Miss Lutz , Bill

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Bill was the kind of high school student the school hated. Never willing to just buckle down, he continually caused trouble. Bill figured school was rather like prison- a four year sentence to be endured. If he was lucky he might escape on parole, but the administration dropped mid-year graduation for seniors before he had a chance. Eighteen years young and full of ambition, he spent most of his days in shop class. Every extra period he could get was devoted to the school shop. His vocational agriculture teacher even joked it was more like “Bill’s Repair” than a classroom. Time seems to always march on and so did high school.

One period of each and every day this year would be a battle. Study hall that hour was overseen by a coach/social studies teacher. Bill and the coach had a deep rooted hatred for each other that neither tried to hide. By the third day of school Bill just said to hell with it and quit showing up. After a week or so of hanging in the hallways, dodging the principal and teachers, he got caught. The chorus teacher was in the right place at the right time and found him. The usual questions verified where he was supposed to be, yet she did not turn him in. Apparently she couldn’t stand the coach either. Following obediently to her room she set him to work on props and risers for the next musical. Disappearing for a moment she let the principal know where he was and that she would keep and eye on him for that period each day. Study hall problem solved.

For the next couple months Bill went to the chorus room every day for third period. He knew Miss Lutz as more than just a teacher. His sister was an incredibly talented singer who often sang in church and other festivities with Miss Lutz’s accompaniment. The young teacher was a family friend and sometimes came to his house for special gatherings. So every one was happy, Bill avoided the coach, Miss Lutz had some muscle for help, and the principal didn’t have to track down the hooligan everyday.

One day in early October, Bill strolled into the room as usual only to hear an odd sound. Knocking on her office door and pushing it open slightly, he found his friend in terrible sobs. Miss Lutz was in the throws of a painful cry. He could ask all the questions he wanted, but her moans and sobs obliterated any discernable reply. Finally he just held her as he would have his mom or sister and talked her softly back to some composure. Calmed finally, she began to explain. Recently there had been a new boyfriend in her life. After several dates and visits, the callous bum had not only dumped her but done it just now over the phone. Telling her she was fat, ugly, bitchy and everything but nice had destroyed her. The always happy and fun lady Bill knew was gone for the moment and a wrecked shell of hurt was in her place. Most of the hour was spent just getting her back under control of her emotions.

Taking Miss Lutz’s face in his hands he told her to listen carefully. She needed to listen and understand his every word. Slowly his words came out and made sure she understood. She was not fat, ugly, or any other terrible thing this heartless bastard had said. Bill had always found her to be very pretty and loving. Anyone who couldn’t see beauty in her eyes had to be completely blind and stupid. Besides, he explained, she had a body to die for and most of the school guys drooled at the thought of helping her out of her clothes. If he were only out of school he would have been beating down her door, begging for a date a long time ago. For now she must remember where she was and the time. Bringing a soft hankie to her face he dried her tears and told her to go wash her face. The last thing she would want now was to be looking at a room full of students with red, puffy eyes.

Leaning her head back and reaching up to kiss him she whispered a thank you. Bill blocked her soft lips even though he ached to touch them. Not now, not yet he persuaded. She was still very much in pain and he did not want to be a knee jerk reaction of hers. He promised he would not only take that kiss, but return it happily one fast approaching day. Just not today. The bell rang as she came back from washing the red from her eyes and the infectious smile had returned. Walking to the door she called to him and said another thank you, followed by a kiss blown to him from her hand.

The rest of Bill’s day he couldn’t get her out of his head. All night he thought of the missed opportunity to kiss her lips. He had an off and on girlfriend, but Miss Lutz was a woman. She carried herself in a confident manner most of the time, and just bahis firmaları had “it”. The smell of her hair, the feel of her skin washed through his mind in waves for the whole sleepless night. Tomorrow had become today before real rest came to him. School time was upon him as he pulled in the drive late for first hour class. The first two periods came to an end and he was off to the chorus room from shop.

Today was a much better entrance to her room. No sobs marked his ears. Miss Lutz smiled up from her desk as he approached. Attired in a simple smock type dress, hair and makeup the normal perfect, she looked the appropriate manner for a teacher. Her eyes were the only odd thing he noticed, they had a glow he had never seen in them. Instructing him to come in, and sit down she closed the door to her office. That was odd, he thought, it normally signaled an ass chewing from her for something that deserved one. His mind raced over the past few weeks and came up with many valid reasons for one. However she did not look angry. Once he was seated in her chair she began to speak.

Thanking him again for the reassuring words from the previous day, she went on. It was inappropriate behavior for her to try to kiss him and she knew it. The fact he would be gentleman enough to stop her in a time of such emotion and vulnerability on her part showed he was much more mature than most would ever believe. Also, it showed her he was grown up enough to understand more. She had thought about their conversation a lot since the day before and had a couple questions. Did he really find her that attractive and did he truly want to have that kiss some day? Why did he care so much about her and seem to loathe most school employees? She was speaking and not letting him answer the questions so he kept still. She too had had feelings for him, yet never dared to speak them. Now she felt the truth should be told.

