Missy Come to Visit

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Missy my sister-in-law comes to visit about once a year. Her work made it so she had to move away from the family. She misses them greatly so she visits at least once a year, typically for a couple of weeks at a time when she comes. She always stays with us because we have a spare bedroom.

I have always enjoyed it when Missy comes to visit, she is a real looker. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, part Asian so she has nice olive skin. She is in great shape as she regularly works out, even on vacation. Her chest is small, I would guess an A cup at best. She has dark hair and a nice small ass.

Missy is always enthusiastic about coming to stay and seems to like staying with us, we have always gotten along well. I always get the nicest bear hugs from her when she sees me. I like getting these hugs from her, I love the way her chest presses against mine as she hugs me. She has a tiny frame so my arms easily reach all the way around her. Quite often while hugging her I can feel the underwire from her bra on my fingertips.

Missy usually tries to schedule her vacations to visit the family in October; she likes the cool air of the fall time and seeing the leaves change color. She also loves Halloween, as much as we do. Halloween is always a major production with elaborate decorations and extravagant parties. We all always go all out on the costumes, they are typically very elaborate.

We also always plan two different costumes. One that is “family friendly” and one that is more adult for the “adult” parties we go to. But that is a different story.

Like I said, Missy likes to exercise, she particularly likes to run. Due to the cool mornings in our area she does not want to run outside, so instead she runs on the treadmill in our house. The treadmill is in the same room as our TV as we like to watch TV while we run or walk. Missy always works out at the same time every day so it makes it very easy for me to be in “watching TV” when she is working out.

I usually spend more time watching Missy than the TV when she is exercising. I love watching the way her tits bounce as she runs. It also doesn’t hurt that she wears a sports bra and some skin tight running shorts. Neither of which leave much to the imagination as to what her body looks like underneath.

Missy arrived as expected but she was not her usual bubbly self. I still did get my hug that is always greatly anticipated, but she seemed out of character. I asked her if everything was okay and she said it was, except that the airline lost one of her bags. She was mostly upset because this was her “workout bag”. She was wearing her workout tennis shoes but her shorts, sports bras and her swimming attire were in the lost luggage.

I was pretty bummed as well. I didn’t think I would get the chance to watch her exercise. I so enjoyed watching her exercise. When she ran the sweat would run down between her breasts and down her flat stomach. This was incredibly sexy to me.

Later that day Missy got a call which greatly lifted her spirits. I asked her if the call was good news and she stated “It was the airline, they found my luggage, but the bad news is that it won’t get here for a few days.”

“That’s too bad”, I said. I suggested that maybe my wife had some shorts and maybe a sports bra she could borrow to do her exercising. After all, I didn’t want to miss watching her exercise. She thanked me and went to find my wife.

That night I asked my wife if she was able to help her sister out with exercise clothes. She said she was able to help with shorts but not a sports bra. My wife is bigger than her sister so I wasn’t surprised when she said this. I was disappointed for a moment until my wife told me that she was still planning on exercising but that she’d just figure something else out for a top.

My wife smirked at me and said “Don’t worry babe, you will still get to watch her work out!”

I blushed and said “Thanks babe!” with a sly smile. I was pretty sure my wife knew that was the only reason why was in the same room with Missy when she worked out but I was not positive. Her statement confirmed that she knew.

The next day, just before Missys normal exercise time I went in to “watch TV”, she was right on time as expected. Missy was in the shorts my wife gave her to wear, they were not skin tight like her normal exercise shorts, but they did still look really good on her. For her top, she wore a white skin tight shirt that showed a little bit of her flat, toned, stomach. It looked like she had a dark colored bra on underneath but I couldn’t tell exactly what color.

I handed her the remote when she walked in so that she could choose the show she wanted to watch. She was grateful as she did not like watching sports, which is what I had on. She changed it to some cooking show. I enjoy cooking and learning new things so I was enjoying the show with her, what little of it I was watching. I was fixated on her breasts; they were bouncing more than normal today bahis firmaları as she just had a “normal” bra on.

