Mom’s Sweaty Ride Ch. 02

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Dear readers, Hope you all like this continuation of the tale of a mother and her son in the back seat of her husband’s car.

A couple of notes. First I will be sending an updated edit of the first story that contains fixes for most of the spelling and grammar problems along with a few continuity updates.

Yes, for those of you that asked for it I made her boobs bigger the real reason why won’t be revealed until part 3.

Finally, I would like to thank Haulover for the awesome job editing this as well as several beta readers

Rahul and his girlfriend Shashi Captive Harvest Kimber Payne

Anyway hope you all enjoy let me know in the comments your suggestions for future stories.

Mom’s Sweaty Ride Part 2 By Richman3

Leaving the restroom, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I noticed a few drops of what could only be cum on the pavement just outside the bathroom.

Seeing the evidence of my incestuous union with my son on the sidewalk, I immediately felt a tingle in my pussy.

Only a few minutes ago that mixture of my son’s jism and my own cum had been dripping down my legs.

I had been hurrying to the bathroom after having just fucked my son in the back seat of our Jeep with my husband blissfully unaware of what his only son and his sexy wife were doing just inches from where he sat.

The last two hours of sheer sexual bliss that my son and I had shared in the backseat of my husband’s Jeep Cherokee had awakened a dirty slut whom I thought retired long ago.

As I walked back to the car I began to ponder all of the nasty things I wanted to do with my son.

I felt reinvigorated, like a teenager again. I began forming a plan that could be extremely risky but also very hot.

I looked up and saw my husband talking to Tommy and immediately felt a wave of shame wash over me. “Oh my god, I cheated on Ben and with our son, what the fuck is wrong with me?” Seeing them together talking as father and son, a groundswell of emotion and guilt suddenly coursed through me.

Just seconds ago I had been planning a sex romp but like a ton of bricks dropped onto my head suddenly I was very conscious of what I had just done.

Tears started to form in my eyes and I stopped at a nearby picnic table and pretended to check my makeup as I tried to regain my composure. What had happened between Tommy and me could never happen again.

As hot and fulfilling as it was there was no way I could allow this to go on. How could I? He’s my son. And Ben? As much as he verbally abuses me I still wanted to try and save our marriage.

What could the future hold for this incestuous relationship?

Could I really destroy my marriage and my home over sex as hot as it may have been? “Nope this definitely wasn’t going to happen again.” I thought.

From now on it was going to be just mom, to my son and a loving wife to Ben.

“Jesus Kim, would you hurry the fuck up?” I looked over to see my husband leaning against the fender looking over at me with a scowl of disgust.

As I watched him for a second, his gaze turned from me and he smiled, elbowing Tommy as a young girl walked by. Tommy glanced up from his phone for a second then went back to whatever it was he was looking at.

The girl couldn’t have been a day over 16. Admittedly, the tank top and daisy dukes she wore did little to hide her toned and tanned body, and I could see how any man would notice her, but come on Ben. I am right here!

“Come on Kim, I am fucking hungry and I am sick and tired of waiting for your useless ass,” my husband’s angry voice called, shaking me from my thoughts.

Despite my husband’s verbal abuse, I strengthened my resolve that nothing else was going to happen between my son and I.

This was something I was used to our whole marriage except for one indiscretion. “Well now twice.” I smiled.

I had been the obedient wife if I was going to save our marriage I would need to go back to my normal submissive self.

The woman who had aggressively fucked her son just 20 minutes ago would need to go away. This wasn’t right and I became determined to fix things with Ben.

I walked over to the Jeep and leaned on the other side of my husband, as far away from Tommy as possible for the moment. I forced myself to not acknowledge my son as he looked over towards me. *****

“What was wrong with mom.”

I was very confused.

“We had just shared the best sex of our lives in the backseat of dad’s Jeep. We had even made out with each other.

So why was she so cold to me all of a sudden. She looked like she had been crying too. What the Fuck!

And why was dad being such an asshole. Did he know? Had he seen us?” There’s no way or I would be toast right now.


“Fucking finally,” Ben said, looking at me in disgust. “Where do you guys want to eat lunch?” my husband queried.

He then pointed to a billboard over on the highway: Jose’s Tacos — best shredded beef tacos north of the border.