The last two years she had watched him grow from gangly kid to a fine looking young man. His behavior was terrible most of the time in school so few noticed this in him; he was a smart and dedicated individual. No friend of his ever was left to fight the world alone, nor was there any point to which he would not travel to defend them. If he cared for her in that manner then he should be aware of the fact she was terribly attracted to him. Watching him work on props and such had simply given her more of a chance to look at and fantasize about him. With those things said, she came forward.

Stepping to him in the chair she pulled her skirt up slightly, spread her legs some and sat on his lap facing him. Taking his face in her hands as he had done yesterday to her, she kissed him long and hard on the lips. Pushing her tongue into his warm, waiting mouth and teasing his tongue with it, she labored to drive her own mouth fully into his. The reaction on his part was instant and expected. Young, solid arms embraced the teacher and pulled her to his chest. The kiss was over but his arms still held her in place. Looking into her eyes he recognized their content at last. Lust filled them and she was not ashamed of it. Kissing her back he attacked her lips and mouth with his own. Counting her teeth with his tongue to make it last longer. She tasted as fabulous as he had envisioned. Pulling free she leaned back some and unbuttoned the smock. A lacey black push up bra held her “D” cup breasts inches from his face. Bill buried his face between them and licked/kissed his way back out. The heat of her body was seeping into his from her position on his lap. She moaned and ground her crotch against his. Picking her up and walking the two steps required, he placed Miss Lutz on her own desk and knelt before her. While slowly pushing up the dress he kissed his way to the top of her thighs only to find a pair of skimpy panties, matching her bra, were at the top. The wetness starting to grow in the lowest part of them told Bill all he needed to know.

Bill suddenly stood up and Miss Lutz was pushing him away from her. They both understood the other’s feelings, but this was no place to have sex. The office here was small and the door had no window, yet it was not right. Miss Lutz buttoned her smock and smiled toward Bill. “Meet me after school at my apartment. Park your truck in the lot by the grocery and walk over. I will be waiting none too patiently for you,” she cooed in his ear. “I want you, you want me, and we will have each other soon my dear.” With that said, the bell rang ending their time for now. He would just have to wait until after school to hold her again.

After school Bill stopped kaçak iddaa by the auto body shop where he worked and asked for the day off. His boss understood kids well enough to know when a young guy needed a chance to raise hell and told him it was fine. The boss understood also when his best employee asked for a small favor you give it to him with a smile. It was only 3:20 pm and Miss Lutz wouldn’t be off from school until 4:00 so Bill went to the parking lot to have a smoke and visit with the guys. By 3:55 every one was leaving so he just hung back. As they disappeared down the street he jogged the block and a half to Miss Lutz’s apartment. He reached up to knock, but the door flew open and he was dragged inside. Slamming the door as she let him go, Miss Lutz turned and grabbed Bill again to kiss him.

“I barely made it through the day thinking of this moment,” she gasped. “I left a little early and raced here to be with you.” While she spoke, Bill’s hands were hard at work with the buttons of her now wrinkled smock. Kissing her and tracing her full breasts as he pushed it open to see and feel her body. Right there in the living room it fell to the floor. Only her lacey bra and matching panties covered her beautiful body. Pushing hard she took him to the floor and landed, legs spread across him. Miss Lutz ripped the t shirt from him and kissed her way to his jeans button. The button popped loose and she pulled jeans and underwear off in one slick movement. Kissing him again on the mouth she lowered herself down and licked the tip of his dick. When a moan escaped his lips, she opened wide and swallowed him into her mouth. Teasing his dick with her tongue, sucking lightly on the hard shaft, she pulled back up off of it. Miss Lutz smiled coyly at Bill and repositioned her mouth on his dick again. Sucking it top to bottom and lashing it with her tongue, he thought he may explode in seconds. She worked it until he had to push her off to prevent his orgasm.

Bill rolled over and pulled Miss Lutz under him. He made short work of the bra (thank god for a front hook he told himself) and cupped the large tits in his hands. “Do you prefer I suck them or lick them?” he asked teasingly. “Oh God,” she moaned as his mouth encircled and sucked the first hard nipple. “Anything you want.” She gasped. Her nipples had always been super-sensitive and Bill had just sent shock waves through her entire body with the first suck. Milking them with his hands and sucking hard on each one in turn Miss Lutz moaned over and over. Finally he began to kiss his way down to her panties. Effortlessly he lifted her hips and pulled the now soaking wet cloth from her body. Feeling with two fingers he found and encircled her clit. Working it with his hand, his mouth covered the entire region with kisses. Her moans grew louder and her hips began to buck, pushing against his hand. Still playing with her clit, he let his tongue slide slowly across the lips of her dripping pussy and that is when she lost control.

The first orgasm Miss Lutz had had in over a year crashed up, down, and across her body. Never had she came with such power without a dick inside of her. Her body shook, and writhed, but Bill’s hand and tongue remained firmly planted on her. Not even realizing it happened she practically squirted her cum all over him. He stopped and just held her while the end of it washed across her. Kissing her softly he looked in her eyes. The lust had dimmed ever so slightly, but its fire still burned. As her world came back into focus, he lowered himself onto her. His dick slid easily into the hot, dripping wet hole of her pussy. She gasped as that first stroke filled her. “Oh my god you feel good,” slipped from her lips before he kissed her again.