I found myself staring more than normal as she exercised. I was being lazy today and hadn’t put on my Levis. I was glad I didn’t because the hard on I was getting by watching her would have been very uncomfortable in Levis. Every minute that passed as she was exercising caused her shirt to become more and more see-thru as it became wet with her sweat.

I was so focused on her soaking blouse, which was now see-thru due to her sweat and her bouncing tits in her dark blue bra, that I didn’t notice the erection in my pants and the tent it was causing. Missy finished her exercising so I quickly pretended I was watching the show. She turned to leave and noticed the tent in my pants. She said to me, “It looks like you are enjoying the show”. I looked up at her and noticed she was looking at my crotch. I managed to stammer “yeah” in response as she walked away.

She just giggled. I couldn’t help but watch her swaying ass as she walked down the hall to her room. She glanced over her shoulder as she left and noticed I was still staring at her. She just smiled to herself. Her bedroom was just down the hall from the TV room, the bathroom was just across the hall from her bedroom. She went to her room to get her things for the shower.

Missy was making a lot of noise when leaving her room. I looked down the hall to see what the ruckus was. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Missy was standing there in just her bra and panties. I was correct when guessing her bra color. It was dark blue, with matching panties. Seeing her standing there in her underwear made my cock jump in my pants. I enjoyed watching her mostly naked body as she walked into the bathroom to get a shower. She winked at me just as she disappeared through the door.

I couldn’t help but wonder if she was flirting with me and if she was turned on by seeing my hard cock in my pants. I figured it wasn’t either, I figured she was just comfortable around the house and with her body. I wouldn’t be that lucky to have my hot sister-in-law turned on by me or even flirting with me. I was just sitting there, enjoying the show that was on when I realized Missy had been in the shower for a long time. I figured she was just shaving or something but I was concerned all the same so I went to check on her. When I got to the bathroom door I could hear noise coming from the bathroom so I assumed she was fine. I knocked anyway.

Missy answered in a husky voice “Yes?”

I replied “Everything okay in there?”

She said “Yes everything is fantastic, thanks for checking”.

I stayed for a moment longer and heard what I thought was a moan.

I left to go back to the TV.

Several minutes later the door opened from the bathroom and my Sister-in-law came out, she was wearing nothing but a towel that barely covered her breasts. She looked great with her wet hair and no makeup. She slipped into her bedroom and then came out a short time later. Missy came out in sweat bottoms and a loose fitting top. She came over to me and bent over in front of me. I could see down her blouse and she was not wearing a bra! I got a great look at her perky breasts!

I looked quizzically at her, it was unusual for her to come back in after her workout, let alone bend over in front of me.

I asked her “What’s up?”

She teasingly said “Besides you?” She then looked down at my crotch and then continued, “Nothing really, I just want a hug.”

I figured why not I loved getting hugs from her, plus I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, I hoped I would be able to feel more than “just the underwire”, so I enthusiastically jumped up.

As we embraced, she grabbed me tighter than normal. I could feel her breasts against my chest. My arms easily reached around her and of course they went to where I normally feel the underwire from her bra. All I felt was the soft skin of the side of her breasts.

Her breasts felt so soft, I wished desperately that there was not a blouse between my hands and her breasts, I would love to have felt them skin to skin. As I was enjoying our embrace, and noticing the painful erection growing in my pants, she whispered in my ear, “Thank you for getting so turned on watching me, I enjoyed getting off in the shower thinking of the tent you had in your pants after watching me work out”.

With all the sensations of her being pressed against my body, me feeling the side of her breasts and the words she spoke to me I was rock hard. I was trying, unsuccessfully, to keep her from noticing I was hard again. She broke the hug and looked down to see my tent. She smiled slyly and reached out and gave my cock a squeeze.

She muttered “Nice!” and was gone.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. My beautiful sister-in-law had just grabbed my cock and had told me that she got off in the shower thinking about it!

