Miranda: Naughty Dental Assistant

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NOTE: In order to aid in the visualization, check out pictures of Miranda in the “sex stories” forum, under the thread: “Miranda: Naughty Dental Assistant”. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Miranda is a beautiful 17 year-old Vietnamese girl with a slender, lithe body and legs that make men turn their heads whenever she passes by. While she’s doing her best to further her goals as a model, she has dreams of one day being a doctor. Currently, as part of an internship program at her high school, Miranda is an assistant technician at a dentist’s office, helping the dentist during routine procedures and more important oral surgeries. It’s not exactly what she wanted for an internship, but it’s the next best thing to being in the medical profession, so she’s happy.

Today’s the day Mr. Williamson–a fifty-five year-old retired army vet–has come in to have some intense oral surgery. He’s having several teeth removed in preparation for getting a new denture bridge installed, and Miranda has aided in the surgery while Dr. Mathias–a fairly handsome man in his mid-thirties–has knocked the old man out and done the tooth extraction. “Now that the hard part’s done,” Dr. Mathias tells Miranda, “We just have to make sure his dentures are prepped for him properly. Fortunately he’ll be out for at least another hour.” The doctor heads over to a storage box sitting on the countertop of the small surgical room, about to take the false teeth out to examine them, when his secretary opens the door. “Doctor, I’m sorry…your wife is on the phone. She says she needs to talk to you, and that it’s urgent.”

“That fucking bitch,” Dr. Mathias grumbles in disgust. “Her lawyer, Satan, probably has more papers he wants me to sign for her.” The dentist has been going through a particularly nasty divorce, and while he’s tried to be as upbeat as possible at work, in between patients he can often be heard in the seclusion of his office, punching the walls. “Tell Hitler I’ll be right there,” he says to the secretary, who nods in sympathy and exits. “Miranda, this is going to take a while, I’m sure,” Mathias says, his shoulders slumping. “Just do me a favor and keep an eye on Mr. Williamson. He should be fine, but if there’s any change at all or if he starts to wake up, let me know.” Miranda assures him she will, and Dr. Mathias leaves the office, the door closing soundly behind him.

Miranda sits down on one of the small swiveling chairs, playing with her light brown hair, bored as she waits for the doctor to return. She glances at Mr. Williamson, who in spite of his advancing years, is still a handsome man: Lightly silvering hair, fairly muscular and in decent shape, and his skin is still pretty taut around his face, with only a few wrinkles betraying his age…the mark of a soldier who’s obviously kept combat-ready, even in retirement. Miranda exhales lightly as her eyes unintentionally roam over his body…but then she lets out a small gasp as she spies something. Uncertain she’s seeing right, she pushes the medical table holding all the dentist’s tools away from its position hovering over Williamson’s hips to reveal the old man has a massive boner in his pants!

Miranda’s mouth drops open at the sight. She’s surprised, first of all, that the gas the doctor used to knock the old man out didn’t fully work on every nerve in his system. Secondly, this old man’s boner is pretty damn big, bulging against the fabric of his khaki pants so tightly, it seems to threaten to jump out at any second!

Miranda stands, nearly hypnotized by the large bulge as she tentatively places her hand on Williamson’s arm. “Mr. Williamson–?” she says cautiously, wondering if he’s fully asleep after all under the sedation. He didn’t make any sounds or complaints while Dr. Mathias was operating on him, but still… “Mr. Williamson?” she says again, shaking his arm slightly, then pinches him hard on it twice for good measure. No answer. Oh my gosh, the old man’s got a priapism! Miranda thinks to herself, and has to cover her mouth with both hands, as she almost laughs aloud. Her stare goes from the bulge to the unconscious Williamson, and back again. She nibbles thoughtfully on her lower lip as she glances at the closed door, which has a thin window in its center. The doctor’s been called out by his wife before, and sometimes hasn’t returned for as long as thirty minutes, and usually when passing by any of the surgical rooms, the other assistants never glance in, they’re so intent on maintaining a client’s privacy.

