Mom Gets Some Long Awaited Loving

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This is a continuation of my first story Seduced By Samantha, thanks for all the comments, the common thing I got from comments was how come the character in the story finished college at 18, well it is college where I come from and my mistake for not realizing it was high school elsewhere, we do university after school in Australia, so want to make sure everyone knows that he is not an super bright man, just studying the same thing as any 18 year old would anywhere in the world. Thanks for all the comments.

This story is about sex between siblings if this offends you don’t read on. All characters are 18 or above in the story. If you like this one please vote, Please comment on the story, it helps to know what you like and don’t.

Thanks to ET for doing my editing. This story would not be what it is without her help and guidance. Her patience and dedication made this possible.

It was about 4am, I had spent almost the whole night making love to Sam, she was asleep, I sat up in bed and watched her as she slept, Sam was gorgeous even with the tousled hair and the snoring, I couldn’t believe what had happened last night. My sister who was a sexy woman wanted me, made love to me; I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. It was no dream, then I thought of mum and how I thought I had seen her in the corridor the night before, surely it could not have been mum. Or could it? I bent down and kissed Sam on her lips gently so as not to wake her, she stirred and I slipped out of bed.

I got my clothes and put them on, I left Sam’s room and went into mine, I lay in bed thinking of the night before, Sam was incredible, she had an insatiable appetite for sex, I dozed of thinking of her, thinking of mum, I always fantasized about mum, and she was the first woman I ever wanted.

My sleep was disturbed by the sun coming into my room, I woke and went in for a shower, it was 8am, I got dressed and went down to the kitchen, mum was sitting at the table having her toast and Vegemite, I half looked at her and said “Morning mum,” Could not bring myself to look her in the eyes.

“Morning darling, would you pour me a cup of coffee Joe, please.”

“OK mum, what’s for breakfast,” I asked her.

“I made some bacon and eggs honey, it’s in the oven.”

I got the breakfast and brought it to the table and then went back and got our coffee, I put mums coffee down and gave her kiss on her cheek, just could not look at her, I was feeling guilty as hell, knowing mum heard Sam and me, and then hearing her in her room the night before, I was uncomfortable.

I ate my breakfast in silence, mum was sipping her coffee, and I could feel her eyes look at me, suddenly mum said, “Joe honey, is there something bothering you? You seem distracted this morning.”

I looked up and said, “No mum, nothings bothering me, I just didn’t sleep well, that’s all.”

“Oh, you look like you didn’t sleep at all,” she said.

I was sure then, it was mum, out in the corridor I seen last night, I had not imagined her being there, I looked up and mum was half smiling, she got up and picked up our dirty dishes and cups, I followed her into the kitchen and put the remaining bacon and egg in the oven and helped mum, she washed up and I wiped the dishes and put them away.

Mum said she had things to do that was going to take her a few hours in town, it was Saturday morning and I had to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and fix the broken door in mums closet.

Mum went up to her room and got dressed and came down, I was pleasantly surprised at how she dressed, she had on a pink dress that stopped just above her knees, she looked stunning, “I’m going out honey, will be back in a few hours.” I gave her a kiss on her cheek and she turned and left, I let my eyes follow her as she left, her legs looked sexy, and her ass looked perfect in that dress.

My thoughts were interrupted by Sam, “Morning, Joe. Did you sleep well,” she said and then came over and held me and looked up to my face, I bent down and kissed her, it was a long kiss, our tongues intertwined, she grabbed my ass with one hand and I held hers gently massaging her butt, Sam moaned into my mouth.

I said “Breakfast is in the oven Sam, if you want to eat.”

Sam let me go and went into the kitchen, she got some bread in the toaster and poured herself some coffee, I sat at the table waiting for her, Sam got her brekkie and came over to me and sat in my lap, I held her as she ate. “Sam, I loved every second of last night.” I said,

“So did I little brother, so did I.” Sam whispered in my ear. She continued eating and I held her my head nestled in her neck, I kissed her neck as she ate, Sam wriggled in my lap to get more comfortable. My cock was hard by now and I could feel it between her legs, the warmth of her sex was coming through my shorts.

Sam finished eating and picked up her dishes and put them in the sink, she then returned to me and sat on my lap facing me and kissed me, I returned her kisses hungrily, bahis firmaları I put my head to her tits and bit on her nipple through the thin fabric covering it, Sam moaned “Joe yes! Bite them, ahhh, bite them harder.”

