Mom Named Barbie Ch. 16

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Chapter 16 — The party gets really, really wild for Barbie

Quite a few couples had left the party; the ones that remained had gathered in small groups or were dancing. Barbie had been so preoccupied with Jim’s challenge that she had not noticed who was still at the party or what they were doing. When she heard cheering from a group across the room Barbie turned to see people standing in a circle, she asked Jim…

“What’s going on over there; why are they cheering?”

A veteran of the parties Jim had a good idea what was happening, it was the reason he and Karen did not leave after the party was over; but rather than tell Barbie what he assumed was taking place, he offered to take her over to the crowd.

“I think I could guess, but I’m not sure; do you want to go over and see for yourself? I will go with you.”

“Jay, do you mind?”

Jay saw no harm in letting her go with Jim; other than staring at Barbie’s tits and ass all night Jim had been very respectful of both he and Barbie. As Jim took her hand to go in the direction of the rowdy mob Barbie leaned down and whispered in Jay’s ear.

“I’m pretty drunk, the horny slut wants to come out and play.”

When Jay responded ‘So let her play’ he thought it would only be flirting, maybe flashing her tits or ass, at the most Barbie might allow someone to feel her tits much like what happened earlier on the dance floor. Jay could not have predicted the ramifications of giving Barbie permission to let the slut come out and play.

Jim led Barbie away toward the circle of people. Rather than sit across the table from Jay, Karen moved to the now vacant chair beside him, she asked questions about his relationship with Barbie, like how long had they been a committed couple, were they getting married, etc. But in contrast to her non-sexual questions, Karen’s hand was very busy on Jay’s leg stroking his thigh, slowly inching it toward his crotch.

For Jay it was surreal, her conversation was innocent, but her hand was definitely on a mission. When her hand brushed against his erection Karen leaned toward Jay for a kiss, he returned the simple physical act. With Barbie gone Jay was not doing anything he would object to her doing, especially considering the flirtatious atmosphere of the party; Jay felt after having given his approval to let the horny slut come out and play, Barbie would most likely be kissed by more than one man before she and Jim returned.

Not that her sheer mini-dress hid anything, but Karen moved her hand from Jay’s lap long enough to pull the yellow mini-dress off. She put one of Jay’s hands on her huge soft tits before returning her hand between his legs. She kissed Jay again this time more passionately; she continued to kiss him as she unfastened his slacks slipping her hand inside his boxers. Sliding her hand up and down the shaft Karen could feel his hard young cock already leaking precum. As she was pumping Jay’s dick wither fist Karen broke away from the kiss…

“Fuck Jay, your cock feels so damn good. It’s been a long time since I felt a cock younger than thirty. Do you mind if I have a little taste?”

Jay could not believe she asked if she could put her mouth on his dick; he was even more surprised when she did not wait for him to answer. Karen got on her knees in front of him and slipped the head between her lips. When Jay had said Barbie could let the horny slut play he did not realize he had also given her permission be on her knees sucking cock same as Karen was doing with him; for a moment Jay felt guilty, was he was doing something sexual without Barbie he had not given her permission to do without him? But what the hell, Karen did not give him the opportunity to say no; and with the amount of beer he had consumed he was not sure he would have said no anyway.

With his hand in Karen’s hair Jay felt her head rise and fall in his lap as he watched her mouth go up and down his dick; then he heard someone yell from the group in the direction where Jim had taken Barbie.

“Damn pink lady!”

He stopped Karen’s sucking, lifting her head by her hair and asking her…

“Did you hear that?”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

And she went back to the task at hand, or rather task in her mouth, of sucking Jay’s cock. Then he heard a man say…

“Fuck pink girl, you are one hot little slut!”

He stopped Karen again…

“Karen, I heard a guy say something about ‘pink’ over where Jim and Barbie are. What you are doing feels great, in fact it feels wonderful; but Barbie is the only woman I saw with pink hair, I need to go make sure she is ok.”

