Mike , Karen Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years of age or older while actively engaging in sexual activity. This story is a prequel/sequel (sprequel?) to my other work, Alex flames will be snickered at and deleted with extreme prejudice. Enjoy!

Please Note: There are incest themes with a secondary couple in this story. Just a forewarning.


Karen sat in the middle of the bed, leaning back against the pillows propping her up and stretching her arms overhead, letting out a contented sigh. The motion pushed her magnificent breasts forward, although only she was really in the right state to appreciate this. On her left side, a young man with tousled blond hair lay still and stared blankly at the ceiling of the bedroom. On her right, a man with cropped brown hair seemed to be in a similar catatonic state.

“Goodness,” she mused, putting her arms down into her lap and looking at them both with a smirk. “Am I right in assuming this means that neither of you is up for Round Four?”

Chapter VII – Oh, Frabjous Rapture!

Alexa lay cuddled next to her husband, tracing a finger along his chest, following the path of his chiseled muscles. He wasn’t as tall or as massively built as his father, Michael, but he had an impressive physique nonetheless. Alex was built like a gymnast, with broad shoulders, a tapered waist and strong hips and thighs. He shared his father’s mane of wild blond hair, ice-blue eyes and infectious grin.

They also shared one other trait, but that didn’t bear mentioning at the moment. She smirked and giggled, drawing his attention from gazing at the ceiling above.

“And what, O aunt-wife of mine, has piqued your amusement?” he asked, his arms resting behind his head on the pillow and wearing a smirk on his handsome face.

“Just thinking about how good life is,” she sighed contentedly. “I’m madly in love with and married to the most wonderful man imaginable, I’ve rediscovered my family that I’ve been missing for nineteen years, my soul-mate and best friend lives nearby and is married to one of the most unintentionally funny girls to ever live, I’m acing my courses and we’re having a Paris wedding.”

He nodded and put an arm around her, pulling her close. He loved the feel of her lush, naked body next to his, inhaling her summery scent. There was no finer thing in the entire world. “After the summer we had, maybe God decided we needed a little break, eh?”

She kissed his pectoral and nodded, humming. “So much of it brought on by ourselves, too. Kar agrees it’s unusual, our situation, but now that she understands it, she’s ferociously in favour of us as a couple.”

“Yeah, dad’s the same,” Alex agreed. “They’re taking point on challenging the legal system about us getting married. I considered debating him on the necessity, but he’d already laid out the reasons for why he and mom should, and there was just no countering those points. God help the world if mom ever lets him become a politician.”

“Well, Kar gave me the same line of reasoning, and I couldn’t counter any of her points on the matter either,” Alexa agreed, shrugging slightly. “They’re determined, and I guess we’d best let them. They’re the most incredible people and couple that I know of; they’re what I hope to be with you one day.”

“If we’re even a tenth of the couple they are when we grow up, we’ll have done amazingly well,” Alex quipped, grinning. “They were always my model for who I wanted to be, no question.”

“Well, as long as you don’t end up the same size as my brother-in-law, then I’m good with it,” she teased, reaching down now and stroking his cock. “You’re the same size as him where it counts, at least from my point of view.”

She looked down now at her hand as she continued fondling her nephew gently, lost in thought. Alex indulged her, enjoying her attentions as always. It wasn’t long before Alexa had moved down his body and replaced her hand with her skilled mouth, taking his tool between her wet lips and humming in pleasure as she bobbed up and down. Alex arched his back and curled his toes in response, enslaved to her sexual prowess.

She swirled her tongue around the throbbing head of his now hard cock, looking sideways at him and winking. Her hand followed her mouth up and down, making a gentle twisting motion on the shaft, which now glistened and throbbed in desire. Her free hand had already snaked down between her own legs and was churning in her gooey pussy.

“Mmmmm, mind if I ride top deck this time?” Alexa purred, slowly pushing her body up and straddling her glorious body over his. Facing down his frame, she settled on top of him, his erection pressed flat beneath her. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled as she squirmed her creamy hips, dragging her slippery pussylips along his throbbing hard-on and making them both moan. Alex reached down and massaged her beautiful ass cheeks, gently pulling on them to give her a little stretch, the delicious izmir escort bayan sting making her shiver in delight.

