Mother’s Bad Day Ch. 03

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When Merrick got home, she heard noises coming from her mother’s room. Merrick tiptoed up stairs to her mother’s closed door. She put her ear against the door and heard her mother moaning. It didn’t seem to be anyone else in the room so she just walked in.

There sat her mother legs wide open thrusting the dildo in side her soppy wet cunt. Merrick could actually see the juices coming off the dildo and flying everywhere. Her mom didn’t see Merrick come in so Merrick just stood there watching. After a bit Merrick noticed that her hand was rubbing, her clit to her mother’s thrusting.

When Josephine came down from her last orgasm, she noticed her daughter standing in the open door fingering her pussy. Josephine got up, pulled Merrick to the bed, and removed her hand. She attacked her daughter’s clit with such fierceness that Merrick quickly came with a scream.

Michael meanwhile was in the next room watching the whole thing beating off his meat. He couldn’t stand it anymore he needed some pussy and fast. He ran out of his room with no clothes on, jumped in the bed with his mom and sister, and started sucking on his mom’s nipple.

It took Josephine a couple of minutes to realize that it was her son sucking her and not her daughter.

“Michael stop this its wrong,” Michael moved down lower to his mother’s cunt and started lapping up her juices. He stuck his tongue in her hole while his hand probed her asshole. That made Josephine cum all over her son’s mouth with a scream.

She pushed him off her and screamed at him to get out of the house. Michael couldn’t believe it she said she wanted him last night.

“Mom why did you do that we could have used him,” Merrick screamed at her, Merrick got off the bed and left the room.

Josephine new she wanted her son but it was wrong. She new she shouldn’t be doing it with her daughter either but it felt so good. She new her son could make her a lot happier and satisfied but she just couldn’t and know she pissed off her daughter.

Merrick went to her room and got dressed. She couldn’t believe her mom. She was always changing her mind but she reacted to Michael. So she new that he still wanted him on some deep level.

Merrick went out and searched for her brother. She had no idea where he would go.

It took Michael a good twenty minutes to calm down. He was just driving around when his cell rang. He looked at the beşiktaş escort screen expecting it to be his sister but it was his grandmother.

“Hi grandma, what’s up?”

“Nothing dear where are you at. I was wondering if you would come over and visit me. I haven’t seen you or Merrick in a while and I’ve been lonely.”

“Sure grandma but you mean feel you can’t see,”

“Oh that’s right dear you know I was just making a joke,”

“I know I’ll be over in a bit,”


His grandmother Emily has been blind her entire life but she copes very well with it. She has lived in the same house she grew up in Michael hasn’t visited her in sometime. The last time he was there, she caught him jerking off. She couldn’t see of course but she felt it. Michael was really embarrassed so badly that he couldn’t tell anyone.

When he got to her house, it was pitch dark. Michael let himself in and went upstairs where his grandmother was. He walked into her bedroom and was shocked at what he saw. His grandmother was sitting on her chair naked but that wasn’t the only thing that shocked him. She was fingering her pussy. Michael just stood there watching his grandma. Her tits were a little bit saggy in her old age but she has a very trim body. Michael could feel his cock beginning to rise to hardness watching her. If she new he was in the room she didn’t say anything. She began to move. She got off the chair and walked over to the bed almost five feet from where he was standing and opened her legs.

She has the hairiest pussy he has ever seen. He wanted to just drop his pants and walk over there and fuck her senseless. He continued watching his grandma fingering herself until she came. He just kept on stroking his know rigid cock. He was brave enough to take it out since she couldn’t see it but she could probably smell him.

Michael closed his eyes and kept on stroking his cock and then he felt hands on him. First on his face and then his lips, he opened his mouth and tasted the sweetness of his grandma. She moved farther down his body until her mouth was on his cock. He felt her tongue swiveling around his cock head. That made him moan.