“Looks that might avcılar grup yapan escort be a good place, what’d ya think Tommy, you feel like tacos?” “Sure dad, that sounds fine,” Tommy said absently still fiddling with his phone.

Then he looked up at me with a devilish grin and said, “I wonder if they have fish tacos? I could really go for that.”

I immediately went crimson red. His statement dripped with innuendo. “God, it has been so long since someone ate me out,”I thought, smiling for a second before I caught myself.

I gave Tommy a glare and then mouthed the words “no”.

“Yeah, tacos sound fine to me hun,” I replied.

“Okay then, let’s get this show on the road, the sign says it’s only about 15 miles away. We should be there in about 20 minutes or so.” We all climbed into the jeep.

My son anxiously waited for me to resume my previous position on his lap, but instead I climbed over him and sat in my original seat. Squished against the boxes, I did my best to get comfortable.

Finally, in one more effort to try and stay away from my son and his desiring glances my way I looked at the boxes on the seat once again.

Maybe I thought. Lifting the smaller box on top I was able to throw it in the back on top of another. Good. Next I saw that I realized that the big box on the seat only contained a few articles of clothing my son had hastily packed in there.

Being a 19-year-old boy he didn’t really know or care enough to pack his items properly. Removing these items at least they were semi-folded from the box I placed some again in the cargo area and a few on the floor well near my right foot.

With one big push the box next to crumpled and flattened somewhat against the passenger door. Marveling at my own strength I smiled. There that’s better.

I was still worried that my carnal urges would take over again if I had to continue sitting on his lap. I had no idea that creating more space in the backseat would later come in very useful.


“Ok now what the fuck!” Something was definitely wrong. “How could she move all of the stuff on the seat now why didn’t she want to sit on my lap anymore? I didn’t understand.

What was she feeling guilty about? I loved her. I would figure out a way to take care of her. Fuck Dad!” I thought. “He was an asshole.

I need to find out what’s wrong maybe she is hurt or something, damn maybe I fucked her too hard.” I didn’t really think that was possible but at 19 years old what did I know.


“Are you okay mum? Did I do something wrong?” I felt sorry for him in that moment. None of this was his fault. I am the adult. I am the one who should have stopped things before they went as far as they did.

I reached over and touched his cheek and whispered back, “I’m sorry Tommy, but our little thing, that can’t happen again. Okay?”

My heart broke for him as he digested what I was saying to him. “You didn’t do anything wrong honey, what we had was fantastic, electric even,” I smiled.

“But it can’t happen again, okay?” Just then the music went down and my husband spoke.

“So what the hell were you doing in that bathroom for so long Kim? Were you taking a shit or what?” I looked up at Ben and noticed a smirk on his face.

I had seen this before, when he was in one of his sullen moods and had decided to push my buttons a little. I then looked at his eyes in the mirror and I knew immediately what was wrong: the bastard had been drinking.

He must have brought his flash with him and was hiding it from me in the front. This was something I had become used to.

I know he is upset about being laid off and now having to make this road trip with our son whom he is angry with for not choosing the career path he wanted him to take but don’t take it out on me.

I sympathized with him — I really did — but I was growing tired of his shit. Even though I was racked with guilt, there was only so much I was going to put up with.

I didn’t think he would drink enough to put us in any danger while he was driving, but you never know. He was over 300 pounds though, which meant his tolerance for booze was higher than most.

“Seriously Kim, what the fuck took you so long in the bathroom? I know you didn’t want to come on this trip but now you are screwing up the schedule we set. Did you have another,” he paused, “problem?” he asked, making quotation marks with his hands in the air.

The “problem” he was referring to was more than a touchy subject with me and he knew it. A few months ago I had stopped taking the pill. With our marriage rocky I had thought maybe another baby would solve our problems, the same way it did almost 20 years ago.

About three weeks ago, not long after Tommy had left for California, I missed my period.

Taking a home pregnancy test, I found out that I was indeed pregnant. Hoping this would make things better I told my husband, but instead of being thrilled like I had hoped, he became avcılar masöz escort enraged.