Then the time for teasing was over, and Alexa took his cock in her hand and pressed the head against her tight entrance. She sighed as she moved down slowly, the head penetrating her. Then she let gravity take over, and she sank onto his throbbing tool, and they both groaned loudly as she bottomed out on him. She felt so full and tight, an elation she would never tire of.

“Uhn … I’m so in love with you, Alex …” she sighed as she began to move up and down slowly, leaning forward slightly so that her hands were resting on his powerful thighs. She loved this position, since his cock was naturally pulling back in the opposite direction from her tunnel when she leaned forward, so the head and the shaft hit and throbbed against all sorts of wonderful spots inside her.

“I love you too, Alexa,” he breathed, still caressing her ass and pushing up and down with his hips gently. His cock seemed to be a perfect fit for her, and she certainly was for him. He reveled in how tight she was, her expert control over the muscle contractions that were always guaranteed to make him cum hard inside her. “I have since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

“Gnnn, I wanted you inside me,” she panted, rocking now, her eyes closed. “I wanted you in me from the moment I came through that gate, Alex, I couldn’t fight it. I didn’t want to. I just … I knew deep inside that you were my destiny. My love …”

“Glad I wasn’t alone in my feelings,” Alex grunted, his thumbs gently caressing the little puckered knot just above her pussy while he fucked his aunt. “I didn’t have a chance.”

The time for talking seemed past, and they lost themselves in pleasuring one another, a cycle of expert lovemaking between two people totally devoted to the other’s pleasure. Though they hadn’t been together much more than a single season, they knew one another, body and soul, and how to make each other feel like they’d died and gone to heaven. He pushed up and down while she rolled her hips in circles now, his cock almost inside her now.

While there was certainly no rush anymore, the couple felt no need to prolong their lovemaking at this particular moment, either. Alexa was breathing heavily, a sheen of sweat on her glorious body, the hairline of her corona of golden hair damp from their exertions. Alex was feeling much the same, shivering as her hungry pussy swallowed his cock, squeezing around it at just the right time to keep the pleasure mounting.

Faster and faster they fucked, panting and moaning as they careened toward their climax together. Alex was pushing a finger in and out of Alexa’s behind while she skewered herself on his cock, making her whimper and shudder at the welcome sensation.

She was fairly bouncing on him as orgasm approached, the gasps becoming yelps and Alex groaned in unrestrained passion as he grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto him as hard as he could while pushing up with his hips. Alexa arched her back, keening as she tried not to scream, her teeth clenched, her golden hair cascading down her back …

The young couple groaned together loudly as they came, his cock throbbing mightily inside her as he lashed her pussy with his pearly essence. Her womanhood clenched around him greedily, milking him for every last drop of his offering. Her hands were squeezing her opulent breasts, massaging them and pushing her even higher into the realm of utter bliss. Unreal colours scintillated around her, stars seeming to blink or pulse in time with the massive cock throbbing inside her. Limbs tingled and she felt as creamy as the cum deep inside her.

Alex sagged back into the bed, sighing heavily, his hands caressing his aunt’s shapely back. It never ceased to amaze him how hard this woman could make him cum, and he never tired of their lovemaking. He couldn’t even conceive of such a thing. He worshipped everything about her and was devoted to her happiness and pleasure. Nothing else mattered to him in comparison.

Alexa finally sighed in contentment and laid back on him, her legs still bent beneath her on either side of his hips. She was more than flexible enough that this was no discomfort for her, and she loved how the pull of her suddenly tightened pussy felt around his cock. She knew he loved the feeling as well. She purred as his strong hands came up to rest on her soft breasts, caressing them gently. They lay silently for some minutes, just content to enjoy their post-orgasmic bliss together. She turned her head to smile at him and rubbed her nose against his.

“God, Alex, you could make me give up even lesbian sex …” she murmured, her hand caressing his cheek now. He smiled and squeezed her breasts playfully, making her giggle.

“Well, no need to do that; I’d hate to be the reason Freja and Jeanie get cut off from you. They’d never forgive me.”

“Oh, I don’t think you need to worry,” she whispered, escort izmir nipping at his earlobe while she squeezed her pussy around him again. “They’d probably hunt me down too. At least we’d die together.”

