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Emily’s 18th birthday was somewhat of a paradox to her; on one hand, it was a symbol of her maturity, growth, and independence, but anyone who knew Emily, knows it was anything but. Emily had been homeschooled for her entire life, and rarely ever talked with kids her age. Crude schoolyard jokes and horny teenage boys making comments on her body was never a part of Emily’s childhood.

In fact, sexual education for Emily came in the form of her obviously embarrassed father just about throwing an anatomy book at her one day. She spent a couple hours reading though this curious textbook, but finding nothing of interest, she set it down after the first chapter on the “Introduction to Human Anatomy” (whatever that means, thought Emily). This sheltered lifestyle made Emily grow up shy and reserved, and sex was an extremely taboo topic for her household.

She was a petite, young girl with smooth, pale skin. She was very short at 5’2″, and nearly everyone she met she had to look up to with her doe-like hazel eyes and long eyelashes. Her flowing, dirty blonde locks tumbled down her freckled shoulders, and laid to rest just above her 32A breasts. Yes, puberty hit Emily late, so her breasts were perky and firm, with tiny pink nipples that stood at attention whenever it got cold.

Not that it was any cold today, because her birthday fell in the sweltering month of July. Around the house she was wearing small, pink shorts with a dainty lace trim, that barely hid the outline of her white cotton panties underneath. Her top was an old t-shirt of her mothers. It was a tattered, dusty pink with a touristy Disney logo printed on the front. Emily loved wearing this shirt since it smelled so richly of her mother’s floral perfume, and was baggy enough on her that she got no scolding or spankings from her father when she didn’t wear a bra underneath, as she wasn’t today. To top the relaxed look off, she wore white bobby socks on her feet with little frills around the ankles, that emphasized the youthful innocence of Emily’s personality.

Emily’s mother had always been a role model to her. At 5’6″, she stood tall over Emily, and whenever they hugged, Emily’s face was squished into her mother’s 36D breasts. Her name was Mary, and she had shoulder-length, light brown hair that bounced with her walk. She was not as skinny and petite as her daughter, but nevertheless had an amazing body for someone who is 45 years old. Her breasts didn’t sag one bit and she wore tight clothing to ankara escort show off her hourglass figure.

Mary had grown up in a very religious household, but hid a dark secret from her parents that never surfaced until her marriage to her husband John. She was a bisexual woman with a very high sex drive. Yes, she loved the taste, the smell, and the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her mouth, but something was so enchanting about women in her college days when she would hook up with a girl. They were gentler, softer, and always made sure Mary could barely walk by the end of the night.

Since the birth of her daughter however, her sexuality had become increasingly restricted; it was not easy for her to find the time to rub her clit to an orgasm when she had a child to attend to. Still, the shower had become her go-to place to release all her pent-up sexual energy, often fantasizing about female celebrities or neighbors while she came hard using the shower head.

Back to Emily. The morning of her 18th birthday came late, as she woke up around 10am. Normally, she would be up much earlier in order to say goodbye to her father on his way to work, but since it was a day off of homeschool for the celebration of her birthday, she treated herself by turning off all her 7:30am alarms. Sleepily, she shuffled out of her bed and down the stairway to go make herself some tea. She couldn’t hear any noise from her parents room, the bathroom, the kitchen, or anywhere else in the house. Knowing her father was out at work, she deduced her mother was probably getting groceries or some other errand.

After boiling some water, putting in a tea bag, and plopping herself down on the couch on top of her favorite pink, childhood blanket, Emily turned on the TV. E! Entertainment was the first channel to come on. She had never watched this channel before, but took a sip of her tea and kept watching out of pure curiosity. It didn’t take long for an ad to pop up for a new TV series coming this fall called “Girls Gone Wild”. Emily chuckled at the silly name, and stared at the ad until it advertised what the show was really about. Girls flashed across the screen seductively bending over, showing hints of their private parts underneath skimpy bikinis. Others groped and grabbed at their breasts enthusiastically, while another girl next to them jumped up and down to the music, her breasts jiggling in a hypnotic motion.

Emily’s face turned beet red and all of a sudden the show escort ankara wasn’t so silly anymore. She set down her tea as it only made her feel hotter. Her eyes darted towards and away from the screen.