It’s been nearly two months since Miranda forcefully lost her virginity to Darren the photographer’s strong, youthful cock…and if there was just one thing she learned from the encounter, it’s that Darren was right when he told her that after the experience, she’d never be able to get enough cock to satisfy her.* After their first session together, Miranda had become a sex addict, going to Darren’s studio two and sometimes three times a week to learn new things from him and to feel his hard 7 1/2 inch dick throb powerfully within her. She had started hitting on male friends at school whom she would never have made plays for earlier, eager to become as familiar with the male apparatus as possible. In her high school, she had secretly become known as the “blowjob queen” for the skill she had acquired because of her devotion to Darren, and how many of the guys she knew–most of them virgins–spoke so highly of getting off for their first time in Miranda’s mouth, cumming deeply down her throat. Miranda had become a cock-obsessed little slut alright, and she was damn proud of it!

Now, looking at Williamson’s bulge, Miranda wonders to herself if she has the nerve to do the unthinkable, and play with the unconscious old man’s tool. She glances at the closed door again, a mischievous smile breaking out on her face. She rolls her chair closer to the reclined chair where Williamson lays sound asleep, and cautiously reaches both hands over to open his zipper. She undoes it slowly, carefully, keeping her eyes on Williamson to make sure he’s sound asleep. He doesn’t stir, and so Miranda lets the single button keeping his pants closed come loose, and reaches her hand in, sliding it under his shorts to wrap her fingers around his penis. She almost gasps again as she fondles it, feeling just how thick it is–she can barely get her whole hand around it! Finally, with a not-too-gentle tug, she pulls Williamson’s cock out from under his shorts, revealing the veiny monster to be at least an inch longer than Darren’s!

“My gosh,” Miranda mouths silently, amazed at the thickness and length of Williamson’s shaft–although the base is stubbled with closely cropped white hair, the penis itself is thick and youthful-looking, as handsome as that belonging to a man thirty years younger. Miranda lets go of it a moment, glances at Williamson cautiously, her eyes moving between him and his prick as she lightly runs her finger along its underside, watching it jump slightly in response to her touch. She covers her mouth with one hand, giggling underneath her fingers as she brushes her index finger against Williamson’s cock again, watching it jump each time like a playful puppy. Miranda nibbles on her upper lip a moment, considering…and then, with one last cautious look at the door, she leans forward, sticks her tongue out and licks the side of Williamson’s cock from base to tip, watching it throb and jump dramatically in response.

“Huh,” Miranda whispers thoughtfully. She leans forward again, placing her lips lightly against the tip of his cock, just enough so she can feel her lips pressing against his meat. She opens her mouth just a bit, her lips partly encircling the head as she sticks the tip of her tongue out, moving it slowly back and forth against the urethral slit of his dick. It takes a couple minutes for the nerve endings to respond fully, but she’s soon rewarded with a small amount of precum that pushes its way through the opening and onto her tongue. Miranda sits back up straight, lapping her tongue slowly against the roof of her mouth, savoring the taste as she swallows. She’s amazed to find that Williamson’s salty deposit tastes just as good as her boyfriend Darren’s! Thrilled by the knowledge and now feeling more courageous, Miranda moves to sit on the edge of the dentist’s chair near Williamson’s lap. She bends over, gently working her lips around his thick shaft, opening her mouth wide to accept as much as she can from this awkward position. With one hand wrapped around the base of Williamson’s shaft, she begins stroking him softly while she sucks on his tube, her other hand güvenilir bahis sliding under her blue loose-fitting medical pants and then under her pink cotton panties, to explore the warm moistness this new game has prodded from her.

Miranda sits like this for a few minutes, sucking gently on Williamson’s old man schlong as she masturbates herself, his precum dribbling slowly and continually into her mouth. She stops abruptly, releasing his cock from her mouth, realizing this isn’t enough to satisfy her. She pulls her pussyjuice-slicked fingers free of her young cunt and licks each of them in turn, tasting herself as she considers again whether she should go through with what she has in mind. Miranda realizes that if she’s discovered, it could mean her job, and a ton of embarrassment at school when the principal is informed as to why she was dismissed. The sight of Williamson’s cock, though–which now stands almost fully erect, thanks to her lip service–is too much for her to resist! Standing up quickly, Miranda pulls down her medical pants, drops her panties and steps out of both. She climbs up onto the chair, cautiously watching Williamson’s closed eyes for any sign of him waking up. She takes hold of his cock and raises it straight up as she positions herself over it, her legs spread wide so that her knees rest on either side of his own. She slowly slides down his pole, letting his thick meat spread her as it goes in slowly, inch by inch, her own breathing quickening as she begins breaking out in an excited, anxious sweat. It’s only by partially laying down on Williamson’s chest and inching her pelvis back down toward his own that she’s able to fit his monster cock inside her fully, but Miranda finally gets it done, her light moans playing meaninglessly off of his ear as his cock stiffens further inside her moist snatch.

