Mid-life Crisis

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Hello ladies. Yes, this story is addressed specifically to you (but I know the guys are going to love it, too).

A lot of women who read my work have emailed me saying they masturbate imaging themselves as my sluts.

As I have said before there is nothing sexier about a woman than her mind. She may have a luscious blowjob mouth, big fuckable tits, the juiciest pussy but if she doesn’t release her slutdom she’s nothing but a distant jerk off fantasy.

All women are sluts at some time of their lives – when they just want to fuck and suck and think of little else, masturbating three or four times a day if they don’t have their fuck partner handy. Even the plainest of women…

I’m thinking of Stephanie, a French girl who’d learnt English in the US, who used to be a co-worker of mine all those years ago. When I brought the affair to an end after three months and moved out she still hated me a year later, poor girl!

How did it start? There’d been this big meeting at work one evening and Steph had got very upset and emotional during it so later when I got home I decided to phone her to give her a little comfort. She had just broken up with a boyfriend at the time and was in her twenties, while I was sixteen years older, in what had become a boring long-term relationship and needed to have a mid-life crisis.

She was sort of plain looking, wore big glasses, dressed business-like but she seemed to have quite nice shapes beneath her smart outfits. A very efficient girl, bit of a perfectionist I suppose. In fact she was in everything. Yes, everything as I was soon to find out.

The evening phone calls became a regular thing. When my partner took the dogs out for their evening stroll I’d pick up the phone and dial Stephanie’s number.

She was always waiting for me, semi-naked on her bed. We had very quickly got into phone sex and we’d both masturbate as we talked our filth. I had told her I liked a nice bushy, hairy cunt and she had told me that was what she had. Of course it was true as I was soon to discover. I’d also told her how I love to have my cock sucked and she told me how much she loved sucking cock. That was also true. And so I would have her rubbing her cunt and cumming over the phone whilst I described how she would suck me and have me shoot my hot load in her mouth.

Sometimes I got her to masturbate using the phone’s hand set so I could hear it brushing through her pubic hair. I’d generally concentrate on making her cum but sometimes she wanted me to orgasm and so, as I rubbed my cock she talked about how I’d fuck her hairy pussy from behind and how she would lick and suck at my cock until she made it spurt. I’d tell her when I was cumming and her talk would get even dirtier.

Eventually this was not enough for her and she kept asking when we were going to do the dirty for real. It happened one Friday afternoon that we both had off. I went round to her little studio and she was waiting with a bottle of good wine from her father’s cellar and dressed in a negligee, a wasp-waist sexy corset thing that made her big round tits bulge out, black nylons and black French knickers. You know the ones with an open crotch. She had quite a wardrobe of sexy underwear I found out.

After a few glasses of wine the next thing I remember is us lying on her bed, I was stripped down to my underpants and her face was next to my crotch as she started her exploration of my straining cock. After completely removing my pants she looked at, smelled, fondled, tasted, licked and slowly sucked and kissed every inch of my throbbing manhood. She knew exactly where to touch, how to touch it, for how long and with what! She really was worshipping it like something she had been longing for.

Meanwhile I was discovering the lips of her juicy cunt in her luscious jungle of pubic hair. She placed it over my hungry mouth. It was clean and washed, the pubes were soft with a faint perfume of bath soap but her natural sex odours were oozing like musky honey. As my face revelled in her cunt my cock was experiencing the most delicious sensations as her lips and tongue danced around its hard, shiny head. But I knew that we both needed to fuck. We both wanted to feel the exquisite sensation of hard cock entering soft cunt for the first time.

I lay on top of her and my cock slipped easily and slowly into her soaking cunt, inch by inch until she was filled. She had in fact done a lot of fucking already with her past eight boyfriends but her cunt was tight ataşehir escort bayan and gripping me firmly. And then she started the cunt massage, somehow rippling it around my immobile cock. I was learning that she could make her cunt feel like a mouth and later that her mouth could feel like a cunt. If she had continued this massage much longer I would have just laid there and pumped a huge orgasm into her but I still needed to give her a good pounding. And that’s what I did.

Here we had a perfect example of an apparently ordinary girl being an absolute sex-craving slut. As I pounded her she moaned and grunted, thrusting back and telling me to fuck her, to make her cum. Which I did. Then I turned her over and did her doggy. She shoved her round bum in the air and spread her thighs, I knelt behind her and watched my big cock thrust in and out of her jungle, and that’s what made me cum, seeing all that matted, wild pubic hair, especially around her asshole.

And so my wife found out and told me to move out and go and live with the slut if that’s what I wanted to do. So I did.

Anyway, I think I must have cum more times in her mouth than in her pussy. As soon as we’d get back from work –after I’d moved in with her – we’d fuck. But she couldn’t fuck without first sucking on my cock. She’d tell me during the day how much she wanted to feel my big, hard cock in her mouth giving me half a dozen hard-ons to deal with. In other circumstances I’d have gone off to the toilets to have a wank but she wouldn’t let me! She’d say, “Wait until we get home and we’ll fuck and I’ll make you cum big time.” So by the end of the working day I’d have a huge erection as we drove back to the flat. I got it out in the car once and she stopped at an empty intersection and went down on me for a couple of minutes. She could not resist putting my cock in her in her mouth.

