More Than Just Lovers

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“Your nipples are hard, Cat.”

I don’t know who was more shocked by my uncle’s comment, me or my mother? I glanced up from my plate of lasagna to my Uncle Gary, sitting at the other end of the kitchen table. He had a grin on his face, as though he was quite pleased with himself. He was also giving a blatant stare at mom’s chest.

Uncle Gary is my mom’s youngest brother and the middle child of three siblings. He’s thirty-four, six years younger than mom, divorced, and born to raise hell.

After my uncle’s wife left him, mom seemed to have taken pity on him, or maybe she feared that he could not cope with life as a bachelor again. Mom started inviting him over for meals occasionally and began delivering leftovers to him.

When my father’s National Guard unit was deployed to Iraq, just a few months after I turned eighteen, Uncle Gary’s invitations to supper became more frequent. Soon Sunday meals at our place became a regular event for him. It was a perfect arrangement. My uncle had someone to cook for him once a week and mom had some company, as well as someone to help out with chores that my father would normally have done when needed.

I was glad for my uncle’s visits too. It gave me another guy to talk with and helped me to miss my dad a little less. I had not always been especially close with Uncle Gary, but we grew closer over the months. I also discovered that he was quite the opposite of my mother, Cathy, and prone to saying and doing things that most people would not consider, well… proper — especially in the presence of his sister.

At first I wondered if I was misunderstanding my uncle’s comments, or making too much out of what I heard and saw. The first time I noticed his hand slide down to mom’s backside to give it a squeeze as he hugged her I thought he was just being playful. Then it happened again during his next visit. Sometimes he would comment on the clothes she wore and mention how they accentuated her shape — especially her bust. It was then that I had to accept that my uncle’s thoughts about mom were far from chaste at times. Perhaps a lot of the time.

It wasn’t long after that when I too began to notice mom in ways that my uncle did. I had always considered my mother to be pretty and in great shape, especially for someone who’s forty, but that eventually grew into more — lust. Eventually Uncle Gary’s comments about my mother’s breasts, or how firm her ass was, began echoing in my mind. Although I knew fully well that it was unnatural and forbidden, the normal, healthy feelings I had for my mother turned into quite the opposite. I desired her in a way a son should not.

Mom isn’t exactly prudish or up-tight, although one might think that if they only spent a little time with her. She’s normally reserved and quiet. That’s not to say she’s aloof or proud — just rather shy and introverted at times. She is the polar opposite of her brother. It’s like my uncle got her share of gregariousness.

When my uncle made his comment about mom’s hard nipples that Sunday I was somewhat shocked at first. Not shocked that they were hard because I had begun to notice them occasionally for over a week or more, but shocked that Uncle Gary could be so brash as to comment on them — despite how obvious it was that they were rock hard. I knew he always spoke his mind, but this went beyond his usual playful banter. It was his sister that he was talking about after all. Still, the fact that it was my mother he was talking about did not stop a rush of excitement from coursing through me. I felt my cock twitch and my pulse quicken.

I felt guilty. But I suppose any eighteen year-old male would have reacted the same way — whether it was his mother or not — and especially if she was as pretty and shapely as my mother. But that is not something someone would be as honest about as I’m being.

After I gave my uncle a glance from across the table I shifted my eyes to my mother sitting to my right. She was wearing a short-sleeved dress. It was light blue and made her sapphire eyes stand out. There was a row of tiny white buttons running down the front of the dress and I noticed that the top two were undone. But what I especially noticed was how her stiff nipples stood out from the front of the dress. It was made of a thin material and hugged her chest, clinging to her breasts as she leaned over her plate of lasagna.

Mom’s brilliant blue eyes met mine for a moment and she gave me a shy smile. I could tell she was embarrassed. Too embarrassed to say anything. Her cheeks were a bit flushed and she could not hold my gaze. She pushed her black hair over her shoulder, then lowered her head to her plate once more. She began pushing her food around with her fork.

“You shouldn’t make comments like that about me, Gary.” Mom’s voice was soft and devoid of any trace of anger as she spoke. More than anything she seemed bashful.

“Come on, Cat, I’ve said worse.” Uncle Gary was still grinning and I wondered if he was going to continue with his beylikdüzü anal yapan escort lewd comments now that he had clearly flustered mom.

“Yes, but not in front of Mark.” Her eyes darted my way for an instant before returning to the table.

