Morning, Hamish

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A 19 year old boy I met while tripping LSD captivated me from the moment we touched. The simple act of coyly clipping a glow stick bracelet on my wrist sent me into a state of obsession. His striking good looks and haunting blue eyes meant I was addicted at first sight.

A shy guy, making him smile was an achievement in itself and I had been thinking of how to do so for well over a month before awakening in his bed.

Stirring from my sleep, the white sheets are smooth and caressing against my skin. Sunlight floats into the room, kissing my face and warming my legs.

I’ve not been here before, but I recognise a specific scent on the pillows: Hamish.

Faint footsteps outside his door reassure me I’m not alone here. I slip out of bed in nothing but a pair of black cheeky-cut silk and lace panties. I slip a shirt from the floor on, something of Hamish’s I presume. His scent lingers on the collar, I sniff his heavenly scent (Versace Pour Homme, for sure) once again. My well-rounded little ass exposed freely as I strut out the door, tracing the scent of Hamish down the hall. This brings me to the kitchen where Hamish -neat as always- is waiting.

“Morning, you” he murmurs to me. With a curl in the corner of his lip he walks slowly towards, gently slips his hands around me and gives a kiss on the side of my mouth. His thin moustache tingles my lips and I feel a creeping sense of arousal. I slide my fingers into the sleeve of his t-shirt and grasp at his biceps, he grasps me tighter.

“Why am I here, Hamo?” kartal escort bayan I whisper vulnerably.

“You passed out and knocked your head at Hugh’s party so drove you back here and took care of you.”

“But- why am I half naked?”

He responded with a sound of reluctance. He never told me why. In all honesty I didn’t care. I knew he wanted me and he was all I needed.

Without a word I turned around and strutted back in to his bedroom, checking back to see if he was following (he was).

Before moving any closer to his bed, I raise my arms and he pulls his t-shirt off me. My youthful C-cup breasts bounce happily and in the moment I throw myself backwards on the bed. Hamish follows, I promptly remove his shirt to reveal that his nipples are just as hard as mine, he reaches in for more. Hair is standing on the back of both our necks and arms as we exchange deeply passionate kisses in an a tangle of caressing hands. I feel his fingers reach and slip under my my panties to awaken my sweet hairless pussy. I let out a moan of satisfaction as he gets me feeling wetter by the second. I scramble for the fly on his jeans as he places careful kisses on my neck. His jeans come off to reveal a pair of Calvin Klein’s exposing a familiarly-shaped bulge. I have to get a better look, so I slowly peel off his briefs. He looks down at me, exhaling deeply. His dick is totally fucking perfect, bald and big. Honestly not the way I expected it at all.

I creep up to kiss his angelic face before he slaps escort maltepe my ass and removes my sheer little knickers.

We lie naked face to face under the sheets, alight with sunlight. Bodies touching while tracing lines on one another’s backs. Hamish exhales hot breath into my skin and a burst of warmth travels through me.

“You are so completely perfect Hamish. I’m sorry, I have to let you know.” I whisper. He stares at me with those eyes, refracting shades of brilliant blue and I stare back with mine, golden-brown ablaze in the sunlight. He shakes his head.

“Don’t say sorry, thank you.” he flashes a squinty, heart-melting grin and leans closer again. I bite my lip as an invitation for more. He raises up his hand and slides it around my neck through my chocolate hair, his facial hair brushes against my neck as he slowly suckles wish kisses and puffs of warm air. With Hamish now leaning on top of me I feel a second hand shyly stroking my leg. He pulls me in closer again and presses his cock softly into me, I touch curiously and he lets out a slight whimper. With both hands free, he rubs his cock and guides my hand to do the same; more faint moans are exhaled from his perfect mouth. We are ready.

He stares up again fiercely, nodding with certainty.

I pounce on top, still slowly jerking his hardened member in one hand and caressing his chest with the other while straddling his naked body with mine. Louder moans leave his mouth now, I briefly ride the very tip of his cock to give him a taste pendik escort of what’s to come. Hie eyes widen with surprise and I can already tell I am the best he’s ever had.

“Don’t stop.” He says faintly.

I certainly didn’t plan to. Slowly engulfing his entire shaft, Hamish’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. As I ride his cock, his eyelids close and every wave of pleasure we experience shakes our voices as we exhale sounds of total ecstasy. After a good ten minutes of mind-blowing synchronised rhythm, he stops me and guides me onto my back. Using his matching white pillows I prop myself back up to eye level with him, and we lock eyes as he presses himself inside me. The bed creaks as he pounds me slowly. His fierce look of determination to satisfy turns me on even more. Shrieks escape me as I feel myself about to come.

“I want you to fuck me nice and deep.” I tease my clit as his pounding intensifies and I feel a surging climax envelop my body. My nails claw into his back and I wrap my legs tighter around his lower torso. Determined to come again I widen my legs a little more, daring to tease my clit again as Hamish goes the final distance to let himself come. As he withdraws his cock and jerks it into climax I lean forward and deep-throat his now purple cock to finish him off. His smile is wide as ever and his groans of pleasure encourage me to go deeper. He pumps his cock further into my mouth as he cums, spreading his warmth down my tongue and into my stomach. Still pleasuring myself, I swallow and surge into a second climax as I collapse into his white plush pillows alongside Hamish. Drops of sweat on his chest and face, I kiss his neck and wipe his brow. He smiles, holds my waist and kisses the top of my head as we lie in the subsiding sunlight amongst his white sheets.

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