More Dutch , Rosa Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

Formerly – 19 Fucking & Sucking

The words “Goodnight Daddy” reverberated in his mind as he returned to the bedroom. He found himself with such an incredible erection from the encounter with the nubile teenager that he slipped into bed and immediately sought sexual solace from whichever woman he found closest. That turned out to be Molly, whose ass snuggled up to him as he lay between the two women. His arm draped over her supple form, located her breast and began caressing it, first allowing his hand to trace the underside and then brushing his thumb back and forth over her nipple. He watched it stiffen then pressed his erection into her, trying without success to work it into her pussy. Gripping his erection with his free hand he managed to rub it up and down against her swollen labia. It wasn’t long before her juices were flowing and her vagina grew slick and opened of its own accord. Not wanting to awaken Rosa, he pressed his lips to the hollow of Molly’s throat, causing Molly to stir on the vestige of wakefulness.

He kept licking and kissing her throat and neck and soon Molly was purring contentedly.

“Hmmm?” she purred quietly.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered, hoarse with desire.

“Mmmm, sure, for you anytime, anyplace, baby.”

“Now baby, right now,” he managed to keep his voice down but there was no mistaking his urgency.

“Kay,” she murmured and using her hand, spread her vagina for him. As he prepared to penetrate her, Molly cocked her hips providing him with a better angle of entrance. Dutch pondered the fact that this woman, only wakened seconds ago, had the wherewithal to feed his cock into her so deftly, without the possibility of waking Rosa just inches away from her.

How wrong he was. Rosa was listening to his seduction, wondering what had brought it about. ‘Dutch was such a deep sleeper,’ she thought, ‘always horny, true, but after a good round of sex he generally slept like a baby. What could have gotten him aroused?’ Then she answered her question. ‘Of course, its Molly being there with us, he’s fucking her and not me because of the newness. Well let him enjoy himself. He might even have something left for me afterward.’

For her part, Molly was in hump heaven. She had everything she could possible want: safety, assurance that at least two people in this world cared for her as well as their promise to help her find a home and job. And as he eased his thick member further into her pussy, she reminded herself of just how much she loved this guy’s cock inside her. ‘It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man . . . and to have one so good at love making . . . and gorgeous too . . . big, broad and strong; a hot hunk who wanted her.’

Even as Molly reveled in the pleasure sweeping through her system, she recalled the lust in his eyes the first time he’d taken her. She had almost come then and there just from being wanted so much. And his cock . . . it was a thing of beauty. Molly was amazed at its thickness and length. He was much longer than her husband. But most of all she could not believe his endurance. ‘How many times had he come that day?’ She had no idea, except that it was often.

Arching up to me his thrust, she purred softly, “Ummm, I just love the feel of you inside me,” then rocked against him to speed things along.

His hands clenched hard on her hips, but just as she was bracing herself for some hard, driving fucking, she realized she had roused Rosa, who rather than displaying the least evidence of displeasure at finding her lover fucking Molly, had giggled and frenched Dutch’s ear.

“Care to join our sunrise seminar?” He asked, smiling at her even as he plowed his blunt instrument to a point mere centimeters from Molly’s cervix. Rosa didn’t answer, but quickly developed a rhythm with his deliberate thrusts, pushing her cunt against his ass to assist him in fucking Molly.

He was amazed that the women had adapted to one another so quickly and what’s more, were inclined to improving the pleasure the other was enjoying with him. He paused in his fucking and turned to Rosa.

“I love you,” he said with feeling.

“I love you too,” she replied and kissed his shoulder.

“And I love the both of you,” Molly chimed in as they all laughed. Dutch hoped they were keeping it quiet enough not to disturb Kathy, who he suspected was listening to any and all sounds coming from the room.


But Kathy was sleeping. And dreaming, dreaming of Dutch holding her up and moving around the room with her impaled on his wondrous cock. Her body stirred but did not waken as her body twisted and turned as she writhed to her sexually wanton dream.


Dutch’s finger traced down Rosa’s shoulder to the slope of her breast and stopped. Succumbing to a life-long habit, he sniffed the back of her neck. Her skin smelled of lust. Molly had come hard moments ago and lay quietly next to them with a dreamy, contented smile on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was close to falling asleep.

“Want me to suck it?” Rosa asked, deftly fingering his still rigid shaft, knowing he bahis firmaları would and moreover, wanting him in her mouth more than anything in the world at the moment.