“How could I be so careless with my birth control, this wasn’t a good time, how could I be so stupid,” he said and more. He was being more hurtful to me than he had at any other time in our marriage. Then as the icing on the cake, last week I had a miscarriage.

Devastated, I told him what had happened. He only responded with a cold, “Good, we can’t afford a baby right now anyway.”

Distraught, I locked myself in the bathroom for two hours crying silently on the edge of the tub. When he sobered up he came knocking, apologizing and saying that he still loved me and that we could try again if I wanted.

This was the major cause of our conflict right now that Tommy had picked up on earlier. But now, in one of his moods, he had thrown my miscarriage back in my face again. Tears welling up in my eyes, I said nothing.

I used to love you, I thought to myself. He looked at me through the mirror, only being able to really see my face.

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic Kim,” he glared. Realizing he had gone too far, he softened for a second and said, “I’m just saying we are always running late because of you.” He glanced at me again. “Look, I’m sorry, it’s just this whole thing has me on edge.”

He wasn’t just talking about going to pick up our son. He was also referring to his lost job and maybe my lost pregnancy.

“I didn’t mean it Kim, I’m sorry,” he said, looking at me again.

I looked up at my husband with anger in my eyes and made a decision. You fucking bastard. My hand that had only moments before been touching my son’s cheek sweetly in an effort to calm him down now slowly moved down his chest towards his crotch.

Smiling devilishly, I gently started to rub my son’s crotch, almost instantly feeling his cock start to respond.

I had had enough of Ben’s shit. If only he knew what had happened in this backseat only about half an hour ago. Fuck him! I had been a good wife to him, doing everything I could to hold this family together.

But that was over now. Hear I was trying to be the good wife and he was going to throw my miscarriage in my face and in front of our son.

Something in me snapped maybe it had already snapped before when I first fucked my son but now my inner slut had been revived.

If I was already a dirty slut, then dammit I was going to be the dirtiest slut I could possibly imagine. “What are doing” my conscience cried out desperately. I’m going to get revenge.

All of the hurtful things he had said to me, not just over the last couple of weeks, but over our entire 19 plus years of marriage would be rectified now even if he didn’t know it.

I ignored the warnings of my moral compass and dove headfirst off of the cliff for the second time today. “You want to fuck with me Ben, fine I’m gonna fuck your son, again.”

The simple fact that I had changed my mind so quickly told me something. “It’s definitely over.” I thought. I may not leave Ben but our marriage was over in my eyes.

This should have been apparent to me previously when I first allowed my son to put his hand on my leg.

My marriage had been over for years I just didn’t realize it until right now. All of the years of his drinking, cheating and abuse had finally driven me to cheat on him, with his only son.

Grinning I realized that something new might be starting with my son. Maybe more than just sex. It was crazy but maybe this could be something? Something I would have to think about but not now, at the moment what I wanted wasn’t necessarily love.

What I wanted right now was sex, hot sex. Continuing to caress Tommy’s cock through his pants I said, “I know, I’m sorry too hun, the truth is Sarah called to ask me how the trip was going when I was in the bathroom.

“She really does feel bad about the whole thing.” “That’s right you bastard your sister.” I angrily thought.

At hearing the mention of his sister Ben softened even more and asked, “How is Paul doing?” “She said she gave him a sleeping pill after we left and he is finally getting some rest.”

As I talked to my husband about his sister and brother-in-law, I grabbed my son’s hand and put it back on my leg — a move he had used only a few hours earlier to seduce me.

He looked over at me with a slightly puzzled expression. I just smiled and mouthed, “It’s okay,” then looked at my husband and gave him the finger as I continued our conversation.

My beautiful boy did not need any further instruction as he moved his hand up my thigh towards my waiting pussy. ******

I was still very confused as my mother began to rub my cock through my pants. One minute she was telling me no, the next she is caressing my balls through my pants.

He was being an asshole and her unexpected mood swings had me shaking my head but in the end who was I to complain.

I had a very hot woman gently stroking my cock and begging me to finger fuck avcılar otele gelen escort her pussy. It didn’t matter that it was my own mother in fact that made it hotter. I inwardly shrugged and once again went for her pussy.

My hand moved up her fantastic leg towards her waiting pussy. “Holy shit she’s still fucking wet damn I love you mom.”

