Mermaid Resort

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Ari and Ella planned a weekend getaway during the summer before their last year of college. Ari is 21 and Ella is 22, but they are only 6 months apart and grew up together. They both are fit cross country runners who also love swimming for fun. So they chose a resort that boasted of a canal city where you can swim in between all the shops and restaurants! They arrived late Friday afternoon and got checked in.

“Ella, I’m so excited! This place looks marvelous!”

“I know, Ari, this will be a great weekend.”

They got to their room, used the restroom, and changed into their bikinis. Ari had a light blue one to complement her wavy, auburn hair. Ella put on a brown one to go with her long, blonde locks. They were both wearing thin choker necklaces and Ari pressed the button on hers. Ella jumped and giggled. “I’m so glad the vibrators inside us are waterproof!” She pressed her button too, Ari smiled, and off they went to get in the water, turning them off for now.

They locked their sandals, phones, and room keys in a locker, being sure to memorize the 3 number combination, and then jumped in. They swam for a bit and then picked one of the many restaurants, which had benches and stools just below the surface of the water so guests never had to get out! They ate salads and sandwiches while sipping wine, having a good time admiring the nice aqua resort as they began calling it. For a few minutes here and there they would subtly touch the buttons on their necks to tease each other, trying to catch the other by surprise. It was their little game they like to play. Then after an hour and a half they swam on, everything being covered by the room fee.

They saw a barrier and asked a staff person what was on the other side. “That’s the mermaid zone, where guests can swim in our custom fitted mermaid tails!”

“Ooh, that’s awesome. Can we go in?” Both girls’ eyes widened since they loved the water and had always wondered what mermaids would feel like.

“Sure, but you should know we close the barrier for the night in about ten minutes. During the day you can get in and out freely while we are in operation but if you go in you’ll have to stay the night. There are aqua beds for sleeping, for when you need to rest.”

The girls agreed to go in. The man measured each of their waists and legs in detail. Then he grabbed two tails with long stretches of fabric, green for Ari and orange for Ella as requested. He had them put their feet in first, the firm tail shell keeping them pointed like a ballerina’s feet to help with the swimming motion, and then from above the ankles he wrapped the fabric tightly up their legs, ending just above their belly buttons. “Okay these are now istanbul escort sealed and you’re ready to go in! Once you’re in the water just remember to keep them wet at all times or the seal may start to unravel. How do they feel?”

“Tight like our legs really are one tail but not too much pressure that it’s uncomfortable!” Ari said as they wiggled their tails, lifting them up and down. Ella agreed.

“Oh, one more thing before you go, and sorry for not mentioning it before sealing you into those tails for the night, but no jewelry is allowed. If lost it can damage the filters for the specially adjusted water that keeps the tails sealed on.” They looked at each other, a bit embarrassed but knew it was their secret. They handed the man their chokers. “Don’t worry, I’ll lock them right below this desk here with your names and tail numbers on a note.” They told him their names and then he lifted them in a net over the barrier, setting them down in the water. They thanked him and swam off, quickly getting used to the different swimming style a tail requires.

Then suddenly Ari’s vibrator came to life inside of her. “Oh no!”

“What is it Ari?”

“My vibrator is on!” She whispered so nobody else could hear.

“He must have grabbed one by the button without realizing it did something. Maybe he’ll press it again when he sets them down?” Ella offered. A few minutes passed and it continued vibrating softly inside of Ari.

“It definitely feels good but it’s distracting and I’ll have to go the whole night!” Ari sighed.

“No silly, the battery will probably die at some point. Anyway, let’s keep exploring!” So they swam on.

They swam to one of the cocktail bars where they enjoyed a few drinks, moving their tails in the water while resting on the just barely underwater stools. After they were both feeling a bit intoxicated, they went for a longer swim around, thoroughly enjoying the aqua resort.

They found a massage shop where they lay on a slant with tails still in the water since they had to stay lubricated to maintain the special seal. It was a wonderful experience, but while Ella relaxed Ari was feeling more aroused as her body got pressed on from inside and out, enjoying an orgasm as the masseuse worked on her upper tail area. She tried not to moan but may have let out a few audible breathing sounds. Massages completed, they swam around for a while, enjoying the water and the other sensations they were experiencing.

Eventually it started getting late and they began feeling a little sleepy. They decided to try the aqua beds, which had a softer area that was firm and spongy but always had some water flowing on it for the escort istanbul tails. The torso and pillow area was angled upward to make sure guests continued breathing air. They found a pair next to each other and got in.

“Hey Ari, I just realized we probably can’t pee in these.”

