More Fun with Chris

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A couple of weeks after the camping trip with my friends, the next interesting sexual thing happened. It just happened by random chance, and I couldn’t have planned it the way it evolved if I had tried.

It actually started the day before, on Thursday. My friend Billy called and told me to come over on Friday, the next day, as soon as I got off work because he had wanted a few of us to shoot some hoops and then maybe later go to a city park, which was one of our hangout spots. So that morning, before I headed out to work, I threw a gym bag in my car with some extra clothes.

When I got to his house I changed and we were outside just kind of hanging around, casually shooting and talking, while waiting for the other guys to show up. A few minutes later, Chris showed up and told us that Mickey wasn’t coming because he was home sick. So we didn’t really have a 3 on 3 half court game anymore, but Justin and Mike showed up and we continued to fart around and pass the time. When we got tired of that, we decided to go to my house and hangout. We hit the drive through on the way and got some food and turned on the baseball game when we got to my house. My sister had been watching TV in the den, so we kind of chased her out by changing the channel without asking. Yeah, I guess it was kind of mean, but she wasn’t really interested in what she was watching anyway. And to tell you the truth, at that time she had a huge crush on Billy. But she was too shy stay in there with us, so she went back to her room.

After the game was over, it was getting late, so both guys decided to just stay the night at my house. I didn’t care, and my parents were already in bed, so it’s not like they were even aware, but they didn’t care. At that point in my life, I was no longer reporting in like I had to do a few years before when I started driving. I had my own car, and would be going away to college in a couple of months, so I was already somewhat independent. Anyway, I hit the shower and when I came back to the den, they jockeyed for position to be the next in the shower, because they were worried about running out of hot water. I told them the only fair way was to settle it with a quick 2 out of 3 of paper/rock/scissors. Chris won out so he left to take his shower, leaving Billy and I in the den. At that point, I was completely unprepared for what he said when we were alone.

He told me that Chris had told him about the night we were camping, and had told him what happened when we were alone while they were on their beer run to the store. When he said that, I felt an icy chill in my veins. I was terrified of what he was thinking and what he would say. I couldn’t have known it at the time, but I had nothing to worry about. I didn’t know it, but they later told me they had sort of set up what happened on the camping trip. I wasn’t aware of it, but it turns out they had already had oral sex a few times, and wanted to bring me in on the fun. He reassured me that he was cool with it, and we both discussed how we still fantasized about girls, and so I guess we were convincing each other, and ourselves, that we had nothing to worry about as far as our masculinity, and just generally reassured each other that what happened between friends would stay between friends.

Anyway, about the time we were wrapping up our conversation, escort sincan Chris reappeared from his shower with a towel around his waist. So I went to my room and got my sleeping bag and then got my dad’s sleeping bag out of the mud room while Billy headed for the shower. I headed for my room to grab some extra pillows and hit the light switch on the way out, leaving the television as the only light source in the room. When I came back, I tossed a pillow at Chris, who was already laying on one of the sleeping bags completely naked and tossed another pillow on the other sleeping bag. I then realized we didn’t really plan this thing out very well, because they hadn’t brought a change of clothes for the next day. Luckily we were all about the same height and build, so I went back to my room and grabbed some shorts and t-shirts for my friends, came back in the den and tossed the clothes on one of the couches.

When I came back, Chris had changed the channel to one of those softcore porn shows on cable, you know, the kind that shows boobs and butt cheeks, but doesn’t really show actual penetration. Anyway, I laid down on the couch next to the sleeping bags, and was gently touching myself through the shorts I had thrown on after my shower while watching the show. Now that I’ve gotten older and watched my share of porn, it seems laughable that we thought that stuff was naughty, especially compared to the stuff a teenaged guy has access to online nowadays, but anyway, it was enough to get our libido going in those days. Not that we needed much revving up. We were typical, horny, hormone addled eighteen year olds.

So when Billy came back wrapped in a towel after his shower, he saw what was on the television, and saw Chris completely nude playing with himself on top of his sleeping bag, so he dropped the towel and laid down on the other sleeping bag. Within a couple of minutes, it had progressed into open masturbation, so I dropped all pretense and stripped nude so I could have unfettered access to myself also. So before long, I saw Chris moving around, and the next thing I knew, he was going down on Billy. I had never seen anybody having oral sex, live and in person, at that point in my life. The only sex I had seen had been the softcore porn that doesn’t really show anything besides tits. It was pretty erotic to me to watch someone give/receive head, and so between watching the tits and fake fucking on television and the actual blowjob taking place three feet away, I was very turned on and slowly stroked myself while taking it all in.

But not for long. I quickly decided that I wanted in on the fun too, and after my earlier conversation with Billy, I was sure that I was welcome to join the fun. So I moved down to the sleeping bag on the other side of Billy and joined in by licking and sucking his balls. Before long, Chris left me alone with Billy’s dick and straddled Billy, almost sitting on his chest. He guided his dick into Billy’s waiting mouth and we continued like that for a little while, with me sucking Billy and Billy sucking as Chris slowly pumped his hardening dick into his waiting mouth. Chris has a nice dick, probably seven and a half inches or so, and a little thicker than average. Anyway, Billy was so occupied with what he was doing that he didn’t tell me escort tandoğan he was close to cumming, but I tasted his salty precum so I knew he was close. Even so, when he came it was a surprise to me, but I wasn’t pissed off or anything. As a matter of fact, that’s something I had been thinking about since my camping encounter with Chris. Neither one of us sucked long enough to get the cumshot reward, and I wondered what it tasted like, and I also wondered if I would like it or not.

