Midnight Fantasy

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She was no ordinary woman. She was a Legend who fed on the souls of those men who knew of her…who loved her…who desired her…and also feared her. She had superhuman strength and used it to her sexual advantage. No man was safe when she was near because all were lured by her extreme sexuality…a power like no other…an irresistible force that reached out and seized the helpless victim. She was breathtakingly beautiful and only came out at night. She was The Woman in Black.

Tonight she was hungry and looking for fresh meat. She was searching through the little black book in her mind. Faces, many faces swam before her eyes…some were men she had already found and feasted on…some were new, more challenging men who would be harder to catch and tame. She was in the mood for something different…she was up for a challenge and at last her target became visible. Excitement cursed through her body making her so hot she was ready to explode. He would be alone tonight and she knew he needed her…he just didn’t know it yet…

Danny was tired. It had been a long day and his wife was away again. Before she left he had tried to reach out to her but she was too busy as usual. How could a woman who had experienced such mind-blowing orgasms by his touch, not want more and more and more? He just couldn’t understand it…it just seemed so wrong. He wondered if there was any woman on earth who could ever share his need of passionate sex…white, hot passion and the need to learn as much as there is to know about sex and all things sexual. For Dan was a man who craved sexual intimacy and needed to have, not just his body stimulated, but also his mind. His mind was an amazing place with an imagination that had no end. Yet once again, here he was in bed late at night with just his mind and his hands…alone with nobody to share in the beauty that was him.

The night was cool for this time in summer but the chill that ran up Dan’s spine had nothing whatsoever to do with the weather. He could feel that his mind had made some sort of connection with another when he had wondered if there was any woman on earth who could match him. His hand stilled on his cock and he listened to the clock strike twelve. He closed his eyes for a second, enjoying the cool breeze that wafted through the open window of his bedroom. He even imagined that it felt like the caress of a woman’s soft hand on his face. Suddenly his room seemed to fill up with a powerful electric current. His eyes automatically flew open.

There, before his window stood the shadowed figure of a woman. She had long dark hair and appeared to be wearing a long black dress. He had heard of her before…had wondered if she existed…and now he knew…here before him in his bedroom in the middle of the night, stood The Woman in Black. His cock jumped in his hand as he remembered stories he had heard of her super-natural powers and physical strength. This woman took whatever she wanted from a man and made him powerless to resist her. She automatically knew what her victims secretly desired and she turned their fantasies into a reality.

Dan’s whole body was tense with a mixture of fear and sexual excitement. His hand was still holding his now raging hard-on but he could not make a move to let go as he was stiff all over. She came closer and he saw the creamy flesh of her tits swelling over the top of her low cut dress. The material seemed to be velvet and it was exposing so much of her breasts that he could see the tops of her nipples as she moved. He was mesmerized and gripped with the impulse to reach out and touch her. But he dared not…for he had heard the stories of those who had tried and been ‘tamed’ by her.

Dan watched as her eyes turned into soft glowing lights which seemed to illuminate areas she was looking at. She focused on his naked body and then her eyes came to rest on his cock. She arched one perfect eyebrow and smiled knowingly. He thought about moving his hand then but found that bursa escort she read his mind. His hand was as if glued into place and he could not move it. Now he had to be careful what he thought about or she would know…and he was not sure how much he could trust her.

She reached out her hand and touched the top of his head. She closed her eyes and Dan could feel the electric current run through her hand to create a hot sensation on his head. He felt as if every sexual thought he had ever had in his life, was being shared with her…every fetish he had…every desire….every fantasy. When she took her hand away he knew that she now had all the information she needed and wanted. In a strange way he now felt more connected to her as if they had been lovers for a long time but he still did not know anything about her. He had a feeling he would know much more by the time she was finished with him.

She now had all the knowledge of what turned him on and what he wanted to see and experience for she found that conversation wasted too much time when a man did not know or trust her. Thought transportation was a quicker means to get the basics needed during a first time experience. She now knew he wanted to see the rest of her tits so she pulled down the top of her dress to expose them for his viewing. His reaction was one of appreciation and was not lost on her. She loved having her tits looked at and now she showed him what else she loved.

