Mom’s Cowboy

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Hi all,

I turned this in as a part of my English 113 Creative Writing requirement and the professor gave me a D! He said he thought the subject matter was not appropriate for his class, the son of a bitch. Hell, he asked us to write about a real life experience that changed a relationship, so I did! You tell me, is this a C+ paper or what?

My friends thought I should have received a better grade, so I don’t know. What do you think?



Mom’s Cowboy

My name is Sandy and my mom, Helen, showed me my first x-rated movie at the age of fifteen because she wanted to teach me about the birds and the bees. Along with the graphics came the occasional monologue about how love and sex go hand in hand, that the couple on the screen were married and young people should wait for romance and the commitment of marriage before indulging in the pleasures of the body.

Much of what Mom taught me that day fell by the wayside two years later, after she divorced my father, replaced by the moral fortitude that frequently found the random male visitor miraculously appearing at the breakfast table. I started to date Robert and after three months I lost my virginity to him, somewhat in accordance with the above guideline. It was followed shortly thereafter by an engagement that we wed in the spring of the following year.

Well, last weekend- after Rob dropped me off after our date- I entered our house quietly because I didn’t want to wake Mom up. So, I was sitting on the couch with the volume down, watching the local evening news, when I heard screaming coming from down the hall in her bedroom, as if Mom had broken her finger with a hammer! Thinking she was injured or sick, I ran down the hall and shoved the door open and shouted, “Mom, are you OK?”

Well, you probably guessed what happened. She was in there having sex with some guy, whose name I later learned was Rodney.

All the lights were on and he had Mom on all fours, doggie-style-like, as he was squatting behind her. She must have just had an incredible orgasm because she was panting like a pup on a hot summer day and her legs were shaking like a tree branch in the wind. I noticed under the bright light that her shoulders and neck crimson, her hair all frizzled up and disheveled. Mom fell forward trying to catch her breath and Rodney’s cock flopped out of her with a loud sucking sound, before landing atop her bum, sperm jutting out of him in thick droves, all across her back and into her hair. Glad I didn’t have to clean that up, thought I.

Now, Rodney is an athletic man that obviously took care of himself, but what I found remarkable, other than his horse-sized penis spouting cum all over the place, was he sounded like a cowboy when he spoke. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed so out of context, since we lived in downtown Chicago.

“Well, now, this must be your daughter, Sandy? Please’n to meet you, Mam. Sorry about disturbin’ ya’ll, as I was in the heat of the moment, as you see.”

He pointed down, all polite and gentleman-like, without any concern for me seeing him in a state of orgasmic arousal, and subsequent dismissal. And the man appeared rather gruff, with over-the-ear sandy blonde hair, sideburns and an unshaven face that reminded me of Robert Redford back when he was in his late thirties. I did one of those double-takes when I realized how massive an endowment he possessed. I’ll never forget how it was laying there across her back, oozing out the remaining white cum between her butt cheeks. My guess is that if he’d wore a ten-gallon hat just then he’d a’ tipped it to show me his kindhearted nature.

Feeling quite the twit for interrupting them, I apologized and made a hasty retreat.


I knew Mom would be self-conscious about me being in the house for the rest of the evening, so I surfed over to Netflix and smiled when I found Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! I turned on the powered sub-woofer and cranked up the surround-sound volume so they knew I wasn’t paying any attention. Then, I nestled into the comfy couch along with my favorite body pillow, still taken back by what I had just witnessed.

About an hour later, Mom came out and joined me in her robe. I turned down the volume so we could talk and I apologized again. “I came running because I thought you were hurt bad,” I said justifying my actions. Then, I laughed and said, “Looking at his dick I guess I was right,” to which she laughed quietly in my ear.

“He is an incredible fuck,” she confided to me in a whisper, “and did you hear him talk? He’s a country man from the great state of South Dakota. He is so cute, Sandy. Too bad he doesn’t live around here.”

Feeling rather talkative, Mom went on to tell how me they met at happy hour after work and hit it off. He was some kind of sought after computer technician that was flying home in the morning. I figured any guy who could get Mom to scream like that was alright by me.

Now, she and I are fethiye escort of a similar petite build, except she is close to being excessively thin and my boobs are much bigger than hers. Also, she is five-foot two and I tower over her at five-foot three. So, it was hard for me to imagine that her small frame might enjoy such a bewildering beast of a man.

