Mother’s Plan

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Maryann Secca didn’t understand exactly when her plan had taken this unexpected turn of events. Nor did she ever think she would be so excited about the situation it had put her in. At this point none of that mattered. All that mattered is that for the first time in many years she was the center of someone’s attention and she was going to give herself completely to him.

To understand how this all came about you have to know about Maryann’s family situation. Maryann was pregnant with her son Mike when she was 16. Her and her husband James dated in high school and married as soon as the pregnancy was confirmed. Both families were very supportive took care of Mike while they finished high school and completed college. James became a very successful investment banker which was not surprising since he is a workaholic. Maryann started her own small business and took care of Mike. As time went on James was married more to his work then the family. The increased lack of attention over the years took its toll on Maryann.

Maryann maintained her good looks and body since high school. She was always compared to Sandra Bullock with softer facial features and a bigger chest. With her 36D chest and a size 8 dress she could turn heads, except for James. Maryann needed attention, love and intimacy. She would never pursue this for someone outside her marriage so she decided to get her husband’s attention and interest. Her plan was simple.

Maryann decided to change things up in their daily routine. She started getting made-up, and dressed in more attention getting cloths each night. As the weeks went on her outfits became more revealing. Maryann started to enjoyed dressing up. She started to become excited at the prospect of dressing, as she thought of it as little more slutty wondering when her husband would notice. Her arousal ended up in more frequent masturbation sessions when alone. Each time the fantasy was the same, to dress up and be the object of her man’s desire. Dressing and performing the way he wanted. Being his lover, his personal slut. The only problem with her plan was she was getting the attention of not her husband but her son.

Mike noticed the change in his mother immediately. At first he thought she decided to dress up to look nicer for dinners. Then as time went on she didn’t just look nice, she looked hot. Mike started to see her for the first time as a sexual object. At first he thought it wrong to do so and suppressed the thought. But as she was looking hotter and hotter he desires took over. His mom became the main character when he masturbated. He started fantasizing about her in her outfits. Whenever possible he would get a pair of her panties when he stroked himself. But deep down he knew she was trying to get his dad’s attention. The way he ignored his wife was not lost on Mike.

‘What a fool,’ he thought ‘I would give her all my attention and more.’

It was Sunday and Maryann had the house to herself. It was perfect timing as she had bought some new outfits and even got some matching bras and panties. She was feeling quite slutty and wanted to masturbate. She would start a load of wash and then enjoy herself thinking how the young sales boy was checking her out as well as her purchases. Sorting out the wash she picked up a pair of her black silk panties. They were hard and crusty. At first Maryann did understand what it was but as she brought it closer to her face. When she smelt the aroma she realizes it was dried semen. She thought, ‘Finally I’m getting his attention. But why would James jerk off in my panties when he can have the real thing. I’ve put myself out for the taking. Why would anyone prefer to jerk off if they could…’

The cold realization hit Maryann. The semen she was smelling was someone who couldn’t have the real thing. It was her sons! ‘My god all this time have I been turning on my son with the plan for my husband?’ She had to know for sure. As any good mother would she searched Mike’s room. She knew it was wrong but she had to know.

After an hour of searching she sat in front of his computer. She had found two pairs of her panties in his draws and a computer file that she was looking at for the second time. The file contained photos of her in all her different outfits. Some were of her posing for the camera, but most she was not aware were being taken. Those were the most revealing photos, bending over from behind or front showing her cleavage, skirt riding up showing off her legs. All of them had captions as to when and where they were taken, and her son’s desires about each.

‘Mom is looking incredibly hot. How can dad sit there like a stone, I would make her the center of my world. This one makes me so hard I have to jerk off each time I look at it. She is a real MILF but fucking is only one thing I think about doing…’ Maryann sat looking at the photos and reading the caption over and over. It starting with how hot she looked and growing to what he want to do to her. Each one more explicit then the last. Each one viewing her not halkalı ucuz escort as his mother but as an object of sexual desire. Her breathing began growing heavier and heavier. Her panties getting soaked from her pussy juices.