“Wouldn’t I get in trouble for looking at this? Mommy says only naughty girls dress like that,” she thought.

She dared to look back up at the television once more, and this time felt a warmth growing from her private parts. She had never felt this way about any boy, why is she feeling this way now about these older women? Curiously, the sensation grew and grew as the women showed off more skin, and continued to provocatively glance towards the camera; Emily felt like they were looking right into her soul.

Uncomfortable and embarrassed, Emily squirmed into her blanket, her tight pink shorts unintentionally pressing into the soft fabric. She jolted at the sensation, it had felt like a warm tickle had spread up from her private parts, warming her whole body. It had felt… good. Curiosity got the best of Emily and she sat up and opened her legs wide to see exactly what had just happened. She was surprised to notice a small wet spot right between her legs, and upon pulling the pink fabric back, she saw her white cotton panties were even more soaked.

“Oh my gosh!” Emily thought, “I just peed myself! Mommy is gonna be so mad at me!”

Emily peeled back the last layer though, and saw her pink cunny had secreted a liquid very different from pee. It clung to her panties in white, clear-ish strands and smelled very sweet. She saw her little button was engorged and jumping from under it’s little hood. Her hole dripped these creamy juices and they slowly ran down to her butthole. Emily had never seen anything like this before. What was happening to her? Was she sick? Should she tell her parents?

“No I can’t!” thought Emily. “Mommy will think I’m a naughty girl for looking at my private parts and watching those naughty girls on the TV!”

So she decided to keep it a secret, and she bunched up her blanket beneath her, resting her hands at the bottom in an effort to not touch her cunny anymore. Her private parts still hanging out the side of her shorts, she looked back at the TV, more confused now than ever.

The ad had since ended and it was back to playing a boring pop-culture show that Emily could care less about. Struggling to stay focused on anything than what was happening between her legs, Emily’s juices slowly seeped into the ankara escort bayan blanket below her, forming a wet patch that the little girl didn’t even notice. Another ad break, and the Girls Gone Wild ad pops right back up again. Emily jumped in surprise. Her body’s unintentional friction with the blanket only caused her to leak more, but this time Emily chased the feeling.

She knew she was being so so so naughty but she slowly began to rock back and forth on her blanket and the warm tickles came back again. Emily smiled in a dazed state, as she humped into her blanket. Her mind went blank. She stared into the eyes of the girls on the tv, occasionally her eyes rolling back into her head in pleasure.

Right there in the living room, Emily started squeaking and letting out little high-pitch grunts unintentionally. Faster and faster she pressed her little button into her soaking wet blanket, and her private parts twitched with pleasure. While staring into the eyes of the girls on the screen, Emily began to fantasize.

The young college girls turned into the faces of her math teacher Mrs. Evans, who was now bending over and grabbing her ass cheeks, pulling them apart so Emily could see the wet panties barely covering her cunny. They turned into her soccer coach Mrs. Yokoshima, who was now sitting on the ground sensually rubbing her hand on her panties, staring straight at Emily and asking “Do you want to watch?”

“Gnnn..ahhh..ahhh..oh god…” Emily pressed harder into the blanket.

The warm tickles continued to make her groan in pleasure, but nothing was really happening, until suddenly a girl with shoulder-length, light brown hair —just like her mom’s— appeared on the screen and started to take her breasts out of her bra, and one by one pinch her big nipples and moan in pleasure. This was the trigger that made Emily hump her blanket faster than ever before.

Suddenly images of her mommy touching her breasts, stroking her cunny, and spreading her legs wide, so Emily could see the sticky clear liquid dripping down her mommy’s slit.

“Ahh…oh god mommy… mommy please…” Emily moaned as her warm tickles grew more intense.

They built more and more and more, and Emily knew something was about to happen although she didn’t know what, as her inner muscles clenched and secreted more sweet liquid.

“Mommy please…please you feel so good mommy… ahh mommy!”

Emily was so caught up in her own ecstacy, she almost didn’t notice her mother walk down the stairs, and peep around the corner to shockingly see her daughter humping her own blanket loudly moaning her mother’s name. Emily was about to have the craziest birthday of her life.

To Be Continued…

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