Williamson’s arms are almost like lead weights under the anesthesia, but Miranda manages to place his large, strong hands on top of her perfectly round, beautiful little ass…ever since the first time she and Darren cuddled after he popped her cherry, Miranda’s become accustomed to having an older man snuggle with her in such fashion, and she never feels more content than with arms wrapped around her. She lays her head against Williamson’s chest, listening to his shallow breathing as his chest rises and falls steadily, now wondering what he’d do if he woke up and found her atop him like this. When’s the last time he’s been with anyone my age? Heck, he’d probably thank me! Miranda thinks, smiling to herself. She holds on tightly to Williamson’s hands, keeping them in place on her buns as she begins gently moving her hips back and forth, feeling her pussy spread contentedly as the old man’s cock fills her completely. She begins wiggling her hips gently in a circular motion, feeling his delightfully sticky precum coating her inner walls, and wonders if she’ll be able to get him to cum fully in his unconscious state. She can’t believe that she’s come so far, from when she panicked the first time Darren shoved his fingers inside her at his studio, to now, when she’s become such a naughty cock-craving girl.


With a harsh, frightened gasp, Miranda sits up sharply, her head snapping around to see Dr. Mathias standing in the room, the door closed behind him. Had she really been so lost in her own self-pleasuring, that she actually didn’t hear the door opening? Mathias has a small digital camera in his hand(one used in the office to take before and after pictures for the patients) and quickly snaps a picture of the startled young woman sitting astride his patient, the old man’s cock buried deep inside her. Miranda blinks as the flash goes off, but is speechless, unsure what to say, now suddenly frightened at how much trouble she could be in.

Mathias shakes his head in amazement, but quickly snaps another picture. “W-what are you doing–?” Miranda asks shakily, her little-girl voice warbling in deep concern.

“Shut up,” Mathias says sharply and nods at the short sleeved, light blue medical shirt she’s wearing. “Take your top off.”

Miranda’s eyes go wide, and her mouth moves silently, nothing coming out of it. “Do as you’re told!” Mathias snaps at her. Still sitting atop Williamson, with the old man’s cock throbbing inside of her, Miranda slowly lifts the blue shirt over her head, revealing her perfect little B-cups wrapped up snugly in her pink bra. She starts to hold the shirt over her breasts, covering herself in newfound embarrassment, but Mathias steps over quickly, ripping the shirt out of her hands. He tosses it to the ground and steps back for a better view. “Cup your breasts in your hands,” he tells her, and Miranda reluctantly does it, uncertain as to where he’s going with this. Mathias snaps another picture of her in this position. “What are you doing?!” Miranda asks again, still embarrassed but now a bit indignant. Mathias walks over to her and shows her the pictures, captured on the camera’s memory card. “I leave you alone with my patient, I trust you to watch over him, and this is what you do? Do you want to keep this internship, do you want to keep the credits you’ve earned?”

“Y-yes…” Miranda says in a shaky voice, the gravity of what she’s done slowly sinking in. She shudders slightly as Mathias places his hand on her back, gently rubbing it a moment, then moving it down her body to rest upon her beautifully rounded ass. He gives one of her buns a quick squeeze, marveling at how tight it is as his own breathing becomes a little heavier.

“I have a boyfriend,” Miranda protests weakly. Mathias looks at her, a hurt and anger darkening his handsome face. “Then you’re a slut,” he says harshly. “A dirty little cumslut, who has to climb on top of helpless old men to get herself off when her boyfriend’s not around! All my friends have their great marriages and relationships going on, and my fucking bitch of a wife has the nerve to try and take me for everything I’ve got, while she gets her pussy filled by every random guy she can find! I haven’t had sex in almost six months, but here I come back in the room to find an almost sixty year-old man getting some from a hot little bitch, and he doesn’t even know it!” He holds up the camera again, showing her the candid pics of her sitting on Williamson’s lap. “Well, now you’re my little slut, you understand? You’re going to bend over whenever I say, or I’ll not only show these to your principal and ruin this internship or any chances you’ll have of getting another, I’ll post these on the web! And as much of a little hottie whore you are, they’ll fly across the internet so fast, guys in China will be jacking themselves off to these by the time your parents find out!”