Maryann was back in her room to change her soaked panties and clean herself. She shuttered as the warm washcloth touch her swollen pussy. Her hand went under her sweater and bra to pinch her hard erect nipples as the wash cloth was replaced by her hand. Slowing rubbing her clit her finger became soaked with her juices. The words she read flashing through her mind as she entered herself. ‘I would have her bend over just like this so I could pull down her panties and fuck her from behind. Her mouth is so beautiful. Perfect for me to use. ‘

Knowing how wrong it was Maryann still submitted to her desires. ‘Yes, yes Mike make me bent over for you. Fuck me. Fuck me like a slut, ahhhhhh! Maryann fingered herself furiously till she gushed a stream of cum. She had never had an orgasm of such intensity. She became weak an sat on the bathroom floor till she recovered her strength.

That Sunday evening Maryann dressed in a leather mini skirt and a white halter top. She didn’t wear a bra. She wanted to get his attention. She wanted him to desire her. She wanted to think of him masturbating to her. She wanted her son as much as he wanted her. She knew it was wrong but for the first time someone desire her, wanted to be with her, and shared her deepest sexual needs.

All that night all Mike wanted to do was get his camera take some new photos from his secret viewing places and then jerk off. His mom was so hot looking. But she kept him engaged throughout dinner and the evening.

‘Mike help me with the dishes. Clear the table and I’ll start washing them’ Maryann went into the kitchen.

‘Table’s cleared. Do you want me to dry?

‘Yes , thanks! I suppose your father went to his office. Well I’m glad you’re here to help. I’m so grateful for everything you do. You know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.’

Mike was having trouble concentrating as his mothers breasts were shaking gently as she washed the dishes. He was hard and was hoping she wouldn’t notice. ‘Thanks mom but you do a lot for me.’

‘Well we can always find a little extra when the time is right. I’m done washing and will finish the drying. Oh my!’ Maryann sprayed her top as she as putting the vegetable washer back in place. Her top was now as see through as a wet tee shirt competition. ‘Oh damn, hand me the towel.’

Mike stood frozen as his mother wiped her top to no avail. Her breast were beautiful and the nipples had become hard and erect. They were as large as quarters, and dark. Erect they stood out like pencil erasers. Once she had made it look as if she tried her best to wipe up the water Maryann handed the towel back to Mike. Turning to face him she give him a full view. After some prolong viewing time she moved close to him putting her arms around him and pulled him close. Her breast pressed hard against his chest and his erection against her stomach. Her game had made her pussy wet and swollen. Now holding him and feeling his hard penis she was on the verge of an orgasm. ‘Mike I love very much.’

‘I love you mom.’

‘I better change my top. Would you finish drying the dishes.’ With that she kissed him on the cheek released her son and left as she thought how both of them would be masturbating while thinking about what just happened.

Mike stood bewildered. He didn’t know what had just happened but he was sure glad it did. He also knew he would start pressing hard to give her all the attention he could. But tonight he masturbated to the vision of his mother’s breasts, having the most intense orgasms he could remember

The rest of the week Mike helped after supper. Nothing as outrageous happened as Sunday night. Still Maryann’s outfits continued to be short and low cut making sure there was a good show as she bent over, squatted or reached high to pick up this or put away that. And every clean up ended with a hug that lasted longer and longer. Then Thursday night James announced he had to go on a weekend business trip and wouldn’t be back till Monday.

That night during the clean up Maryann brought up the weekend plans. ‘Will you be eating home since your father is away this weekend?’

‘Sure, why not? I like having dinner with you and our time together. Actually, I was thinking I should dress better for dinner since you always do.’

‘Oh! I was thinking of not dressing up as much. Seem no one notices or cares.’

‘Don’t do that. I look forward to seeing you in your different outfits. It’s the highlight of my day to see what you pick for that night. It’s like watching a model showing off the latest hot outfits’

‘What a nice thing to say Mike. I think. Remember I am your mother. Do you really think their hot?’

‘Don’t you? You know you try to dress and look hot every night, don’t you?’

This halkalı üniversiteli escort was the conversation she had been waiting for and now it made her nervous. Truthful answers were being demanded and she was on the edge of moving from fantasy teasing to reality.

Looking down at the floor she answered. ‘Yes, but as I tried harder with different outfits it seemed like no one noticed. I was going to give up.’

