More Rob, Robin and Darin Ch. 05

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I quickly lost myself in the pleasure, fucking faster and deeper; eager to satisfy, she took more, and gurgled around the thick shaft. At about half, I hit her throat and the gag reflex; I pulled back to give her time, but I was eager for more and pumped slowly into her throat. Unable to speak, she looked up at me with her sexy, green eyes and begged…I knew she wanted it all.

I wrapped my fingers through her curls to hold her steady. Stretching her throat, with one final push, the last couple inches went in, and the entire shaft disappeared. She closed her eyes and relaxed the throat muscles, around my cock. When her eyes opened and looked back into mine, she looked crazy hot with her nose buried in the pubes and lips stretched around the base. I took her head in both hands and started fucking, gently…and sensuously slow.

It felt amazing…it always does; I gradually picked up the pace, pumping her mouth, faster and faster. After a good stretch, I pulled from her mouth and she leaned back, catching her breath. She grinned up at me, “Baby, I want more…and I know you do, too.”

We both needed more…and I wanted back in her throat. She rolled onto her back and planted her shoulders at the edge so that her head was hanging off. She joked, “I’m a professional cock slut…done this a few times.”

I grinned, “Baby, you’ve done this a few thousand times for me!”

Grinning, “Well, I just can’t say no.”

Poking at her nose with spit-soaked cock, I teased her before gently guiding it back through her lips. Anxious to satisfy, she eagerly took it back into her throat; I pumped hard and fast, keeping the crown deep, and massaging her throat with its rock-hard girth.

She loved to be throat-fucked, as much as I loved doing it. Whenever she laid her head back and extended her neck like this, I could watch the bulge moving in her neck…just like an erection, in tight jeans.

I held her with both hands, pumping balls-deep, into her mouth; they were bouncing over her face…she loved that, too.

Pleasuring my cock with her throat, I fucked till I was close. I guess we had been going at it, for a long time.

I leaned into her with more focus, pumping slow, steady and grinding her face. Pushing deep into her throat, I was ready to finish…I humped forward a few more times and then grinded deep, in one final thrust.

I could feel it building, and my body shuddered, pulsing warm seed directly into her throat. Her hands dug in, holding me super tight, because she wanted it all. I rode out the ecstasy, letting my load flow into her belly. Still gripping my thighs, she urged me to pump her throat, coaxing out every last drop.

When I pulled from her lips, she gasped, but continued licking. Working the entire shaft with her tongue, she searched for more sex. She took it back into her mouth and held it there, savoring the pulsing flesh between her lips; her eyes met mine and she knew I was satisfied.

I sat down on the bed and massaged her neck and shoulders, before pulling her up to kiss. She got a sexy smile and spoke softly, “When you’re pumping me crazy hard like that, it makes me feel hot, desirable, beautiful, loved…and slutty, all at the same time.” Robin always talked about how good it felt or how satisfying it was. The sex was always amazing, but Robin felt things that she didn’t think any other man could give her, and she always tried to do the same for me.

That was how the evening went, and Darin was coming into town the next day; I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks, since the semester was drawing to a close. We were both anxious and we knew Darin was.

On the way back from a meeting, Robin was able to stop by campus for lunch, and she met Benji, his new roommate. He was on the swim team and on the “hot side of the spectrum,” according to Robin. I teased her, “Are you interested, maybe? Interested in a foursome? You think you can handle three hot guys?

“Stop…he’s very cute, but I really think he’s gay…besides, I handle two guys very well…and don’t forget, I did four, once! All hot guys!” Without pause, she gave it right back, “Now, he would be interested in you…you think you can handle two college studs, like Darin and Benji…at your age? I think you’re getting up there in age…and you should look into some life insurance.” She grinned, “It would be a nice way to go, though…during rigourous sex.”

She was right…she was more than capable of handling three men, but I couldn’t help but tease her. I laughed, “I am getting up there, but I’m only three years older than you. I bet I could handle two guys. I can almost guarantee this’s going to be part of the conversation…within minutes of his arrival.”

She grinned, “I think you’re probably right…smarty pants…I’m asking him about Benji.”

Little did I know, along with Darin, Benji was to become one of my roommates in the future…a roommate that Darin and I would both share.


The following afternoon, I had just fucked the shit out of sincan sınırsız escortlar Darin, and we were lingering, buck-naked on the patio, when Robin came out. Wearing only her panties and a big grin, she had three beers, “Here, I thought you two could use a cold one.”

