Mom And Son In The Pool

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“If you have read my other stories, you know that I am sexually attracted to my son. All my stories are based on true situations that have occurred. The actual sex portrayed is a reflection of my desires and not necessarily what actually happened”.

My husband, son and I spent a lot of time in our swimming pool when our boy was young. My husband took great delight at horsing around with Josh in the pool. He would throw him in the air and let him splash into the water. Josh thought this was just great. We all would play in the pool; pushing and dunking each other. As Josh got older, he and his father played harder and sometimes I worried they would hurt each other, Anyway they got too rough for me and I didn’t play as much as I used to. One summer my husbands’ job required him to travel every week and Josh and I would be alone at home. Josh was twenty years old now but still liked the pool. We would lie in the sun, swim and sit on the steps talking.

One day, Josh asked if I remembered how we used to play in the pool. I told him yes but he and his father played to hard and rough for me. This seemed to pique Josh’s devilish ways and he started poking at me. Well I poked back and the next thing I knew, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the water. We were in the shallow end. He splashed water in my face so I splashed him back. He grabbed my wrists and tried to push my head under the water, I fought back and in all the maneuvering I felt his hands brush against my breasts. Then he came around behind me and grabbed me around the waist. Of course, I squirmed and tugged to try to get loose; but he was too strong.

During all this, Josh’s hands grasped my breast several times. I thought it was unintentional and was just a result of all the thrashing around we were doing. At one point, when I was bent over, my ass pushed into Josh’s crotch. I think I felt his penis and it was hard. Again, I didn’t think much of it as it happened so fast. Finally, Josh let me go after much pleading on my part and we got out of the pool and lay in the sun.

A couple of days later, I was laying out and I heard Josh’s car pull up. In a few minutes he was at the pool having changed into his trunks. He dove into the water and surfaced at the side of the pool edge where I was laying on a towel. He said to come on in the water. I told him no I was fine laying here. He then reached up and pulled me into the water starting another round of water wrestling. We pushed and slapped at each other and again Josh would grab me and push my head into the water. I would surface and try to bahis firmaları get out but he would pull me back in.

I must admit it was fun but I really didn’t want to get scratched or bruised with all the rough housing. Josh grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up above his head and brought me splashing down. He did this several times – up in the air and then into the water. Well all this movement loosened my strings holding the top of my swimsuit. When he pulled me up, my breasts were exposed. His back was to me so he didn’t see, but I was trying to tell him to stop that I needed to fix my suit top. He let go of me and when I surfaced I was facing him with my breasts bare. He stared at them while I wiped my eyes with one hand and tried to pull my top over my breasts with the other. I scolded him for playing so rough. He apologized but said thanks for the show. That was the first that I thought anything sexual was occurring.

The next week resulted in more playing in the pool with Josh. We stated grabbing at each other as we splashed around. It seemed that Josh would always end up with his hands on my breasts. From time to time, I would push at him and my hand would touch his dick. It was erect and I was certain he was getting sexually aroused by all the touching. I have to confess I was too. This game went on for days and Josh got bolder at putting his hands on my breasts and also began to touch my crotch and ass. Again, it was easy to justify that it was accidental as a result of the playing. But we both knew different.

One afternoon, while in the water, I was walking towards the steps in the shallow end, and Josh pulled at the string holding my suit top tied. I turned around and told him to stop, that was taking it a little too far. He asked what was wrong with it, it was just innocent fun. I reached around my back to retie my top and when I did Josh dove under the water and pulled my feet out from under me. My top floated to the surface and as Josh and I came up out of the water, he had my top in his hands. I covered my breasts with my hands and told him to return my top to me. He said not until I uncovered my breasts. He chided me for being so bashful and an old prude. Well the term old prude got me mad. So I told him I wasn’t a prude. He then challenged me again to show him my breasts. I said if I do, will you give me my top back? He said he would think about it. So I let my hands drop down to my sides and let him look at my naked breasts. He said thanks, and I want you to know that you have beautiful tits. With that, I turned to walk out kaçak iddaa of the pool, as I got to the steps and started up Josh swam up to me and said here is your top. I turned to take it from him and as I reached he took my hand and pulled me into the water again.

