Mom Discovers My Foot Fetish

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I woke up staring into the sweaty hills of wrinkle abyss of arches smothering my face. I sniffed potency so strong it took all my might just to satisfy my queen Susan.

Sweat poured onto me like it was a mask. Her feet had more sweat than a baby oil bottle. I started licking it off like it was strawberry kiwi juice. “Sniff, sniffff.” She ordered.

She was grinding on my dick and love this attention I gave her. Slow and passionately she grinds. Riding me and smiled with love. I sniffed and sniffed for my queen.

She had pulled down her boy shorts so she can make love. She wore a white seamed hose and a huge bra. “Tongue out and lick.” She pressed those sweaty feet trapped in hose onto my hungry lips. I licked until I shot geysers of water into her backdoor.

“Ohhhh, David. Ohhhh David. Ohhhh you are wonderful.” She moaned. Her anus tightened and I felt a hard squeeze. She orgasmed and shots of her juices shot onto her feet like a busted fire hydrant. It dripped quickly onto my hidden face. I licked all that I gathered and caused her four orgasms.

Her huge labia sprayed in continuous streams. “You make me cum hard David. Wow!” Her back arched, she fingered her huge cave and licked her juices. Her eyes closed and moaning in loudness. She ascended off me and her feet descended into the floor.

I bucked and arched my back just relishing my grandmother’s sex juices. My dick was not limp and I put on my boxers and shorts. Followed behind her comely arches. We ate breakfast and she plopped her wide feet upon the table. Her juices still stuck on her feet and she ordered, “eat the food off my feet David!”

Her legs were crossed, feet very dirty, sweaty. She had already step in her plate of food before displaying them upon the table for my enjoyment. I leaned over and licked it all up into my hungry mouth. I licked until they we’re fully clean. She opened her pussy and said, “Eat me David.”

I kneeled down and crawled under the table. Her legs were spread open. I pulled and licked and bit and stretched her pussy. Then her heat was radiating my face and explosion of her juices splashed onto my face. I opened and gulped it down my throat. She reached down and pressed my visage deep into her cave. I kept eating her pussy.

“You are improving my slave. And keep going.” She said. I heard deep breathing. She was pressing her pussy into my face and stroking back and forth in a rhythm. This furnace was getting hotter and she was continuously wet with passion.

“Now let’s wash up.” We got up and headed to the bathroom. I followed behind her and she strutted her juggling ass, left to right. Mesmerizing and irresistible it was to watch. I drew her a bath, and we sat in her tub. A bubble bath in which she played wet t-shirt.

She wore a flimsy white t-shirt and it exposed the huge round flesh of her gigantic melons. it poked out like missiles. I held and touched them.

“Hahahaha!” She laughed. Like coed dorm students we enjoyed each other’s company. “Bam, bam, bam, bam!” I heard knocking on the door.

I cautiously stepped out the tub and put on a robe. I headed towards the door and as I opened it was mom Ashley. I was dripping wet and the moisture was falling to the ground. “Mother,” I said in shock as to her being here. “What brings you here?”

“Now that’s no way to speak to your mother!” She resented.

“Sorry mom.” I replied.

“Now what are you doing with grandma?” She asked.

She stood dressed up ready for work. She wore a beautiful black blouse, tight jeans and barefoot in high heel mules. But her jeans didn’t hide her feet. It actually exposed them. Especially her arches. I looked down and noticed her arches were bangun and I drooled. So prominent her arches stood, that they looked like they were chiseled and the shape was a full half circle. It wrinkled with might and was the object of my desire. My cock sprang up like tent. My mom was fine as hell and she didn’t know it.

Yo, she was all that. Her big booty in tight ass jeans and 44kkk bra busting boobs also was huge round and fleshy. They stood out like missiles. Her blouse covered her entire chest but I noticed them. With that tiny waist, she was a true hourglass.

I was looking at a work of art. The wrinkles were ridges as if chiseled into her arches. God created her beautiful. I couldn’t stop drooling.

