Memoirs of a Preacher’s Daughter Ch. 02

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Memoirs of a Preacher’s Daughter Ch. 2

These are my stories, and are completely true, but for the changes to the names of the not-so-innocent-but-never-consented-to-

Right after my husband and I bought our first house, I had one of my first, and naughtiest, opportunities to cheat on him. Shortly after we moved in, his uncle paid us a surprise visit – and stayed for weeks. Technically, we weren’t blood, as he was Harry’s uncle, but considering that Harry and I had grown up together, he was certainly close enough.

Uncle Doug had been fascinated with me since high school, and I was fully aware of it. And after 10+ years of teasing and frustration from me (I’ve always been a cock-tease, what can I say?), he was more than willing to get into my pants when the opportunity presented itself. And it presented itself soooo easily… Harry was working out on the road a lot, which left Uncle Doug and I with the house to ourselves, overnight, on a very regular basis.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I don’t think Uncle Doug intended to fuck me when he decided to come out (perhaps that’s naïve of me), and I know it certainly wasn’t my intention to get involved with him. After all, he is in no way my type – for starters, he smokes, and that’s always been a turn-off for me; secondly, he had to be at least 25 years older than I at the time, with 3 daughters my age – I had never really considered messing around with older men at that time; and lastly, he’s a pretty narrow-minded guy – then again, maybe that was the point that started me down the path with him. I’ve always been excited by pushing myself and others outside the boundaries of their comfort zones, and he was a great candidate for that since damn-near everything was out of bounds!

But truthfully, I think it all boils down to the fact that I had finally become disillusioned enough with Harry to not care about whether or not I was meeting his, or society’s, expectations anymore. We’d been together for 15 years, and during that time, I had come to live like a woman caught red-handed at cheating, though the thought had never really occurred to me, and though I’d never done anything to provoke his mistrust (well, not until about year 14, anyway). But 15 years of accusations will eventually take their toll, and next thing you know, you’re fucking your husband’s married uncle, behind his back, in his new house, simply because you can – and because you’re smart enough to get away with it. But enough about Harry and I…

After that first visit, Doug was a frequent visitor to our home, flying out every couple of months, and even buying a small piece of property close by so as to have an excuse to visit frequently without raising too many suspicions. We played everything cool – always kept Harry and the family appraised of Doug’s coming and goings, just like with any other regular family visit, made it a point to introduce him to our local friends and include him in any activities that one would normally take a house guest to. No bedroom eyes, no holding hands, nothing to outwardly indicate what was going on behind closed doors. Whenever Harry would act suspicious, I would remind him that he was suspicious of everyone, so his opinion no longer counted. And when he would ask me point-blank whether ümraniye escort or not I was having an affair with Uncle Doug, I would look him in the eye and say, “You’re damn right, I am. And his cock’s bigger than yours too!” For some reason, he never believed me. ~wicked grin~

This is the story of one of my favorite trysts with Uncle Doug.

It was probably his second visit to our house. My anniversary with the company I worked for had just passed, and as a result, I had a full complement of available vacation time. I forget exactly what Uncle Doug’s reason for visiting was that time, but I remember that he’d made it known that he was here for a visit, then planning to rent a car and take a road trip to a neighboring state to do a little family research. Well, of course, after Uncle Doug inquired about a car rental, realized how expensive it was, and bitched and bitched about the cost, Harry wouldn’t allow for Uncle Doug to rent a car. Instead, he volunteered me (and my vacation time) to chauffer Uncle Doug to his destination and back. I told them that I’d think about it, and later that night, alone with Harry, I push back on the idea. “I’m not sure I want to go. I don’t want to use up all my vacation for this. Why don’t YOU go? Right, I know you’re going back out on the road, and that I’m going to be here alone, but what I’m really afraid of is that you’ll change your mind later and accuse me of using this trip to cheat on you with your UNCLE, God forbid, when it was your idea to begin with.” Oh, the manipulations of a cunning woman who knows which buttons to push… Little did poor Harry know that I’d already sucked and fucked his uncle to heaven and back several times on his last visit!

Of course, it was settled. Harry said I HAD to go. We simply couldn’t let Uncle Doug rent a car now that we’d offered to take him, and he needed to prove to me that he could let me out of his sight without accusing me of cheating (after all, he HAD been wrong for 14 of the 15 years, and had no real idea about the couple of times he’d been right since then).