She handed them to us, before dragging hers through the seed on his belly. She giggled when he jumped, “Shit Robin, that’s cold!”

“You two…that was definitely a porn-worthy performance…I got off just watching!”

It was obvious what went down, and I was about to say something, but she grinned, “Here’s to watching my sexy guys! I’m glad I got home, when I did.” She went on to happily recount every detail, but I’ll start from the beginning.

Darin’s last final was finished at 3:00 that afternoon, and his car was in our garage, when I got home. I’m sure he was packed and ready to go, as soon as he finished.

It was a warm, spring day, and he was out on our patio, wearing just shorts. They hugged his lean, muscled body, and his ass was particularly well defined; it was smooth, rounded and showing above the waistband. He was looking damned good…even his torso had a warm glow in the sun. I just stood there working my eyes, up and down his body, till they focused on the rise in his shorts. It wasn’t hard yet, but the manly potential was obvious.

I fought back the urge to yank down his shorts and engulf his big dick. I fantasized about wrapping my lips around it, and feeling the warm, hard flesh, pumping into my mouth; I wanted to take him as deep as my throat would allow, and work it till I could feel his release on my tongue. My hot fantasy got me so fucking horny, I was rock hard and almost leaking precum. Robin wasn’t home yet, but I couldn’t wait; it was a booty-call moment, and I grabbed the lube.

She had a late meeting and said she’d be home…maybe 5:30 or 6. I knew she was anxious for some, too…but I decided that she’d just have to catch up. When she got home, she clearly had more control than I did, because she decided to just watch.

Coming into the house, she heard an unmistakable groan, a sound that she knew all too well; Then a few seconds later the groaning was louder and coming from the patio. She went to the door and heard Darin moan, “Oh fuck, dude…yeah…yeah, suck that cock…mmmm…suck me!”

She felt the excitement in her chest…and wanted to join in, but she really wanted to watch us fuck.

With his pleasured moans growing louder, she quietly moved just inside the open door, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…suck…suck me…suck me, Rob.”

I was buried in his lap, with my mouth and tongue working his big dick. She described how Darin would close his eyes, savoring the pleasure, but then he’d always look down to watch me work his dick…sucking…licking…and stroking it with my lips.

“Oh Rob…fuck yeah…fuckkkk…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s…that’s so good,” he groaned. That went on for several minutes, before his moans got more animated and his breathing louder. A huge rush of excitement swept over her when she heard him, “Get me ready…fuck me…fuck me with your fingers,” and then, “ahhhh…ahhhh…yes…yes…yes…yes…fuck me…fuck me…ahhhh, fuck me!”

Standing in the shadows, she pulled her bra off and let her fingers trail over her nipples. Rubbing and teasing her nips, they got harder, and she felt arousal taking hold; she felt that familiar ache between her legs.

After a few minutes of finger fucking, he moaned, “Rob, I want…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, I want your…big…big cock!”

“Dude, pull your legs back…you want it hard…wanna be fucked hard?”

I was greasing up and spreading his legs, while he moaned, “Fuck yeah…hard…I need you to fuck me hard!”

I slowly buried my dick, gradually pumping deeper, “Oh fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck, yer tight…I’ll give it to ya…give it to ya…hard…really hard!” I humped slow and groaned, “Oh yeah…fuck…fuckin’ take it…take my cock…take that cock!”

He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me deep, “Yeah, do it good…fill me up with your big cock. Oh…oh my god…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh god…that…that cock…that big…big fuckin’ cock!”

As the pleasured groans mounted, she just stood there playing with herself. Watching and listening to things unfold, as I fucked our hot, college stud, made her crazy horny.

His muscled body flexed with a yearning to be fucked; when I really started pounding him, he moaned, “Oh Rob…yes…yes…yes…fuck me…don’t stop…don’t stop! Fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…love…love your big cock…make me your slut…make me your cock slut…fuck your cock slut!”

I was humping deep, splitting his ass…and molding his insides. “Oh fuck…Darin…Darin, your ass…your ass is so fucking tight…take it…take it deep!”

Savoring the sensuous encounter and the intensity of the scene, at some point, Robin pushed her panties aside…her pussy was hot and steamy. Unable to elvankent suriyeli escortlar pull herself away, she attended to her needs, by fingering herself; she savored the thoughts that she’d be getting both cocks…and experiencing the same pleasure.