“David,” she yelled. “What are you doing with Grandma?” She repeated.

I couldn’t concentrate. bahis firmaları I tried to think of a response in front of this queen of a mother. “Um..umm…” I said.”

“Answer me.” She ordered. She looked down and notice a pole pointing at her. “David are you hard because of me?” she asked.

I was starting to sweat. Time was ticking and I needed a response. Grandma started to appear. “He is going to be late for work.” Susan said.

She pulled me back into the house to get ready for work. She closed the door and we kissed passionately. She pushed me hard against the door. Hands surrounding me and I surrendered. It was a long passionate kiss. Then she grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs. Pointed and flexed those arches and ordered, “Suck my toes.”

Huge, juicy and round they were. I sucked and sucked. Then she asked me what shoes look best on her. Ironically she too wore high heel mules, barefoot. They too, boldly exposed her high arches. As she stood, the arches became more and more prominent. A bulge of her round arch shape beckoned my eyes. I lowered my gaze to her feet and saw how sexy she was. Like mom, she too wore a blouse and her huge round fleshy chest stuck out like missiles. It strained too much in the shirt. The jeans fit snug against her butt and it’s shape was lovely. Her hips huge and round contrasting that tiny 30 inch waist.

“David it’s not nice, too stare.” She said. I was drooling. She tooo had it going on. She was all that. An hourglass figure I couldn’t ignore.

“Sorry grandma,” I said. “Call me Susan. Don’t be so formal.”

“Thanks Susan.” I said. “You’re welcome.” She replied.

We headed to the car, a Hyundai elantra. She drove me to work and than she headed to the library.

As I got out and walked in, I was welcomed by customers. “Hi Dave!” I heard. I was popular. “Dave, come into my office!” Wendy yelled.

I didn’t go to the office on the main floor. It was a front for the real office in the basement. Stephanie is in charge of this front office but her mother’s office, was where I had to report to. Like home, this office greeted me with an aroma that smelled foul, of stinky feet.

It was immaculate. Nice wood flooring, earthy tones on the walls, and had a Japanese theme. There were Japanese calligraphy spread across walls. It was a warm and inviting atmosphere. Her desk was large and made of oak. It was smooth and she perched her body in the large and leathery confines of a chair that matched her desk. Her interior design was tranquility to my eyes.

Her legs upon the desk and feet crossed wearing black leather loafers caught my attention. I walked in as if I didn’t notice. She had a pleasant personality and was friendly to everyone. That’s how she has loyal customers and accumulated enough wealth over the years. But my eyes couldn’t ignore how the bulge in her shoes were straining as if to burst from the seams.

Her arches were half circled into my thoughts and the ridges of wrinkles chiseled into her arches pushed it’s way into my mind. I sat at the side of her desk just relishing the picture before me. She was dangling her foot and it was irresistible. It was all I could pay attention to.

“Dave, are you hearing me?” She said snapping her fingers at me.

“Ohhh, yes boss.” I said.

She was wearing t shirt, with low cut in front. Her boobs shaped like mom’s. Her boobs sweated furiously. Shirt was pressing hard against her boobs showing how her chest strained difficultly against it. She wore a long polka dot skirt. I don’t think she wore panties or boy shorts. I could see rht nylons and her feet were sweating profusely against the edge of her shoes. She was dipping in and out of them and I couldn’t concentrate. Sweat bubbling at the seams. It dropped onto the desk. Her arches bulged hard against the seams of her loafers.

Her arches penetrated into the desires of my heart. I was drooling.

I said, “I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry that my feet stink. They smell like burnt popcorn and something vinegary!” She said.

“Oh it’s no bother to me. I don’t mind the smell.” I said.

She wasn’t an hourglass (Thick) but she was plus size. A big woman leaning to what many say big boned. It’s like her arches didn’t change shape when she dipped in and out of her shoes. it was fixed. I noticed it when I first got hired. She stood and her arches bulges through the seams when she shook my hand. I looked kaçak iddaa down and breathed in a waft of strong vinegar. It’s potent smell caught me off guard and assaulted my sinuses like spicy food.