Karen was disappointed she did not get to continue with Jay but she understood his concern for his girl. Jay put his dick back in his slacks and Karen walked with him toward the large group of people, she did not bother to put the sheer yellow mini-dress back on, she went with Jay wearing only the yellow thong and stiletto heels.

The crowd around the table had bahis firmaları grown to twice the size it was when Jim and Barbie left to investigate the reason for the cheering horde. Jay did not see Barbie but he saw Jim standing in front by the table. Jay’s view of what was going on in the center of the circle was blocked by the large number of people. Pulling Karen with him Jay pushed his way through the crowd as politely as possible; leading a woman with huge tits and just a thong helped his efforts. When he finally made his way to Jim he discovered the reason so many were gathered there.

On the table in the middle of the crowd was a woman at least fifty years old lying on her back completely naked, but the naked woman was not the only reason for the crowd. Other than her being well preserved for her age with nice breasts and smooth skin, there was a man standing between her legs pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. The mature woman was also showing she could multitask, not only was she being fucked but she was also sucking another man’s dick while he stood on the other side of the table by her head.

Jay’s intentions were to ask Jim about Barbie, but he could not resist watching what was happening on the table first. He had seen people having sex before but only in porn movies, this was the first time he had seen other people fucking in real life. As he watched the action in front of him Jay looked around for Barbie thinking she should be easy to spot considering she was wearing a bright pink wig.

As he was looking around Jay saw other women kneeling in front of guys giving them blowjobs; one woman was standing as a man eat her pussy. The various live sex acts were without a doubt the most erotic thing he had ever witnessed, but he needed to find Barbie; her not being with Jim and not seeing her in the crowd gave Jay reason to be concerned. So he asked Jim…

“Jim, do you know where Barbie is?”

Pointing in the opposite direction of where Jay had entered the crowd he said “She was back there last time I saw her.”

“Is she ok?”

“She was when I left her.”

“What do you mean when you left her, why isn’t she with you, what is she doing?”

“She was talking with a couple guys and when I said I was going to watch the show, she said she was going to stay there and talk to the guys; other than that I don’t know what she is doing, you will have to check with her.”

Jim had not been completely truthful, but he felt there was no need to go into detail with Jay, what his girlfriend did was more Jay’s business than his. Barbie was ok when he left her, it was her decision not to go to watch the show with Jim; but the actual reason Barbie wanted to stay where she was, was not just to talk with two guys.

Barbie had been standing between the two guys and the one in back had her dressed pulled up rubbing her full round ass while the guy in front was playing with her large firm tits. No, Barbie was not with Jim watching the sex show because she wanted to continue talking with two guys; she had been preoccupied doing things other than talking.

Karen stayed with Jim as Jay made his way in the direction Jim had pointed. Once he broke through the primary crowd Jay saw a small secondary circle of people; but there was still no sign of a pink wig. As he moved closer to the smaller group Jay saw a flash of pink about waist high in the middle of the people; he was not quite all the way to the center when he saw Barbie.

Her tits were out of the top of her dress and the bottom was pulled up around her waist much like when she was humping the man on the dance floor. And no wonder he could not see her pink wig in the crowd, she was on her knees with a cock in one hand and sucking another alternating between them with her mouth.

This certainly was not what he had in mind when he said ‘so let her play’ referring to giving Barbie permission to let the horny slut inside her come out and play. But what could he say, she did ask permission; and what did he really expect; did he actually think there would only be some innocent flirting and light touching in such a sexual environment?

Before answering he should have taken into consideration just how horny slut side of Barbie gets when aroused, especially after she has been drinking; but would he have answered differently even if he had remembered what Barbie’s horny slut is capable of, probably not. And what could he say, look what happened between he and Karen when they were left alone at the table.

Jay moved to the center of the small circle standing behind Barbie to prevent her from knowing he was there. For a brief moment Jay realized this was his mom on her knees sucking two dicks like a slut; as he was growing up he would have bet a million dollars his mom would never do something like this. But then most every child could never imagine their mom is capable of such uninhibited sex. Obviously, judging by the number of couples at the party, there were more mothers than his that kaçak iddaa have an open attitude about sex.

