Money, Sex, Wife , Daughter Ch. 02

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Dave entertains Michael with his favorite sexual fantasy about his wife and daughter.

“Good morning Dave,” said Michael with a laugh. “Yeah, there’s nothing else to do here but to stare at the ceiling and the wall and masturbate.”

“Well you can come down here and suck my cock,” said Dave with a laugh. “I’m horny too.”

“Fuck you Dave. I’m not going to suck your cock. Suck your own cock. That was a onetime thing that happened between us when I was drunk and horny. Trust me, that homosexual, sexual encounter will never happen again. Yeah, suck your own cock,” said Michael again, this time with a laugh.

“Whatever,” said Dave. “Being that today is your last day here and that we may never see one another, being that I’ll be on parole and can’t associate with known felons, it was worth a try to ask you for a blowjob. If I don’t ask, I don’t get,” he said with a sad laugh.

“The one and only time we had sex was when we made that batch of moonshine,” said Michael with a laugh. “Never again. I didn’t know where the Hell I was or who I was with. I thought I’d die with that headache. That headache lasted two days.”

“Well with you getting out of here tomorrow, you lucky bastard, you won’t have to have sex with men and/or masturbate yourself. You’ll have your beautiful wife and lovely daughter to do that for you, you lucky bastard. You’re such a lucky bastard.”

“Truthfully, even though I sexually fantasize about having sex with my daughter and even though I fantasize about seeing her naked and me touching and feeling her while she sucks and fucks me, I’d never have sex with my daughter,” said Mike. “That’s just wrong. That’s just nasty, a father lusting over his nineteen-year-old daughter is only something that you read about happening on that erotic story site, Literotica. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life. Having just graduated high school last year and off to college this year, she’s just a baby. She’s my baby,” he said with a laugh. “I could never have sex with my baby girl.”

“I dare say Michael that if you fantasize about having sex with your daughter, then you want to have sex with your daughter,” said Dave with seriousness. “Especially after that sexually explicit photo your wife sent you of her, any man would want to have sex with your daughter, even her own father,” said Dave with a sick laugh.

“What about you? You’ll be getting released soon too,” said Michael changing the subject while leaning over the side of the top bunk to look down at his friend.

“Yeah, I hope I will. I have my parole board meeting on Monday and will find out then if I’ll have to serve out the rest of my time or not. With all the overcrowding, I’ve been a model prisoner in the hopes that they’ll release me early. I’m figuring ten years of a twelve to fifteen year sentence is plenty enough time to serve. If it wasn’t for a couple of infractions, I may have been released long before now. Then, once free, I’ll dig up my money and disappear.”

“You’re lucky you have money buried and waiting for you,” said Michael. Intent on digging it up after Dave told him where he buried the treasure when they were both drunk on moonshine, he’d take his money long before Dave got out of prison and disappear with it. “I have no money. I’m broke.”

“Broke? How could you be broke when having two women who look like your wife and daughter. If your anything at all, you’re rich. You’re lucky you have two hot, beautiful, sexy women waiting for you to come home to them. I’d trade my money for women who looked like them anytime,” said Dave. “Matter of fact, if I could just spend one night with your wife and daughter, I’d freely give you the money that I have hidden.”

“Seriously? You’d give me your money to have sex with my wife and daughter?”

“You bet I would. In a blink of an eye I would,” said Dave.

“Don’t tempt me,” said Michael. “In the way that I feel now about suspecting my wife of cheating on me and by the looks of beşiktaş escort my daughter in her barely there bikini, figuring that my daughter is the slut that her mother was and still is, I’d be tempted to trade any amount of money for the both of them.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so Michael, if Christine was my wife, I’d do her night and day. And if Julie was my daughter, incest or not, no offense, but I’d be doing her too. That sexy broad needs to be fucked and fucked hard. If she was my sexy daughter, I’d be humping her mouth and fucking her face with my swollen cock. Daddy needs to teach his daughter how to sexually satisfy a man,” said Dave with a dirty laugh.

“That’s enough Dave. That’s my daughter that you’re disrespecting.”

“You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t do your daughter if you could Michael.”

“I hear you brother and maybe I would if we were both drunk enough. Being that my wife had a sexual past of sucking cock, I was just wondering if she’s been faithful to me. For better or for worse, in health and in prison, I’m hoping that she kept her marriage vows of fidelity while knowing full well that she didn’t. Then, I was wondering why my wife would send me such a so revealing photo of my daughter. I can see part of her areolas in that barely there bikini,” said Dave staring at the photo of Julie. “Her tits are practically out of her bikini top. I can only imagine all the horny men who saw and lusted over my daughter on the beach that day.