Now fucking her with a steady rhythm, Bill could see her eyes burning bright again. Miss Lutz’s hips matched him stroke for stroke while he moved. A long powerful stroke just perfect for her rapidly approaching orgasm to ride upon. Each time he plowed into her his balls slapped her rising ass and a shiver went through her clit. In just a few more strokes she knew she would cum again. Working her body this way, Bill could see what was happening. He just smiled, knowing at this angle and speed he could go on for a long time. Besides, he loved the way her eyes rolled back in her head as she got close to her orgasm and he wanted to feel her cum with him inside of her. He didn’t have to wait long.

Almost without warning her body exploded for the second time. Miss Lutz bucked. She cried out. She felt as if her entire body turned around inside of its skin as the kaçak bahis blast rocked her. The muscles gripped Bill’s dick inside of her tortured pussy harder and yet he continued on. Bill reached under Miss Lutz with one hand and held her ass up while he hammered her pussy with his dick. The free hand pinched her right nipple and he bit down on the left. This was the biggest orgasm of her life and it seemed to her to last a lifetime. Midway through it, Bill could not hold on any longer. His first orgasm exploded a load of hot cum deep in her pussy. He had wanted to wait longer but just couldn’t. The feel of her contractions coupled to his well-deep strokes with his hand under her ass was more than the boy could take. He too shook with pleasure as he fired load after load of cum into her. Finally they both finished and collapsed.

They just laid there on the living room floor for a half an hour before they could move. Miss Lutz in Bill’s strong arms, her tits pushed up against his chest, they were almost asleep. Seeing the fading light of day triggered him to consciousness. Getting to his feet he used his cell phone to call home. He didn’t like to lie to his parents, but the truth was out of the question. “Ya Mom I am gonna be home later. Don’t hold supper for me, I will get something to eat before I come home. Ya. OK. Alright, later. Bye.” Both awake fully now they began to kiss again.

“What are we going to do about this Bill?” she asked.

“Keep doing it every chance I get.” Bill shot back. Laughing at his honesty, she asked the same question again.

“Really, Bill. What are we going to do?” she pleaded. “If this gets out I will lose my job and you will undoubtedly be harassed.”

“Look,” Bill said,”I am 18, a senior, have a job, and pay my own bills. If any one has a problem with my being in love with a teacher they can go to hell. The girls coach has been banging one high school girl after another for years and nobody says a word. They just sweep it under the table. You relax my dear, and let me take care of you.”

It naturally wouldn’t be that easy but they she let it lie at that. For the next couple weeks they could not see each other after school but the weekends were different. Friday and Saturday evening were filled with romance and lovemaking. Miss Samantha Lutz, Sam toher friends and lover, taught Bill the ways and secrets of her body. For his part, Bill showed Sam how a lady who is loved should be treated. Only Bill’s sister had any idea what was going on, and she wasn’t about to tell.

One night while making love, Sam begged Bill to fuck her harder and harder. With her on her hands and knees Bill hammered her into submission with his long, deep strokes. The force of his pounding was pushing her forward and down into the pillows. She could feel him hitting and slightly pushing into the entrance to her womb. The pressure against her cervix was painful, yet somehow intoxicating. “Oh hurt me, yes! Yes! Harder!” she screamed. Bill stopped and asked her if she truly wanted to feel the pain and pressure. “Oh yes I do my love. Fuck me like I mean nothing to you.” Bill was an attentive lover and did as she requested. While one after another orgasm racked her body he tried something new. Pulling out of her soaking pussy he pushed against her ass. “Oh please Bill, fuck my ass,” she cooed. Dripping with her cum he pushed a little and started to enter her. Her body opened up and he slid in. Soon with the reckless abandon of youth and lust he was fucking her virgin ass just as hard as he had her pussy. She couldn’t stop cumming. When his orgasm was reached he buried his seed far into her ass. Filling it with his cum he moaned out loud and slowed to a stop. Finally he withdrew.

“Sam I have to ask you something,” he whispered to her ear.

“Anything my love,” was her usual response.

“Sam, you know how much I love you…”A smile was her only reply. “Sam, I , I …” he just couldn’t get the words out yet. “Sam, I want to know if you will marry me.” He had done it. For weeks he knew she was the one. It had taken all of his nerve, but he had finally asked her the burning question in his heart.

“Bill,” she began,”You are the most unbelievable lover of my life. You give me all my heart can hold, and I love you more than I can try to explain. If I ever had to live without you I do not think I could do it anymore. But I think there is something you should know before I answer. Married or not, I am going to have your baby. I missed my last two periods and took a home test. It was positive. I am pregnant with your child. I have been trying to figure out how to tell you for weeks and couldn’t do it. If you still want me to be your wife, kiss me.”

Bill sat there for only one heartbeat. Then he kissed her as hard and passionately as the very first time.

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