Mistaken Identity Pt. 02

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Melissa groaned and sat up in the downstairs guest bedroom when the noise of some commotion from above reached her for the second time. She hadn’t paid it much attention at first, preferring to try and get some much needed sleep. The day had been a whirlwind after her sister called, practically hysterical. She could barely understand Caetlyn’s choked voice so she’d asked her to come over instead.

Her heart had clenched when she’d opened the front door to see green eyes, so similar to her own, red, puffy and steeped in sorrow. Caetlyn had tumbled into her arms, words coming a mile a minute. Right there in the entryway, she’d spilled about how her fiance hadn’t touched her in months. How he had become distant and mean. How she hadn’t wanted to worry Melissa with how bad things had gotten.

And finally, she’d talked about going home the night before and walking right in on Walter buried inside another woman.

They had spent the rest of the day talking on and off, the time in between filled with sappy tv shows and ice cream. When they had started getting sleepy, Melissa had forced her sister to take the master bedroom and gone downstairs. Her “arrangement,” with David had been completely forgotten.

But moments after she put her head back down and fallen back asleep after the latest interruption, a sound came again. This one was recognizable, even if slightly muffled. A scream.

Heart suddenly thumping in her chest, she swung bare legs from underneath the cover and onto the floor before cinching a short red robe tight around her naked form. Belatedly, she noticed that the other side of the bed was still empty. Is he still at work? And then her eyes went wide. She hadn’t even told him her sister was here. God, this was going to be so embarrassing.

She ascended the stairs quickly, expecting to hear sounds of startelement and shock. But then a frown creased her face, because she wasn’t hearing any of that. In fact, the door was closed and only the low sound of movement and rustling sheets floated through it.

What the hell?

For reasons she wasn’t even sure of, she chose not to open the door. Instead, she pressed her ear up against it.

“Don’t fight me and I won’t hurt you.”

Melissa wheeled away from the door in shock. That was…that was David’s voice. But she had never heard him like that! So low…so angry…so…dangerous.

Her nipples tightened, along with the muscles low in her stomach. But why was he saying that to her sister? And why was she creeping back towards the door instead bahis firmaları of barging inside?

Before she could answer her own thoughts, her hand was on the doorknob. She could feel her heart thudding in her chest as she turned the knob slowly…slowly…until she heard the faintest click that made her freeze. Blood was thundering in her ears too loud to hear the faint mumbling still coming through the door as she gently pushed it open. By some trick of chance or fate, their normally squeaky bedroom door didn’t make a sound as it glided across the carpet, giving her just enough room take in the sight before her.

And what a sight it was.

Melissa felt her legs turn to jelly and she had to lean against the door jamb to keep from collapsing. The pounding of her heart, the glide of flesh over soft sheets, the almost whispered conversation; all of it vanished until the only thing she could hear was her own stilted exhalations. The only thing she could feel was the pulse between her legs, begging for attention as she watched her husband take advantage of her sister.

The lighting in the room was low, but it was enough to make out David’s sleek, tanned form that was as familiar to her as her own skin. Despite his job, he kept in fantastic shape with regular trips to the gym but now she was seeing him from an all new angle. An angle that perfectly revealed his broad shoulders and wide back that narrowed to a slim waist, along with the muscular globes of his ass sitting atop the smaller, pale outline of her sister.

Stop this, said a small voice in her mind. Before it gets out of hand.

Except she couldn’t move. Couldn’t speak. She was frozen two things. One was the low, dominating tone he kept using. The words were too quiet for her to make out but the aggression in them was unmistakable. With each rumble of his voice, her knees got a little weaker, her pussy wetter, until she was clenching her thighs together to try and satisfy the throbbing between them.

The second was the unfamiliar emotion welling up in her chest. One that she felt had no place in this already crazy situation but there it was and it was bothering the hell out of her.


They weren’t strangers to exploring the other’s kinks but this had been her fantasy. She was supposed to be pinned to the bed, trapped and at his mercy. She was supposed to be receiving his harsh demands.

So why was her hand sliding into her pajama shorts and underneath her panties?

Why was her pussy dripping with need and hotter than an oven? kaçak iddaa

Her mouth opened on a silent gasp as she let two fingers slide roughly through her folds but her focus never shifted from the bed.