I lifted her top and took one nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard, her nipples were hard and pointed, I pushed her onto the table lifting her top off, she lay there and smiled at me, I bent down to her stomach and licked from there to her tits, “Sam, I love you,” I said.

Sam just moaned as I nibbled on her nipples, Sam pulled me up to her, “Fuck me Joe, I need to feel your long hard cock in me, fuck me right here on the table.” I didn’t wait, I pulled my shorts down and then pulled her shorts and panties off too, she sat up and took off her top, and then she pulled my tee off.

Sam smelled so good, the air was filled with the smell of sex, I pushed her back down and buried my head between her thighs, and she rested her feet on each of my shoulders and pushed her cunt up to my mouth. “I want to feel you fuck me Joe, please push that cock into me.”

I pulled her towards the edge of the table, put the head of my cock, at the entrance of her pussy and was about to fuck her when she stopped me, “Wait Joe, let me get comfortable first,” she said. Sam then put both her legs on my shoulders and said “OK little brother, fuck me hard, now,”

I pushed my cock deep into Sam and gasped, her pussy felt so good, it was like her pussy was milking me, I could feel the contractions of her pelvic muscles, “Fuck! Sam this is so fucking good, love your pussy Sam.”

“Ahh, Ahh, that’s it Joe, now pull out slow, and push it back in hard.” I did as I was told and it felt great, I kept pounding her pussy and soon I was ready to cum, “Not yet Joe,” Sam said.

I fought so hard to stop pumping in and out of her, “Don’t move for a while Joe, try to stop, every time you come close.”

It went on for about 10 minutes and Sam started moaning louder, “Ohh, Ohh, fuck, fuck, harder Joe, I’m cumming,”

“Yes Sam, cum for me, I want you to cum, Ahhh, Ahhh. Is that hard enough.? I asked.

“Mmm yes! That’s it Joe, fuck me, long, hard and deep.”

I started to get the familiar feeling of my approaching orgasm, at the same time I felt Sam start to shudder with pleasure, her breathing got faster and she pushed up with every stroke of mine, I felt her cum around my cock, her juices warming my cock even more.

I said “Sam I am cumming, ohhh Sam! This is incredible!” Sam had her fingers in her mouth sucking them. I pushed harder my balls slapping her ass, I came in torrents. Sam’s ass was off the table, I held her thighs as I came in her.

Sam screamed “Fuck, Joe I can feel your cum shooting deep in me, ahhh Joe, fuck me, fuck me I want your cum deep in me.”

We were spent the both of us, I had never felt so good, Sam was breathing slowly now, I slid out of her cunt and sat down on the chair, Sam said “I loved that Joe, nice way to start my day.”

I smiled at Sam; she looked so sexy lying naked on the dining table. “You were amazing sis,” I said. And she was, I felt so much love for her, I would do anything she asked.

Sam lay there moaning, I stood up and crawled to her, I ran my finger along her forehead to move her hair out of her face, I then let my finger run along her face, she opened her mouth and sucked my finger in, I started to get hard again, I kissed her very gently, taking the time to savour her lips.

I said “Sis I would love to spend all day making love to you, but I have heaps to do, mum is going to yell if the work is not done.”

“You go, do your work and I’ll get lunch ready, lil bro,” she said. “Help me to the shower first.”

I picked her up in my arms and took her to the shower, we showered and I got out first, I dried myself and went to my room, I dressed and went out to start my work, it took me about 3 hours to get it all done, when I finished the lawn, mum got home.

“Hi darling, finished all you were meant to do?” Mum asked as she walked up the driveway.

“All done mum. Here let me help you with those bags.” I kissed her and took her bags and went in.

“Lunch is ready,” I heard my sister yell.

“Thanks Sam, mum is here too, maybe we can all eat together. I said.

Sam came into the living room, “Hi mum, got the stuff you were looking for?” She asked.

“Yes honey, got it all.” mum answered. “What did you cook for lunch?

“Chicken pasta,” Sam said. “Anyone hungry?”

“I am.” I said, “I could eat a horse. I’m ravenous.”

“OK let’s eat,” mum said, “Joe give me a hand honey,” She held out her hand for me to pull her off the sofa.

I took her hand and pulled hard, mum came off the sofa, and seemed to stand up then her leg twisted because of her high heels, she started to fall and I grabbed her around the waist with one hand, she came into my arms and held my neck to balance her self, her tits crushed against my chest.