‘I notice. And I don’t want or think you should stop. I think you like to dress hot and it makes you feel good. You should do what makes you feel good.’

Looking up into Mikes eyes she held back a tear. ‘Oh Mike, I love you.’ She stepped closer and hugged him. ‘Tell you what. Tomorrow night we can order take out. I’ll make sure to wear the hottest outfit I can find. We’ll make a weekend of food and fashion.’ With that she kissed him softly on the lips and left before she lost control.

The next day Mike went to school and Maryann attended to her business and shopped for her evening outfit. That night Mike went to pick up the take out while Maryann set the table and got ready.

When Mike returned he set out the food and waited. Maryann entered the room wearing a sleeveless steel gray dress that look like a second skin. It hugged every curve of her body. The material couldn’t conceal her hard erect nipples. The bottom of the dress stop three quarter up her thighs and her bare tanned shapely legs were shown off by a pair of four inch heels. Mike’s cock immediately start to get hard. It was the hottest outfit he ever seen her wear. It was the hottest outfit he had ever seen, period.

‘Well how do I look?’

‘Wow, I didn’t think you could look any hotter. I was wrong.’

‘Not to… slutty? I feel a little slutty’

‘No… you look gorgeous! We better eat before the food gets cold but I don’t know how it could with you standing near it.’

‘You’re quite the flirt. You’re going to make me blush. Would you get me the wine from the kitchen?’

The sat down to dine. Eating was difficult for both of them. The sexual charge in the room grew each moment. Maryann finished two glass of wine just to calm herself. She start to talk to break the tension.

‘This feels like a date. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a date.’

‘I’ll take you out on a date anytime you want.

‘There you go again making me blush.’

Conversation began to flowed easily, with Mike making sure it centered on his mother and anything she wanted to talk about.

They finished dinner and left the dishes for later. Retiring to the family room

Mike suggested he take some photos of Maryann since she looked so incredible. ‘It will be fun seeing how they turn out.’

Remembering the pictures on her son’s computer Maryann couldn’t wait to be photographed but put up some resistance for show. Then relented when pressed. Mike went to get his camera and Maryann had another glass of wine to steady herself.

The photo session start slow with normal poses. Mike would suggest more and more provocative poses and Maryann sometimes resisting would comply. Finally, she had to stop. Her head was spinning and her pussy dripping wet from exhibiting herself as her son told her to. They sat and review the shots he had taken while Maryann had another glass of wine.

She took his hand in hers softly rubbing it with her finger. Each photo was hotter than the previous one, more leg, more cleavage, harder and more erect nipples, bent over, sitting with legs spread showing her soaked panties . ‘Mike, we can’t let anyone see these pictures. What would someone think of me if they saw these.’

‘They’d think, ‘That is the hottest, sexist, most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.’ Besides no one will ever see them. We can just delete them.’

Maryann knew they would be down loaded to his computer first but did care. She wanted him to have them.

‘Mike, I’ve already told you that I love you and I would do anything for you. I guess posing for these pictures proves that. It’s just that…things got a little out of hand. What I’m trying to say is the way I’m dressed, these pictures and…well you have been so wonderful that I couldn’t bare it if you thought badly of me.’

‘Oh mom, I would never think badly of you no matter what. I love you and I always will. I was afraid suggesting these pictures would offend you. I know your my mother but tonight on our date I couldn’t think of you as anything other than a gorgeous, beautiful, desirable woman. When I was telling you how to pose I thought you might become angry with me.’

‘Mike I couldn’t be angry with you. I loved posing the way you wanted. Do you really think I’m desirable or… slutty?

‘Desirable unless you want me to think of you as slutty. Do you want to feel slutty?

She looked down at the floor. ‘Yes sometimes. ‘ ‘Do you feel slutty now?’

In a timid voice, ‘Yes.’

‘Do you have thoughts of being a slut.’

‘Yes, haramidere escort and I…well don’t think badly of me. I did something before. I don’t know why exactly but I just did. I saw how you looked at my breasts all night. Don’t worry I didn’t mind. But when you went to get the camera I pulled my top down and played and pinched my nipples to get them harder. I did it to see if you would notice, if you would like them. It made me feel slutty and I liked it.’

Mike was not going to let this opportunity slip away, ‘Show me.’

