Mom – Dream Come True

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It took me a long time to actually get the courage to submit my story as it involves the most special woman in my life – my mom.

As an only son, my teenage years were not easy because my dad passed away in a car accident when I was only 12. However, my mom compensated for the lack of a father by becoming my best friend in all moments imaginable and we did not have secrets from each other or so I thought.

Let me begin by describing my mother at the time of my 18th birthday. She was a gorgeous latina woman, 5ft 10″ with a beautiful smile and beautiful long black hair but what really stuck out was her 38DD perfectly shaped breasts.

She had me at an early age and when I had turned 18 she was only 36, being a widow for 6 years and never wanting to date again.

I will try and tell it like it happened although at the time I didn’t really know what had already gone through her mind but she ended up filling in the blanks for me.

My dad had been a very successful business man and when he passed away we had enough money to last us a lifetime but my mom decided to open real estate agency in the suburbs where we lived. I liked the idea because as most teenage kids I had a major crush on my mom and she looked fabulous with the clothes she used to wear to work, ie. high heels, stockings, business suits (pants or short skirts), long fingernails varnished, etc…

We had a really very open relationship and she knew everything about me and my relationships with the girls I had dated but I had never really told her how much I fancied her body although as a mom she had long figured that out by the way I discretly glanced over at her every now and then.

Now, unlike most people I really have an abnormally large penis (almost 10″ but really thick) and I had a hard time getting laid because the girls I dated were virgins and were afraid of my size. My mom of course was up to date with this as I often shared my frustrations with her but she didn’t really believe I was so big and presumed it was just the teenage inexperience that made my life so difficult.

Since the age of 14 she had stopped walking in to my room giving me totally privacy but we didn’t have any taboos either as far as seeing each other naked and so on. It just had a been quite a few years since she had seen me with an erection. The only rule in the house was that no door should ever be closed or locked and I could even take my girlfriends up to my room as long as I told her first and complied with the simple rule and she always respected the privacy.

Well, I had been pumping iron for 5 years now and looked really good and one day after gym when I got home I went in for the regular shower and ritual of masturbation knowing perfectly well my mom only got home around 19 o’clock and it was only 17 o’clock.

So there I was horny as ever soaping myself with my 10″ fully erect and playing with myself when my mom for some reason she doesn’t remember came home early, something which in 6 years had never happened before!

Naturally, under the water I didn’t hear her arrive and just kept on with some usual fantasy of mine jerking my big dick away. She climbed the stairs to the bedrooms and heard the shower running. She opened the door slightly to say hi and before she could say anything what she saw totally stunned her. Our showers were made of totally transparent glass and there I was frantically yanking my chain. She couldn’t believe her eyes! It was not the masturbation itself as she was totally for it and said constantly that it is very natural for all human beings to please their urges but the thickness and size of her son’s cock was something she could never have imagined.

I couldn’t see her from where I was and continued enjoying myself, fully relaxed that I had at least 2h before she got home. It didn’t take me long and I was moaning and erupting my seed all over the glass shower pumping ever so hard until my bulging head turned purple. She was in total awe!

As I finished the shower and turned the water off, she hurried downstairs and out the front door to avoid bahis firmaları making me aware she had been there and feeling embarassed. So as I walked into my bedroom I heard the front door open and was really surprised to see her.

I don’t recall noticing anything different about her but she says she was more nervous than when she had last her virginity. She came up, gave me a small kiss on the cheek and went to change as always and I went on with dressing my pyjamas before dinner. All I do recall is that evening I thought if she had come in a few minutes earlier she would’ve have caught me in the act (little did I know) and during dinner time I noticed her nipples looked somewhat bigger and more erect than usual through the silk gown she normally wore over her naked body in the house after work.

In fact I loved that chinese gown! It was quite short, barely covering her ass and so thin I could see the outline of every curve of her body. I frequently had an erection during dinner and I’m sure that evening must not have been different. The only thing I had never seen was her actual pussy although I did know she shaved her pussy but I had seen the thick mohican bush she had above her lips and clit. It was more than enough at that age and what I saw gave me more than sufficient material to masturbate at night in my bed.

As it turns out, and cutting a long story short, she has always been a big cock freak and shortly after this incident she began having the weirdest and most erotic dreams with me. She told me months later that she often woke up in the middle of the night soaping wet and had to play with her eager pussy.