“Lemme see those photos again Michael.” Michael handed Dave the photos. “They are beautiful women Mike and you’re a lucky bastard, a real lucky bastard to have a wife and daughter who are as hot as that. Damn Christine has huge knockers. What are they a C cup?”

“She has a D cup,” said Michael.

“Wow! And Julie has big tits too.”

“Like mother like daughter. She’s a D cup too,” said Michael.

“Do you mind Mike? One last time before you go, I promise I won’t get any on the photos,” said Dave unzipping himself and pulling out his cock.

“Be my guest. Go right ahead. Anyone else and I’d be pissed that they’d want to masturbate over my wife and daughter’s photo but, after sharing a cell and spending 23 hours a day with you for five years, you’re my brother from a different mother.”

“Thanks Mike.”

“Only,” said Mike. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Yeah, sure Mike, anything for you. Just ask.”

“In thinking of my wife being unfaithful, I’m having trouble masturbating. Would you mind giving me a hand in–“

“Yeah, sure, so long as you leave the photos of your wife and daughter when you leave, I can do that for you again, that is, so long as you’re not expecting me to give you my actual hand,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t mind reliving that sexy scenario again for you. That will help me to masturbate too,” said Dave. “Just let me know when you’re ready.”

“Okay, yeah, sure, I’ll give you the photos before I leave. Matter of fact, keep them now. I won’t need to stare and masturbate over them anymore when I have the real thing at home,” said Michael unzipping himself again and pulling out his cock. “Go ahead. I’m ready whenever you are.”

“I’m in a bar and I spot this beautiful chick sitting alone having a drink. Without doubt, she’s not only the best looking broad in the place but also the best looking broad I’ve seen in a very long time. And she has a body to match her face and a body that would make any man do anything she asks of him.”

“That’s my Christine alright. Boy, you have her pegged alright,” said Michael.

“I approach her and ask if I could buy her a drink but she takes one look at me and she’s not interested. In the way that she looked at me and immediately discounted me without even so much as talking me to give me a fair chance, she made me angry. She made me feel rejected. She made me wish that I was younger but unless I had money, most women her age and with her looks beşyol escort aren’t interested in a 65-year-old man, especially one who looks like me. I’m no 007, Sean Connery, that’s for sure, but I know my way around a woman’s naked body, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean Dave. Yet, from what I know about Christine, Dave,” said Mike, “looks aren’t as important to her as they are to other women. Look at me, 5’10” tall, portly, and balding, I’m no Brad Pitt,” he said with a self-deprecating laugh. “With your sense of humor, intelligence, and creativity, Christine would fuck you, at the very least, blow you,” he said. “Definitely, my Christine would suck your cock. Actually, not saying much about me or you but Christine would blow anyone,” he said mumbling under his breath before laughing out loud.

“She looks tall Mike,” said Dave. “How tall is your wife?”

“Only an inch shorter than me, Christine is 5’9″ tall and when she wears heels and has her hair up, she towers over me. Please continue with your sexual fantasy of my wife and daughter.”

“Well being that I’m a hardened criminal and a convicted felon with a record as long as my arm,” said Dave with a laugh, “after having one too many drinks and unable to take no for an answer, I follow her home.”

“This is the good part,” said Mike rubbing his hands together with anticipated sexual excitement. “I love this part of your story.”

“I watch her go inside her house. The house is on the outskirts of town and she lives at the end of a deserted road. It’s a small house and with no other cars in the driveway, I figure she lives alone,” said Dave looking up at Michael looking down at him, while both men stroked their cocks and masturbated in unison. “Turning off my headlights, I park my car a distance away and walk the 500 feet. Then, walking from window to window, I watch her walking from room to room while removing her clothes.”

“Oh, baby, this is so hot,” said Mike. “I can just picture Christine doing that, stripping off her clothes as she walks around the house with the lights on and the shades up. She’s such a slutty exhibitionist. She loves showing her naked body to men.”

“With me being outside in the dark, with her being inside in the bright light, and with the bright interior light reflecting back in her reflection, unless I put my face to the window, I know she can’t see me,” said Dave stroking himself faster. “Slowly as if she’s a stripper on stage, I watch her unbutton her blue, silk blouse. Such a beautiful and sexy woman, I would have given anything to feel her magnificent breasts through her blouse while kissing her.”

“That’s my favorite thing to do too,” said Mike, “feeling her big tits through her blouse and bra while kissing her. Immediately whenever I feel her tits through her blouse and bra, her nipples make their immediate impressions and I get a harder erection.”