She reached up to touch her nipples, softly at first but then more roughly, squeezing them between her strong fingers and pulling them while twisting them hard. He wondered what her hands would feel like on his aching cock which was still screaming out for some attention. She read his mind and he realized that his hand was now moving up and down on his cock. But it didn’t feel like his own hand, it felt somewhat softer but moved in exactly the way he liked it. He realized that she was masturbating him with her mind. This seemed more powerful and incredible than if she had reached out physically to him.

She removed the lower part of her dress to expose a velvet corset which was laced up with leather cord and held up a pair of fishnet stockings. He knew even before he looked down that her shoes would be made with matching velvet and he was not disappointed. They were black velvet with the highest heel he had ever seen on a shoe. His eyes travelled up her legs to where the stockings ended and the creamy white skin of her upper thighs appeared, then he stopped short. The breath he had been holding came out in a quick loud rush as he noticed she was not wearing any underwear.

There was not a hair in sight, only the two swollen lips of her pussy were visible. He longed for a taste of the juice he knew was forming inside her. She reached down and ran her finger between her soft lips, bringing it out wet and glistening with her juices. She held her finger out to him and he smelt her scent, his body reacting with a hunger like that of a wild animal. His tongue came out and he licked the tip of her finger. She slid her finger deep inside his mouth and he hungrily sucked on it. His cock was dry and needed some moisture so she took back her finger and opened her beautiful mouth. She allowed a long rope of drool to fall from her mouth onto her hand and then she replaced his hand on his cock with her own slippery wet one.

Dan was now in heaven looking at the beauty in black with her large tits exposed and her drool being worked all over his cock by her strong capable hand. He looked at her mouth and sighed as he imagined what it would feel like around his cock. She smiled as she read his mind and the next thing he knew, he was out of his bed and pinned against the wall. It was as if there were invisible ropes holding him tight, like he was actually part of the wall itself with his arms outstretched like a T. All that stuck out was his rock hard cock, still wet from her saliva. She got down on her knees and looked up at bursa escort bayan him, her sensual mouth forming a smile that matched her eyes in an expression of wonder.

Her mouth was now perfectly in line with his erect, throbbing cock and he could feel her warm breath against him, making him shiver with desire. She licked her lips thoroughly and then slid him slowly into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth. This was like heaven for Dan, like waking up from a dream to find that the reality was even better. That look, that expression of deep sexual hunger on her face…this was better than he could ever have imagined. She closed her eyes and sucked him in and out of her mouth, running the tip of her tongue around the rim of his engorged head.

He wanted to touch her but his hands would not move. She read his mind and stopped sucking for a few seconds to stare intently into his eyes. Her eyes held promises of more to cum…and he felt her wanting him to be patient and just enjoy what she was doing. Then she closed her eyes and began to suck him again. Slowly, with maddening precision, she took him all the way into her mouth and then surprised him by allowing him to slide down her throat. She held him there for a few seconds, squeezing her throat muscles around the head of his cock. Then she eased him out again to tease the rim of his mushroom, only to take him all the way back down her throat. Again she squeezed him and repeated the sequence over and over in the same slow rhythm till he thought he would lose all control.

She seemed to know the exact moment when he was ready to cum and then she stopped all movement. She looked up at him, meeting his eyes and locking onto them till she felt him relax again. Then she took his hands and placed them at the back of her head. She took his cock all the way to the back of her throat as deep as he could go and then began moving her head back and forth rapidly so that he was fucking her mouth. Her look was pleading as she stared into his eyes, urging him to use her mouth like a pussy. He grabbed at her hair, trapping it in his fists as he fucked her mouth, slamming his cock home like never before and meeting with no resistance from her at all. Of course, she was a fantasy woman with super powers…naturally she would have no gagging reflex.

He wanted to pull out of her mouth to see his entire cock coated in her saliva, so he did. He pulled all the way out of her mouth and gazed with wonder at his slippery wet cock. One long rope of her saliva was hanging off the end of his cock and still attached to her mouth. He pulled back further and she used the tip of her tongue to wind the saliva around her tongue, like someone winding a long strand of pasta around a fork. He was amazed at her skillful tongue and could only stare at her in silence.