As Mathias has spoken, tears have begun spilling down Miranda’s face. She’s ashamed now, terrified her parents will find out…which unknown to her, is just how Mathias wants her to feel. He couldn’t believe his great good fortune when he was about to go back into the operating room and saw through the glass window how Miranda was straddling old man Williamson’s cock. From the moment she had come to work for him, Mathias had numerous fantasies about fucking Miranda’s tight young hole, but knew that trying to hit it with a 17 year-old could ruin his career and land him some harsh jail time. He’d jacked off numerous times at home, thinking of all the positions he’d like to get her in, all the sexy outfits he’d love to see Miranda wear…and now, seeing her horny little pussy wrapping itself around the old man’s cock, had gotten him to thinking. That’s why he had snuck back to his office to retrieve the camera, formulating his entire plan to finally nail the little hottie as he made his way back to the operating room, where he had opened the door quietly to surprise her.

Now, watching her sob openly like a little girl, Mathias doesn’t feel a pang of remorse. As far as Mathias is concerned, Miranda looks even more beautiful with tears in her eyes. He reaches down, cupping her chin in his hand as he places his lips to hers, his tongue easily gaining entry into her mouth as Miranda moans lightly in protest. After a moment though she submits, letting his tongue take charge of her own, and her little hands reach up to rest on his chest as they kiss deeply. Mathias slowly pulls back, feeling his stiff prick ready to bust a load in his pants; kissing Miranda was even hotter than he’d fantasized! He looks at her a moment, realizing her pussy’s still filled with Williamson’s old cock. “I want you to turn around on his prick,” Mathias tells her. “You need to lay down, facing me. I want you türkçe bahis to ride his cock while you suck on mine.”

Miranda looks at him a moment as she swipes a palm across her eyes, wiping her tears away. She briefly lifts herself off Williamson’s now completely stiff prick and turns around so her ass is facing him. She lowers herself onto the old man’s cock once more and lays down, her face at his feet as Dr. Mathias undoes his black slacks and lets them drop to the ground, revealing a stiff dick that’s just slightly smalller than her boyfriend Darren’s. The doctor steps forward and Miranda reaches out, wrapping her slender fingers around it. Mathias holds onto the back of Miranda’s head, her ponytail slipping between his fingers as she places his cock in her mouth, engulfing it in the warmth of her facial cum-hole. She begins sucking on his shaft while she pushes her hips against Williamson’s, her pussy clamping tightly around his old man cock, trying its best to milk him of sperm even as Mathias cums prematurely down her throat, unable to hold back as the reality of Miranda’s lips wrapped around his dick easily exceeds all the best fantasies about her he’d ever had.

Miranda giggles around Mathias’ cock and unwraps her lips from it. “Wow, you really–guh!” she gasps, as Mathias splurts some hot, sticky cum across her face. He grabs her roughly around the ears, pulling her forward, almost making her body slide off the chair as he grunts harshly, more and more cum splattering on Miranda’s face. The young woman swipes at the cum angrily with her hands. “Jeez, you’re gonna make me fall off! Do you want me to ride his cock or not?!”

“Get up. Get up, quick!” Mathias barely manages to get out in between his panting as he stumbles back, his cock bobbing up and down excitedly. Miranda gives him a confused look but does as she’s told, pulling herself off of Williamson’s prick, sliding off the chair and getting to her feet. Mathias grabs her by the hand, leading her over to one of the room’s counters. He makes her face the counter and stands behind her, rubbing his stiff prick between her legs, slicking his cock with the warm moistness seeping out from her wet pussy. Miranda juts her ass back toward him in response, presenting. Mathias holds her by the waist, about to put his cock inside her, but pauses. “Are you on the pill?”