“Raped to death by two crazed lesbians, I can see the headlines now,” Alex muttered, eliciting a snicker from his aunt. “Like I said, don’t stop having tawdry lesbian sex on my account. To be honest, I rather enjoy it, even if I’m just watching, as opposed to participating.”

“I promise to always make room for you, my love,” she murmured against his lips, craving the touch of his body everywhere on her. “To my dying day, my only purpose in life is to make you the happiest man alive.”

They kissed lovingly, whispering to one another. They lapsed into silence again, with his hands on her breasts, and her hands over his. His cock finally softened, and she shivered as he slid out of her. Alexa immediately moved down to his waist and used her mouth to clean him of their mingled cum, until not a drop was left. She sighed in satisfaction and knelt up beside him, stretching her arms overhead and squeaking. Her magnificent breasts jutted forward, and she looked over, smirking as she saw her nephew staring at them in wonder. She wiggled them about for a moment and then flopped on top of him, sighing contentedly.

“I really am the luckiest aunt-wife in the entire world, you know that?” she purred, rubbing her nose against his.

Alex chuckled: “You spend a lot more time thinking about our consanguinity than I do, at least, I think you do.”

“You’re my nephew and you’re my husband, and you’re perfect the way you are,” she cooed, smiling dreamily. “And just maybe I enjoy the taboo kink of it. But I’m something of a deviant, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“Well, you’re no Freja Kjaer,” Alex said, shrugging.

“Hey now, you take that back!” she giggled. “I am every bit the deviant Fre is, I’ll have you know.”

“Based on conversations I’ve heard you two having when you think no one is listening, I’m going to say that’s a lie,” Alex chuckled. “Don’t get me wrong, you’re a deviant, no question, but she’s the title-holder.”

“Yeah,” Alexa admitted, sighing somewhat forlornly. “A girl can dream, though.”

“D’you miss it?” he asked gently, stroking her hair. “The freedom to be completely wild and uninhibited, I mean. Not that I’m trying to keep you from misbehaving, mind, but I know things are somewhat different now by necessity.”

“Oh, I think you always miss things you got away with when you were younger,” Alexa mused, lightly kissing his fingers. “Yes, getting fucked by two or three guys at once was fun, but I can simulate that by having you, Freja and Jeanie fuck me at the same time. And to be honest, Alex, it’s all a very distant second to my feelings for you and how much I love to be fucked by you. If I had to choose between three dicks in me at once or just yours, it’s a nolo contendere. Best believe it.”

“I do,” he replied, nodding. “Same with me. If I had to choose between you and some harem fantasy, you’d always win.”

“Well, Jeanie and Fre are happy to help with the harem fantasy, they both think you’re the best guy ever,” she purred, caressing his chest again. “Hope you’re enjoying it.”

“What’s not to enjoy when you’re involved?” he asked, pulling her up into a deep kiss.


1986 …

Both men were finally stirring, and Karen looked down at them, trying to keep the amusement off her face. The sheets were bunched at her waist, keeping her midriff and glorious breasts exposed. The air of the room was warm and rather cloying. To her, it smelled like sex had been had in here recently. Not recently enough, because she’d been sitting between these two for close to half an hour now, waiting to see if they’d recover.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, boys,” she remarked lightly, reaching down and patting their arms. “I was beginning to worry I might have killed you.”

“Holy shit,” the brown-haired one murmured at last. “How the Hell?”

“Beg pardon?” she asked, putting a finger to her ear and tilting said ear down to him.

“You … outfucked the two of us,” he breathed, struggling to sit up now. “I’d always heard you were some frigid, rich bitch and probably a lez.”

“And what do we think now?” she queried, still smiling.

“That you’re a goddam succubus,” he answered. “You’re a demon in the sheets.”

“Well, I doubt my father or our minister would approve, but it certainly sounds better than being a frigid, stuck-up bitch,” Karen said cheerfully, winking at him. “Such a pity that your tank is empty, however.”

“Hey now,” protested the young man, righting himself in the bed. “Just because I needed a breather doesn’t mean we’re done here.”

She turned to look down at their blond partner. “And you, Mitchell?”

“If he’s fuckin’ able to keep going, so am I …” he grunted, also sitting up and then exhaling deeply. “Not losin’ izmir escort out to him.”