She raised her head and stopped rubbing his hand there was a look of lust and uncertainty in her eye. He held her face and kissed her sliding his tongue deep into her accepting mouth. She moaned . ‘Show me how much of a slut you feel like right now!’

She stood up facing him. ‘I bought this dress thinking it was no more than a second skin. When you were looking at me tonight you made me feel like…like I had nothing on, like you looked right through it. It made me excited.’

Slowly she unzipped the back of the dress kicking it away as it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him in her red thong and heels. Her breast round and fully erect. Her thong was noticeably wet from her pussy. Mike’s cock was so hard he thought it would explode.

‘When you told me you wanted to take pictures of me it made me wetter. I wanted to right away even though I pretended a first I wasn’t going to. The idea of being told how to pose and what to do to please a man, my son was such a slutty thing to do. Dressing and acting slutty is one thing. Mike do you love me? Will you always love me no matter what?’

‘Of course I do, mom.’

She closed her eyes ‘Having someone tell you what to wear and what to do and then doing it is what makes me feel like a slut. Mike, I want to be a slut tonight. I want to have someone want me for their pleasure. Tell me what you want. Let me be a slut tonight.’

Mike’s heart was racing, his mouth was dry. I took a drink of wine, stood pulling her to him kissing her passionately. She trembled as her knees went weak. He held her tight. She looked into his eye as their kiss ended.

‘Get on your knees and take my pant off.’ Within moments his hard cock was inched from her face. She wanted his cock in her mouth. Mike knew he wouldn’t last long but that’s was OK. He would fuck her long and hard later.

‘Lick it all over and get it good and wet.’ Maryann worshipped his cock with her tongue and mouth, licking and sucking. The head was large and the shaft long. It didn’t matter. It had been so long she was determined to get it all in her mouth. She was determined to perform like the slut she was in her fantasies. It took sometime but once she had all of it down her throat she began to pump it in and out fucking her mouth. She had a violent orgasm. She continued to suck his cock like a good slut.

‘Do you want me for your slut? I want to be a good slut for you.’

‘Suck it. Fuck your slut mouth. I’m about to cum.’

Maryann took it deep in her throat four more times than took Mike’s cock from her mouth and jerked it off furiously. She pointed at her open mouth. The first rope of cum hit her nose. The second found her waiting mouth. The third and fourth hit her mouth chin and lips. The residual cum seeping for his cock was being rubbed on her face as it was coaxed from my cock. He looked down breathing heavy to see his mother gather the cum on her face with my cock then sucking it off in her mouth. Looking up she smiled. ‘Isn’t that the way sluts do it. I always thought so and wanted to.’

See continued to lick and eat his cum savoring it’s wonderful taste in her mouth till her face and his cock were cleaned.

Mike looked down as he was finally recovering from his mothers blowjob. He pulled away and sat back on the couch as she reluctantly released his cock. She remain kneeling in front of him.

‘I’m yours now. I’ve become your slut tonight and that can never change. I will dress for you. I will do anything you want. The only thing you have to do is tell me what to do.’

‘Take off your thong. Lay on the floor with your legs spread open exposing yourself to me.’

She obeyed quickly. Mike knelt between her legs his face inches away from her pussy, shaven enough for pleasuring but not so much to take away from being a woman. Slowly, he move my mouth closer till his lips were on hers. Mike felt her stiffen as my tongue kissed her pussy stimulating her till it was swollen and open for his pleasure. He slid a finger into her, continuing to softly use my tongue. She started to thrust her hips into him as he increased fingering her. ‘Oh god. Oh my god Mike. Oh please, please. I god I’m going to cum.’

Suddenly, she gushed all over his face and mouth. Her body continued to convulse for sometime after the explosion. Mike continued to stimulate her pussy until she begged him to stop. He took off his shirt and wiped his face. Maryann looked liked she was about to pass out. She held her face in her hand not able to look at her son. ‘Oh Mike, I so sorry. I didn’t know I would cum like that. I’m so sorry.’

‘Sorry? Sorry for what. That was incredible. I don’t know why but I had an incredible sense of satisfaction. I guess it was the feeling of power to make you cum so violently. Next time I’m not going to stop till you pass out.’

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