I decided that he needed a dose of his own medicine so I dove under the water and pulled his swim trunks down. I came up and said how to you like having the shoe on the other foot. He said it didn’t bother him and he dove under the water and pulled my suit bottoms down. As I struggled, he slid them off my feet. We were now both totally nude although the water did obscure our bodies a little. We stood facing one another just looking at each other’s bodies.

Josh was the first to speak. He told me I have a very pretty body and that I should be proud of it. I told him thanks for the compliment but no one had seen my naked body but his father in many years. He joked by saying like father like son. I laughed and it seemed to ease my tensions somewhat. Josh said to sit with him on the steps, so we both sat next to each other still naked. We talked for awhile and then Josh stood on the steps which put is dick directly in front of my face. He didn’t move and I looked at him good. He was just like his father and I was starting to get excited by being nude in the pool with my son. An admission that I had not allowed myself until now.

Josh took my hand and pulled me back in the water. He put an arm under my back and the other under my legs which floated me up to the waters surface. He walked me around the shallow end of the pool like that looking at my tits and pussy. He took me to the edge of the pool and told me to hold on with my hands. I reached over my head and took hold of the pool edge with my hands. Josh moved to my side and lifted my legs parallel with the water. My breasts were out of the water and my pussy was bobbing up and down. Josh then did something that took us down a path of no return. He began to run his hand up and down my body. He didn’t touch my breasts or pussy at first. I guess he was waiting on my reaction. The passion that was filling my body overtook any ability I had left to resist what was happening with my son, what was about to happen.

I closed my eyes and lifted my body up more. I then felt his fingers trace lightly over my breasts. Again, I did not protest. His hand was now fully cupping my breast and his fingers began to tweak my nipples. I was definitely aroused now and my body was responding to his touch. I let one of my hands slide down into the water and kaçak bahis I felt the head of his hard dick. I began to stroke it under the water. When Josh realized that I was touching him, he moved his hand to my pussy and started playing with my clit. Neither of us said a word.

We touched each other like that for 10-20 minutes. Then Josh moved between my legs and pulled me towards him in the water. My body glided over the top of the water and just before my pussy met his dick he would push me back towards the poolside. He repeated this several times and each time I could feel my pussy getting closer to his dick head. I believe I could actually feel the heat of our genitals through the water. I didn’t know how long I could stand him teasing my pussy like that. Then again, part of me rationalized that anything short of intercourse would be ok. He continued to pull me towards him, back and forth in the water.

Finally, I felt his cock head touch my pussy opening. He held it there for a moment and then pushed me away. He pulled me back to him and I felt his cock enter me just a little. At this point, I let out a moan and gasped at the feel of him at my pussy. Again, he pushed me away and this time my moan had a plea to it. A plea for him to put it in me. No words spoken, just the sound of my lust emitting from my lungs and lips. Then it happened. He pulled me to him and buried his dick all the way in my pussy. We started fucking in the water. It felt so good and for some reason so right. I told myself that if my son wanted me sexually, I wanted him too. It didn’t take him long to climax and I felt the hot cum fill me. It was the hottest cum I ever felt in me. I suppose it had something to do with being in the cool water. Josh just stood there with my legs wrapped around him. I was still floating in the water and it felt like my body weighed nothing.

Then remorse started to set in over what we had done. I started to cry and said this was so wrong. But Josh, said he disagreed. He thought it was so right. He told me that he had wanted me for many years. He admitted trying to spy on me and see me naked many times. When he did get a glimpse of my body; he would fantasize about having sex with me. He said I just made his fantasies come true and he loved me all the more for it. I told him that we couldn’t do this again. That it would kill his father should he find out. Josh assured me that dad would never know and begged me to do it again. I told him that we couldn’t. This was a one-time deal.

Well, I have to admit that I couldn’t resist him the next time he made advances. And while all the times were wonderful, they can’t compare to the excitement of that first time. I am still trying to get Josh to agree that we should stop, but for now neither of us has the will power to do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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