Morgan’s Big Dick Adventure

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Morgan saw Mr. Baker coming from a mile away. He was a giant to her small 5’3″ body. She had lovely soft sandy blonde hair with c cup breasts and a nice round ass. And she was a real beauty at only 25 years old even thought she had a 2 year old. She was currently single and hadn’t been intimate with anyone since her limp dick baby daddy had left. But Mr. Baker might be the remedy to that.

Three weeks ago she had been repulsed by the perverted 60 year old man. He was in great shape and not just for his age. He had come by his daughter’s house when she happened to be there and he had been wearing some tight blue jeans and was really making Morgan uncomfortable. She did however notice a massive bulge in his jeans straining.

It wasn’t until visiting her friend Victoria that she learned what he was.

“He’s a fucking stud!” Victoria was not holding back. She was 25 also, married and had a kid.


“Girl he broke me in at 18.”

Victoria then described her 18th summer getting her pussy fucked by Mr. Baker’s big dick.

“He just keeps pumping and pumping. He doesn’t stop even when you star exploding. He loves banging young pussy and you need to try it out.”

“I don’t know Vic, he’s pushing 60.”

“So what? I might call him tonight and see if he can’t give me some fun since hubby is out of town.”

Victoria had always been the more conservative friend in their group and to hear what she said about Mr. Baker was eye popping.

“Fuck girl I want that big cock in me right now!”

Morgan got messaged by Victoria that night. She was sharing pics of her and Mr. Baker. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was sucking his cock which was way too big for her small mouth. Then she was trying to fit his cock in her pussy cowgirl and the final pic was her covered in his cum while sucking the massive head of his circumcised cock. It was unbelievable to see and Morgan was about to explode. She decided right then she had to try it.

She messaged him the next day on FB.

“Hey.” She was testing the waters.

“Hey pretty girl. You must have seen the fun I had with Vicky. You want to try out the Big Man?”

What a egotistical pervert! The old fucker is really confident… “for good reason”, she thought in the back of her head. She knew she should stop, but the image of that beast was too much.


“Yes, what?”

This fucking big dick bastard. She wouldn’t beg.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. I’ll come pick you up bahis firmaları in a little bit.”

A little bit? Surely he needed time to recover? He had just been with Victoria all night last night. He should be spent.

He pulled up in his monster pick up.

“Mom my date is here I’ll be back later.” Morgan was lucky her mom was never one to turn down babysitting. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice that it was Mr. Baker she was going out with.

She was wearing a nice loose top with lace straps revealing her perfect perky breasts cleavage and some nice leggings that showed off her thick, but not too thick, legs that led to her perfect round ass. She hopped up into his passenger seat and saw he was wearing a white tank top showing off his big muscular arms attached to his farmer tanned body. He was wearing a clean pair of tight blue jeans and his bulge was visible to Morgan’s gaze.

“Like what you see Baby Girl?”

Morgan snapped out of it realizing she had been caught gazing. “I was surprised at how forward you were. I’m not usually one for going out with someone so much older.” Her ex was only two years older than her, so a man 35 years older than her was a bit different.

“Don’t worry baby I’ll break you in right unlike your little ex. I’m sure you noticed I’m working with much BIGGER equipment than that little boy.” The way he talked about her ex was making her wet.

“So where are we going?”

“Oh somewhere private where we won’t be disturbed.” Morgan knew what that meant.

25 minutes later they were parked in an empty field and both in the back seat. They were both tangled up in a heated make out session. Morgan didn’t much care for smokers but the way he was working his massive hands over her tiny body was good. She kept pulling up his top and rubbing his six pack and he kept working one hand on her ass and the other on her tits.

24 hours ago Morgan was thinking this man was a disgusting pervert. Now she was letting this old pervert have his way with her.

She brushed her hand across his lap and felt his bulge stir.

“Oh baby, you ready to see it?”

Morgan paused, she had never moved this fast before. Mr. Baker didn’t wait and unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. He was wearing tight boxers and Morgan was hooked on the massive bulge trying to spring free.

The next thing Morgan knew she was curled up beside him, top off, playing with his now exposed big meat. It was amazing to her. 9″ of pure man and as thick as her wrist. This was the kaçak iddaa cock she needed, the one she deserved. Her pussy was going nuts just imagining how it would feel. She finally lowered her small mouth to the head and began sucking it.