She was glad for that as she heard a pop and saw a thin piece of fabric float to the side of the room.

Melissa froze again as her sister shouted, screamed and begged. Those sounds made her heart clench in her chest but she didn’t make a move to finally put a stop to this before it went too far. Instead, she was enthralled by the glimpse she got of David’s long, thick cock hanging heavy and swollen between his legs as he lifted his hips and positioned himself.

She knew when he found Caetlyn’s pussy because her struggles stopped for a second.

That was all he needed.

Melissa saw his hips twitch and she shoved three fingers inside herself at the same time he plunged balls deep inside her sister. She shuddered at the sound of flesh slapping together and Caetlyn’s moan only sent her own arousal hurtling higher. Her fingers did their best to mimic what her sister was feeling but even spreading them inside didn’t split her apart the way his cock did and she had no hope of reaching all the way to the end.

Still, the visual stimulation was more than enough to keep her going and as David started to fuck Caetlyn in earnest, Melissa plunged her fingers in and out repeatedly, grateful they were making enough noise to cover the wet sounds coming from between her thighs.

She lost herself to the erratic rhythm of her fingers and in her lust filled haze, eased the door open a few more inches. Now, there was nothing blocking her view as she watched David fuck her sister like he was a man possessed. It occurred to her that if either of them looked towards the door, they would see her. All of her. Three fingers deep in her own pussy while her other hand rubbed electrifying circles around her clit.

But Melissa couldn’t bring herself to care.

Her legs were shaking to the point she had to rest her weight against the doorframe and each time she curled her fingers her eyes rolled back in her head. So caught up in her own pleasure, she almost missed them changing positions until red hair swirling in the air caught her heavy lidded eyes.

Melissa’s eyes went wide as David flipped Caetlyn over but the pace of her fingers only increased. He knows, she thought, dying to see what would happen next. All the while, her fingers pumped in and out. In and out. Until she was sure they should be able to hear the kaçak bahis wet, squelching sounds by now.

But then they were kissing and David’s hips were moving with an intensity so punishing that Caetlyn’s whole body was being swept up and down the length of the bed, a tiny ship withstanding the rising tides of a storm.

“Oh fuck,” Melissa whispered quietly when she saw David’s head slide towards her shoulder. She knew exactly what was coming and grinned because Caetlyn had no idea.

Her ensuing scream as he bit down on her was so loud it should’ve made her ears ring. It would have, if her own orgasm hadn’t detonated inside her core, making her walls clench as she went blind and senseless but for the white fireworks behind her eyes. She clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle the breathless gasp that left her but she couldn’t get her already shaky legs to keep supporting her as her entire body twitched.

Melissa stumbled back into the hall but lost her balance. Heart in her throat, she caught herself against the wall on the way down but the muffled bump seemed piercingly loud in the sudden and complete stillness of the night.

Her pulse was racing a mile a minute but she was grateful for the adrenaline that let her stand and run down the hall, to the stairs and back to the lower bedroom. She didn’t so much as breathe until she had quietly shut the door behind her and crawled back under the covers. When she finally let out a breath, she could hear her blood rushing through her ears but she desperately tried to listen for any sign that she was exposed.

After several minutes of nothing, she was starting to let herself relax when the door slowly creaked open. Melissa closed her eyes and let her body go limp while her mind raced.

Who was it?

Did they know?

I’m not ready to talk about this.

The other side of the bed dipped beneath David’s weight and her nose tingled as he slid in behind her. He smelled the way he always did after sex, except beneath it, she could smell her sister as well. So why did that make the walls of her pussy clench and flood?

It took everything in her not to flinch when he ran the backs of his fingers down her arm, a sweet gesture that made goosebumps pebble her flesh.

His next words were so quiet that she almost missed them, but she didn’t. And they made her heart squeeze in her chest as he whispered, “God, baby, what have I done?”

But Melissa said nothing. She only kept pretending to be asleep until the sound of his breathing evened out. The digital clock in the corner of the room said two am, which meant she had about five hours to think of something.

If only her traitorous pussy would stop pulsing with need long enough for her to string a thought together.

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