And I was stiff and hoped she didn’t notice my tent forming as we shook hands. But her wrinkled arches were second to none. She was sweating all over.

“Wow, you’re the first man to not mind my stinky feet. Usually men quit this job and leave because of it.” She blushed.

“Oh the stink is rather erotic if you ask me. You seem really tense. Let me massage you to help you relax. It’ll help you more efficient at work.” I said.

I got up. The tent was noticeable but I was lusting so hard it cause me to care. I stood next to her. She pulled down my pants and my cock sprang up in front of her hungry face. I moaned. “Oooooh”

I stood behind her and started to knead her neck and back. I massage gently and slowly. “Ohhhh my, David, you have smooth hands. And they feel wonderful!”

I blushed but continued. She started to breath heavily and I felt get back and neck get looser. I started to press harder and she didn’t protest.

I started to leak precum and it dripped to the floor. it even squirt on her hair. I accidentally brushed my cock against her neck. I felt the sweat all over backside. It mixed with my pre cum and I started to moan. I started to move and stood in front of her. She leaned forward and suck my dick. I sat upon the desk and let her have her way with me. She held my dick with one hand and fingered her huge labia pussy lips with the other.

Our lust overpowered us and we began to have oral sex. We needed to release the tension. I needed to release my water from its hose. It didn’t take long until the flood gates open and she started to gulp down all the milk I had. She was sucking me dry. Out it came and down her throat it went. She moaned with passion and lust motivated her. Loud her moans were and the basement office was away from anyone on the main floor too here. I came in gallons and shot load after load.

She then let go and I kneeled to suck on those huge clams. She opened and I tugged, pulled, bit and licked for eternity. She has a huge cave and she pressed my head deep into her. I bobbed back and forth in rhythm. She moaned and moaned.

“Ooohhhh Dave!” Heat covered my face but would soon be replaced with her juices. “Ohhhh. I’m cumming Dave. I’m cumminggggg!!” She screamed. I filled down all her juices and she orgasmed three times. She finally got done.

I stood up and zipped back up. We then headed back upstairs and proceeded back to work. As the day was ending, I waited for grandma. She picked me up and asked how my day went. I told her fine. She noticed my tent and smirked.

We then proceeded to pick up mom and we drove her home. After dropping her off. We rushed into our abode. Upon entrance, we headed up the stairs, and rushed into her bedroom. We tore off each other’s clothes and laid upon the bed. She kneeled and bobbed her head up and down. Sucking my dick and licking it like a popsicle, she was becoming a pro. I closed my eyes and breathed strongly.

She started to go slower and I started to cum and she suck all the cum. As I was spent she fixed dinner. She went downstairs and I came behind her.

After dinner, I sat beneath her and licked my food from her feet. As usual her feet were extremely dirty. I then saw a figure standing behind the screen door, watching from afar.

Her boobs jutting from the shirt that couldn’t restrain them, I realized it was mother. Her boobs pressed deeply against the door and made me stiff. Grandma noticed. “Oh Dave!” Grandma said in shock.

“Mother.” I yelled in surprise. Grandma slowly walked and opened the door for her daughter Ashley. As Ashley walked in, she confronted us.

“I saw you two having sex all week. I knew it. You two are in love. How long has this been going on?”

Since it was after work, she wore a long skirt and a black blouse. her feet were bare against her flip flops. The arches not having any leverage like her high heel mules to hold them up still was strongly noticeable. The arch stood with a round shape off the ground in her insteps. Only her heels and peds were on her shoes lower lining. The pink soles against her chocolate brown insteps was totally irresistible. The wrinkles chiseled into her arches just was mouth watering and I drooled looking at them. She then lifted her leg and slid kaçak bahis it in front of her other leg for support.