A woman stepped past Jay moving toward Barbie lifting the bottom of the blue mini-dress, Barbie offered no resistance, letting go of the two dicks long enough to raise her arms allowing the woman to pull the blue dress over her head.

Even though Jay knew Barbie had an attitude toward sex much different than what he had always perceived his mom possessed, he never imagined Barbie could be this sexually uninhibited. The thought never crossed Jay’s mind he would see Barbie in the center of a crowd of strangers, wearing only a pink wig, light-blue thigh highs with the word ‘slut’ printed on them and black five and a half inch island sandals, giving two men a blowjob, two men she most likely did not even know the names of.

Part of Jay’s emotions wanted to stop what Barbie was doing, but surprisingly the other part was enjoying watching his horny mature girlfriend being the slut she had warned him about. While Barbie had agreed she would not succumb to her cravings without Jay being there, he had given the slut permission to play without him; perhaps he should have set some parameters on just what she could and could not do when he told Barbie to let the slut play.

He continued to watch Barbie perform her excellent oral skills on the two cocks. While she and Jay had had sex, it was only once and Jay did not get to find out what it was like to get a blowjob from Barbie. From the way it looked she was very talented, and obviously very experienced.

Jay wondered if she had ever done this before, had sex with more than one partner? Had she and his dad ever had sex with other people with knowledge and approval from the other? Now that Jay had seen a sample of what his mom was capable of, as far as he knew it could have been a common occurrence in their marriage.

First one cock, then the other filled Barbie’s mouth with cum; she seemed to have no reservations about swallowing, she definitely had no intentions of pulling her mouth off their cocks when the men ejaculated. With their dicks drained the two men stepped away and Barbie stood up but she still did not turn around; she stood alone in the middle of the circle when almost immediately another man stepped behind her reaching around squeezing her beautiful breasts with his hands.

She was obviously very aroused; her nipples were at full attention, almost an inch long and as big around as the tip of the man’s finger. As if she were not turned on enough already the man started kissing the back of her neck causing Barbie’s body to melt against his. She could feel the erection in his pants pressing against her ass; reaching behind her Barbie rubbed the large bulge, with her head leaned back by the man’s ear Jay was stunned by what she said.

“I am so fucking horny, this slut needs to be fucked; will you fuck me? Will you give me some of that big dick you have hidden in your pants?”

Jay was still confused, was he watching his mom being and uninhibited slut or was she doing this because as Barbie she finally felt she had the freedom to remove the restrictions on her sexuality that she’d had as a mother? He continued to ask himself had his mom always possessed such an unrestrained sexual appetite. Jay though ‘It’s no surprise his mom had trouble controlling her libido, with a sex drive as strong as hers it’s a wonder she was not always on her back.’

Others in the crowd heard Barbie’s declaration and suddenly a table was pushed in front of her. The man did not respond with words; he answered with actions assisting Barbie as she climbed onto the table then rolled over on her back. Since she still had not turned around, and by rolling over after she was on the table, Barbie remained unaware Jay was watching as she offered her horny cunt to a complete stranger.

Again Jay felt he should rescue Barbie; but then he thought, ‘rescue’ her from what? It appeared she knew exactly what she was doing, she was simply letting the slut play; and besides, she had asked permission like she was told to do. And what if he wanted to stop her from being fucked?

How could he when he was proud the extraordinarily sexy mature woman lying naked on the table belonged to him. Ironically Jay was very excited to watch his girlfriend show the crowd how uninhibited she can be when it comes to sex. The guys might be playing with her for a short while, but this beautiful slut, the horny slut that all night until now they had only been able to fantasize about, would be going home with him.

The guy wasted no time dropping his pants to his ankles; then easily slid his cock into Barbie’s soaking wet pussy. She lifted her legs giving him better access wanting to feel all of him inside her. Just as she had done with Jay, Barbie did not just lie there and expect the man to do all the work, she raised her hips matching his strokes with her hips as he fucked her. Her talents must have been more than the man could tolerate kaçak bahis as he quickly emptied his balls into Barbie’s cunt, he did not even last long enough for her to achieve orgasm.