Then he slowly pulled her head towards his cock again and fucked her face with all the force he could muster. He just couldn’t get enough! When he again neared bursting point she halted him mid thrust, waiting till he calmed down. He couldn’t believe how she knew when to stop, almost a second before he knew it himself. It was truly mind-blowing. He didn’t have to think at all with this woman. She needed no prior warning and all he had to do was enjoy the incredible ride. He started to feel like she really would be able to make every one of his fantasies cum true. She had already done that by having him forcefully fuck her face….

His mind flew to one of his other much thought about fantasies, which made his mouth water and his cock jerk back to bursting point. She read his thought at the same time, as already she was up and bending over the edge of his bed. The bed seemed to lift automatically so that her ass was at the correct height for him to fuck from behind. She was bent over the corner of the bed so that she could twist around to the side and hang her tits over the edge as well. His whole body tensed with anticipation of what she was allowing him to do to her. escort bursa He had been awake on many nights, thinking about doing this and knowing that the woman sleeping beside him would flat-out refuse to participate. Yet here he was with this thrilling woman inviting him to fuck her ass and mouth at his leisure. It really didn’t get much better than this!

His cock was still soaked in her saliva so he spat on his hand and rubbed gently over her puckered up back hole. It was tight and looked impossibly hard to penetrate. He gently eased into her pussy instead, enjoying the way his head was spinning with sensations. She was wet and tight and hot around his sensitive cock. He could let go and cum now and it would all be over, but there was no way that he would let that happen. He gently fucked her pussy, delighting in the sexy squishing sounds they made together. He watched her tits bounce as he fucked her and wanted at once to touch them. He bent forward and reached around to pull her nipples. They were so large and hard that he didn’t want to let them go. But he knew that he needed to let them go now.

He pulled out of her slowly and walked around to her head. Once again her face was at the perfect height so that her mouth was in line with his cock. He held his cock with one hand and offered it to her mouth. She licked at it and then swallowed it all the way to his balls. She sucked at him, coating him again in her saliva. He closed his eyes and enjoyed being in her mouth. Then he gave a few thrusts inside her mouth and pulled out again. He walked back around behind her and fucked her pussy again for a few seconds.

Then he couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled out of her pussy and began to nudge at her asshole. She pushed back against him till the head of his cock eased through her tight rim of muscle. As his head popped through, he felt the rim contract around him. He had to stop for a second as he felt like a surge of cum was threatening to end his dream too suddenly. Once he regained composure he began to push slowly into her. She pushed back against him, urging him on. Once he was in all the way, he pulled slowly out again and repeated that a few times. He loved the way it felt when his whole cock came all the way out and his head popped in again. He loved the way it looked when he saw her hole slowly beginning to widen as she relaxed to accommodate him.

Holding back was getting too hard and he decided to just begin some hard ass-pounding! He fucked her long and hard till he was breathing quite heavily. Then he pulled out of her and walked around to her head. Her beautiful sexy mouth opened immediately to accept his thick cock, straight from having just fucked her ass. He let her suck him clean for a bit and then grabbed her hair to pull her hard against him. He plowed into her mouth over and over again, consumed with a feeling of total disbelief at what was happening. After he fucked her mouth, he went back around to her ass and pounded it some more. He knew he was not going to last much longer at this rate. She was just too fucking hot!

Finally he pulled out of her ass and she knew it was time…he needed release. She was on her knees in front of him in a flash, looking up at him with eyes that seemed to beg… He couldn’t resist reaching for her to take his cock in her mouth one more time. He drove his cock into her willing mouth, all the way down her throat once more. The feeling that this was his last chance to experience something so fucking awesome spurred him on. Finally they both knew he was about to cum. He pulled out of her mouth and used his hand to guide the direction of cum. Long white ribbons of cum spurted from his cock and landed on her face and tits with some landing on her hair as well. Her mouth was open to receive as much of his offering as possible, so he aimed the last ribbon into her hot cum cave and emptied the last drops of his load straight onto her tongue. The look of pure lust in her eyes as she licked his cum from around the edges of her lips, inspired him to lean forward and kiss her.

This was the first time she had allowed such a thing to happen and to go unpunished…but she could break her own rules just this once…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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