Missing My Mom Ch. 02

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mmmmmmmmm, that’s my boy,” she said. “Now it’s MY turn.”

Carrie sat up on the couch, pulling her son to his feet as he began to stand, at her urging. She had a smile of a woman who had experienced a satisfying orgasm, but who knew it was just the beginning. Brad’s eyes were full of lust as he stared down at her, watching her sexy lips as she grinned at his swollen, hard cock. “Mmmmmmmm, my oh my, aren’t we BIG, baby?” she cooed, as her hand wrapped around his cock, incredibly hard, and so swollen in anticipation. Brad smiled faintly, mesmerized at her beautiful tits, head spinning as he thought about her lips around his cock head. He only had to wait a second, as his mother’s sexy lips kissed the large head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, mom” he said softly, full of lust and desire. “Mmmmmmm, yeahhhh.”

“Oh, mmmm, honey, mmmm” Carrie said as she kissed and licked his thick cock head, “Momma’s gonna make you feel soooooo good…. mmmmm” slurping and licking the head. Brad did everything in his power to keep from spurting loads of hot cum into his mother’s mouth right THEN, the feeling was so incredible. Even more erotic was watching his mother kiss and lick his cock head, while looking up into his eyes with a lust that told him she WANTED all his hot semen! Then, without warning, Carrie sank her mouth down onto his cock, taking in half his length. Her warm wet mouth was more than he could stand, he thought.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK, MOM!” he almost shouted, grabbing her head in reflex, steadying himself as waves of intense pleasure washed over him. “Oh, yeah, mom, mmmmmmmm… lick my big cock, suck it mom!” Carrie redoubled her efforts, her fingers holding him at the base, the ring and pinky fingers stroking his tight balls. She loved the feel and taste of her son’s thick cock in her mouth, and felt like such a sexy slut for giving him head – but she wanted to do it for him so badly, and even MORE! She began to go lower on each stroke, as her head bobbed up and down, taking him deeper into her mouth, as his fingers dug into her skull a little, moaning loudly. She sensed his hips begin to buck, and his cock began to hit the back of her throat as she jerked his hard cock at the base, her tongue swirling round the underside and the head as she went up and down.

“MMMmmphh,” she moaned in pleasure, as his hands forced her head down further, his cock fucking her hot throat. Her other hand was on his ass, loving the feel of his muscles straining, pulling him into her mouth, his tight balls pressing into her chin as she bobbed up and down. “Aaaggggggghhhhhh” she choked slightly as he began to fuck her throat in earnest, pumping his thick cock deeper, her tongue swirling over the head and shaft.

“OHHHHH…… Ohhhhh, MOM” he almost gasped, the erotic sight, the intense pleasure, almost too much now. “MMMMMmm ohhhhh fuck mom, you’re gonna make me cum soon!” Hearing these words, Carrie also moaned louder, massaging and squeezing his buttock, feeling him fuck her hot throat, eager for her son’s cum to shoot into her hot mouth. Her moaning was simply too much, hearing her in such pleasure from deep-throating him, loving the feel of her hot wet throat, the feel of her tongue, her other hand jerking the base of his shaft. She obviously wanted his cum as much as he wanted to give it, so he stopped fighting the urge and grabbed her head, holding it down while he fucked her throat fast and deep. “Ohhhhhhhhh bahis firmaları FUCK mom, gonna cum so good in your throat, gonna give you loads!!!” and with that he felt the first waves hit, as his mom breathed harder, trying to keep her son deep in her throat.

“Cummmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg mommmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy” he yelled, as he felt an electric explosion that erupted from his tight full balls, and shot out his cock. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he groaned as spurts of hot thick cum shot into his mother’s throat. Carrie didn’t budge, eagerly sucking him, keeping him deep for the first two thrusts/spurts, letting him feel the pleasure, then pulling out slightly so her son would fill her hot slut mouth with his delicious loads of cum. Brad continued to buck into her, “Unnnnnnngggghhhhh, ummmmmmmm, mmmmmm,” he uttered, thrusting again and again, cumming hard, spurting into her hot mouth, her tongue swirling greedily to get every drop. Her continual moaning spurred him on, as he continued to fuck her hot, sexy mouth, again, and again. “OH – FUCK – MOM” he breathed with each thrust, still cumming, in absolute ecstasy. He began to slow down after the eight spurt, loving the feel of his mom’s hot tongue running up and down his hard cock, hips still gyrating.