Thinking the show was over Jay took a step forward but another man moved between he and Barbie, his pants already at his ankles as he guided his prick toward Barbie’s pussy. She did not even look up to see who it was putting a dick in her dripping cunt, feeling the head slide between her meaty lips she opened her legs wider welcoming the cock into her body.

This time it was Barbie who did not last very long, she was screaming as she orgasmed soon after the second cock entered her body, and this was no normal orgasm; Barbie was holding onto the sides of the table as her hips bounced from side to side and her pussy spasmed on the thick dick buried deep in her pussy. Jay looked around and most of the crowd was now gathered around Barbie as she was enjoying being fucked by back-to-back cocks.

Barbie began to moan louder as another orgasm rapidly built in her pussy, but this time the sexual spasms did not stop; as the man fucked her harder and faster she was cumming one after another until it seemed she was having a single extremely powerful, extremely long orgasm. Two guys standing on each side of the table had to hold her down to prevent Barbie from bouncing off the table.

Finally after what must have been more forty-five minutes or longer her cunt was filled with another serving of hot cum, Barbie raised up giving the man a tight hug and very lustful kiss, thanking him for fucking her so good. When she leaned back getting a good look at the man for the first time the expression on her face changed; Jay was curious why she was looking at the man in such a strange way; he heard the man talking to Barbie.

“Damn girl; that is the best fuck I have had in a long time. You really enjoy fucking and aren’t afraid to show it. I have got to know your name so I can look you up at the next party.”

Barbie quickly answered “Debbie, my name is Debbie”

Jay was puzzled, why did she tell the man her name was Debbie when she told everyone else her name was Barbie? He would have to remember to ask her about it later. What he did not know was Barbie was looking into the eyes of her best client; he came into the office on a regular basis due to him owning a farm. She hoped her makeup and the wig was enough to prevent him from identifying her as his insurance agent, she could not be mixing business with pleasure; if anyone discovered she had fucked a client she would definitely lose her job.

She quickly slid off the table turning her back to the man. Barbie stood there facing the table unsure what to do next when a kind gentleman moved behind her willing to help her decide. He guided her torso forward bending Barbie at the waist until her firm D tits were pressed against the top of the table; moving her feet wide apart he pushed his dick up into her already well-fucked cunt. There was a puddle of cum between her feet where the third man was forcing the previous two deposits out of her pussy.

With Barbie facing away from him Jay moved to the side to get a better view of the cock sliding in and out of her pussy. When Jay looked at the man’s face he saw the guy could not have been much older than he was; maybe twenty-five at the most, but the guy’s dick was obviously longer and thicker than his. When the young man pulled back Barbie’s thick meaty pussy lips were being stretched along the length of his cock; and even though there was about five inches of dick outside her cunt there was probably the same amount still inside her.

With the enormous cock stretching her tight pussy Barbie was cumming again almost immediately; her legs buckled and he had to support her by holding onto her wide hips. At first she tried to push her ass back wanting to get every inch of the unusually large cock inside her; but now with her feet off the floor she was at his mercy. He shoved his entire log into Barbie’s body until his balls were bouncing against her clit.

Her orgasms were even stronger than they were with the second man; by now Barbie had experienced so much pleasure that her body was limp, the young man was fucking Barbie in a fashion Jay had only seen in porn. She was screaming so loud Jay felt even people passing by outside the club could hear her, the crowd was amazed at the words the horny pink-haired slut used during sex; and then something happened he did not know women were was capable of. Juices started squirting from Barbie’s pussy soaking the floor between her lover’s feet; one gush after another poured out of her body like a river.

She was fucked hard for another thirty minutes by the younger man, until he too succumbed to the pleasures of her wonderful pussy, his body stiffed and he pumped his seed inside Barbie; he continued to fill her for what had to be at least two minutes. She lay motionless with her chest on the table, her feet on the floor; he continued to hold his big cock in her swollen cunt until it fell out with an audible ‘plop’. Thick white goo dripped from her gaping hole, Jay feared Barbie’s once tight vagina may have been permanently stretched by the monster dick.

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