The rest of our meal was finished in near silence. It seemed as though my uncle had been shamed into restraining himself from making any more inappropriate remarks. Mom filled the awkward silence by telling him how dad was doing and informing him on all the bits of news he included in his daily emails to her from Baghdad.

Once we had finished eating mom put the leftover lasagna in the fridge and gathered our plates and utensils.

“You can take the rest of this lasagna home with you,” she told my uncle as she put the casserole dish in the fridge.

“Thanks, Cat. You’re a great cook. I’d starve to death if it weren’t for you.” Uncle Gary pushed his chair away from the table and ran a hand over his bloated stomach.

Mom turned from the dishwasher, smiling. “I don’t think you have to worry about that,” she said. “It looks like you’ve got enough fat stored up there for a while.” She laughed, giving his round stomach a poke with her finger.

Uncle Gary jumped a bit as mom jabbed him with her finger. “Like you can talk! I think you’ve been eating a little too much of your own cooking lately, Cat.” As he spoke, my uncle turned and reached for mom’s ass. He gave it a hard squeeze through her dress, then ran his palm over her shapely rump.

Mom let out a squeal and lurched away from her brother’s grasp, almost dropping the plate in her hand. “Stop it!” she cried out, swatting her hand at his.

I laughed, watching the antics of my mother and uncle, but I was also trying to hide my arousal. Just seconds before Uncle Gary had grabbed mom I too had noticed how her tight dress clung to the curves of her hips and ass. Her curvy body looked firm. I had been wondering if she felt as good as she looked. Now I really envied my uncle.

Mom stood in front of my uncle’s chair. She did not appear angry at him, which surprised me. Actually, more than anything, she seemed quite self-conscious. Her eyes flitted towards me for a moment, then back to her brother.

“I guess I have put on a little weight since Dave left for Iraq,” she said, frowning.

Almost immediately, I noticed the smirk on my uncle’s face vanish. It was obvious that he felt bad for having offended and embarrassed mom. He looked up at her, then forced a smile.

“Hey, I never said you didn’t look good,” he said. “Besides, I think most of the weight went to your chest.” As he spoke, my uncle reached up and gave mom’s left breast a squeeze. His fingers curled around it as he pushed it up. Somehow his hand seemed small as he cupped her sizable breast in his palm, molding it into a large orb as he pushed it up.

Once again, mom let out a shriek and recoiled. Her breast fell with a bounce as she lunged away from her brother’s grip.

Uncle Gary was laughing, but neither mom nor I were — but each for much different reasons. She was shocked and mortified by her brother groping her, but I was rendered mute with lust and awe. After a few moments I became aware that I was staring slack-jawed at my mother’s chest once more. Her nipple had stiffened and swollen again. It pushed out at the material of her dress. It was only when she turned to look my way that I realized I was leering at her. I lowered my head and kept silent.

Without a word, mom turned and resumed filling the dishwasher. Uncle Gary got up and poured himself a cup of coffee. A tense silence filled the kitchen once more. I wondered what my mom and uncle were thinking — although I had a pretty good idea of what was on his mind. When he said he was going to the washroom and left the kitchen I felt even more nervous around my mother. She seemed to feel the same because it was over a minute before she spoke, then only tentatively.

“I’m sorry about all that.” She had approached me to stand beside the table.

I shrugged. “It’s not your fault, Mom,” I said. “Uncle Gary’s the one who’s bein’ bad.”

Mom spat out a short, nervous laugh. “Yes, very.”

Silence once again. Mom was looking at me, probably trying to think of something else to say to diffuse the tension. During the silence my eyes fell to the front of her dress again. A third button was undone now — probably pulled open when she had jerked away from her brother’s grasp. Her nipples were hard. They looked thick as they stood out against the swell of her breasts.

Mom’s eyes followed mine. She looked down at herself and gave a dim smile, then raised her head. If she noticed that another button had worked itself open she wasn’t bothered by it. Although her dress remained closed enough so it was not obvious.

Mom opened her mouth to say something, but as she did we heard the sound of footfalls as Uncle Gary returned. She wheeled around and went beylikdüzü balıketli escort back to the dishwasher. She closed the door to it, then turned it on.

Uncle Gary sat back down at the table. He began asking me how my college classes were going and wondering if I was doing alright during my father’s absence. Mom poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter, listening to our conversation.