My cock ached for a release. That night as I was kaçak iddaa getting ready for bed, my wife was there getting ready as well. I couldn’t wait any longer! I grabbed my wife, started kissing her passionately, and rubbing her tits and body with my hands. I desperately needed to release the pressure that had been building in my cock all day! After several moments of kissing and fondling I threw my wife on the bed. I climbed on the bed between her legs and slowly pulled her panties down.

I tossed her panties on the floor and then gently started nibbling and kissing the inside of her thighs. I was slowly making my way to her pussy. I spent quite some time licking her pussy, her outside lips, the entrance to her pussy, which tasted fantastic, and then up to her clit. She has told me how much she loves me going down on her. I licked and teased her pussy until she exploded in an orgasm which caused her whole body to tremble in delight.

After her orgasm subsided, I flipped her over so her ass was in the air. This was one of my favorite positions, there is a lot of friction on my cock and I usually cum very quickly this way. I usually don’t take her this way because it is so hard for me control my orgasm, I like to make our love making sessions last.

I rammed my hard cock all the way in, with one thrust, into her wanting, wet pussy. It was tighter than normal because she had just cum. She was so wet with her juices and my saliva mixed together. I pumped my hard cock in and out of her as hard and as quick as I could. It wasn’t long before I was filling her pussy up with my load of cum.

When I finished she said, “Wow! That was more intense on your part than normal, what came over you tonight?”

I wasn’t about to tell her all that transpired that day, she would flip out if she knew I had felt the side of her sisters boobs and that Missy had told me she got off while thinking of my hard cock. She did know that I have always had a major crush on her sister though, so I told her I got really excited watching her exercise today and have been turned on ever since.

She said “You need to get turned on like that more often” with a wink and a smile.

We drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning my wife was already out of bed. My mind started wandering, thinking about my sister-in-law getting off in the shower, the feel of her breasts, seeing her naked breasts down her blouse, wondering what she would look like fully naked, and on and on. All of these thoughts made me very hard. I was alone in my room, so I took the opportunity to play with myself.

I slowly started to rub my hard cock. I started at the tip of my cock with my finger tips and slowly stroked down the length of my hard, pulsating cock. It felt so incredibly good under my silk boxers. After a few minutes of teasing myself I stripped off my boxers so I was completely naked. I grabbed my cock in my hand and started stroking it. While I was stroking my cock, I started playing with my nipples, they are very sensitive and feel great to play with while getting off. I was thinking about my sister-in-law and how good she would look naked when I blew my load all over my stomach and chest.

I decided I would get cleaned up and get a shower but I knew Missy was about so I didn’t dare go to the bathroom naked. I wouldn’t have cared if either Missy or my wife saw me but I am sure my wife would have blown a gasket with me wandering around the house nude with her sister there. I wiped up my cum with a towel, threw on my boxers, and went into the bathroom to get a shower.

After my shower, I wrapped my towel around my waist, I intentionally wrapped it lower than normal, just above the pubic bone, barely covering my cock, in the hopes that I would run into Missy and she would enjoy the view. I also knew my wife would enjoy the view when I saw her. I figured I might as well tease both of them.

I went and found my wife who was in the kitchen making coffee for her and her sister. They were chatting when I walked in and I could tell that they had quickly changed the subject. I wondered what they were up to. I kissed my wife and said “Good Morning”. She asked if I wanted a coffee, I told her no I was fine, but thank you. While I was talking to my wife I couldn’t help but notice Missy was checking me out.

After the ladies had finished their coffee, it was time for Missy to exercise. Of course I was in my place “watching TV” like normal when she came in. My wife had just gotten into the shower. When I saw Missy my jaw just about hit the floor.

She asked, “Like what you see?”

I exclaimed “Hell yea I do!”

She was wearing the same white blouse as the day before and the same shorts. However, today I could clearly tell she was not wearing a bra. I could clearly make out the dark circles of her nipples which were straining against the thin fabric.

I could feel my cock stirring in my pants again. I could not wait for the show that was about kaçak bahis to commence.