Carrie had only closed her eyes when her son warned her he was cumming, and opened them as soon as he began to slow, looking up with him in obvious pleasure and enjoyment. As he came down off his orgasmic high, he again began to look at her, smiling down at her. “Ohhhhhhh, mom, that was AMAZING,” he whispered, still jumping as her tongue ran up and down over his cock head, her tongue licking his sensitive slit, greedy for every drop of cum. She looked up at him, releasing his cock from her mouth, and smiled as she continued to jack his cock.

“Mmmmmmmm baby, I LOVE the taste of your sweet cum, you came SOOOOOOO much.” She continued to stroke his thick cock, pleasantly surprised that he stayed hard in her hand, hoping that all the excitement would keep him erect – she had other plans for his thick cock.

“MMMmmmmmm believe me, there’s more where that came from,” he winked.

“Good!” she shot back, excitedly, standing up. “‘Cause I have BIG plans for that BIG cock of yours, honey.” She pressed her tight body into his, kissing him deeply as she stroked his hard cock. Her nipples pressed into his hard chest, so hard, so sexy. The feel of it all made his cock as hard as before he came, and he was amazed! Brad was so turned on at the feel of his mother’s hot wet tongue deep in his mouth that he completely dismissed the thought of possibly tasting his own cum, and wrapped his arms around his mother’s waist, quickly moving to her shapely round ass. He began to squeeze and knead her ass, as her thumb and forefinger encircled his cock, moving up and down, stroking him. The feeling was wonderful, and yet Brad felt no pressure that he might cum soon. He began to moan into his mother’s mouth in ecstasty, then she slowly broke their sexy kiss…

“MMMMM baby, I need your hard cock inside me… will you fuck momma, baby?” she cooed, slightly biting her lower lip as she stared at her son, waiting for an answer. She knew she had him, and wanted to tease and please him so much. As her son glared at her in lust, speechless for a half second, Carrie stepped back, grinning. “Why don’t you lay down, baby, and let’s get ready to fuck!”

That kaçak iddaa was all the invite Brad needed, and as he stared at his mom’s voluptuous body, he laid down, this time on the floor, the carpet in front of the coffe table providing some cushion. He thought his mom would mount him then and there, but was surprised when she slowly turned around and lowered her pussy over his mouth. “Mmmmmmmmm yeah, mom,” he moaned, eagerly grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her pussy to his waiting mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, baby, want you to get me good and ready!!! Mmmmmmm, fuck yes, love that hot mouth, my baby!!” she moaned, as she felt her son’s tongue lapping at her hot slit. She squirmed over his mouth, loving the feel of his hot tongue, and slowly began to suck his hard cock into her mouth, feeling her juices flowing into his mouth. She began to pant, and Brad, sensing an orgasm might not be far off, attacked his mom’s hot cunt with renewed abandon, lapping at her slit, licking her swollen clit, shoving his tongue insider her wet pussy. “Ohhhhh FUCK!!” his mom gasped, moving up and down on his cock. His strong hands spread her smooth round ass cheeks, fucking her pussy with his tongue, swallowing her juices as they flooded his mouth. He was amazed, and turned on, by the volume of her juices, and continued to lick and suck, making love to her hot pussy with his mouth. His thumbs rubbed her ass cheeks, licking and sucking her hard clit, in and out of his wet lips, feeling her moan, her hips bucking now as he slid his tongue back into her wet pussy.

Carrie’s head shot back, releasing his hard cock, as she screamed, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, shit, yesssssss!!!!” As her son, buried his nose in her ass and shoved his tongue back deep into her hot cunt, she felt the first waves wash over her. “Unnnnggggggg, fuck I’m gonna squirt, babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!” and she humped his mouth harder still, feeling the contractions in her tight cunt as her orgasm peaked, then released, and with it her juices shot out of her, soaking her son’s face and filling his hot, sexy mouth. As she began to squirt, Brad picked up the pace, if that was possible, twisting and flicking his tongue inside his mother’s hot pussy as he rubbed her clit with his fingertips and swallowed as much of her hot pussy juices as possible, avoiding choking as he pleasured her.

Carrie continued to cum, squirting more pussy juice, as she swallowed as much of her son’s hot thick cock in one swoop, sucking fast up and down, in pure lust. She continued to cum, loving his long tongue insider her hot cunt, waves of pleasure rolling over and over her, but she needed his cock to fill her, now. “MMMM – OHHH – BRAD – MMM – BABY – FUCK ME!!!!” she gasped as he continued his assault on her sexy pussy. He couldn’t believe it, he WAS about to fuck his OWN mother!!! “Come on, baby, TAKE ME – NOW!!!!”