I could feel mum’s ass as I held her, it kaçak iddaa was firm and felt so good, mum steadied herself but didn’t let go of my neck, I could smell her, the scent of a woman, and it was the scent you get from a woman when you hold her close. I could also smell her perfume, she let go and I did too.

“You OK mum? I asked.

“Are you OK Joe.? Sam asked.

“I’m fine,” I said. “Let’s go eat.”

We all sat and had our lunch, mum kept looking from Sam to me, Sam was a good cook, and the pasta was delicious. I waited for mum and Sam to finish then took the dishes and put them in the sink, my mum came to the kitchen and started to clean up, I left the kitchen and went to my room.

It was about 6pm and I heard mum call out to me, I put on a tee and went to her room and mum was laying down on her bed, “What’s up mum,” I asked.

“Joe, I think I hurt my shoulder when you pulled me up, this afternoon, would you please massage my shoulder for me.”

“Sure mum,” I said.

I got some cream and went over to her bed and sat on the side of the bed, I squeezed some of the cream on to my hands and massaged her shoulder for about 20 minutes and then got up to leave. Mum got up and said “Time to make dinner.”

“What are we having for dinner mum?” I asked.

“Maybe some beef Wellington honey,” mum answered.

“Mmmm, that sounds delicious.” I said to her.

We went down and a few minutes later Sam came down, she was all dressed up. “I have to go to Sandra’s house; she’s having a party for her boyfriend. I’ll be late mum.”

Sam went over to mum and kissed her goodbye, she giggled a bit, I thought I heard her whisper something in mum’s ear. She then came over to me and gave me a peck on my cheek and whispered, “Try to be good, little brother.” Then she was gone.

I wondered what she meant, I put it out of my mind and went to the living room, I flicked the TV on and channel surfed till I came to a channel that had a movie on. I watched the movie, till I heard mum call me.

“Joe, dinner is ready, want to eat now or later.”

“Whenever you are eating mum,” I replied.

“OK honey, I’ll go and have a shower first, and then we can eat.”

Mum went up and I went to my room to get changed as well, I got in the shower and thought of all that happened in the past day, I could not believe it had happened. Sam was an incredible lover, and I noticed how mum seemed to know what had happened but didn’t say anything to me.

I finished my shower and then came down to the kitchen, mum was still in her room, I sat in the living room reading a book, I heard mum come down and I went to the kitchen to help her, mum looked radiant, she had on a black night dress, her hair was tied back in a ponytail, she had some make-up on.

I looked at mum and said, “Mum you look great.”

“Oh, thanks honey, just something I picked up this afternoon shopping.”

I could not take my eyes off mum, she looked sexy, I got our plates and set the table, mum took the dinner out of the oven, the Wellington smelled good, I set my plate beside mum I had to sit close to her, mum came over to the table and started to serve me, she leaned close to me while she was serving me and I could smell her perfume, she smelled great.

Mum sat down to eat and I could see her legs from where I sat, her legs were so perfect, long and slender, I looked at mum and admired her, her face so pretty, her big eyes you could get lost in, her long hair, her small gorgeous nose, her full lips, everything about her was beautiful.

Mum caught me looking at her and asked “What’s up honey? You keep looking at me. Is something the matter?”

I was surprised by her question. “Nothing mum.” I said.

Mum finished her dinner and sat there and looked at me, I wondered what she was thinking. She asked if I had had enough and I told her I did.

Mum got up and said she would clean up and then join me in the living room. I went and sat on the couch, mum joined me a bit later, she sat next to me and curled her legs up, and she had let her hair loose and had a book in her hand. I picked up a magazine to read too.

We settled in reading and we read for about half hour when mum said, “Joe move over, let me lay down so I can put my head in your lap.”

I moved to the end of the couch and mum took one of the cushions and put it in my lap and lay down to read, I rested my hand on her head and she said “Honey, just massage my forehead please, I feel a headache coming on.”

I put my magazine down and rubbed mum’s forehead, I had one hand on her head and one on her forehead, I gently scratched her head with my fingers and massaged her forehead, she continued to read, I kept massaging, very soon mum put the book down and shut her eyes, she put her hands down by her sides and I could see her cleavage now, she had great tits and they were half exposed to me.

Mum opened her eyes and smiled at me, I continued to massage her head, her hair came into her face so I put my finger kaçak bahis and pulled it aside, mum gave a little gasp as I run my finger along the side of her face, I took that as a cue and done it again, this time I ended running my finger all along the side of her face and under her cheek, right down to her neck.