Miranda half-looks over her shoulder at him and shakes her head. “I found out a couple weeks ago, my boyfriend got me pregnant. So it doesn’t matter.” She turns her head forward once more, waiting patiently for him to put it inside her. Thinking of Miranda walking around the office knocked up, but before her belly starts to show, available for him to just dump his cum inside her whenever he wants without risking anything, makes Mathias’ dick even harder! He smacks her across the ass, watching in fascination as her body jumps slightly at the slap, yet she giggles playfully. Man, I’ve always wanted to pop her cherry, Mathias thinks to himself somewhat disappointed, but I’ve gotta shake the hand of the guy who trained her so well! Mathias undoes Miranda’s bra, which she shrugs out of, letting it fall to the floor. He whispers instructions into Miranda’s ear, and his young assistant nods in understanding and acceptance; she reaches around, wrapping her cool, slender fingers around Mathias’ cock, guiding it toward her tight pussy while she spreads it open with her other hand. Mathias grasps her firm, perfect little breasts in his hands, which he’s embarrassed to find are trembling slightly in anticipation. As she places the dentist’s hardened rod into position, the tip poised to enter, she turns to look at him, saying exactly what he’s wanted to hear her say for so long:

“Fuck me, daddy. Please do it good.”

Mathias’ cock throbs eagerly as Miranda’s hand squeezes it slightly as she guides it inside of herself, the dentist following through by plowing it into her deeply, so hard that she’s forced onto the balls of her feet for an instant as she moans loudly in pleasure. Dr. Mathias is in ecstacy, amazed at how tight and moist Miranda’s little pussy feels! He’s almost ready to blow a load inside her instantly as her vaginal muscles squeeze tightly around his shaft and Miranda continues to moan, giving in to her boss’ demands as he whispers into her ear, telling her what to say to him as he fucks her in long, steady strokes:

“I love you…Your wife’s a fucking idiot for leaving you…I’ll have your baby…I want to nurse it…bust that nut inside me, please daddy, please…”

Mathias squeezes Miranda’s little tits harder, pinching the nipples between his fingers as his cock reaches deep inside Miranda’s tight twat, getting slicked up with her lubrication as her pussy gets wetter with each hard thrust. He alternates between blowing in her ear and telling her what else to say, as she readily complies:

“I’m a filthy little cumslut…I want you to keep your cock in me, don’t ever take it out…I want your cum deep inside me, daddy…”

Dr. Mathias’ breath starts to come in great huffs as he begins fucking Miranda harder and harder, now forced to cover her mouth as her moans turn into excited cries of pleasure. She grabs his fingers with her own, acting like she’s fighting back as he told her to, pretending to try and pry his fingers off as he plows her pussy harder and harder, feeling his cock building to an eruption of hot semen, ready to coat her inner walls. If only I could knock her up, Mathias thinks bitterly, and pushes in harder, harder, now aware that he’s causing Miranda some discomfort as she winces and whines beneath his hand, trying to pull it off her mouth in earnest. He glances at her, seeing tears forming at the corners of her eyes, and corkscrews his cock in harder, doing his best to punish her pussy, wishing it was his wife but also angered that he wouldn’t be fucking this hot little slut now if it wasn’t for the fact he caught her riding his patient. Miranda elbows him in the ribs, but to little effect as his hand remains clamped in place over her mouth. She grabs his hand with both of hers, trying to pull it off, even resorting to trying to bite his palm to get him to ease up…in return, Mathias slaps her across the ass hard, eliciting a muffled scream from her as he begins savagely spanking her ass as he bears his weight down on her, pinning her against the countertop while he shoves his cock in harder, her pussy juice leaking down his rock-hard shaft to his balls as he pounds into her harder. Finally, Miranda’s body shudders and her trembling legs give way as she unwillingly collapses into Mathias’ arms when her orgasm hits and he grits his teeth hard to keep from crying out, cumming inside her for what seems like five minutes as he blasts load after load of cum into her extremely wet and sore vagina.

Miranda sobs into Mathias’ hand as he kisses her small shoulders, behind her ear and her cheek. He lets go of her and pulls out, stumbling back a couple feet. Miranda leans against the counter as she turns to him, pain and hurt in her eyes as tears run down her face. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” she screams at him. Mathias steps forward quickly, grabs her arm and turns her around partway to slap her on her sore, reddened ass once again, producing a startled yelp from the young girl. “Keep quiet!” he snaps, then looks at her somewhat contemptuously. “Just shut up. You know you fucking liked it. All you little sluts do.”