“Oh Ella, I hadn’t even thought of that! I’ve been so preoccupied with this vibrator that I didn’t realize I’m feeling pressure from my bladder too. Why did we decide to drink so much?”

“We weren’t thinking of this. We were just having fun, but at least now you’re not the only one with a predicament!” Ella put a positive spin on the situation.

“Yay, I just have to deal with two now. At least I had a wonderful orgasm during the massage!”

Ella giggled. “Yeah, I thought I heard you enjoying that. I’m a bit jealous mine isn’t on, actually!” She wasn’t sure if that was true but Ari laughed and smiled.

The water flowing around their tails constantly reminded them their bladders wanted release, and the vibrator was still buzzing inside Ari, but with their wet hair draped on the pillows they finally closed their eyes to sleep.

A couple hours later Ari woke up, vibrator still buzzing and the urge to pee stronger than before. She rolled over onto her stomach trying to find a different position to fall back asleep but all that did was put more pressure onto her bladder. She stroked the slick fabric holding her legs together and slowly moving her feet up and down in the water. She thrust her hips into the spongy bed feeling the water pulse back and forth, as the liquid inside her shifted back and forth as well. A wave of pleasure came over her as she orgasmed again.

Feeling happy and relieved but still tired, she gripped the pillow and tried to return to slumber, eventually succeeding after the battery finally died.

The two awoke in sunlight and heard the water making a lot of noise outside the aquabed pods. “How did you sleep, Ella?”

“I slept well, but wow do I need to pee!” Ari agreed. “How did you fair?”

“I woke up once or twice, but it was better after the battery finally died!”

“Oh good, I’m glad you to got to relax some. Sorry you had to deal with that!”

“Don’t be silly, it wasn’t your fault! Come, let’s get out of these and head back to the room.” They began swimming toward the barrier, feeling very full inside with the vibrators taking up space and the tight mermaid tails working together to reduce the space available for their bladders. There was a long line already at the barrier, with 27 already lined up to exit the mermaid zone! This could take a while. Another strong man lifted the first two out. Ari and Ella waited istanbul escort bayan patiently, talking about what they might do the rest of the day, but really their effort was focused on maintaining composure and treading water.

After about an hour it came to them. Ari was hoisted out in the net with the woman in front of her, and Ella would be next. The man helped the other woman first, and then Ari. “Did you have a good time, miss?”

“Yes, it was wonderful! Could you get my two necklaces for us?” She asked.

He was a bit confused at first, but then remembered. “Oh yes, there was a note. You must be Ella?”

“No that’s my friend. She’s next in line.”

“Okay, then you’re Ari. One moment…” He retrieved them and handed them to her. “Here you go! Now let’s get your friend out. He lifted Ella and the next lady with his net. While he was doing that Ari pressed the button on her choker, starting Ella’s vibrator! This would fulfill her wish from last night! Ella’s eyes were wide and glaring at Ari, as the man unwrapped the tail. She was aroused but also very uncomfortable with her full bladder.

Ari put the choker on and handed hers to Ella. They thanked the man and got in the water to swim back to their locker. After going a safe distance, Ella said. “Turn it off, Ari!” Ari just swam a little faster. Ella clenched, holding everything in, but without the tail had to kick her legs individually making the situation much more difficult.

They got back to the locker area and grabbed towels to dry off. “Seriously, Ari!”

“Didn’t you say you wished you had yours on last night? I’m letting you feel the full experience!” She giggled as she turned the combination lock to get their room keys, phones, and sandals.

“Turn it off or I’ll grab it off your neck.” Ari had put on her sandals already and started jogging.

“I need to pee so bad, let’s discuss back in the room!” Ella was still clasping her sandals, dismayed she had chosen heeled sandals. That just makes it take that much longer, and then she’ll have to wait for Ari to finish. She felt a wave of desperation come over her as she stood, somehow combined with a wave of pleasure from the vibrations. She enjoyed the moment but pushed herself to walk, one heel at a time, glad she had a towel just in case.

Ari reached the room and immediately emptied her bladder. What a relief! That was so long…and she was happy to remove the vibrator as well, charging it up for later. “How far behind was Ella?” Ari muttered, wondering why her friend was taking so long…

Ella had gotten in the elevator and gone up to their floor, but in the hallway she stopped to sit on a bench, or rather lay down on a bench. The pressure had grown and she felt the orgasm coming. She pressed on herself through the towel and smiled ear to ear. The intensity grew and she relished the orgasmic release. She could wait a few more minutes to pee. This was worth it all! Ari wasn’t the only one who got to enjoy this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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