“Of course, don’t I always?”

“Yeah, but you only finished with our sleeping beauty here minutes ago.”

“If she wakes up you can eat her too.”

“You’re too kind,” she laughed quietly, her voice a tinkle in the heavy air surrounding them.

Rosa began to nibble along his neck and when he moaned at the sensation, raised up slightly and sucked the little flesh hanging from his ear into her warm, wet mouth.

His breathing quickened.

“Use your tongue,” he gasped, as his testicles begin to tingle.

Responding, she licked downward, pausing at his Adam’s apple while her fingers teased his nipples.

“No,” he whispered tersely, “use your tongue on my cock.”

“All right,” she murmured, her words dry, almost harsh. She nonchalantly licked her palm, smearing it with her saliva until it was wet and slippery and then took him in hand and began to pump his pulsating cock up and down, mingling her saliva with Molly’s juices.

“Suck it, for Christ’s sake, suck it!” He said and gave her right breast a rough squeeze.

Hungrily, she placed his cock at her open mouth and plunged down upon him. Her head bobbed up and down two times then her face was embedded in his pubic hair. She had deep-throated him. Quickly, she switched to a variety of different techniques; popping the head from her mouth and laved the sides of his turgid shaft, all the while staring up at him in the darkened room trying to discern his reaction. [Pics available on request]

He began groaning loudly and it wasn’t long until Molly was roused from her sexual stupor and began deftly fingering Rosa’s swollen cunt. Of course this only served to make Rosa even hotter and the urge to become sluttish overpowered her.

Since Dutch was holding her head guiding her ministrations to his rampant cock, she had to struggle slightly to remove his prick from between her lips. When she’d managed to free herself, she held him in her hand, stoking him easily and then went for his balls, licking and sucking on them, creating new sensations for him to experience.

Wanting to do something really “nasty,” she pulled on his legs and turned him over and got him to bend forward. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, for Molly had brought her face down to Rosa’s vulva, and eagerly set to separating her labia with a series of kisses and soft sucks; and finally wiggled her tongue into Rosa’s hot and sticky cunt.

Rosa moaned and Dutch laughed. Molly opened her mouth wide and covered Rosa’s entire pussy; and although writhing from the intense pleasure this provided, Rosa never lost sight of her own objective and used both thumbs to spread his ass cheeks and drove her serpentine tongue into his steamy, sweaty asshole.

This elicited a mighty groan of pleasure from him. ‘God it felt good,’ Rosa thought. ‘This is as slutty as it gets,’ she told herself exalting in her power over him. ‘And it doesn’t taste so bad either,’ she decided, burrowing even deeper in his anus.

Even with Molly bringing her close to a tumultuous orgasm, Rosa knew she needed more and with some reluctance, left his asshole and Molly’s wriggling tongue and leaning forward on hands and knees she prepared to mount his magnificent erection. Grasping his rod in one hand, she positioned it at her entrance and slowly backed down on him.

Dutch wasted no time in attaining his most powerful thrusts. As he pounded into her, nudging her cervix with each inward slam, Dutch was actually shoving Rosa across the bed with each thrust. Soon her head was off the opposite side of the bed and with one last great thrust they both toppled off the bed and onto the floor with a thump.

“Did you get off, baby?” He asked Rosa. Molly leaned over the side of the bed looking down at them and laughing hysterically. Soon all three were laughing, not realizing they were too loud and boisterous for the wee hours of the morning.



In the next room Kathy lay quietly listening to them, imagining what they were doing and growing hotter and hotter. She retrieved her vibrator and inserted it inside her pussy, turning it on to its highest level. An almost instantaneous orgasm ripped through her young body and she promised herself that she would pay another visit to her friend, Martha.

Just as Kathy’s orgasm passed, Dutch was helping Rosa back onto the bed and as an eager Molly licked his balls, Rosa put him back into her sopping cunt and Dutch immediately began ramming his schlong full-length into her and she was coming and coming hard.

“Kiss her,” he ordered Molly, and she did so. Dutch pulled out and pushed Rosa’s legs up and over so that her ankles were on each side of her head. This put her ass up and he quickly took advantage of that position, pushing his throbbing meat into her ass.

“Ahhh!” she gasped, breaking away from Molly’s tender lips.

Then he was thrusting his massive prick back into her cunt . . . four thrusts and he switched back to her ass again . . . four kaçak iddaa more thrusts and he changed back again.

