More Adventures with Tony Ch. 1

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Oh, how we slept…wrapped around each other, snuggling closer whenever one of us moved. It was early afternoon when we finally stirred, feeling very lazy, but oh, so content with each other. Tony suggested we get dressed and go sightseeing. I really didn’t want to go anywhere, but Tony said he had to do an errand and we could do it on the way.

As I appeared a bit reluctant to even want to get out of bed, Tony grinned and said we would end up at the club where we had dinner with Ronnie the night before. That was enough for me. He said he might even have another surprise for me.

I got up and dressed in the same outfit I wore last night. The low-cut top scarf, and the short skirt, with just the thigh-top stockings this time. It was really getting a bit warm to be wearing a garter belt.

Several hours later, our sightseeing trip ended at the club. Tony had made on stop along the way, returning to the car with a small package in his hand. He just grinned and wouldn’t give me any hint as to what was in the package. I noticed that he carried the package inside the club with him, and laid it on the seat of our booth.

We had a great dinner. There were very few people in the club, so I didn’t think it was unusual for the waiter to be so attentive. I realized if I took deep breaths, the scarf stuck to my nipples and they weren’t so revealing. Tony realized this, so he reached over and pulled the scarf free. He always seemed to have me laughing when the waiter was heading for our table…I knew the waiter could look right down the front of my vest, and antalya escort I could feel myself blushing every time this happened.

Tony seemed to enjoy my discomfiture. At one point, while we were just talking over dessert, he asked me to spread my legs, like I did the night before, so one leg was over his. With my short skirt, this was easy to do. I felt Tony’s fingers rubbing the insides of my thighs, and working up to where my wet pussy was waiting for his caresses.

Feeling totally exposed, my tits half hanging out of my vest top, Tony’s hand up against my clit, fingers inside my pussy, I could feel the heat rising in my body. “Tony, you have to stop…the waiter is coming over and I KNOW he will be able to see what is going on”.

“The hell I will, I can’t see any reason to stop for him”. With that, he knocked over a piece of silverware onto the floor. He apologized to the waiter, who bent down to retrieve it from the floor. I was FROZEN in my seat. With a gasp I realized the waiter was now looking under the table to my wide-open spread legs and Tony’s fingers playing with my pussy. I attempted to close my legs, but Tony had anticipated my doing this, and he spread his hand, extending his fingers, so I couldn’t close my legs.

The waiter stood up and just looked at me. I realized the front of his pants were now swollen…oh no, he had really seen me! I looked at Tony and realized he was enjoying this immensely. To my utter chagrin, Tony looked up at the waiter and asked his name, acting as if nothing had happened. He said his name lara escort was Peter.

Peter was younger than we were, obviously worked out, as his tshirt was stretched tight over a muscular chest. His hair was short. He was in the military and moonlighting, as so many of them had to do. Tony invited him to sit down with us for a few minutes. After checking the rest of his customers, he slid in the booth on the other side of me.

Tony asked him if he would like to give me a quick feel. Peter needed no further invitation. Over my weak protests to Tony, I felt this strong strange hand exploring my clit and pussy. A total stranger…yet, I could feel myself squirming and spreading myself wider to let the exploring fingers find their way into my hot dark pussy.

I could see Peter wanting to touch my tits, but there were too many people around. In a few minutes, he withdrew his fingers from my pussy, got up, and went back to work. I looked at Tony and asked him what was going on? I could see the look of excitement in his eyes, so I knew he had something in mind.

“Well, I know most of your fantasies and I think I am going to see how many I can fulfill for you while you are here. Trust me”. With that, he took the package and he told me to go to the restroom and put it on, according to the instructions. He said to remove my panties and bring them back with me. Before he gave it to me, he opened one end of the package, removed a small black object, and put it in his pocket.

When I went to the restroom and was safely in private side escort in one of the stalls, I opened the package. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a small soft plastic device, shaped like a butterfly, but with straps attached. According to the instructions, I was to put the straps around my thighs and waist. The small, heart-shaped plastic piece was to be placed against my clit, spreading the lips to each side as I did so. The very tip of the device was to be against the sensitive knob that was enfolded within.

It certainly felt strange, but I fastened the straps tightly enough so the plastic was tight against my pussy lips. I felt waves of excitement course through my body as I slowly walked back to the table. The little butterfly was rubbing against my clit with every step I took, sending waves of warmth through my body.

As I approached the table, I could see Peter sitting with Tony. I didn’t know what to do. I thought everyone in the club must notice that something was different with me. I was just getting ready to sit down when Tony asked me to just stand in front of the table. I was puzzled at the expectant look on both their faces. Something was going on and I had absolutely NO idea what.

Peter slid out of the booth and stood behind me, so close I could feel the swelling of his cock against my ass. Tony pulled the small black object out of his pocket. Instantly, I felt as if I was being shocked. I grabbed for the edge of the table, as a sudden intense climax roared through me. I was shuddering from the unexpected assault on my already aroused clit and pussy. Peter grabbed me around the waist and eased me into the booth.

Both men were grinning from ear-to-ear. What I had on was a dildo that was being operated by a remote control…IN TONY’S HANDS!

To Be Continued…

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