So when Billy came in my mouth, I just remained still and left his cum in my mouth. He quickly went soft and so I grabbed one of the towels the guys had brought in the room and spit most of his cum out on the towel, but I did swallow enough of it to get a small taste. It didn’t taste bad at all. As a matter of fact, it actually tasted good, but I was so inexperienced it just didn’t occur to me to swallow. If I knew then what I know now, right? Since he had just cum, Billy gently urged Chris off of him, and he told me to lie down. He went down on me, and I remember thinking that we had crossed another threshold in our friendship. I had just sucked him, and now he was returning the favor. The thought flashed through my mind “I wonder how this will affect our friendship?” It’s funny, I didn’t ask myself that question with Chris, maybe because I considered Billy my best friend.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry, because as he told me earlier, what happens between friends stays there, and only serves to strengthen the bond between us. As he laid down between my legs, he started by licking and gently caressing my balls. He slowly ran his tongue from the area under my scrotum, just an inch from my anus, all the way up to the tip of my dick, and back down the other side all the way to the base of my pubic bone. Wow, that felt good. He did that several more times, and he teasingly licked my balls while going ever so slow. It felt so good, but it only made me want so much more. I wanted to feel the ecstasy of exploding in his mouth, like I had allowed him to shoot his cum in my mouth earlier.

As if he were reading my thoughts, he put his mouth over the sensitive mushroom head of my dick, and slowly swirled his tongue around and around. It felt so good. So warm and wonderful. I looked down at him as he slowly began working my dick in and out of his warm mouth, and I noticed his hollowed cheeks as he was sucking me. I put it together in my mind that it was that suction, with the friction of his cheeks on my dick as he was sliding his mouth up and down, that was giving me so much pleasure. I was so focused on my own pleasure that I had kind of forgotten about Chris, so I looked at him and watched him watching us. It was so hot to see him slowly jacking himself off while watching me get sucked off. I motioned him over, so he got on his knees next to my head and gently placed his dick on my lips. I opened wide and sucked as much of him in my mouth as I could. The whole scene was such a turn on for me, and I felt myself getting close. It was almost like a sensory overload. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sights, sounds and tactile sensations it was almost too much to process.

The intense sucking I was receiving was bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm, and so I was raising my hips a few escort tunalı inches off the floor with each downstroke to meet his face, and I was fucking his mouth faster and faster. I finally felt myself reach the point of no return, so I told him I was about to cum, because I thought he would want to pull off and let me squirt my cum on my stomach and chest, the way I was used to doing it when I would masturbate. And when I came, it was all I could do to remain quiet and not yell out, because it was that intense. When my orgasm hit, I was squirting rope after rope of my cum in his mouth, and he took it all and swallowed all of it. I remember thinking how incredible it felt, much better than any other orgasm I’d ever given myself from jacking myself off. And when I looked from him to Chris, I thought I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked at the doorway leading from the den to the bedrooms, I didn’t see anything, so I just figured maybe my orgasm was so intense I was seeing stars.

Like when we were camping, Chris and I came within a minute of each other. When I came, I pulled off of his dick so I could breathe, and he was so close he finished himself off with his hand. When he came, his first rope of cum hit my chin and neck, and when I opened my mouth, he crammed his dick in as far as he could and kept cumming. Like me, he was also restraining himself from making a loud noise, and I could tell his orgasm was very intense like mine. The first couple of squirts in my mouth filled me up, so I swallowed and kept sucking my cheeks in like I had seen Billy doing to me. He kept cumming and cumming and I almost had another mouthful before he stopped pulsing in my mouth. It felt so incredible once again to make him feel that good, and now that I had been sucked off all the way to completion, I knew exactly how good that felt. As he sat there kneeling beside me catching his breath, he looked at me and we both smiled at each other. Then he did something that took me completely by surprise. He leaned down and kissed me. I had never kissed another guy. He gently probed my lips with his tongue, and when I opened my mouth a little he swirled his tongue around mine lazily, tasting his own cum. His cum tasted sweet, and I told him I had no idea it actually tasted good. Billy heard that comment and told me that mine was even sweeter than Chris’s and I remember I felt proud that someone could enjoy an aspect of me that I had been completely unaware of up until that point.

We all laid next to each other on the sleeping bags, me in the middle, taking turns kissing each other. It was so much fun and so erotic to kiss one, and turn my head and kiss the other. They were both good kissers, but to this day, I think Chris is the best kisser I’ve ever kissed, guy or girl. And I’ve kissed my share so I guess that’s saying something. I woke up in the middle of the night when Chris got up to go to the bathroom. I told the guys we better get dressed in case somebody wakes up early and comes in the den while we’re asleep. So we got dressed and I got on the couch and threw a blanket over me while they got in their sleeping bags.

The next day, I was worried that there might be a weird vibe between us, but nothing of the sort happened. They went home and then later that afternoon, we hung out and resumed doing the normal things we would have done, had the events of the night before never taken place. I felt lucky to have good friends like that, able to share so much of myself with them. As for the movement I thought I had seen in the darkness that night…well that’s another story.

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