Well, I kept perving over her body trying not to be noticed and my frustrations with the girls just continued…

A few months later she couldn’t even see me without a t-shirt as it would make her hot and wet between the legs and she often avoided me. It was frequent for her during the weekend to go up to her bedroom and into her private bathroom just to release herself and all this time I never suspected a damn thing!

One weekend in the middle of the summer she had a few of her friends over for a pool party and as I was placing all the hors d’ouvres throughout the house and the drinks in the refrigerator she walked into the kitchen with the tiniest Brazilian green bikini which basically showed her whole body completely.

I was shocked and excited and confronted her that it was not appropriate for her to wear such a tiny piece of material to the party but she said it was a pool party, we’d all be in our bathing suits and that there was nothing wrong with it.

Her friends began to arrive and I was feeling a little stupid because my girlfriend had recently broken up with me and I was all alone with her friends by the pool. Most were getting quite drunk and mom was wearing a pair of jean shorts over the bikini bottoms at my request because that g-string was so tiny that she ended up agreeing with me.

After a few hours we were all much happier with all the booze flowing and we all ended up swimming and drinking some more. Mom had removed her shorts and was prancing around with her huge tits and that tiny piece of cloth forcing me to stay in the pool to hide my erection from the rest of the people. Some of her friends kept commenting on how hot I was and what a beautiful body I had and she was always looking at me smiling proudly and probably thinking the same thing but she was my mom.

When we finished the barbeque my mom excused herself and said she needed the bathroom and went to her room upstairs but when after 15minutes she had not returned I went in to see if she was okay. Was I in for a surprise!

I walked in to her bathroom and there she was totally naked sitting on the toilet and with her legs sprawled whilst rubbing furiously her clit and fingering with two fingers her cunt. My heart just raced and I stood there staring as she moaned. I didn’t even notice that my cock was fully erect and there was a huge pre-cum stain all over the trunks until she opened her eyes and was startled to see me standing kaçak iddaa there.

I apologized over and over but I was unable to walk out. She called me over to her and said it was okay. I was hipnotized at the size of her cunt lips and clit and she really was a horny latina woman. Her nipples were larger than any other I’d ever seen and her boobs looked even more swollen than normal. She smiled and commented that I must’ve enjoyed watching gesturing to my pants and that’s when I noticed my bulging head sticking out my swimming trunks with pre-cum dripping all over them. She giggled nervously and tried to calm me down urging me to take them off and clean myself up.

I was really embarrassed but didn’t really know what else to do and followed her advice. Soon I stood there with my 10″ about 3″ from her face as she ended pulling my shorts down and before I knew what happened she lost all control and grabbed my cock, sucking it crazily and jerking me off with the other hand. Even if I had wanted to pull away, the sink was behind me and I had nowhere to run and it felt so good. No-one had ever managed to put my whole head in their mouths, let alone suck it the way she was doing. I was in heaven! It felt so good that I don’t think I lasted 30 seconds and soon emptied my load into her mouth whilst she just kept sucking, milking me and swallowing every last drop.

My legs trembled and I thought I was going to pass out when she then stood up and apologized for her actions. I was lost for words and she smiled gently at me saying we should get back to the party.

Looking down at me she noticed I was still fully erect and she gently began to massage my balls whilst looking deeply into my eyes to see my reaction. What reaction could I have? This was by far the best thing I’d ever experienced!

She gestured me to sit on the closed toilet seat where she had been masturbating and all of a sudden there I was looking at her huge round ass begin the amazing descent on my cock. She was going to fuck me! I managed to utter:”Mom!?…” but I quickly surrendered as she moaned and let her weight sink down on my pole. She groaned and began to roll her hips frantically while her fingers continued to play with her swollen clit. She rode me faster and faster, getting my whole dick finally all the way into her hot tight cunt and began to moan about how she had needed a real cock for so long instead of her vibrator? I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Wait” she said, “I want you to fuck me!” and stood up bending over the sink with her ass and pussy smiling at me. She didn’t need to say it twice and I was standing behind her and pushing myself into her.

“I’m not 18 years old you know! Fuck me like a real woman. Fuck me hard!” and took my hands and placed them on her hips. I strengthened my strokes and with my inexperience began to feel how far I could go and noticed there were no barriers between her pussy and my monster cock. I last all notion of gentleness and caring and began to fuck her pussy as hard as I could, slaping my big balls into her cunt at each stroke. She moaned, groaned, uttered a few dirty words and held onto the sink taps whilst I rode her silly.