I was just getting into it when we arrived at the restaurant. Oh well there’s always the backseat again after we eat.


We continued to gently massage each other all the way to the restaurant as my husband and I made small talk. As we did I formulated a very wicked plan for the rest of the trip.

I realized that Ben couldn’t really hear much in the front seat especially with the music up. With a few adjustments to the Jeep my evil plan might actually work.

Arriving at the restaurant, we made our way in and were seated at a booth near the rear of the restaurant. It wasn’t very crowded and I sat next to Tommy while Ben took the other side, happy that he had plenty of room for his large frame.

As Ben looked at the menu I resumed my massage of my boy’s large and now very hard cock. When the waitress came over to take our order I slyly removed my hand just long enough to look quickly at the menu.

We ordered and I went back to jerking off Tommy through his pants. Then Ben stood up, saying the bathrooms at the rest stop were too small for him and he needed to make room for the tacos. I said okay with a look of disgust as he asked another waiter where the bathrooms were.

I quickly looked around: there was nobody sitting near us as this was mid-afternoon and the restaurant was between the lunch and dinner rushes.

I checked the front of the dining room; only a few patrons sat at the counter. The waitress looked busy filling sauce containers and flirting with a trucker sitting at the counter.

Satisfied, I looked over at Tommy with lust filled eyes as I took both my hands and unzipped his fly, allowing his rock hard dick to spring free once again.

He moaned with relief. Then with a wicked smile I told him, “Watch out for anybody. Especially your father.” Then I greedily leaned down and started to worship his cock.

I love cock. I don’t have any better way of saying it than that and now I was going to show my son just how much I loved cock.

I began by starting at the base of his shaft with my tongue and working my way up towards the tip.

With one hand I reached in to his fly and did my best to massage his balls while I licked up and down his engorged cock.

Finally reaching the tip, I was rewarded with a few drops of pre-cum that I licked up with my tongue, quickly swallowing the delicious treat dripping from my son’s huge cock.

Now really beginning to get into my cock worship, I kissed the tip and opened my mouth as I moved my head down his member.

Slowly feeling the veiny warmth of his luscious cock as I moved up and down on it. Not caring where I was, I continued to bob my head up and down on Tommy’s cock.

Working it with my tongue. Jerking it with one hand while the other massaged his balls. I just couldn’t help myself. His cock was so magnificent I wanted to suck it forever. Just as I was getting ready to try something—

“Dad, dad, dad!” Tommy almost yelled as he noticed my husband coming out of the restroom. I quickly sat back up as my husband arrived back at the table.

He squeezed himself into the booth as I wiped the saliva from my chin.

He looked over at me. “What’s that?” he pointed to a couple of wet spots on my blouse.

“Oh,” I smiled. “I spilled a little bit of water,” I said, wiping my shirt with a napkin, knowing that the real culprit was a mixture of saliva and my son’s pre-cum.

Ben started fumbling around with the desert menu on the table caddy and I continued to jerk my son’s cock under the table with my oblivious husband only inches away.

Our food arrived and I sadly had to let go of my son’s dripping penis. We engaged in more small talk. Ben was trying to make up for his outburst in the car earlier. I allowed him to think it was working.

As a big man he ate with a voraciousness only a competitive eater could understand, completely focusing on his food. Meanwhile with one eye on him I resumed my stroking of Tommy’s dick.

It was comical watching Tommy try to eat and not make any noise while I gently jerked his cock under the table. He almost chocked once when I started to pick up the speed. He looked over at me and I knew he was close. That is when I stopped.

The criminal mastermind in me knew that allowing him to cum at the table with my husband sitting so close would be a bad idea. Besides, this was only phase one of my plan. We had many miles and hours to kill and I was not about to let him cum yet.

I looked back at Tommy and then down at his cock and gave him a nod. He reluctantly began to slyly put it away. I coughed as he zipped up. Tommy looked at me pleadingly as he reluctantly tried to finish eating his taco.

“Poor boy.” I had just given him blue balls but those balls would only have to hold out for a little while longer as I began to implement phase 2 of my naughty plan.

I finished my tacos first and asked for the keys to the jeep. Ben handed them over right away, probably figuring I must need a tampon or something.

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