“Oh god grandma,” the house was so silent that he voice scared him. Then he felt his grandma take his whole cock into her mouth. Sucking and licking it until he was so close to coming he almost screamed. She stopped beşyol escort the sucking of his cock and grabbed the base of it to lead him to the bed.

He couldn’t believe it. He has always wanted his mom but know he has his grandmother it was so much better. Michael lifted up his tiny grandma and put her on the bed with her legs open. He just stared at her cunt with her juices running down her legs. He started to lick her legs until he got every last drop of cum on them and then he moved to the pussy lips. He licked all the way around her lips savoring her taste in his mouth. When he finally reached her inner lips, she was screaming his name and moaning like crazy. He ran his tongue around the clit making it stand out even more then it was.

He lightly touched her clit she moaned so loud he thought he was going to lose his hearing.

“Michael that was amazing your mother doesn’t know what she missing,”


“I know you want your mother but I also know that she turned you away,”

“How do you know that it only just happened?”

“Merrick called me saying you ran out of the house after a little fight with mom. So well, I new what was going on I know everything I’m the grandmother. Know will you please finish what you started.”

Michael began licking at her pussy again when he couldn’t stand it anymore he shoved his cock into her hole. She was old and has had kids but with years without real sex she was still somewhat tight not the tightest but still tight. He began moving inside her. She began moving under him meeting him thrust for thrust. She new what to do with a cock she kept on gripping him with her pussy muscles.

He was about to cum when he heard a voice.

“Can I join in to?” Asked Merrick in the sweetest voice he has ever heard her use.

“Yes of course dear come over here I haven’t eaten a girl’s pussy in years.”

Merrick got on the bed and straddled her grandmother’s face. She new just what to do Merrick was moaning in mere seconds because of her grandmother’s talented tongue Michael just kept on thrusting he had an eyeful of his sister’s firm tits. He reached out and grabbed one she moaned even louder.

With his final thrust he came shooting his seed up his grandma’s cunt and then he’s sister came. She fell off her grandma because of the sheer power of the orgasm. Their grandma just smiled up beykent escort at them.

“That was great Michael but you should probably take care of your sister’s needs before she shoves those tiny fingers up her cunt.”

Michael moved over to his sister. She reached out and sucked off his dripping cum coated cock. When he was hard, again he motioned his sister to sit on it. She straddled her brother and began to bounce on it.

It took him much longer to cum the second time but that only made the sex with his sister even better. When he came and pulled out she cleaned him up but his grandma began to clean Merrick’s pussy making her orgasm again.

When they were all clean again their grandma started to speak, “Know dears you can come over any time you want to be fucked or to get fucked even you Michael I have some male friends that would love to fuck you. Their only about twenty years older then you,”

Michael and Merrick kissed their grandma goodbye and left the house. Merrick new their mom would be sleeping when they got home so she told Michael just to go in their and fuck her. They new she wanted it. So he decided to do just that.

He got home got undressed and went into his sleeping mother’s room. She was on top on the covers with just a little shirt on. His cock was already hard from just thinking about it. He walked over to the bed and looked at her pussy it was still wet so he didn’t have to worry about hurting her.

He got on the bed and fingered her pussy for a couple minutes with no reaction. He used her wetness to slide it up and down his cock to get it ready. He aimed his cock at her entrance and pushed it in. She still didn’t move. He began thrusting inside of her and that woke her up. She didn’t know who was fucking her because she was still half-asleep and then she noticed it was her son. By that time, it was feeling so good she didn’t care. He just kept on thrusting while rubbing her clit. Making her moan, even louder Merrick came in the room to watch. She had one of her toys in her while she watched.

Josephine started mumbling nonsense. She couldn’t even form a sentence it felt so good. She was about to cum when her son screamed that he was coming and then she went nuts she came so hard that she almost passed out. When she came to her son and daughter were kissing by the doorway.

“Well why don’t you come over here and join me on the bed,” her kids hurried over to her and began giving her kisses all over her body making her shudder into another orgasm.

They spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking each other. Michael wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for his grandmother and he was definitely going back tomorrow for more.

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