards her lips. She paused for a moment, and then inserted her finger into her mouth.

Peggy hadn’t swallowed a man’s cum in a few years, and she instantly remembered why she loved it so much. This was different though. This cum came from the cock and balls istanbul escort of her one and only son. The taboo of it only turned her on even more. Billy’s cum had the perfect mix of bitter, salty, and sweet tastes. She had never had anything more delicious in her mouth, her entire life. She couldn’t believe how tasty she found Billy’s cum. Peggy lifted her flat to her face and began lapping up Billy’s cum from her shoe, her tongue eagerly scooping as much cum as it could. She actually enjoyed the smell of her sweaty shoe combined with her son’s cum, but she still felt she would had preferred to get the cum straight from his cock. Peggy couldn’t believe it, but she was fantasizing about sucking her sons cock until he came his bucket load into her mouth.

Peggy finished her cum meal and then washed out her flat in her sink. There wasn’t much left after she had dined on it, but she still had to clean the remnants out. Peggy showered and got dressed for her girl’s night out. She put on a tight black, low-cut dress that really showed her assets. She also put on her favorite high-heel stilleto’s. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought she looked really good. Her mind immediately went to how Billy would think she looked.

“Why does it matter. He is my son!” Peggy thought to herself.

Peggy felt like a schoolgirl with a crush on a boy, and that boy was her own son! Peggy was flustered. Billy still hadn’t come out of his room, so Peggy went to say goodbye before she headed out. She knocked on his door.

“Hey Billy. Mommy is going out now. You ok?”

Billy quickly responded.

“Im fine mom. Have a good time.”

Peggy immediately kadıköy escort began to fantasize about going into Billy’s room, pulling down his shorts, and sucking his beautiful cock until he drowned her in his delicious cum. She leaned against his door, lifted her already short dress, and started to rub her pussy through her panties. She was already soaked.

What Peggy didn’t know was that when she was taking a shower, Billy had snuck back into her room and taken the panties she had worn that day, and tossed into the hamper, and gone back to his room with it. While she was fingering her self outside her son’s door, her son had her dirty panties on his face, enjoying the aroma of her pussy musk as he stroked his enormous cock. Billy wondered who had made his mother so horny at work today, since her panties were drenched. Billy soon didn’t care to know the answer as he hungrily sucked the pussy juices from his mom’s underwear. Billy kept enjoying his mom’s panties while jacking off, until he shot his big load all over his stomach. He cleaned up and went to bed dreaming of fucking his hot mother.

Outside his door Peggy soon came, quickly cleaned up, and left for her ladies night. Peggy and her friend’s went to a dance club that night, all of them in their 40’s, and all of them looking really hot. The whole night men were asking to dance with them, and buying them drinks. Normally Peggy loved all the attention she got, but tonight was different. All she kept thinking about was how she wished her son was there dancing with her, touching her, kissing her neck. Peggy couldn’t understand why she was having these feelings about her own son, but she couldn’t deny them.

“Maybe I’m falling in love with my own son!” she wondered.

Peggy knew she shouldn’t act on these feelings, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t tease Billy, and do everything she could to turn him on. Just some innocent fun she thought, a big smile across her face. So many possibilities.

To be continued…

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