Once home we’d try to get changed and being half naked would find ourselves on the bed or the sofa, me lying there with my stiff cock being slurped over as I fingered her soft, slushy, hairy cunt, watching as she worshiped my meat.

She had had a lot of practise at sucking cocks and was a perfectionist by nature anyway, so she had perfected her cock sucking techniques to a high degree. But even better than that – she needed to suck cock. She loved it, she savoured cock like someone appreciating a fine wine, always needing to taste a little more as the flavour and feel of it invades the mouth each time with new delicious sensations. She was a cock connoisseur.

Now cock sucking and pussy eating are usually the hors d’oeuvres to the main dish – a long hard fuck – but in our case we often didn’t get to the main dish. Well, not until much later. The way she would slowly skin back the foreskin revealing the hard, shiny head, the plum that she wanted to taste! She knew exactly how to pleasure a man with her mouth and hands. Her tongue wandered around, instinctively lingering on the most sensitive spots and then she would engulf the head with her lips, moaning as she really got to taste my manhood at last. She’d told me that the taste and smell of my sex turned her on like no one ever had.

But not only my cock. She savoured my balls, licking and sucking on them as her hand slowly wanked my cock with a rotating movement that stretched the skin below the cock head, constantly stimulating it.

Of course as her mouth played around my balls her tongue could not resist probing lower and so she would have me lift my knees up so that she could get to my arse hole.

“I’m a fucking dirty slut, “she had told me over the phone once as I was wanking. “I love a man’s ass – the smell and taste of it. Just imagine if I were to be licking around your hole right now and then started to fuck it with my tongue… You’d cum right away!” And I did.

So, this dirty slut would lick and kiss my arse hole, munching on it in fact while her hand did that delicious slow revolving wank on my bursting cock. But then she would have to go back to working on it with her mouth.

Sometimes a blowjob accompanied by a face full of oozing pussy is ecstasy when you don’t really know how she is making those exquisite sensations on your cock and as you cum you bury your tongue deep into her pussy. Other times it is great to just watch what she is doing to you, see her enjoyment as she takes you to the brink. Those times though I have to have my hands on her tits and also finger her wet cunt, playing with her clit, giving escort kadıköy her mini orgasms.

Steph was one of those girls who could cum from just sucking cock, she loved it so much. And so I’d watch as she engulfed my cock as she sat over me and of course, of course, she deep throated! Most girls will take the first three or four inches into their mouth and suck lovingly, which is pretty delicious, I must admit. But seeing her sliding her mouth over your cock and not stopping until it has totally disappeared, her nose in your pubes and holding it in her throat, feeling like it’s buried in a tight, wet cunt.! Fuck man, it is practically indescribable.

And so she would continue, slowly and lovingly taking me to the edge until she could hear my breathing change, short, fast panting telling her I was about to cum. And what would she do?

She would ensure that the end of my knob was in her mouth being caressed by her tongue, continue that delicious wanking with one hand whilst the other gently squeezed my balls and then she would slip her long middle finger right up my arse and I could feel my orgasm coming from that spot, then churning through my balls and rushing up my cock pumping load after load of hot spunk into her hungry mouth. I’d let my whole body relax into that orgasm, I didn’t have to make any effort at all – no tensing of the legs to help bring it on – she did it all, and it just went on and on. Just when it seemed to be over she would do something to bring it on again – finger fucking my arse, deep throating, magical tongue movements, I can’t really say but in fact she managed to give me multiple orgasms with her blowjobs as I lay there helpless, panting, moaning and muttering obscenities.

And of course, not a drop of my precious spunk was wasted. This was the elixir she had been working for and this was when I would feel her cunt spasming around my fingers as she came. Sometimes she would swallow it, gulp after gulp as I pumped it into her mouth, other times she’d swallow the fist mouthfuls and then as she managed to get more of my spunk out of me she’d leave it in her mouth, playing with it, showing me it on her tongue, letting some drool down her chin, then hungrily licking it back into her mouth. Then she would look at me and swallow it all as if she were drinking a hot chocolate – she loved hot chocolate – licking and sucking at her lips to make sure she had drunk every last delicious drop. She really did love spunk!

My cock would be still hard and twitching and to finish of she’d put out her tongue and gently milk out the last few dribbles onto it, smacking her lips in a “Yum, yum!” sort of way.

The wonderful thing about her blowjobs is that I didn’t have to do a thing to my cock or tell her what to do – she did it all perfectly instinctively, understanding my every twitch and moan.

From time to time there was a different ending, as she made me cum she would take my cock out of her mouth, still wanking it, open her mouth, put out her tongue and tell me to cum all over her face and mouth. And guess what? I would do that very thing! She loved to have her face splattered and drooling with hot cum, licking her lips, sucking at my knob end, squeezing my balls.

