Moonlight Swim

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He glided through the water with smooth strokes, his muscles rippling with each movement. The light of the three-quarter moon was enough to see he swam in the nude. Why not? It was a private pool, after all. Private, that is, unless you knew exactly where to sit on your neighboring roof and watch.

She idly chewed a fingernail as she watched him swim his nighttime laps. The night was warm, perfect for a swim. She wondered how he would react if she were to join him. She’d been watching him since the half moon the month before. Though, even when there wasn’t moonlight, the stars provided enough for her to watch him. For some reason, he preferred swimming at night, under the moon and stars, without turning on any lights.

She sighed and could have sworn he actually heard, as he seemed to turn his head her way. No, her imagination, she decided. What would it be like to join him in the water? Skin on skin with the warm water swirling around them? She shivered at the delightful images that once again filled her mind at that thought.

That’s it, she decided suddenly, she was actually going to take the step of going down there. She knew where the gate was and that he had a latch on the outside. Unless he’d locked it from the inside, she could get in the gate. Even if he had locked it, the sound of her trying to open it would distract him from his swim.

She slipped back down the roof and into her bedroom, and then tugged off the cut-offs and halter-top she had worn to the roof and pulled on just a swim robe. The terrycloth robe came down to her knees, the sleeves ended at her elbows. She belted it, gathered her nerves, and headed into the darkness.

The gate was unlocked. And nicely oiled. She slipped into the backyard silently and made her way to the pool. She was struck by the up-close escort bostancı view of him swimming through the water, so much more personal than the view from her roof. She watched him for several minutes, hands gripping the belt on her robe.

Then he suddenly stopped, treading water on the opposite side of the pool from her, facing away and watching the moon.

“I was wondering when you’d finally get up the nerve to join me,” he said conversationally, “It hasn’t always been easy to swim knowing you were watching.”

She jumped in shock. He’d known she watched? He’d been expecting her?

He turned to face her and swam over to the side of the pool, “Now, don’t get all shy now that you’re here, come join me for a swim,” he smiled charmingly, then his eyes glinted in the moonlight with mischief, “I sincerely hope you didn’t bring a swimsuit.”

She blushed at that, then slowly untied the belt of her robe and nervously let it gradually fall to the grass.

“Mmmm, nice choice,” his eyes glinted with something else now, she wasn’t sure exactly what, but her libido kicked at her with a very good idea, “Come on in,” he added, “it’s perfectly warm, almost bath temperature.”

She started to go to the stairs, and then decided to join him with style. She quickly stepped to the diving board and executed a perfect dive into the water. When she came up, he was waiting just out of reach. They stared at each other over the water for a minute.

“You were expecting me,” she broke the silence, treading water and keeping just out of his reach.

He shrugged, “Hoping more, really. I could see you up there every night watching me. Like I said, it made swimming difficult at times, wondering if you would actually come down here to join me, what could happen if you did.”

She ümraniye escort blushed again, “I really discovered you by accident. I just had to get out of the house and thought the roof would be good. Then I kept going back to watch. You were so beautiful in the water,” she gazed appreciatively at him, then added, “In a completely masculine way, of course!”

He laughed, and then held out his hand, “Want to come see just out masculine you make me feel?”

She caught her breath and hesitantly took his hand. He pulled her through the warm water and before she could feel his body against hers, she could feel exactly why swimming had been difficult.

“Oh!” she exclaimed and blushed deeper.

He smiled and pulled her firmly against his body, his erection pressing into her stomach, and her breasts against his chest, their legs meeting as they both treaded water.

“Better than I imagined,” he murmured before lowering his head for a kiss.

Their lips met in an instant melding. Their tongues battled as their lips gripped each other in the timeless dance. Desire swept around them like the water, just as strong, just as unavoidable.

He slid one hand between their bodies, then between her legs. She moaned into his mouth as his thumb found her clit and his fingers dove into her body just as smoothly as she had earlier dived into the pool water. She retaliated by sliding her hand over his erection, causing him to moan, a sound nearly a growl. She slid her hand up and down over him as he did the same with his fingers into her, his thumb stroking her clit with a delicious pattern. His lips left her mouth to kiss frantically down her cheek, pausing to nibble on her ear, and down her throat.

He turned then, gliding to where he could stand in the water, while kartal escort bayan she could not. He pressed her to the wall, then lifted her, effortlessly in the weightless water, and pulled her down onto his throbbing erection. The water splashed around them as he then braced her against the wall and began slowly sliding and out of her. She whimpered with pleasure and wrapped her legs around him. The warm water lapped around her, teasing her with every thrust, with every withdrawal.

He held her hip with one hand and slipped his other hand between them again. He found her clit and thrummed over it with another enchanting design. His lips found hers again and his tongue matched his thrumming and stroking. The waves of water seemed to match the pace he had set and she found her climax racing over her like a tidal wave, it’s crash nearly as shocking.

She shook in his arms, gasping for breath, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. The water splashing at her body increased the climax and she barely felt him change pace, holding her hips against the wall with both hands as he pounded into her.

Rough, hard, erotic. The water splashed into her face, against her breasts, and she barely felt any of it. If anything, it made the aftershocks that much more exciting. Then he gave a groan and surged into her one last time as his own climax shuddered through him.

He held her like that for a moment, then, without pulling out, he drew her over to the steps. He sat down, settling her in his lap, his erection still firmly deep inside her.

“You should come swimming here more often,” he said, burying his face between her breasts, his hands molding the shape and teasing the nipples.

“Much more fun than just watching,” she agreed, wriggling her hips against him, and then she found her footing on the stairs and began her second ride of the night. With many more warm summer nights of erotic swims to come, she decided as he took a nipple in his mouth and the pleasures of the night lapped against them like the water against the edges of the pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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