Missing You

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It was a cold summer night and I was shivering in my frilly dress, but that was the least of my concerns.

Today was the day, I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in a week and I was about to burst. Not only from missing him, but from the sexual energy that had built up between us. Honestly, 7 days of near constant sexting will do that to you, but the only thing that mattered today was seeing him and falling into his soft embrace, sinking into her is arms and inhaling the sweet smell of his perfume.

As I was waiting on the corner for him to pick me up, my knees were shaking and when I saw him my inner muscles clenched and the butterflies in my stomach went wild. Once I got into the car, I immediately attacked him, kissing and sucking in his bottom lip, while my hand went to my favorite place to tease his neck. It’s like time was at a standstill while I started moving my hands down his torso and lower to find him already hard and ready for me. I was going to orgasm right there and then. If course, he wasn’t wasting his time either tearing kurtköy escort up the neckline of my dress and palming the checks of my buttocks, lightly squeezing with each time he rocked himself into me. Surprisingly enough I didn’t tear the zipper of his pants to ride him, for all his was worth, in the car. However much I wanted him into me and on me, I wanted to wait for a proper bed so I could have room to do everything I wanted with him.

I remember that at some point I disentangled myself from him, only to stroke his delicious cock, while he was driving us home. I could see the strain in his muscles every time I brushed the tip and massaged his balls.

No sooner, had he parked, than he had me in the elevator body against body – feeling his pulsing erection pressing into the cleft if my butt. It was going to be an exciting evening!

Drew had a promise to keep from the week before and I was going to hold him to it. Once we got to the bed, he pulled out a rope from his pocket and tied my hands behind my back, leaving malatya escort me virtually in his control.

I was already soaked, my panties dripping from the urgent desire I had for him. He put me on my knees, butt in the air and pulled my hair. Still holding onto it he whispered in my ear “I am going to fuck you so hard and I will make you come so many times that you won’t be able to walk after that! Your pussy and your sweet little ass are mine! “. Holding my hip with one hand and stroking my clit with the other, he continued to whisper his plans for me, while I was already so close, I felt like I was going to burst and splatter the walls with my juices. But he didn’t allow that. Once I was in the edge, with one move he rammed into me from behind, leaving me breathless as he continued to pound away without mercy. I was coming the moment he entered me, as I could feel the soft velvet of his dick entering me and stroking all the sweet spots.

Just as u thought that the fireworks are done, he pulled out and already lubricated from kayseri escort my vagina’s juices entered my ass effortlessly. I could him groaning as my ass gripped him tighter and squeezed him to the very brink. He picked up the pace and I could feel myself coming apart again, but this time stronger than ever. I could feel him groaning and straining for his own release as well and after a few seconds I could feel a hotness spreading from my core to my entire body. At the same time I felt his dick swell into my ass and the hot spurts of semen hitting my inner walls. It was the most exquisite experience of my life, period!

I was coming down from my high, after I don’t know how long, but the member inside me was hardening again relentlessly wanting to own my ass for its own. He started moving again, this time being merciless, adding stinging slaps to my cheeks and rubbing my clit in between. Honestly I didn’t know whether I had entered heaven or hell, because I was at the edge the whole time while he was moving in and out, my ass squeezing him to the last drop. I can’t even imagine how long it was, but the sensations rendered me speechless and mindless. Only once he had utterly owned me and fucked my ass thoroughly twice, did we collapse next to each other, boneless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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