Fucking face-to-face, with pummeling thrusts, I could watch his big, hard cock bounce. I shared the same lust Robin felt…that ten-inch tool was really breathtaking…and beautiful. After hearing her tell us about her voyeurism, I did remember hearing something inside the house, but I couldn’t make it out…I guess I was a little preoccupied.

I groaned, “Fuck yeah…take it…take my dick…take it!”

“Yes…yes…yes,” he moaned, “Give it to me…yeah…yeah…yeah, give it…t’ me…give it to me…fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…fuck me!”

He desperately needed to cum and grabbed his dick. I looked into his eyes and pushed him, “Darin…fuck dude…uhhhh…uhhhh…almost there…you gonna cum with me? You gonna cum for me?”

“Fuck…me…fuck me,” he screamed, “damn…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…keep…keep fuckin’ me…fuck me…fuckkkkkkk meeeeee!”

With a sensory explosion flowing through his body, I could see a primal need in his face…he was ready to cum…he needed to cum. “Drain those balls…yeah…yeah…that’s it…drain those balls…let’s see that load…that hot fucking load!”

When I felt him clamp tight around me, I watched warm, glistening seed cover his chest.

I was ready to explode, too, and I couldn’t wait to stroke my load over his; I wanted to wrap both hands around my dick, and feel the pulsing release, but I couldn’t pull out…I couldn’t leave that tight, perfect ass. If I had, I think our little voyeur surely would have sprayed the window…her first-time squirting.

Darin moaned, “Fuck…fuck…fuck me…fuck me…oh god…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fill me…cum in me…cum in me…make me a cock slut…make me your cock slut!”

I pounded his hot, muscled ass and groaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh fuck…fuck…Darin…fuck…fuckkkkkkkkk!”

I gripped his thighs and kept humping till I was done, giving him everything I had. He whimpered as the heat painted his insides. Pumping into his flexing ass, I dumped enough jizz inside that it streaked the shaft. When my balls were empty, and I could finally pull out, the thick, white cream trickled from his ass.


Over dinner, we exhausted the Benji topic…he was definitely gay, and Darin called him a friend-with-benefits. Robin had a field day with that, but it didn’t bother Darin a bit. From the vivid descriptions, of Benji, I found myself fantasizing. They both described this mouth-watering guy, about 5′ 9″ with wavy, brown hair, brown eyes and a firm, muscled body…a hot swimmer’s physique.

Robin knew what I was thinking and kept digging for more details…he was six or seven inches, cut, with low-hanging balls. Darin even went on to describe him as having a firmly, muscled ass, and how he was a bottom and “highly fuckable.”

We had finished dinner and Darin and I went back out to enjoy the evening. Eventually, Robin came out to join us and settled back into a chaise lounge; we all started talking about his semester, but it wasn’t long before he stopped and closed his eyes. When I grabbed his beer before it dropped, he was startled and jumped, “Oh shit! Sorry!”

Robin rubbed his leg, “Baby, you’re worn out…why don’t you go to bed. We’ll celebrate later…you just get some rest.”

“Dude, those last two weeks can be rough…you just don’t get much sleep, during finals…she’s right, get some rest. We got a whole week together.”

When he turned in, of course, we discussed Benji. Initially, she was the one most interested, but after finding that he was solidly gay, she lost interest; I was the curious one and way more interested…I couldn’t help myself.


That next morning, Robin and I quietly got out of bed to have coffee before I left. We let him sleep…he really needed to recharge. I had to run into the office for a presentation, but assured Robin I’d be back as soon as I could. I knew what was on her mind and grinned, “Go ahead and start without me…we did yesterday.”

“Oh I remember…and we might, but I was hoping to have him help with some gardening…I thought it might be relaxing and relieve stress,” she laughed, “but naked gardening could offer even more stress relief.”

I grabbed my cup, gave her a kiss and headed out the door.

Darin was up, when I got back; he was looking revived, and they were having coffee on the patio…no sex just coffee. “I was expecting some naked gardening, but I’m not seeing any skin.”

“No, dude we kept our clothes on,” he said grinning, “this time.” “We worked on the peony border…and I learned there are different flower types in peonies…and that her favorite cultivars are ‘James Pillow’ and ‘Sarah Bernhardt’.”

Robin etimesgut türbanlı escortlar was bringing me out a cup, “So, where are you taking us for lunch, sweetie?” As she walked over to me, I immediately noticed she was bra-less; her nipples were on high-beam and her tits subtly animated the t-shirt.