The very thought of what was happening to her brought on another gigantic orgasm. And as Rosa’s body shook from her mighty climax, he pulled his cock from her cunt and shoved it at Molly’s face.

Taken aback for a moment, Molly recovered and took his bloated shaft between her lips and sucked frantically, using her free hand to search out her clit and hastening her own climax.

Molly curled her fingers around the base of his shaft and released his prick from her mouth. Looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, she began flicking her tongue out against the head. Her tongue danced here and there, scraping lightly around the head and shaft. Dutch fought to hold off coming as long as possible because he wanted to enjoy her hot mouth as long as possible.

Rosa lay next to them, arms and legs akimbo, lost to her lustful orgasms, of which new ones kept arriving mere seconds after the current one passed.

Molly tightened her grasp on his cock and began to jerk it while she sucked. Her hot, pink tongue swirled along his turgid prick’s sensitive underside, and her lips kept a vacuum tight, yet slick hold on the head. “Yeah, suck that cock!”

“Mmmm Mmmm!” Molly moaned sucking hard on his fat prick as her own climax neared. Suddenly Molly felt Rosa’s tongue flick across her clitoris and she shuddered into a strong climax. But Rosa was adamant, unrelenting and wouldn’t stop. Inserting a finger up Molly’s rectum, she finger-fucked her ass for a few seconds bringing on another orgasm. Dutch’s prick lolled from her open mouth as she screamed joyously, “Cummin’ Christ, I’m cummin’!”

Rosa’s tongue delved into the vaginal slit even as her thumb gently rubbed across Molly’s engorged clit. And she added a second finger to molly’s asshole. Molly came again. “JESUS!” And again. “SWEET JESUS!”


In the bedroom next door, Kathy was grimacing in pain as she tried desperately to insert the vibrator into her own ass. After gaining only a half-inch in ten minutes, she gave that up and returned the humming instrument to her cunt. Not satisfied, she rummaged through her dresser until she found a yellowish feather and picking it up she returned to her bed and she dreamingly slid a finger up and down her moist slit while a series of tiny, muted gasps issued forth from her throat.

“Almost there,” she whispered hoarsely as she squirmed almost writhing on the bed. A soft hiss left her pursed lips as she stuck two fingers into her mouth, wetting them thoroughly and then forced the fingers into her pussy slowly sliding them in and out. The feather dropped from her other hand as she grasped her breast and began to massage it, groaning as her heat rose to near boiling.

“Mmmm, yes,” she gasped, and her entire body trembled.

She lay there panting for a moment then spread her legs impossibly wide and began using both hands to stroke and rub her cunt. Kathy knew she was very close to coming. Raising her head she glanced down at her pussy and saw the vibrator only inches away from her fleecy-blonde furred pussy and she reached for it with one hand and spread her pussy open with the other.

She whimpered softly just before switching the vibrator on. Her thumb grazed her swollen clitoris, the same clitoris that she and Peggy playfully referred to as her “little cock,” causing her lower body to jerk upward as if touched by a cattle prod.

“Ohhh,” she cried, unable to withstand the surge of pleasure rushing through her system. Closing her eyes she ran the humming vibrator in and out of her sleek, wet passage, all the while lightly strumming her prick-like clit.

“Oh no,” she whimpered, “It’s so good! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!” She moaned and had a mighty climax.


Rosa was snoring lightly, and Dutch thought it a delightfully feminine sound. His hand rested on her right breast. Molly’s hand still held his cock, now flaccid and finished for the evening after Molly had finally completed blowing him. She too was sleeping.

Dutch was just nodding off himself when he heard the sounds from Kathy’s room and knew instantly that she was masturbating. ‘We must have awakened her,’ he thought. ‘Oh well, her hormones are racing tonight especially after our interlude in the kitchen and if she was listening to us going at it. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll test her, see how far she’s willing to go.’ With that thought, he too fell into a deep sleep, snoring louder, much louder than Rosa.

In the next room Kathy was now sleeping too. The vibrator still lodged in her pussy, but its incessant motor was now turned off.


Around eleven the next morning Robert gave Alice a surprise present.

“Darling, it’s not my birthday, or our anniversary,” she said, carefully opening the small box, obviously excited at the unexpected gift.

But it wasn’t the jewelry that she’d thought sure it was. Rather, it was a small pinkish egg-shaped device that the accompanying literature claimed was “the world’s greatest vibrator.”

