Mom’s Milkshake Mustache Ch. 6

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“Damn Billy! I said no!” Betty cried while holding off her son’s advances. It had been several days since he last had his way. At first he thought she was teasing him. But now he believed her; that she was ending their shameful acts of incest.

“Fine then! Hell, it was you who started this thing, sucking my dick that morning I came from the shower!” he reminded her.

But Betty had consulted with Janice about this and Janice told her that it was so wrong. Betty and Janice was spending lots of time together now. (“I know that you will find a nice guy to be with, I will help you. And don’t I make you feel good sometimes?”), she remembered Janice saying.

And it was true, on both accounts. There was several men hitting on Betty from her share of her X-husband’s business location. And Janice did make her feel good sometimes. Just last night at Janice’s, while Joey was out of town at a scrimmage game, Janice made her feel very good.

[Janice seemed way overdressed when Betty arrived. After a few drinks and laughs, Janice began to preach to her about how indecent it was for Betty to labor over her own son’s big prick. Janice told her that most teenaged son’s would ogle his mom’s body, and some even would go further. Betty hadn’t the nerve to explain that it was she who attacked the boy. Betty explained how horny she was since her husband had left, and dating men was so complicated. Again, Janice was prepared to help.

Janice mentioned how her own pussy was itchy lately and that Betty should help her out. Betty was happy to help by undressing the horny woman. When she finally reached for Janice’s baggy pants, she couldn’t wait to get at the tasty snatch beneath them. But she did not have much access at her cunthole. She kneeled back in shock surprise, and looked at Janice. She thought that she had never seen anything so exciting in her life: Janice standing there naked with beautiful rounded tits; her delicious full thighs looking yummy with a long thick rubbery cock hanging between them.

Janice had hid a strap-on beneath her clothes that she used on Betty’s pussy. But first; “I want you to suck on my big white dick!. Have you ever sucked a white one my dear?” she taunted while tapping the white man cock all over Betty’s excited face.]

“Fine Mom” Billy shouted, shocking her away from her daydream of Janice’s cock. He knew that his mother was right, about the daily choking he was giving her with his long shaft. “I wish you would have let me fuck you first though,” he said. He would miss eating her pussy for her as well, she’d order him to do so several times a day.

“Besides Billy, you are the sexiest stud in your college. I know you can have any of the young girls at your school.” Betty had kissed her son goodbye, reminding him of her wishes by pulling away from his mouth-fucking tongue.

* * *

8:00 that night Betty was cuddled in Janice’s bed, tongue cleaning the big white-man dildo she had used on Janice’s pussy. They were both exhausted from another round of fuckin’ and suckin’.

“Betty, you are always hot, sweetie. But tonight…You rode the shit out of this poor white-man cock. Do you want me to find you a white man or something?”

“Don’t tease Janice…Its just, Well I didn’t want to tell you. I don’t think that I can get over Billy as fast as he gets over me.”

“What do you mean?” asked Janice, tweaking the nipples on Betty’s fat titties.

“I have been telling Billy the last few days that we’d cool it. And today he forced me to really lay it all out. I think he took it too well though.”

“Too well?” asked Janice.

“When Billy came from school today, he was with this woman. Some white bitch! I thought that it was a girl. They never saw me as they went to his room. I peeked in on them and Billy had his big dick in her pussy, which was already drenched! It was leaking all over his bed and I could even smell it. Billy was fucking her soooo good! Janice. I never let Billy fuck me. I couldn’t help regretting that, the way he plunged that long pipe deliberately slow, using all sorts of angles.

“I saw how happy the woman looked, she was cumming repeatedly on his cock. He let her ride his dick Girl!, with her ass towards me. Not a bad looking white piece, but nothing like you. She was almost our age Girl! I couldn’t believe it. I looked in her purse that they left in the kitchen, and she is a ‘Professor’ at his school!”

Janice repositioned herself between Betty’s thighs. She wanted to hear the story while snacking in her friends pussy.

“Ohhh Janice! I’m trying to tell you wha…”

“Keep going Betty! I want to hear everything!”

“My son can really fuck Janice. I heard the woman moaning and groaning, I left the kitchen to go peek again. I wanted to stay away but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t believe it when my son separated her asscheeks, and shove his finger up her stinky little asshole! She cried out and tried to yank his hand away, but the horny little bitch kept humping his meat when he refused.

“Ohhh ataşehir escort Janice! Stop it!”

Janice had her tongue buried in cunt, spurred by her friend’s story.