While I talked with my uncle I stole the occasional glance at my mother from the corner of my eye. Her ebony hair was pulled back over her shoulders and she was leaning back on the counter. The last thing I wanted was for her to notice my lingering glances, but I was enthralled by how her posture accentuated her chest. Her breasts were two firm mounds, capped by thick, hard nubs as she arched her back. For a moment I wondered if her posture was actually deliberate — if she was trying to get Uncle Gary, or perhaps even me, to notice her. I had never wanted to touch her more than I did at that moment.

After Uncle Gary finished his coffee he glanced at his watch and stood up. “I should be getting home,” he said. “Thanks again for the meal, Cat. Your cooking is the best!”

Mom followed my uncle out to the porch while he got his coat on. I was standing by the sink, my eyes shifting between her and my uncle.

“I don’t know if it’s the best,” she said. “But at least it’s one meal you don’t have to cook. Plus, Mark and I enjoy your company and it gives me a chance to make one big meal a week.” She gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, I just hope all the food your eat keeps going to your tits.” Uncle Gary laughed as he surveyed mom’s chest.

I probably should not have been surprised by my uncle’s next move, but I was; so was mom, I think. As he hugged mom, my uncle slipped his right hand from her narrow waist, up to her chest. He cupped her right breast in his hand, grinning as he grazed her hard nipple with his thumb.

Instead of reacting in surprise or ire, mom simply eased back, pushing her brother away from her as she moved. “I think you need to find yourself a girlfriend, little brother.” Her voice was soft and teasing, almost sexy.

Uncle Gary laughed. “If only I could find one as hot as you,” he said, smiling. “Bye, Mark!” Uncle Gary gave me a wave.

“Bye, Uncle Gary.”

“Bye, Kitty Cat.” He winked at my mother.

“I wish you’d stop calling me that,” mom said, almost begging. She opened the fridge and handed him the leftover lasagna. “Don’t forget this. I’ll see you next Sunday.”

I was still leaning against the counter by the sink when my uncle closed the door as he left. Mom paused a moment, then turned towards me. She gave me a faint smile and shrugged.

“What?” I asked, trying to fathom her expression.

Mom stepped closer and leaned on the counter beside me. “I guess sometimes it’s easier to let him have a cheap thrill than fight with him.”

“Mom!” I exclaimed, shocked at her acceptance of her brother’s behavior.

She shrugged again and gave me a sideways look. She gave me a mischievous grin. I could feel the heat from her body radiating on me. It fueled my arousal and I forced myself to focus on her face.

“I learned long ago that what Gary wants most of the time is a reaction. When he doesn’t get one, he stops doing whatever he’s doing,” she explained.

I let out a laugh. It helped to ease the tension I was feeling. “I don’t know if that will work all the time though,” I cautioned. “He might end up doing some things more if you don’t stop him.” I gave my mother a grin, assuming she knew what I was referring to.

“Like what?” Her blue eyes widened and she leaned back a bit.

“Like grabbing your boobs…” I explained. As if they were acting on their own, I felt my eyes move down the front of her dress as I spoke.

Mom glanced down, then back up to me. She had a smirk on her face as her eyes met mine.

“Oh… well, it’s not like he does that very often. Besides, I know how to rein him in when he gets too carried away. Besides, he’s fun to tease.” She had a devilish grin on her face that I didn’t recognize, but I liked it, a lot.

Astonished by her remark, I gave mom a look of surprise.

“It’s not only Gary who likes to tease,” she said in an impish tone.

Mom seemed amused by my reaction. She giggled and inched closer. When she draped her left arm around my shoulder I could feel her breast pressing against me. It felt firm and big. I began to get hard.

“Surprised?” she asked.

“Yeah — I guess I just never thought about it before.” I stammered.

“That your mom likes to tease?” Mom had a playful look on her face that I found exciting.

I nodded, unable to force words from my dry throat.

“Well, I do — sometimes. And don’t you think it’s better that if I feel like being a little bad sometimes while your father’s away that I am around Gary, rather than beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş someone else?”

I thought about what she had said. Her words made a perverse kind of logic, although she was talking about her younger brother. I nodded again. “Yes,” I said, wishing she would be bad around me too.