“Hon, you have no idea. He is by far the biggest guy I’d ever seen and I thought he was going to kill me when I first saw him hard,” she said while making her hand into a large letter C to show his girth. “But he was so kind and patient with me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt once we got it in and I got used to it. And that last orgasm I had before you walked in was… oh my god!”

She put her arm around me and we settled into an embrace while we watched Butch Cassidy rob a train with high explosives. After the scene, Mom put the movie on pause and turned to face me, all serious-like, as if she’d been thinking about something for a while.

“You know, I’ve been sitting here thinking how close we are,” she said so endearingly. “I do love you so much, Sandy. How would you like to experience a hung cowboy while we have him in the corral?”

I looked at her with downright astonishment. “Are you serious? You want me to fuck a complete stranger? I’m seeing Rob and you know we will probably get married? Why would you…”

“…I know,” she said interrupting me like she always does. “It’s just that you turned eighteen last month and you are such a horny young girl by you nature, since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I hear you and Robert in there, Sandy,” she said pointing down the hall. “You love sex as much as I do, and I still think you should date and make sure he is the right one for you, before you get hitched. Who knows, perhaps you will marry Robert and this might be a once in a lifetime experience for you. Not many come down the trail like this cowboy, for sure.”

“Mom, I ain’t screwing that horse-dick even if he is a pretty stud; he would kill me!” I told her emphatically.

“Yeah, sweet thing, you are probably right, but don’t you ever think about what it might be like, being with a bull? I ask because I know we are so much alike. Anyway, that’s why I brought it up.” She paused before adding, “And since he doesn’t live here, it’s all the more simple.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I said, “Mom, I just had sex with Rob in his car…”

“Well,” she said enticingly, “he goes back to ridin’ the range in the morning. And not a soul will know about it, if you feel…”

A vivid recollection of the man’s naked body loomed intensely after Mom evoked the image. nd Robert was so impatient that evening, coming before I had a chance to do so. In retrospect, it was Mom’s enthusiastic enforcement that pushed me to consider it.

“Would you be in there with me. If it hurts me would he stop without getting bent all out of shape, pun slightly intended? You will be in there with me, right? Can you bring a big frying pan and smack him over the head if he hurts me?”

“If he hurts you, I’ll beam him alright.” She gave me an emphatic embrace that calmed my nerves. She looked into my eyes and said,” You can stop anytime you like. That is a guarantee. Would that do it for you?”

“Good because I’m not too sure about this,” I said with apprehension. “But if you think I might enjoy it, well, you’ve never steered me wrong.” I laughed and said, “Get it, Mom? Steered as in a steer like the cowboys?” After a refreshing sip of my Coke I made my final decision still chuckling to myself. “Let’s do it, if you feel that strongly about it.”

Honestly, I was starting to feel aroused by the idea of fucking a handsome cow-dude I didn’t know at all or will ever will see again thereafter. I’ve had a thing for cowboys ever since I was a little girl.


We found Rodney watching TV, all propped up on big pillows, the room lit by the screen. Mom cranked up the overhead wall dimmers, blinding him awake from his post-orgasmic stupor. He realized she wasn’t alone and sat up, covering his naked body behind the silk sheet.

“Rodney, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Sandy, who turned eighteen four weeks ago,” said Mom like she was a chaperone at a high school dance.

Arms folded across his well-developed chest, he said, “I must say, you are as gorgeous as the pictures Helen showed me on her smart phone over drinks. And you both’n have the same warm, brown bedroom eyes. Very sensual, if’n ya ask me. Why is it I feel ya’ll should be on the TV, with those glorious features you two share with them movie stars?”

Before I could think of anything witty to reply, Mom took hold of my wrist and said, “Turn around and show him that firm ass of yours.”

“Mom is so silly sometimes,” I contested, breaking her grip. “She mentioned that you were an exceptional lover, that we might hit it off and she talked me into doing something I never expected escort fethiye to ever do. If you’re not interested I’d understand, as I, too, have my misgivings.”

Turning back to Rodney, Mom said, perhaps too proudly, “Nice and tight from all the soccer she plays. You should see the boys at the pool when she is wearing a bikini.”