She actually had me take photos of her like that and she told me later she had shown them to her girlfriends. I later understood the funny way they would look at me sometimes.

Eventually she would clean up, or not, make supper and often after supper we just fucked long and slowly until we were both about to cum and I would pound into her hard and fast, usually from behind and I’d pump another load into her cunt as she screamed out her orgasms. We’d go to bed stinking of sex until we showered the next morning.

Being the complete dirty slut that she was she also loved having her ass fucked. For her the dirtier the sex the better it was. I’d never been able to persuade any of my partners to let me fuck them in the ass but Steph was different. She practically begged me to do it one day. I shouldn’t have been surprised, really, knowing how much she loved sex. She told me she loved having a cock in her ass because it was a really dirty thing to do and because it felt so fucking good.

Actually she had a very clean arsehole. We never used condoms and there was never any trace of shit on my cock. I think she gave herself enemas. Of course whenever I had my head buried in her bush I too would love to give her a rimming. It was one of those times maltepe escort that she suggested I put my cock up there. How does a guy refuse such an invitation? She took out some lube and started to grease up my already very hard cock. If she had continued that for very long we both know what the result would have been so she was careful. Then she got me to rub the lubricant all over her arsehole, encouraging me to put as many fingers in her as I could. I was being gentle but she wanted it rough and so eventually I had three fingers sliding into her ass.

“Alright, I’m ready for that fucking big cock of yours. Come on, put it in my ass.” At work Steph was always so proper and I loved it when she talked like a whore to me at home. She was two totally different people.

And so she pulled up her legs, holding them in the crook of her arms completely exposing her hairy cunt and arse to me. I had a choice of holes but I was aiming at that tight puckered one. How could my big cock fit in there, I was wondering – but I had just had three fingers up it. She took hold of my cock slipped the tip into her hole. It was tight but it slid in easily. “I want all eight inches in there, slam it in me!” she ordered. How can a gentleman refuse a lady’s request? And so I pushed and the whole fucking thing disappeared into her arsehole and it felt so fucking good and tight. “Now fuck it hard!”

I started exploring the possibilities, still worried that it might hurt her. But, no, she really loved having the shit hammered out of her. No pun intended. And so within a few minutes I was pummelling her arsehole with my cock like a jack hammer. She was grunting and moaning, mauling her big tits, rubbing at her pussy, sometimes lifting her head to get a glimpse of my cock thrusting in and out of her, then throwing back her head in ecstasy as the sight and feelings took her nearer and nearer to a huge orgasm.

I felt perfectly in control for the moment as I’d cum in her mouth earlier and knew I could make her cum a few times before the really big one I sensed was there. The feeling of her rectum completely encasing my cock was wonderful and so different to a cunt, even a tight one and she did absolutely love it, no doubt at all.

I changed pace, slowly withdrawing then suddenly jabbing it back into her now gaping arsehole. She loved that, too. Eventually her panting told me she was going for the Big O and I grabbed her cunt and pushed a handful of fingers into it. That did it. She started screaming and moaning and swearing and thrusting back at me as she her orgasm took hold of her and wouldn’t let go for what must have been more than a minute. I had never ever seen a woman have such a massive orgasm.

But neither had I ever experienced first hand what happened next. Her cunt contracted around my hand and then she started squirting, gushing all over me, hot woman cum. And this was obviously intensifying her orgasm. We were soaked as she lay there shaking and panting but I still hadn’t cum. But what I had just experienced suddenly released an enormous orgasm that I just wasn’t expecting! And as she felt me starting to cum she contracted her rectum which squeezed my cock right out of her. The initial spurt had filled her ass but there was much more on its way.

Before I could react she had managed to move and replace her asshole with her mouth and was just licking that delicious spot just below the head with tip of her tongue, mouth open. My cock was oozing spunk now, not spurting, just oozing and oozing the thickest, creamiest spunk imaginable and it was all going onto her tongue, filling her mouth, drooling down her chin and with each ooze there was another wave of orgasm, no, a tsunami of orgasms that eventually left me shaking, my cock slowly softening and then I had yet another First.

She pulled me down on the bed, leaned over my face and slowly let my cum dribble onto my mouth. I had tasted it before out of curiosity but just a little drop. She slid her tongue into my mouth and I let my spunk drool from her mouth to mine, mixed with our saliva. If she liked it, why shouldn’t I? I’d had my tongue up her arse and sucked on her cunt juices so now I was going to enjoy the taste and feel of my own juice as we lay there snowballing my cum from mouth to mouth, licking it off each other’s faces until we had both swallowed every drop.

God, was that girl a slut! I’ve never known one like her before or since. But she was crazy and so after a couple of months of this sort of sex I went back to my wife who was also a bit of a slut, of course and very understanding about the whole situation. I eventually learned that while I was away she had been indulging her sexual fantasies too and had got into some serious gang banging.

But that’s another story!

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