“Ohh Janice, I wanted to go in and throw the bitch off of him. But I would have grabbed Billy’s cock right in front of her, and fucked him better than she!. He had so much pussy juice on his cock when she was done. But Billy flipped her over and raised her legs on his shoulder, and continued to fuck the shit out of her.

“Ohh shit Janice! I needed it so bad! I was so hot. I fingered my own juicy cunt for the first time since I got married as a teenager!. I don’t know if I can wait for you to find me a nice man to meet, just find me one to fuck!”

Betty had a big cum by the time she finished her story. She was dressed and ready to leave as she argued with Janice.

“O.K. Janice, I won’t go to her supervisor then. But I’m going to speak to the whore no matter what you say. I mean…you probably can’t imagine seeing a older woman like that fucking your sweet young Joey!”

But Janice could imagine it. In fact, she still needed to have a word with her lawyer about that!


Ms Grayson could only look away as Janice grilled her for excusing herself with a lie, from Janice’s business meeting .” you could go fucking my son at my own home!.”

The Attorney-at-Law was knew that she had an in-prompt-to session with a client, and hoped she’d get there soon. Ms Grayson knew that she couldn’t face Janice just yet about the incident.

Melissa Gilbrant burst into the office to Joan Grayson’s fortunes. The professionally dressed white woman had mistaken Janice for a legal partner, by the way Joan Grayson yielded subservient obedience towards Janice.

“Hello Joan, its been a long time,” she said, kissing her old friend on the cheek. “Joan, could you help me find a lawyer? You see, this woman came to my class today, and she’s going to turn me in for fucking her son. He’s a student in my class you see. She said she couldn’t believe how a woman my age could take advantage of a teenaged boy like that. You probably can’t believe it yourself Joan.”

Janice glared at Joan with that remark, causing Joan to look down at her desk shamefully.

“I mean…He is so fucking hot! And he can really throw that big black co…

“Oh I’m sorry Joan, Ma’am,” she said turning to Janice, both women being black.

“Its O.K., ‘Cradle Robber’,” the insult directed at Joan more so than Melissa. “I think I’ll be leaving now Joan. Your friend can get into a lot of trouble for this. Why don’t you let me handle this thing for you two, Joan. I urge the two of you to follow my suggestions for a while. Call me.” Janice winked at Joan while leaving, so excited to tell Betty about this set of circumstances.

They were driving into the city at Janice’s instruction. Betty pulled her Mercedes into the empty car lot of Monarch High School while they spoke.

“He’s very nice Betty. Tall, dark, and handsome.”

“Don’t they say that about white men Janice?” she laughed, harassing her friend.

Janice laughed with her until they both hushed. “He is a white man,” Janice said bluntly.

“Janice! I don’t know… I never said I…”

“Neither have I Betty. But this guy is nice. I knew his wife before she passed. She was the only woman in the neighborhood not after my husband. I figure it was true when she told me that her husband was one hell of a screw, a damn good cocksman. Besides, I knew that I’d fuck him myself when he asked me out. You’ll going to love it,” she assured Betty.

This was Joey’s old high school, so Janice knew her way around. They found his office locked but a janitor said he was there. Betty offered her plump rump for the janitor to rub, and gave him a false phone number. They entered the Principal’s office once the janitor unlocked the door.

Just around a wall that hid Jack Carson’s desk, both the two women looked forward to fucking this big white man.

Betty and Janice stood gawking at the scene: Jack Carson stood butt against his desk, holding a young girl in mid air. Janice could see her white sanity ass while she sat with her legs over Jack’s shoulders.

“Unnnngghh! Ohh Mr. Carson!” she wailed as he ate her young pussy. Jack’s pants were down at his shoes and socks. Betty was eyeing another young treat trying to force his meaty cocknob into her small amateurish mouth.

‘Plop’ come out the fat cockhead as the young black girl looked up.

“See Mr. Carson, we really appreciate you getting us into Carver ‘U’,” she said, speaking into his cockhead like it was a meaty microphone.

Both girls wore cheerleading outfits bearing the name of Billy’s college. The red head was kicking her legs oblivious to the chance of falling. Jack’s meaty tongue could nearly plug the entire length of her cunt slit as he gave her the first real tongue fucking of her life.

“Ohhh Mr Carson! You’re going avcılar anal yapan escort to make me cuummm!”

The young black girl was laboring to suck the cock for the big white man. She needed him to grab her head and force his cock deeper, but he needed both hands to hold the small white girl.