She then began to tremble and whimper but I kept it up feeling how close I was to come! Her pussy got tighter and all of a sudden she tightened her whole body and let out a low controlled scream and I felt a hot wetness all over my pubic area and balls as her pussy alternated between really tight and loose. It felt like she was massaging my cock and I lost it coming over and over again into that amazing cunt until we were both spent and totally sweating.

I pulled out, still erect and looked at her in the mirror. Her face was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen and that perfect smile was enough to keep me hard. She said she needed to clean herself and get back to the party and that I should do the same before people noticed and started wondering but first she braced her arms around me and placed her fat lips on mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth and kissed me deeply for a few seconds. Naturally I kissed kaçak bahis her back and when she stopped she looked at me with that look that only a mother has and whispered “I love you so much!”.

She looked down at my still hard as ever cock and said “We’ll take care of that later” with the naughtiest smile I think I’d ever seen on her face.

I then washed and went to my room and sat there for about 20 minutes while my mother went back to her guests. I was trying to figure out what had just happened but I didn’t really care because I felt so damn good. Then I heard her voice urging me to come down and say goodbye to the people as they were going home.

The last couple left and we stood there in the kitchen, me in a new pair of shorts and my gorgeous mom in her bright green g-string bikini with her massive tits.

She smiled at me and said “Now, where were we?” I could feel my cock rising and she squeezed it through my shorts and motioned me over to the lounge couch.

She sat me down and straddled me while removing her bikini top exposing those beautiful nipples and full breasts. “I know you love these ‘cos you’re always looking at them. Why don’t kiss them?” and pressed her right breast into my lips. I began to kiss and suck on her huge tits and somehow she pulled my shorts down just enough to sit on my cock and began to fuck me again, this time slower and kissing me in the mouth and allowing me to suck her gorgeous melons.

She kept it up for quite a while and all of a sudden she stood up placing her pussy right against my face and pushed my head into her where I felt her wetness on my lips and smelt her hot love juices. This I had done before and I immediately began to suck on her pussy and clit and almost immediately she began to tremble again and came in my mouth. She dropped to her knees and licked my whole face cleaning me up.

She gesture for me to lie down on the couch and with her on top she held my cock and began to push herself gently down on it, the whole time kissing me and looking into my eyes. Geez, her pussy was tight! She moaned as my head went in and she began to deepen and quicken her pace riding my cock. I couldn’t last long like this.

“Oh yes!” She now screamed into my ear speeding up and rolling her hips like some crazy stripper, going deeper and deeper. It was incredible and I was going to come.

I felt her tense up and her body begin to treble slightly and she smiled at me “How do you like my ass?” as she rode it faster and faster. Her body was now shaking like crazy and I erupted into her.

“Did she say ass?” My god, I’d just fucked my mom in the ass and she had taken me all the way in. Shortly after we both fell asleep on the couch…

I woke up a few hours later with her kneeling on the floor and sucking my erect dick nice and slowly. She had her ass facing me and gently I began to tease her two openings with my fingers. “Good morning sleepy head!” She smiled, “Now don’t be shy with me!” That was the cue I needed and I began to finger her, alternating between her pussy and her ass, while she sucked my cock faster and faster, pumping it with her one hand while the other massaged my balls.

I was now fingering her ass and pussy at the same time and she moaned and rolled her hips into me gesturing me to go deeper. I couldn’t hold it any longer and exploded into her mouth filling her to the rim and finally going limp.

She smiled and motioned me to go upstairs to bed with her and we slept until 11h the next day, obviously repeating the adventure as soon as we woke up.

Since then we have been lovers and I am now 30 years old. Due to her insistance during college I saw other girls and even ended up marrying the one and moving out because she said was the right thing to do. However, every morning before going to work, I stop over at mom’s place for a cup of coffee and a good fuck. Sometimes she’ll just receive me at the door naked and beautiful as ever and once inside the door she’ll kneel in front of me and give the best head imaginable. We do all sorts of things and have even had threesomes with her one best friend who is quite hot and horny too but that is another story.

So far, I have yet to find a woman who can please me as well as my mom. Maybe soon I will post some other crazy stuff we did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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