I handed her the remote again. She changed the TV to the cooking channel again, no surprise. I honestly didn’t care, I wouldn’t be watching it, I would be watching my sexy Sister-in-Law. Missy knew I wouldn’t be paying attention to the TV either.

She started running and her breasts bounced better today than I had ever seen before. As her breasts bounced her nipples rubbed against the fabric of her shirt making them even harder than before. Her workout today was not as long as the day before, she stopped as soon as the shower turned off. I am guessing she didn’t want her sister to see that she was exercising in front of her husband without a bra on. She did end up exercising hard enough to get her shirt soaking wet, making it that much easier to see her breasts through the thin fabric.

She had a towel next to her that she pulled up to her face to wipe away the sweat that conveniently covered up her see-thru shirt when my wife walked out of the bathroom. I had a massive hard on in my pants, but it was easily hid as I had been playing with it while watching her work out so it was laid against my body and not standing up creating a tent. Missy had noticed me playing while she was working out. Missy just winked at me as she headed to her room to get ready for her shower.

My wife went into our room to get dressed and I heard Missy open the door to her room right after my wife closed her door. I of course was looking her way as I wanted to see if she had any other surprises for me today. She most definitely did, she was completely naked and did not bother to cover up as she slowly walked from her room to the bathroom.

She had an absolutely amazing body, she was in great shape. Missy had nice perky tits, that still had rock hard nipples. From what I could see, her pussy was cleanly shaved. She had a nice round ass. She was everything I had imagined and more. She of course checked to make sure I was looking before whispering, “I would love to see you naked” as she disappeared into the bathroom.

The shower didn’t start for the longest time. I wondered what Missy could possibly be doing in there? She was probably just using the restroom or some other “girly” thing. My wife came out of the bedroom, she looked great in her silk pajamas and she clearly had no bra on. These women were driving me wild! She came over and kissed me passionately, our tongues darting into each other’s mouth, dancing together in a frenzied dance.

When we broke the kiss my wife said, “I will be upstairs on the computer, enjoy your-self!”

She was then gone, leaving me puzzled by her statement.

Not too long after my wife left, I heard the door to the bathroom open, it opened just a crack but Missy didn’t come out. I thought that was rather odd. Right after the door was opened I heard the shower turn on.

Did Missy want me to see her in the shower? Did she want me to see her naked, again? I wasn’t sure what she wanted, if anything. I decided to chance it. I very quietly went down the hall and peaked into the bathroom. She was rubbing her tits with one hand while the other was playing with her pussy. She was watching the door to see if I would look, she smiled when she saw me standing there.

I was mesmerized watching her touch herself. I knew my wife masturbated, I had found her vibrators, but I had never actually seen her pleasure herself. It was a major turn on for me to be standing there watching a woman play with herself. I kept both an ear and an eye out for my wife as I stood there and watched Missy slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. She was switching between putting two fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I was actually watching my sister-in-law pleasure herself!

I reached down and took my hard cock out of my pants and started playing with myself while I watched. I knew it was wrong to be watching her like this, and playing with myself while I watched. I also didn’t want to hurt my wife, I love her deeply, but I couldn’t help but watch my beautiful Sister-In-Law and enjoy the amazing show she was putting on for me.

I could tell she was turned on by having me watch her. It also helped heighten her excitement that I was playing with myself. She came fast and hard, she smiled at me and with a mischievous grin mouthed “thank you” to me.

I slowly and quietly pulled the door closed and went back to watching TV. When Missy came out of the shower she had her towel around her waist with her tits fully exposed to me. I was enjoying the site of her mostly naked body more than I ever imagined I would.

My cock was rock hard and pushing against my pants, I couldn’t help myself, I had to cum. I pulled out my cock while admiring my half naked sister-in-law standing close by. She whispered “please make yourself cum for me”. I was nervous that my wife would walk in on me and see her sister standing there watching me, but at this point I really didn’t care. I just had to cum! I was massively turned on and I had to return the favor, I had to let Missy watch me get myself off just as I had just watched her get off.

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