He batted his eyes at me, extended his hand and I took it. “Be’in told what to look at on such a perfect body is like try’in to debug an entire network all at once. It can’t be done.”

Not sure exactly what it was he was referring to, but I took it as a compliment that he found beauty in me whichever way his eyes would roam. With a playful mock curtsey I gracefully found my way next to him on the king-sized bed. I feel compelled to point out how my hand seemed to disappear in his grip, as if when I shake the hand of a toddler. And his fingers were as soft as a toddlers, too.

Rodney kicked off the covers to reveal a fine-looking body for a man twenty years my senior. My eye was drawn to his limp dick that sat across his right hip, looking like a coiled worm edging to slither away over the side. I felt my stomach quiver, concerned I was getting in too deep, that I should rescind my offer. His magnificent blue eyes didn’t help, so penetrating were they that I couldn’t meet them at first. He noticed I was looking him over, staring at his flaccid penis, and seemed to get a kick out of the expression on my face. I rubbed my lips, thinking I might be drooling.

“I guess you’ve already seen me naked, so it’s no big thing,” said Rodney.

I didn’t say anything, although a few good one-liners did cross my mind.

“Well, pretty lady, you are the sprite one, all full of energy and smiles,” he said caressing my knee, admiringly scanning my trim body, his gaze now lingering on my long legs where my shorts rode up my inner thigh. I smiled, stood up, undid the zipper of my shorts and candidly slid them, along with my panties, down to my feet and kicked them off the bed. It seems of all my features, the guys and girls like to look at my ass even though I have nice big boobs and he was of no exception.

“Rodney, I told you she was a lot like me when I was her age, now didn’t I?” said Mom, rubbing my shoulders as if preparing a boxer for the ring. I felt compelled to point out that I was ten times hotter than she was at my age, but remembered we had a guest.

“I most certainly see the resemblance,” he said while looking at my now-hard nipples spiking through the fabric of my shirt, his eyes bouncing from one to the other, trailing the delicate crease between them, watching them undulate as I shifted my position. I thought with little effort I could get him to look like he was judging a ping-pong match.

Instead, I sat up on my knees, partly lifting up my shirt, finding his expression quite amusing. I teased him by flashing glimpses of my sexy Victoria Secrets bra, a cutaway style that exposed my nipples through the lace. I wore it for Robert without realizing it was going to do double-duty that evening.

Swinging back so my tits jiggled, I asked, “Do you want to see these?” Then, I turned my ass back toward him and said, “Or is it this that turns you on?” Again, I chuckled because I knew I was acting so immature in the face of potential adversity. “Do you want me to take my shirt off? No? OK, I’ll leave it on then. Well, off I go then…” I said with a false gesture that I was getting off the bed.

“Stop being so silly,” Mom said while pulling my shirt over my head.

He could clearly see my C+ breasts were blanketed with a vale of sky-blue translucent lace, highlighted by my perky aureola through the holes in the middle. Rodney had the identical reaction as Rob: he cupped both my boobs in his hands- Rodney holding them in their entirety as his hands were so big, whereas Robert fumbled with them- trying to measure their firmness through the skimpy bra.

“My god, Rodney, your hands are so huge,” I said. I like rough sex and thinking about his hands around my waist, lightly choking my neck, fucking slapping my ass; I wanted to be manhandle by this man, if it came down to it.

“You have fantastic breasts, Sandy. I bet all the boys tell you that,” said the fevered Rodney.

“Everything about Rodney is big, Hon,” Mom chimed in. “Including his charity.”

“Well now, Helen, that’s kind of ya to say, and I thank you for it,” replied cowboy Rodney.

I watched Mom disrobe and realized I hadn’t seen her naked in a long time. She actually looked better naked than in those frumpy clothes she liked to wear. Stepping to the end of the bed, she said, “I’ve never watched two people fuck before. Honestly, it turns me on to see you do it with my daughter, Rodney, because you are such a good man. You two look so hot together I know you are going to hit it off.”

Rodney moved his hand up my leg and pressed his palm on my inner thigh, his reach covering from my knee all the fethiye escort bayan way to my V-J! Come to find sex in the car with Rob was a prelude, a ramping up of sorts before the big league game, as I was fully prepped.