“And it’s not like I’d ever cheat on your father. I love him too much too even consider it. Besides, Dave likes Gary and trusts him. He knows I’m Gary’s Kitty Cat and accepts that things with us are… not typical.” She gave me a cryptic smile.

“Like him grabbing your boobs…” Once again I looked down at them as I spoke the phrase.

Mom gave me a shameless smile and stepped away from me. “Yeah, like that.”

Silence filled the kitchen once more. Dozens of thoughts and questions filled my mind, but I dared not voice any of them. My cheeks grew warm and I felt my cock twitch as I forced myself to remain focused on my mother’s pretty face.

“Now I’m going to go have a long, hot bath. I’ll be back down later.”

“Okay,” I mumbled, watching her hips sway as she walked out of the kitchen.

I poured myself a glass of Pepsi and sat at the kitchen table. I listened to the sound of water running upstairs in the bathroom. When it stopped my mind was filled with the image of my mother, naked in the tub — her tanned, wet skin glistening as she ran her soapy hands over her sexy body. After about a half hour I decided to go up to my bedroom to do some homework, hoping it would distract me from thoughts of mom.

When I heard the sound of water draining from the tub I looked up from my computer screen. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door open.

As mom passed the doorway to my bedroom she did a double-take. “Oh, there you are,” she said, sounding surprised.

My heart raced. I could feel my cock stiffen as mom walked in to my room. She had a purple terrycloth bath towel wrapped around her. It came down to just above her knees. Her back hair was wet. It shimmered as it hung down over her bare shoulders towards the curves of her breasts, covered by the towel. I swallowed hard as my eyes darted down. She was clutching the towel around her so her right forearm pushed her breasts upwards. Above the towel I could see some cleavage. Beads of water ran down her tanned skin towards the few inches of round flesh not covered by the towel.

“Homework or video games?” she asked, peering over my shoulder at my computer monitor.

“Homework,” I told her.

“My third guess was going to be porn.” She giggled.

“No, just homework,” I assured her.

“What do you want to bet that Gary’s looking at porn right now?” she asked with a laugh.

“It’s probably a safe bet.”

“If he knew that all I had own right now was a towel, he’d be on his way back over here.” Mom laughed again and from the corner of my eye I noticed her breasts jiggle.

“Shall I call him?” I looked up at her. I grinned as I reached for my cell phone beside my computer.

“Don’t you dare!” she gasped.

I was still looking up at my mother, running my eyes over her as I held my cell phone, when an idea came to me. I turned the phone on and aimed it at her. “How about I send him a photo instead?” I suggested, only somewhat seriously.

Instead of immediately dismissing the notion, mom paused a moment. I noticed her full lips form into a smile as she thought. “Okay — what the hell!” she said with a giggle.

“Really?” I asked, not quite able to believe that she had agreed to my suggestion.

“Sure. Why not? Everything is covered, isn’t it?” Mom looked down and tugged the towel tighter as she spoke.

“Well, almost,” I teased.”

Mom tilted her head down again to examine herself. “Almost?” she questioned, furrowing her brow.

“I can see a bit of cleavage,” I said, staring.

Mom’s eyes fell to the front of her towel once more. She tugged at it a bit and wiggled. “He’s seen more than that,” she said, seeming unfazed.

I could feel sweat forming on my palm. My heart raced as I pushed my chair back. I ran my eyes up and down my mother’s body, covered by only the tight towel. She seemed somewhat nervous as she watched me. Her arms were folded under her breasts, pushing them upwards. Now I could see even more cleavage. I was pretty certain that it was intentional on her part.

“How’s this?” she asked, seeming unsure.

“Great. Lots of cleavage for him to see.” I felt no need to lie or to be discrete since she obviously seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. Almost.

“Too much?” she asked, glancing down.

“Not enough,” I shot back.

“Yeah — Gary would love it if I just dropped the towel and flashed him.”

I gave an emphatic nod. “Ready?” I asked.

“Yes. Take it before I chicken-out,” she urged.

I pointed the cell phone at mom, trying to control my quivering hand. She leaned back against my computer desk and gave a seductive smile. I pressed the button.

Once I had taken the photo mom moved over behind me. She leaned over my shoulder, eager to see how she looked. As I held the phone up to allow her to look at the image on the tiny screen my eyes shifted to my right. Her towel had slipped down some as she leaned over, revealing more of her round breasts. Beads of water clung to them. I licked my lips, staring at them and the deep cleft between them.

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