He then goes to a cabinet and pulls out some paper towels, wiping himself off as Miranda rubs her arms in the cool air conditioned room, sobbing quietly. But a gasp from the young girl makes him look back at her, then follow her gaze to see what’s elicited such a startled reaction. The dentist turns to see Mr. Williamson, his eyes half-open, looking at the two of them and jerking off, strands of cum leaking down the underside of his cock. He looks at the doctor and says in a mumbly slow, slurred voice, “I don’t know…what you did to…me while I was asleep…but I think the two…of you owe me a little something…before I decide to sue the…shit out of you.”

Miranda and Dr. Mathias look at each other in concern. It was stupid of them to start fucking and forget to tuck Williamson’s prick back in his pants, but now the damage is done. Mathias puts on the best smile he can as he walks over to the old man. “How are you feeling, Mr. Williamson?” the dentist asks, as he tries to check out the old man’s mouth as if nothing was going on, “You know, sometimes when a patient goes under the gas, side effects can include–“

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” Williamson güvenilir bahis siteleri snaps as he slaps the dentist’s hands away from his mouth, his anger giving him the strength to speak more coherently. “Do you really think I’m so old…and senile I’ll believe…waking up with my cock popped out of my pants…and seeing you fucking that hot little piece of ass…is a hallucination? I ought to scream bloody murder, then sue you just for being so stupid!”

Dr. Mathias throws his hands up in frustration. Fuck, I’m about to lose everything! he thinks bitterly, angered at both his wife for being a cunt, and Miranda for being such a tempting piece of ass. His shoulders slump in defeat as he looks at the old man. “What do you want?”

Williamson points at Miranda, still standing naked by the counter. Exhausted from his tirade, through swollen lips which slur his speech, he says, “Her. I want that…hot, horny little bitch to…ride my cock. But I don’t want her…pussy. I want her to…stick my pole right up her ass.”

Miranda’s mouth drops open at Williamson’s demand. Darren was going to teach her about anal, but they’ve been so busy just enjoying some straight-up fucks when they’ve gotten together briefly, he hadn’t had a chance to show her yet. She shakes her head defiantly as Mathias approaches her, whispering angrily to him, “No! I’m saving that for my boyfriend! I’m not going to–“

“You’ll do it and like it,” Mathias whispers back sharply. “Or don’t you remember the little Polaroid moments I can send to your family? You were riding his cock eagerly enough when I found you, now it’s time to finish the job!” He looks away a moment, calming himself, then looks back at her needfully. “Look, just do this, okay? I can’t afford to lose my practice. You owe him, anyway.”

Miranda can’t stand to see Dr. Mathias looking so pathetic, so sad…and she realizes that she did start all of this anyway. With a somewhat exasperated sigh, she climbs up on the reclining chair with Williamson, watching as the old man’s cock throbs and jumps in anticipation of violating her anal cavity. “What do I do?” she asks him. “Turn around…let me see that tight little…ass of yours.” Miranda does as she’s told, turning her back to him, showing off her perfectly round little bottom. Williamson grabs her buns tightly, making her grunt in surprise. He spreads her ass wide and takes his index finger, cum-slicked from jerking off, and inserts it gently into her anus, producing a soft moan from her. She glances back to watch as he rubs cum from the underside of his cock onto his hand and begins rubbing the sticky mess around her asshole and inside it, lubricating her anus in preparation. The old man’s breath comes heavily, as he can barely wait to claim his prize. Finally, he pats Miranda’s ass, signaling for her to move back toward him. Mathias walks over as she does, grasping her hands for support to keep her from slipping on the chair as Williamson pushes his cock through her anal opening, producing semi-painful, yet still pleasantly surprised, moans from Miranda.