Brad slid from up under his mother, and instinctively, behind her. He loved the site that presented itself. Her ass was poking up in the air, her smooth pussy lips glistening from her juices and his saliva, her huge tits swaying as her hips bucked involuntarily. She moaned continuously, softly, as he rested his weight on one foot, one knee, and pushed his hard cock under her pussy, stroking her clit. “MMMMMMmmmmmm FUCK you are HOT, mom!!!” he exclaimed, as she moaned loudly and continuously at the touch of his cockhead on her sensitive clit. “Ohhhhhh YEAH, mom – I can’t kaçak bahis WAIT to fuck you!!!!”

“Ohhhhhhh baby – fuck mommy’s hot cunt – NOW!!! I want to feel you fill me with that big hard cock!!!!”

Brad was shaking with lust at the idea of fucking his hot mother – and her beggin for it made it that much better!!! “Ohh, yeah, mom, gonna fill your hot pussy with this hard cock” as he pushed the head of his cock to her wet opening, feeling her soak the head of his cock with her juices.

“Oh, Brad, baby, fuck my hot cunt NOW!!!” she hissed, shaking her hot ass at her son, baiting him to fuck her hard and deep. He responded by shoving his thick cock deep inside her, in one thrust.

“Unngghhhhhh” he moaned, in pure ecstasy, as his cock filled his mother to the hilt. “Ohhhhhhhhhh mommmmmmmmm yessssssssss” he cried, holding her ass cheeks, moving his hips as he thrust deep, pulling out only slighty, and thrusting again…

“OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS babyyyyyyyy,” Carrie moaned, feeling another small orgasm wash over her as he penetrated deeply. “Mmmmmmmm fuck mommy’s cunt hard baby – fuck me deep!!!!” Brad responded by shoving his cock into his mother hard and fast, his tight balls slapping into her pussy lips, watching her writhe below him. As he pounded her tight wet cunt, she began to shake, her cunt spasming around his thick cock, as she felt him stretch her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh cummmmminnnnnnnnggggg Braaaaaaaaaad!!!!!” she screamed, as another violent orgasm seized her, dropping her chest to the floor, her breasts heaving….

“OHHH – YEAH – MOM – LOVE – FUCKING – YOU!!!!” he grunted, with each thrust. Her pussy flooded his balls as she squirted all over him, and he kept pumping his cock into his mother, fucking her like an animal….

“Mmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, baby” she moaned, coming off her hardest orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhh cum inside momma, Brad, honey” she groaned, her pussy not used to this sort of assault, but loving it. “MMMMmmmmmmmm I want your cum in me, so deep, baby” she begged.

“Ohhhhh yeah, mom, gonna cum so deep in your hot pussy,” he yelled, pumping harder, faster. “Unnnghhh, mpphhhhh, ahhhhhh” he grunted, feeling his balls tighten.

Carrie could sense her son was about to fill her wet cunt with his load, and she wanted to cum with him, so she began to rub her clit fast, up and down. “Ohh, ohhhhhhh, OHHHHHHHHH” she squealed, crescendoing to yet another powerful orgasm as her son pumped her hot cunt.

Brad felt his balls boiling, then ready for release. “OHHHH mom FUCK I’m gonna CUM!!!” he screamed, thrashing her pussy with his hard cock as he came hard, spurting again and again into her warm wet pussy. “Cummmmmmminnnnnnnnngggggg mommmmmmmmmmm!!!!!”

Carrie arched again, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS honey!!!!” she screamed in return, her hips bucking against his as her whole pelvis shook, ravaged by his thick cock, her clit so swollen and sensitive. “Ohhhhhhh FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” as she squirted again, and again. Her son was slamming his cock into her so hard, and she loved it, feeling his hot cum spurt inside her. After eight or ten thrusts, he began to slow down…

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh MOM!!!” he breathed, “That was INCREDIBLE. You are the sexiest woman alive!!!” He continued to rock insider her, hips gyrating slowly…

“Mmmmmmmmm baby, you fucked mommy so good” as she looked back at him, in orgasmic bliss. “How about you pull out of mommy and let me clean you up, and we’ll rest a while before we do some more, hmmmmm?”

Brad grinned, ready to please his mom all nite, wanting to feel her tongue on his insatiable cock……

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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