“Ulmp! Uhh! Gulp!” spurted the black girl around the big prick. She was jerking and slurping on his cock at the same time, swiveling her tongue against the huge pisshole. “Ulmmp,” she gagged as the cockhead entered her mouth. Just the head on it was filling the girl’s mouth and clogging her throat. Frustrated by her inability to make the big cock hum for her, she ‘plopped’ it from her mouth and stood. She was about to ask Mr. Carson to change positions when she seen the pink little buttcheeks of her friend. It looked just as delectable to her as it did to the staring Janice, and she climbed the man’s hips until she could plant her nimble little tongue at her friends pulsing tight shitter.

“Ohhh! What?…Tomeka! that feels fucking gooood!” yelled the teenaged dish.

Betty had her hands around Janice’s hips, rubbing the hot mother’s cunt through her dress pants, while she humped her cunt at Janice’s ass. She loved the shameless depravity of the Tomeka’s ass licking, disappointed when the girl pulled away.

“Turn…turn around Mr. Carson!” she pleaded, tugging at his naked hips. He steadied in short steps because of his pants restraining his ankles, and the weight on his shoulders as well. Tomeka had him facing the large desk so he bent over to place the creaming Patty Gilbrant onto the desk and continued to eat her pussy. Jack had his mouth suctioning the swollen fat clit while his tongue tortured it with pleasure. Patty was in hysterics, the only boy before Jack, didn’t know of the small hiding nub of her clit.

“I want you to fuck my face! Mr. Carson! Fuck my face damn-it!” The young black girl had sucked one cock before, but not to completion. It also was a white one, on a boy who measured less than 5.” She must have been very ambitious now however. She position her head between the big man’s legs with her head against the back of his desk.

Janice got a jolt now that she saw the man’s cock. It was nearly as long as her Joey’s, and Tomeka lowered it to her mouth.

“Please fuck my mo…Ulmmp! ULMP!” she contently sucked now as he rocked his cock lightly into her mouth, her head gently banging the desk with knocking rhythm.

Betty was now inside of Janice’s pants frigging the heated pussy hole that had soaked Janice’s panties. Betty too had compared the hardening cock to her own son’s, it being almost as thick as Billy’s.

The hot young treat named Patty, had cum very hard. Very light-headed now, she rolled off of the desk.

“Ohhh God! Mr. Carson, I never knew…Oh shit! Tomeka, you have to let him eat you! I can’t believe…

“Here Tomeka, let’s trade!” requested Patty, squirming down under to take the black girl’s place.

Tomeka welcomed the white girls help, but she wasn’t leaving this cock for anything.

“O.K. Patty, we can share” she said, handing the fat foreskinned cock to her friend. She watched Patty line the cock up with her lips, and kissed Patty’s mouth as the cockhead was stretching it. “You know that you have a very tasty asshole Patty?”

Patty struggled with the huge cock in her mouth, breathing heavily from her nose, with her cheeks hollowing and bulging. She knew why Tomeka needed to use the desk now, for Jack’s face-fucking leverage.

Jack was feeling very good now. Two horny teenagers that he knew to be the most popular at his school the year before. The reining ‘Homecoming Queen’, and the last voted ‘Best Looking’, were choking themselves on his cock. One had spit all over his prickhead and slobber drenching her cheeks and chin. The other was licking as much of it up that she could, to deliver it to the long meaty stalk and his large purple nutsack.

After long, his whole cock was glistening in spit, and he could barely restrain from giving the girls a real face-fuck. They were only teenagers, he thought, and reframed from such demeanor.

But Janice and Betty could hear the girl’s heads thudding the desk louder and louder, and Jack began to moan. He was an expert cocksman, and he held his cum from the girls. But he rammed his meat in Patty’s mouth, noting how her throat was to small for his cock head. He then pulled out ‘PLOP’, and delivered cockhead drenched in spit, into Tomeka’s waiting mouth. Patty’s cheerleaders shirt was up over her pert little tits now, so she raised and turned to rub her aching nipples along the length of the Principal’s cock.

Betty meanwhile, had to suck on something herself. The sight was just too much for the horny mother. But Janice was too enthralled to cooperate, profusely rubbing her own naked cunt, not wanting to turn from the action. Betty had bared the woman’s bottom moments earlier, but couldn’t get to avcılar bdsm escort Janice pussy without entering the open view of Jack Carson’s office.

Betty kneeled behind Janice wondering what she could get her mouth on. She remembered the time of licking Janice’s ass before, an order by Janice to simply humiliate her. Janice had not asked for that any other time. She didn’t know if Janice would appreciate something so wicked. But Betty had the strongest urge to suck Janice off, and took her chances despite the consequence.