“I was not aware that winning and losing were notions involved in our troilism,” Karen observed, smiling. “It does please me, however, to know that our evening is not finished just yet.”

Karen then leaned forward and moved onto her hands and knees, crawling down to the foot of the bed. She smirked, because she could almost feel their eyes staring at her behind. She reached the bottom and deftly bent over the side, locking her ankles together. She heard one of them moan at the sight of her glistening pussy and her puckered knot, nestled between her perfect cheeks.

Having finished rummaging in her small bag she’d brought over, she came back up with a bottle of water. She turned and knelt, letting them watch her as she emptied the contents of the bottle before putting it aside. She smiled at them and pointed at her overnight bag.

“I brought bananas and walnuts,” she mentioned. “Would that help any?”

“No,” the brown-haired boy named Robert said, waving off her offer. “Don’t worry, you’re gonna get your Round Four.”

“Oh, frabjous rapture,” Karen giggled, relieved her night was not already over.


Angela Coulson was kneeling on her desk. Well, sort of kneeling. She was indeed on her knees, but also doubled over so that her breasts were squashed to the tops of said knees and her forehead was pressed to the wooden top of the oaken furniture. Her arms were pulled backwards and held tight, virtually immobilizing her as a huge cock slid in and out of her womanhood. She panted and stifled a loud groan, since anyone could still be walking by outside her office at this hour.

Behind her, Mike indeed was holding her by her wrists, keeping her in place while he drove deep inside her pussy. The professor panted and squirmed, shuddering at the power of his body as he dominated her. The sound of his hips slapping against her ass echoed through the small office. He’d already made her cum three times, although she was quite easy to bring to climax.

There was no particular reasoning behind their dalliance, outside of both enjoying the sex – he was not taking any of her courses, and she was, seemingly, happily unmarried. So when she had approached him one night and slyly propositioned him, he saw no need to refuse the request. Their sex was pleasant enough, and while it didn’t directly help his grades (like he needed the help), he imagined it never hurt to have the faculty look on him favourably.

The woman gasped and arched her back, shaking and mewling. He could feel her pussy clenching around him as she began to cum again, feeling her wetness on the front of his thighs. That was indeed one thing he enjoyed about Miss Coulson: it wasn’t at all difficult to keep her wet, and she seemed to cum easily and hard if she was overpowered and dominated, something he could readily accomplish.

“Okay, okay,” she gasped, squirming against him as much as she could. “Go ahead and cum now, lover!”

Michael nodded, pulling harder on her arms and making her grunt as he stretched out her body and began pushing deeper inside her still. She gritted her teeth and groaned, loving the way his cock split her wide and pummeled the back of her cunt. Shaking and sweating, she gasped as he released her arms, which flopped to her side on the desk, his hand now holding her by her ass cheeks.

She dragged her tingling, numb hands up to her head, rubbing her face and slowly pushing herself up. She bit her lip as he fucked her hard, and she could feel him swelling inside her.

Then the titan student pulled out of her and she quickly turned around, sitting on the edge of her desk. She took his throbbing cock into her mouth, humming as she sucked on it hungrily. She could only get about half of it in her mouth, but she bobbed back and forth, needing to taste him. He clasped her head and pumped against her face, finally cumming. The warm spunk surged down her throat, and she swallowed as much as she dared before popping her lips off his massive tool and enveloping it between her breasts. He pumped against her strongly while she massaged him, his cock still spurting and glazing her breasts in his pearly cum.

Mike sighed and relaxed as Angela squirmed her breasts against him, while also using her hand to help get the last of the semen out of him. She kissed at the head, cum still pumping from it, and she could feel it dripping down her body, onto her thighs and her crotch. Her own sigh of satisfaction followed his, and she lay back on her desk, her face aglow with her dreamy-eyed bliss. She rubbed her sticky breasts, smiling at him coyly and spreading her legs wider. Mike eased his cock back inside the professor, slowly pushing back and forth, letting them both ride out the waves of pleasure.

She watched as he closed his eyes, still deep in her, but seeming to pause. He then carefully pulled out of her and stood back before turning and walking over to the closet not far away. Opening it, he reached inside. There was something of a squeal and he hauled out a young, slender brunette woman, who was wearing a thin tank top and cut-off jeans, which were partially undone.

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