“Sandy, would ya’ mind heading down south for me, while Helen lays down here next to me, so I can kiss her and make her feel comfortable with the situation, if’n ya don’t mind? You have such a pretty face, I’da love to see you down there for starters, would ya?”

I replied, “You must have been reading my mind. I’d love to suck your cock.”

One of my favorite things in life is to feel a warm cock get hard in my mouth, the blood flowing in response to my soft lips and piercing tongue massaging his penis to life. And flow it did, his erection growing hard slowly. I assume this was because there was so much tissue to engorge. Strange as it may sound, sucking on his dick reminded me of clowns at the circus, where more and more of them keep piling out of the little car. Similarly so, his dick kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger!

“Do you like that, Sandy?” Rodney asked, noticing my eyes were tearing up from gagging on the head of his cock.

“It sure is big!” I confided. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It feels tasty in my mouth and it has such a nice shape,” I replied with a coy wink. “Feeling you grow in my mouth was a real turn-on for me there, cowboy.” Now fully erect, I held the base with both hands and couldn’t get over how massive it was. “But I can’t take it all down my throat though. It’s just too big for that.” I paused and said to Mom, “He is way too big for my pussy.”

She said, “Hon, you got a third of it down that big mouth of yours; a lot deeper than I could,” followed by a motion that she wanted to exchange places with me. We shifted without missing a stroke, the two of us jerking off his substantial cock together. I noticed the expression on Rodney’s face transition from polite smiles to a grimace that displayed his primordial, lustful essence.

“You ladies don’t know it, but today I have crossed off one fantastic item from my bucket list,” said Rodney watching the two of us work him over good.

He kissed me firmly, pressing my head against his shoulder, his marvelous hand rubbing my back. And what a fine kisser this man was, so patient and alluring with his tongue, gently biting my lower lip to gauge what passion enthralled me. He moaned, pulled my leg over his chest so that I was straddling his body, undid my bra and devour my breasts, saying something indiscernible to my cleavage.

“Ohhh, I like that,” I said. “Pinch the nipples harder with your teeth. And when you fuck me I want you to pull on my hair and spank my ass. You like my ass, don’t you? I know you want to spank it, don’t you?”

I felt his hand tap my right ass cheek while he watched for my reaction. “Harder than that… while you fuck me,” I said. His mouth was gleefully attached to my left breast at the time, so I spoke my thoughts as if they were a wish list. “And I want you to go so slow with me. I am so fragile, as the wings of a butterfly…real slow… first. ” I was distracted by his suckling and paused before continuing, “And if you could carefully choke me with those monstrous hands, I’d like that, too. Ohhh, yes, that feels so nice.”

Not expecting a reply from my gibberish I took hold of the headboard and positioned myself into a squat right above his face. I felt one of Rodney’s thick finger probe me, pushing in deep. As he slid another snake-like finger in along with the first, he curved them on an angle, sliding his fingertips across an erogenous track I didn’t know existed, up till then. It certainly wasn’t in that sex education video.

He licked my inner labia and sucked on my outer labia, playing with it like a zeusaphone, making my pedal vibrate as if it were a piece of wax paper. I felt his nose rubbing the left side of my clit at the spot where I really like it. And, unlike Robert, he understood how my body responded and he kept at it, as opposed to trying something different or a new spot all the time. Between his talented tongue and well-practiced hands I came so hard I almost lost my grip on the headboard.

“That’s my girl,” I heard Mom say as if she were in a stone tunnel far away. “That felt so good for you, my dear. That’s so nice to see you in such intense pleasure.”

Still thriving, Rodney took hold of my waist and lifted me into a press before easing me down, my body flowing into a recuperative hug atop his barrel chess, his drooled-on schlong now stretched out between us. I sat up and caught a view Mom rolling onto the floor at the foot of the bed, masturbating in her own fantasy while listening to the two of us exploring each other. Sitting up, I pulled his rigid cock up against my belly, and felt shocked that his dick extended above my belly button!

“Fuck, that’s such a big dick. How is this going to work? That looks impossible! Look at this shit!” I said to him, pointing to where he would be if inside of me. Slapping his cock against my body, I was in disbelief that we were actually going to try to make this work. “If this hurts too much I will stop, OK?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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