“Once her blouse is unbuttoned, she flays it open,” said Dave. “My eyes are transfixed on her long line of Loni Anderson like cleavage. Then when she removes her blouse, I stare at her big, low cut, white, lacy bra. One sexy bitch, damn this broad has big tits.”

“I love it when you call my wife names,” said Michael.

“When she reaches around to unbutton and unzip her short skirt, I know this broad is about to get naked. Naked, naked, naked, I couldn’t believe that I was there at the right place and at the right time,” said Dave.

“After you’re paroled, I’ll have you over for drinks Dave. I’m sure Christine will show her appreciation for being my best friend for five years, if you know what I mean,” said Michael.

“Thank you Mike and I do know what you mean. That’s mighty neighborly of you offering your wife to me. I can’t wait for your invitation,” said Dave.

“Sorry to have interrupted your story Dave. Please continue,” said Mike.

“Maybe she’s getting ready for bed or to take a bath,” said Dave. “It really beykent escort didn’t matter to me which, so long as she was getting naked, naked, naked. I couldn’t wait to see this beautiful broad with this hot body naked. Being that it was so late, figuring she was undressing for bed, I figure the former rather than the latter. I mean, who takes a bath at one in the morning?”

“Christine has taken baths at all odd hours, especially if she knows there’s someone watching her undressing. Truly, she’s such an exhibitionist slut. I’ve told you stories about how she flashes her panties on the bus and the train and how she flashes her tits to truckers and toll booth attendants on the highway,” said Michael.

“Damn Mike, you’re such a lucky bastard to have such a hot, sexually playful wife,” said Dave.

“Whether getting changed behind a partially closed curtain in the dressing room of a department store or trying on shoes while wearing a mini skirt without panties, I can’t tell you how many times she’s flashed her tits and pussy at the mall. So long as it appears accidental, she loves teasing by showing her sexy body to unsuspecting men,” said Michael. “Being that I know how Christine would strip naked, if she knew you were outside watching her, it makes me wonder if she knows that you’re watching her in your story.”

“So there she is parading around in her sexy bra and panty and I’m watching her while fingering my cock through my pants. Then, as if I’m John Belushi in Animal House, she turns to face me while removing her big bra,” said Dave raising his voice to show his sexual excitement. “Oh, my God, what beautiful tits this babe has, the best tits these old eyes have seen.”

“See? I told you. Didn’t I tell you that she has big tits? I knew she knew that you were there watching her, which is why she turned to face you before removing her bra,” said Michael discussing the fictional, sexual fantasy as if it was happening in real time. “God, my wife is such an exhibitionist slut, even in your sexual fantasy,” said Michael with a laugh.

“As soon as she removes her bra, she slides her panties down to reveal a trimmed, dark, brown bush before turning to show me her round, tight ass,” said Dave. “No doubt, figuring that there’s no one out there watching her strip naked, obviously, even though you think differently Mike, she doesn’t know that I’m watching her walking around her living room naked. I continue watching her as she slips on a slinky, sexy, silky, red nightgown over her shapely naked body.”

“Oh, my God, I’d do anything to be a fly on the wall to watch you watching my wife strip naked before having your wicked way with my Christine,” said Michael while stroking himself to all that Dave was saying about his wife. “If only my daughter was there too. I’d love to listen to you sexually fantasizing about having sex not only with my slutty wife but also with my slutty daughter too.”

“When she walks to the bedroom, she turns off the light. Show’s over, only not for me. I creep to the back door. Lulled into the naivety of thinking there’s no crime and criminals out there, the people in this rural neighborhood never lock their doors even at night. They’re what we criminals call victims,” said Dave with a laugh.

“You changed the story around this time. I like it. Okay, so you’re inside my house, I mean, her house. Now what?”

“Living all alone,” said Dave, “this woman doesn’t even have a dog to alert her. I walk down the hall and her bedroom door is wide open. I peek in her bedroom and she’s on her side sleeping. Slowly and stealthily, I creep in her bedroom and just as I’m about to put my hand over her mouth, she sits up and turns on the light.”

“Fuck,” said Michael. “This is all new. I love this version of your story so much better. Then what? Does she scream? Does she call the cops?”

“Calm down Michael. Take a breath. Relax and I’ll tell you what happens,” said Dave.

“This new version of our sexual fantasy is good, real good, even better than the original version. I love your sexy stories. I’m sad that this will be the last time you tell me such a wonderful incestuous, sexual fantasy. I’m going to miss you Dave,” said Michael. “So tell me. What happens next?”

To be continued…

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