It stood on the ped of her foot. The arch was more noticeable and she stood waiting for a response with her arms crossed.

Grandma and me were naked. I finally said something. “Yes, you are correct in your assumptions. Grandma and I are having sex and are in love.”

She tapped her foot. Her juggs ginormous pressing against her arms. My cock back at attention.

“Dave am I turning you on?” She said. I started to squirt globs of cum straight onto her chest and arms. “David.” She shouted. “Something is turning you on. what is it?” She asked.

“Your feet and boobs, Mom. Your feet are high arched and boobs are huge like grandma’s, causing me an erection! I want you so bad!” I responded.

“But you are my son. You mean to tell me those foot massages were turning you on? And that you love my feet?”

“Yes. Your high arched feet, your age, you being my mom and your gigantic boobs attract me so much. I lust after you all the time but was afraid to mention it to you. Afraid of your reaction, what it would be. My cock aches for you just like it does for grandma. I lust after elderly women with high arched feet and you’re one of them. I want you so bad. I need you!” I responded.

“Oh myyyy!” She was getting wet. Her sweat was coming through her shirt. Her boobs were wet and nipples were hard. When her nipples got hard it was hard not to notice. It was 2 inches long when erect. My cock was erect because of it. And juices shot to the floor and it was like her water just broke. Except she isn’t pregnant.

“Mommmm!” I moaned in response. Grandma was enjoying this and was already masturbating at my predicament. She was moaning with her eyes closed.

Mom started to push me against the couch and kiss me passionately. She undressed and continued. She sat me down and started to close her mouth around my cock. She sucked til I had no more cum to shoot. Next she sat her ass onto my dick and rode me like a horse. Her moanings surged like electricity. our passion exploded like ashes from a volcano and she arched her back and I came in her backdoor. I fucked my own mother. She smiled and she glanced in my direction. She got off and pushed me to the floor. She sat down and crossed her leg over the other.

Her feet were dirty and sweat dripped off like cheese off pizza. Dirt adorned her soles and stink made a beautiful aroma. My cock was hard once again. “Sniff… Sniffffff.” She ordered.

I leaned in close and tried to get her scent like a dog. Sniffed and sniffed to please my black queen. She dangled that foot. Pointed and flexed for attention. She was rocking those arches and learned quickly how to tease me. She had me wanting more.

She pushed her toes into my hungry mouth. “Suck!” she said.

My mouth sucked on her juicy toes and I licked underneath and cleaned them. She had really pretty toes. But it was so sweaty it was like her feet were covered in baby oil. Her whole feet was covered in juicy sweat. “Lick!” She commanded.

I licked all the dirt, sweat and stink from her feet. Her feet smelled more like rotten cheese. It was very potent. My cock never went limp.

She opened her legs and I saw huge labia lips. Dark brown and so beautiful for a middle aged lady, my mother. “Eat my pussy!’ She said. Like grandma I played with her pussy until juices shot into my face and she pressed my face hard into her open labia lips. She held it and wouldn’t let go. I filled her juices down my throat and continued til she was no longer wet. She got me up and held my hand and all three of us went to grandma’s bedroom. Mom laid back on the bed and asked me to enter her. She said “Fuck me rough and hard son!”

I ploughed into her loose vagina and banged her as hard as I could. She moaned and groaned. “Ahhhh..ahhh..” I was getting into rhythm and I sucked her gigantic juggs. She started to cum and we had sex for four hours straight. We then fucked doggy style before she fell asleep. Then I popped out of her behind and me and grandma had made love until morning at 2 am. She was famished.

Grandma was gyrating like crazy and moaned harder than Ashley. Hips were bucking, her back arched and legs squeezed me like a constrictor. She sweated and it covered me like a lubricant. First it was hard and fast and then switched to a slow pace lasting about three hours.

“You just love older women with high arched feet, don’t you Dave?” She teased. We drifted off to sleep. My mom finally learned our secret and now she and I are also in love.

Now grandma, mom and I date each other and make love afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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