Mathias covers her mouth with one hand, and Miranda is forced to hold onto his other hand with both of hers, her moans muffled as she squats on Williamson’s cock, letting the old man hold onto her waist and guide her ever downward as his thick prick pushes deeper into her ass, massaging the anal lining as it does. Tears fill Miranda’s eyes once more, her muffled cries of pleasureful pain rising slightly as her asshole is totally filled by Williamson’s cock. “Ahhoohhhh…!” Miranda gasps aloud as Mathias lets go of her mouth and hands, watching as she tosses her head back in surprised pleasure. Williamson lets her just squat on his cock a moment, allowing her to get used to the sensation. “I want you to tell me all about how you lost your virginity,” the old man tells her. “I want to hear about everything you’ve ever done sexually.” Miranda nods silently, tears of lustful pain slipping down her face. Williamson’s strong hands begin lifting her up and down on his stiffened prick, producing little gasps and grunts from the young Vietnamese beauty as she begins telling him all about her short sex life: Being forced by Darren to give up her virginity, but then liking it the more he fucked her; having him teach her how to suck cock, and how surprised she was to find out how much she liked it. The first time she decided to suck a male friend off at school, and how wet she got when she heard him moan as he came down her throat. Miranda had decided that her pussy was only for Darren, but it couldn’t hurt to do a little something on the side for the guys at school who she knew liked her. So she started making arrangements with some male friends who she knew were virgins–it was amazing how she was able to look down on them a little bit now, since she had become so sexually active and experienced due to her daddy’s lessons–and would suck them off in the Phys. Ed. locker room between classes. She earned the nickname “blowjob queen” when a group of guys fifteen deep stood around her one afternoon after last period, watching in amazement as she knelt in front of them and sucked them off easily one after the other, swallowing every single drop from each penis as if a doctor had prescribed she go on a solid diet of cum for a month.

Darren had once told her about how hot it was for him and some other guys to see a girl in black come-fuck-me boots, and so she wore them to school as often as possible. She knew her long, slender legs were appealing, and that the boots only accentuated them. She smiled to herself as heads would turn in the hallway, and usually brought a change of panties with her; she’d get so turned on knowing how much guys liked her, the first pair usually would only make it through half the day. Sometimes in the locker room, she’d let guys feel up her ass and fondle her tits before she gave them head, but she’d never let them fuck her; until Mathias fucked her in the office just now, that privilege was reserved only for Darren. She tells Williamson and Mathias about how scared and happy she was when she found out she was carrying Darren’s baby. She hadn’t told him or her parents yet though, trying to figure out when and how would be the best time. She knew she had to do it soon though, otherwise her baby bump would give her away.

Now as she squats on Williamson’s thick, filling cock, feeling it begin to pump a steady stream of sperm into her, Miranda’s pussy is becoming gloriously wet once again. Mathias approaches her, his own cock becoming erect again, and she reaches over and begins jerking him off while he inserts a couple of fingers inside her sopping wet cunt, the two of them masturbating each other to a rapidly approaching orgasm. Mathias grabs the back of her head firmly, holding onto it as he kisses her, plunging his tongue deep inside her mouth. Miranda returns the kiss eagerly, feeling her passion rise steadily, sweat breaking out on her body once more as her nipples stand erect and her pussy’s floodgates prepare to open. Mathias suddenly bends her over, pushing his cock in front of her and blasting a load of hot jism all over Miranda’s face. She opens her mouth to accept what she can, but the dentist is more interested in coating her face with his sticky cum, and so she relaxes and allows him to finish just as Williamson cums deep inside her anus, which fills to the brim before the overflow leaks out of her ass and back down his shaft! Miranda begins to cry out as her orgasm hits, and Mathias covers her mouth one last time. She falls forward on the reclining chair, Williamson’s cock slipping out of her ass as Mathias catches the young girl, holding onto her as her moans gradually subside beneath his palm.

When Dr. Mathias uncovers the girl’s mouth, Miranda still holds onto his hand. She kisses his palm as she looks up at him lovingly. “Daddy,” she says with quiet devotion, as a smile breaks out on her beautiful, cum-covered face. Mathias smiles back, then looks toward Williamson. “Mr. Williamson, I hope that’s satisfied–” he stops abruptly, his mouth dropping open in shock. Miranda looks over her shoulder at the old man and has to stifle a shriek…Williamson lies against the chair, prick stuck high into the air, his eyes open but unseeing, the corners of his mouth curled up in a frozen, happy grin.

The old man is dead.

“Oh, shit…!” Miranda says as she all but jumps off the chair, retreating to the relative comfort of Mathias’ arms, which draw close around her. “What are we going to do?” she asks him, her eyes still frozen on Williamson’s unmoving body and stiffened prick.

Mathias shakes his head. “I have no idea. First guy I know who came and went at the same time.”

(*See: Miranda: The Price of Modeling)

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