I was getting a bit aroused now, I tried to stop but my hands worked like they were free of me, I crossed one leg of mine on to the other, to stop my hard cock moving, this caused mum’s head to raise higher so she was inches away from my face.

There was no stopping my hand now, I was captivated by my mother, she had her eyes closed but, I knew she was awake, she would let out little gasps as my hand reached her neck, I was finding it hard to sit there, this went on for a few minutes, since mum didn’t stop me I got bolder, I started letting my hand run further down her neck and to her sternum.

We had not said a word in what seemed like hours to me, on one occasion while running my finger from her forehead down, I let it run along her face and worked my way to her chin and then her lips, mum stiffened a bit and I let my finger remain there, after a few seconds she relaxed and puckered her lips and kissed my finger. That felt so good then, I stopped what I was doing and looked at her, she opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were so big and expressive.

I bent down and gently kissed her lips, she kissed me back, it didn’t last long but felt so good, I put my hand under her head and pulled her up, she was in my arms now, her hands went around my neck, I put my lips to hers and kissed her again, mum kissed me back, this time I felt her mouth open slightly, I opened my mouth too, slowly our kiss became one of passion, she trembled as I kissed her, I was so turned on I could cum right then.

I let my hand move down to her breasts, I felt her hard nipples through the silk nightgown, I moaned as I squeezed her breast, mum pulled her lips away from me and sat up. “No Joe, we can’t do this,” she said.

I looked at her and she was all flushed, I was too, I said “Mum, I’m sorry. But why not?”

“Cause I’m your mother, that’s why. I’m sorry honey, it’s my fault. I should have stopped you sooner.”

Mum sat there with a look of anger in her face. I said “You angry with me mum?

“No honey, not with you, with myself.” she said.

I looked at mum and she had tears in her eyes, I reached out and pulled her to me, she held me tight, I kissed her head, I felt so much love for her, this was the woman of my fantasies for years, mum pulled me closer to her, I put both my arms around her and held her.

Mum said, “Oh Joe sweetie, I love you, but this is so wrong.”

“Why does it feel so right then mum?” I asked her.

Mum held me tighter, I put one hand under her legs and scooped her up into my arms, I carried her upstairs to her room, as I lay her down on the bed mum said, “I know what happened between you and Sam, Joe.”

I told her I knew she had seen us, I also told her I heard her that night, she looked at me and chided me for listening in, I looked at her with a smile and said, “You want me too mum, I know you do. Why do you fight it?”

“Joe, this will change everything honey,” mum said.

“It will never change how I feel about you mum.” I bent down and kissed her, she held my face in both her hands, our kisses became more passionate, her tongue probed my mouth, I loved the feeling her kisses gave me.

“Let me undress you honey,” mum said, she took off my shirt, and then pulled off my shorts, “Mmmm, Joe honey, you are so big, mummy’s big boy,”

I wanted to see her naked too, I sat on the bed and made mum stand up, I put my hands on the straps of her gown and let it drop to her sides, slowly I pulled her gown down, her breasts were gorgeous, I pulled her gown further down and it came past her stomach, it was flat and taut, then her pussy came into view as the gown dropped to the floor.

It was the first time I had seen her pussy, the pussy that I came out of, mum pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me, she sat astride me and bent down and kissed me, my cock was against my stomach, mum leaned down and kissed me.

“Mmmm Joe, you sure are hard,” she said. I could feel her pussy lips part and wrap around the width of my cock, mum slid down and kissed my chest, she took my nipples in her mouth and sucked them, my body was on fire, I felt like my cock was going to burst, mum moved further down and licked my thighs.

“Ahhhh, mum that’s it, suck me mum, please suck me.” I moaned, mum held my cock in her hands and then I felt a warmness come over my cock, I was in mum’s mouth, the feeling was exquisite, her tongue twirled around my cock and her hand cupped my balls, she gently massaged my balls as she sucked on my cock.

“Do you like that honey?” mum asked between sucking me and kneading my balls. “Do you like mummy sucking your cock? You have such a beautiful cock Joe. Mummy loves your big cock.”

“Ohhh mum, that’s it, I love your mouth around my cock. Suck me harder mum.” I moaned. She took me deep in her mouth, I could feel myself slide down her throat, it felt incredible, and her swallowing motions squeezed my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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