“What?” she exclaimed, and as the kaçak bahis realization dawned on her, Alice smiled up at her husband. “So this . . . is for those times I want you but you’re not available, eh?”

“”Baby, you know how horny you get . . . at any hour of the day, or night.”

She feigned a pout. “You really think I’m that horny?”

“Just stating the facts madam.”

She started to squirm.

“There,” he said gleefully, “you’re proving my point.”

“I just happen to be a little warm and damp at the moment,” she said, trying to deny the truth. “Well how does the damn thing work anyhow?”

“Lift up your skirt,” Robert said, matter-of-factly.

Alice demurely complied. She was wearing emerald green satin lingerie, crotch-less.

“Perfect,” he said grinning.

“Of course I am,” she replied, teasing him.

“I meant . . . well you are perfect, but I meant the crotch-less panties will serve perfectly. And to prove his point he easily inserted the egg-shaped vibrator into her wet pussy, tapping in further with his index finger.

“Can you hold that in there?” he inquired.

“Of course I can,” Alice said, pretending to be miffed at him.

“I mean, can you walk around with it in you?”

She gave him an erotic laugh and lay back on the bed, spread her knees and thrust her hips in the air as she fiddled with the new toy, the fingers of one hand spreading her labia apart as she slid the pink egg even deeper into the recesses of her coral colored cunt.

“Are you jillin’ off again, baby?” Robert asked, touching himself and making an adjustment for his growing erection.

“No, baby, just getting it in there like you want, nice and snug, but what about this remote?”

“Ah, that,” he said smiling broadly. You’re outer clothing should provide enough cover to conceal it from all but the most observant.”

“You mean someone will be able to tell I’m wearing this?” She asked with some alarm.

“I seriously doubt it,” he said and laughed.

“This is no joking matter; I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Seriously, Alice my love, no one will notice, unless of course you have an orgasm in front of them. That might cause heads to turn.”

Alice had already concluded that the remote cord could easily be concealed without detection and was working her breasts into her bra.

“Before you make any comment about my tits starting to sag, which they are most definitely not doing, the bra is an additional aid in hiding the wire.”

“Might it also be to help hide those luscious nipples of yours when they sprout out for all the world to see?”

It was her turn to laugh. “You know me so well don’t you?” And then she pulled her jeans on.

As Alice was placing her foot into a sneaker, Robert asked her how it felt with the current on.

“I haven’t tried it yet,” she said reaching for the other sneaker.

“Better try it before you go out. You know, get the hang of it.”

“All right, all right,” she began to adjust the remote. “I suppose this thing controls . . . JESUS!”

Her shriek of surprise caused Robert to jump away. Hastily, Alice turned the adjustment knob down. “I . . . I . . . wow!”

They both laughed at her antics and then Robert said, “Well I’m running late. I’ll meet you in two hours at Kelly’s Café.”

“And a motel after? She said, batting her eyes at him.

“Maybe. Although it’s not out of the question that I’ll have to fuck you standing up in an alley.”

“I kind of like the imagery there. Hold that thought for later will you?”

She pursed her lips for his kiss and then Robert left. Alice took her time with her makeup and followed his route to the parking lot some thirty minutes later.

It was raining lightly as Alice drove to Rodeo Drive; she left the toy off, preferring to extract the excitement from merely thinking about her reaction in various situations. At precisely noon, she turned on the radio to catch the news. The female commentator sounded troubled as she read the first story.

“Kathleen Soliah – known in Minnesota as Sara Jane Olson- says that she will post $1 million bail at today’s hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court. Soliah may get out of jail as early as today. She is charged with planting pipe bombs under police cars in the mid-70s as part of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Her attorney says there are no plans to provide a security escort for her return flight, but he’s lined up a company to electronically monitor Soliah once she returns to Minnesota. Karla Cameron is the County Attorney, and she’s on the line to explain how electric monitoring works.”

Alice frowned and changed the station to NPR and listened as they discussed the various reasons why JFK Jr. apparently lost control of his plane yesterday. She thought about his handsomeness and unconsciously turned the egg’s intensity up a notch. Lost in her thoughts she suddenly gasped when the first soft vibrations began deep within her and squeezed the steering wheel, reacting as though another vehicle was headed toward her. Regaining control of the car and her senses, Alice turned the remote off and waited until she was safely parked in Rodeo Drive’s parking lot before turning the vibrator back on. Even then she made sure it was on the lowest setting possible before setting foot in the boutique she wanted to visit.

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