Janice was tweaking her clit when she felt her asscheeks ruthlessly yanked apart, and then a wet thick tongue plunge into the nether of her brown puckered poopchute.

“Ohhh no! Betty!?” she hissed, trying not to attract attention. And Betty paid her none.

Betty’s wet tongue fluttered squarely on the wrinkles and then the pit of Janice’s shithole. Her first real taste of musky hot asshole was delectable as she held Janice rump tight to her face.

Janice only escape of this strange sensation was into the room of the Principal and his two teenaged cocksuckers. Before she could figure an alternative to that however, she found herself lightly moaning while shoving her ass back into the nasty mother’s face. Her asshole was lewdly pulsating and throbbing before she knew it, making pussy nectar flow from her cunt that much faster.

“Lick it Betty!” she whispered. “Lick my butt you nasty slut!.”

Janice turned back to the room to find Jack’s stiff levering cock bobble as he took it from the disappointed girls. He rolled Tomeka onto her hands and knees, and then reached for the red head.

“You said you liked your asshole licked Patty?” he questioned, as he flipped her over as well. Principal Carson pointed his white cock lined with thick pulsing veins, to the contrastingly brown asscheeks of Tomeka, and wedged his cockhead through the folds of her tight little pussy. It took Jack very long moments to work the huge head of his cock into the dripping wet hole.

“Ohhhh! Aggghhh! You’re going to split me in two!” she cried, half believing it. Tomeka had not even contiplated taking this cock there. She thought the two of them could suck the sperm out of his cock for him. But her jaw was very sore and with no cum in sight. So if it was her rarely fucked little pussy he needed to rut-off and nutt-off, she would give it to him at his command. She wondered if it would actually fit however!

Even little Patty trembled at the thought of it, as she watched grimaces of agony on Tomeka’s face. Patty wanted to see the coupling, big white meat in small black body. But she was held in place for Jack’s next indulgence.

When Jack felt that his cock was in place where the wiggling young girl could not dislodge it, and she seemed to by trying, he bent over to cover the entire crack of Patty’s ass with his tongue. He immediately began sucking her asshole as if it could be suctioned from the girls body, and then he plugged her asshole with his tongue.

“Ohh NO! Mr. Carrr… Oh take it out!”

Jack expertly had pointed the tip of his tongue and wedged it into her puckered shitter. His strong tongue was able to penetrate and stretch the virgin ring of her anus, causing her pain and anxiety. But he held her ass steady as she tried to get away.

Both girls squealed with fear, never having their bodies torqued this way. But their heads and shoulders was already flushed against the Principal’s desk, limiting an escape route.

Janice thighs were streaked with hot cuntsapp, cum triggered by the tongue in her butthole. Betty of course could not stretch the puckering shitmuscle the way the muscular Jack could do. But she had penetrated it, licking around the inner edges, and sucking in deep from her lungs.

Janice felt the pulling suction on her anal mound, and then the pushing of wet tongue to fuck it. She didn’t know what Betty was doing, but she was literally spewing cunt oils onto the office carpet.

“Ohhh fuck! Quit it, Betty! I’m going to cum damn-it!” she feared, because her cums were often noisy. She didn’t mind Jack finding her here, but not with another woman’s tongue buried up her asshole. “Ohhh! Ohh! fuck, I’m cuummminng!”

Janice shuddered through her orgasm and went down to her knees. Betty pulled her face from Janice’s sweaty asscheeks, and wrapped her arms around Janice from the back. Hoping Janice would not be too disgusted by such depravity, Betty was delightfully thrilled when Janice turned her head to her.

“You’re so fucking nasty! Betty. Let me taste that nasty fucking tongue,” she whispered.

“OOHHH! Mr Carson! I’m cuummming,” cried Tomeka.

“Yes Mr Carson, ohhh! Tongue-fuck my virgin asshole, I love that fucking tongue. I’m cummmiing.”

The two girls ripped into orgasms. Patty’s convulsing rectum caused her cunt to tighten and spew, while Tomeka’s quaking pussy caused her asshole to throb.

“Ohhh Fuck girls, you going to get it now!” warned Jack. Tomeka’s horny cunt had took half of his cock. But it worked overtime on that half, sucking it hard, milking it needfully, and heating it like he couldn’t remember. It had been a long time since he had a near-virgin pussy of an eighteen-year-old. It pounded his prick each time he lightly boned in. Her cunt’s final spasm around his cock was to much for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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