Mmmm, I thought they’d be the perfect lunch, but responded, “What’re we all in the mood for?”

“You choose Darin…you just finished finals and you helped clean up the garden…it’s your choice.”

“Maybe breakfast…I know it’s almost noon, but I’m up for a big breakfast.”

“Well, let me change, before we head out.”

Grinning, I responded, “That’s too bad…I like the tits!”

“I know you do…but so will every guy in the restaurant.”

“That’s okay…I’m sure they won’t mind.”

She shook her head, and headed inside, “I’m changing my clothes.”


That evening, we finished the movie, and Robin got a big, sexy grin, “I’m feeling like we need to spend some quality time in the bedroom. What do you boys think?”

I looked at Darin, “We should carry her,” and we both jumped up, resting her in our arms; she laughed as we tossed her onto the bed.

“I guess that was a yes.”

We got right in her face, and excited squeals filled the room, when we started jousting. Rubbing one cock over the other, I bridged my fingers to stroke them both together, sliding…humping…and savoring the feel of cock against cock. Then Darin did the same, stroking them both; I pumped my hips, to fuck through his grasp, rubbing my cock over his cock.

She attempted to suck both of us, going back and forth, but there was no way her lips would stretch that much…she got Darin and half of me…then all of me and half of Darin. Rubbing them both over her face, she giggled, “Mmmm…I love it…too much cock for my mouth to handle.

She laid back, “Fuck it…fuck my mouth, baby.” She tipped her head back and I fucked gently into her throat. Her moans clearly demanded more…and I fucked harder, pumping my hips, and fucking her mouth like a pussy…plowing her mouth like a pussy.

With my balls tumbling over her face, her tongue and throat pleasured every last inch; spit trickled from her lips, as she worked to take it, over and over. She always loved pleasing me; her ex had a small dick, and, after the divorce drama, she always felt fortunate…or privileged to have what she called a “real man or a real cock.” Now, with Darin in the picture, she had two “real cocks,” and couldn’t be any happier. At one point, she even considered sending dick pics just to piss him off…she didn’t do it, which is probably best.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it…good girl…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…good girl! Take it all the way…yeah!” I grabbed her head and pumped, humping eight and a half inches through her lips.

Eventually, I pulled out to let Darin have a go, and he gently pumped deeper, satisfying his big, long dick. Grabbing for his thighs, she slowly pushed until her lips were in his pubes and he was all the way in. As he worked her throat with his big dick, she struggled at first to adjust, but he could tell exactly when he could go harder. He gripped her face tight and fucked her mouth.

I looked over at him, as she slurped his dick. Our eyes met and he grinned, “Ahhhh…fuck dude, your girlfriend sucks dick, better than anybody…mmmm, fuckin’ better than anybody!”

I simply nodded, as he kept pumping, deep into her throat. I shifted around to get my tongue between her legs; fucking my tongue into the heat, I pumped it deep into her pussy. I slid my hands under her and cupped her ass, pushing her pussy tight to my face. I used the tip of my tongue to work her clit, teasing…flicking and grinding, till I felt her buck. To make her last, I pulled back and trace her labia, only teasing the bud. Finally, her pussy overwhelmed me, and I had to have more.

She already had her legs splayed wide, but I grabbed her ankles, and pushed them further. Leaning forward, I hooked my arms and pushed her knees all the way back to her shoulders. The rock-hard girth split her wide open, but she couldn’t express her ecstasy…Darin’s big dick made sure of that.

While I fucked into the steamy arousal, I grinned at Darin, “Mmmm, you think she knows how to please her men?”

His head nodded forward, and he smiled, “Fuck yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…she’s amazing…fuck, I wish I could do what she does with her throat!”

I knew she was smiling with pride, inside. She managed to pump her hips up to meet my thrusts, and I moaned, “Oh, baby…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…fuck, that’s good…so good!” I slammed it deep and hard…the way she liked it. She always wanted it deep, and I had her whole body bumping forward with every driving thrust.

When I pushed in or pulled out, the head raked her g-spot, and she shuddered with an ecstasy that never got old. She just laid back and savored the pleasure of having two guys filling her with cock, and her insatiable needs…a few of the many perks of our relationship.

I looked up, and Darin’s pleasured grins met mine. Pumping hard into her tight, little body, we pushed against each other, driving deep and grinding. We both grabbed hold to keep her steady, while we penetrated her, over and over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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