“Oh fuck yes!” Mr. Baker was in heaven. He never could’ve predicted how much a slut Morgan was. Then again Victoria had been a shocking slut too when he broke her in. He could see her struggling to get her little mouth around it like most girls did. He moved his hand around her and cupped her perky tit.

Morgan felt his massive hand around her tit and felt her pussy throb. She instinctively moved her hand into her leggings. She moved her fingers around gently and could feel the mess it had made.

Mr. Baker saw her trouble and moved his hand to meet to her leggings and felt the dripping pussy beneath her hand. She retreated her small hand and let him do the work while she focused on his tool. She was now working about a fourth of his meat into her tight mouth.

Her pussy felt nice and tight to his fingers and he knew he had to try his cock in there. In a quick motion he spun the young girl around onto her back and started pulling her leggings off. She had neglected to wear underwear and her pussy was already puffy and red and most importantly soaked.

Morgan felt this was too fast but her pussy was saying something different. She looked up and didn’t see an old pervert anymore but a hung conqueror who was about to destroy her tight young pussy with is massive weapon. She had one leg laying down the side of the seat while the other hang over the top. They were both already a sweaty mess.

“Ok baby, let’s break this beautiful pussy in.” Mr. Baker placed the big mushroom head against her pussy and began to slowly push.

“Oh fuck! Oh god!” Morgan was in heaven and dying all at once. Nothing that big was supposed to try and enter there.

Mr. Baker was harder than ever and his cock was trying so desperately to fit in her tightness. “Fuck girl you sure you had a kid?”

She was so horny she was humping up to meet his meat and try to fit. After an eternity the mushroom finally popped in.

“Fuck!” Morgan was proud of herself for getting him inside.

“Oh baby we’re just getting started.” Mr. Baker began humping more into her slowly.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk!!” Morgan was cumming. He hadn’t even got a fourth of the way in and she was gushing.

“You like having a real cock baby?”

“Yes sir!”

“Call me Daddy!” He jammed kaçak bahis another inch in.

“Yes Daddy!” He then began fucking her with what he had managed to get to fit.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She was going nuts now. His pussy pleaser was giving her unending pleasure.

He looked down and saw his exposed cock with her cream all over it. This slut was too good. He reached down and started rubbing her clit causing a massive orgasm for her.

“Oh! Fuck!!” He stopped as she lay there spent.

“Alright let’s get Daddy off.” He spun her around and had her round ass facing him on her knees while her spent body had her face against the bottom of the seat. He rubbed his cock against her red lips.

“Stop teasing Daddy. Please fuck me.” She was spent but knew her pussy wanted more. He didn’t need anymore encouragement and pushed his meat into her.

“Ohhhhh!.” She was so full and could feel more cock entering her from this angle. He was like a machine going in and out over and over. Each thrust was more meat filling her tight pussy.

“Damn girl this pussy is so good. I wish I could’ve broken you in at 18 like your friends.” He kept thrusting getting harder and harder on each thrust. Thank god she had had a kid or she wouldn’t be able to handle his power.

Then he gazed upon her asshole. So tiny and beautiful. He had to have it. But he knew it wouldn’t be tonight. However…

“Woah!!” Morgan sat up on her hands quickly. She felt that finger at her asshole. “What the fuck! NO!”

He spanked her ass cheek with force. “Calm down slut! I’m making the rules. Just sit there and enjoy it I’m not fucking you there tonight. Just gonna get you used to the idea.”

She noted the use of the word, tonight. He was really digging his finger in there too and unfortunately she had to admit it felt great.

“Fuck!!” She came for a fifth time and it was too much for Mr. Baker.

“Here it comes slut!” He began exploding balls deep in her pussy as her lips clutched on his meat for dear life.

“Wait! N…!” She tried to scream but it was too late. She was cumming again as his seed coated the walls of her pussy. She felt every drop as it hit her. It was like a fountain going off in her pussy and it wouldn’t stop. He kept humping over and over making sure there was nothing left.

He slowly pulled out of her to a loud pop.

“Fuck Daddy! I’m not on the pill.”



“Fuck. Well I am getting up there, so might not have to worry about it.”

“I hope so.”

They were both sweaty messes and out of breath.

“Wanna get together tomorrow night Baby Girl?”

Morgan what have you gotten yourself into.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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