So off we went. It was a good trip. Uncle Doug and I were finally free from prying eyes, and able to enjoy one another whenever and wherever we wished. We’d drive a bit, talking, touching, teasing one another… Then pull over at a rest stop away from other drivers and take turns getting one another off. I’d lean over the arm rest, kissing him while I worked his jeans open and down, exposing his cock for my hand, and when it started to drool, I’d bend over and suck it clean. Then I’d sit back up, push my own pants down enough to free one knee, lick my fingers while watching him watch me, raise one leg, open up my little pussy, and stroke my clit while he watched – round and round, little counter-clockwise circles…

This all may seem rather tame, but for him, it was mind-blowing. From the way he reacted the first time I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick, I don’t think he’d ever had a blow-job before. The first few times, I remember him trying to push me away, saying that it was naughty, and not something ladies do. But once he let me suck him off, and saw how wet my cunt was after getting a mouth full of cum to swallow, he quit resisting. It was kind of üsküdar escort the same with me touching myself – very taboo for him. Aunt Mary must not have ever let him fuck her with the lights on before, because he couldn’t speak the first time I spread my pussy lips and started playing with myself. He just stared in complete silence for several minutes, until his cock was throbbing hard enough that he pulled it out of his jeans and shoved it into me right then and there… But I digress…

Here we are, at a rest area along a major freeway, in broad daylight, his cock is so hard it’s throbbing and dripping pre-cum, and I’m propped against the door, with my pussy fully exposed to him while I play with myself. I bring the index and middle fingers of my right hand, my favorite fingers for touching my clit, to my mouth – rubbing my pussy juice all over my lips – then lean forward, close enough that he can smell my scent but not close enough to touch, and ask him if he wants to taste me. He leans forward to kiss me, but I pull back, mischief in my eyes, and tell him he has to tell me what he wants, and that he has to use ‘bad’ words.

He’s frozen… dying to tell me, afraid of offending me… so I lean back again, open my pussy back up and start playing with my clit again, only this time, I push the middle finger of my left hand in and start to fuck myself. I ask him, ‘Don’t you want to taste me, Uncle Doug? My pussy is so wet for you.” All he could do was nod on a long moan. Bringing my fingers back up, I rub them over his lips, wetting them, before leaning back and continuing my play, watching him struggle to form the words.

I glance down to his cock, which by now has pre-cum puddling to one side, and say, “God, I want to taste your cock. But if you want me to suck it for you, you’re going to have to tell me.” Finally he says to me, “You know what I want, Meradith.” With a sly smile, I deny any knowledge of what he could possibly desire, forcing him to say the words, until at last, he tells me, “I want to feel my cock in your mouth.”

As a reward, I lean over, and begin to lick at his clear pre-cum, enjoying the salty flavor, before sucking his head into my warm mouth. He moans, leaning his head back on the seat rest, and I sit up again, and resume my space against the door, fondling myself. “Is that all you want?”

I could tell he was ready to burst as he growled, “No… I want to fuck your sweet little pussy.” Smiling in triumph, I lean forward, give him a quick kiss, then hastily pull up my pants and get out of the car, heading toward a wooded trail off the back of the rest stop. I look back just before entering the trail, to see him sitting in stunned silence, jaw slightly open, until his eyes meet mine and he realizes that my leaving the car is an open invitation for him to do just that – fuck my sweet little pussy. I see him wiggling around in the front seat, and assume that he’s shoving his hard cock back into his jeans so that he can follow me onto the trail, so I go on without him.

While I’m waiting, I check out our surroundings, looking to see how much of the other cars I can see, then step a bit deeper into the woods in search of a nice sturdy fallen log to bend over. By the time he finds me, my pants are yenibosna escort off and protecting my arms and upper body from the bark as I lean over the tree, my bare ass facing him, and fingers working on my clit as he comes up the trail behind me. Again, he growls as he pulls his cock out, and I know I’ve pushed him further than he’s ever been pushed before. I look at him over my shoulder as he pushes his cock into my wet, wet pussy, and tell him that I want him to grab my hips, and that I want him to fuck me hard. As he starts to pump his cock in and out of me, I ask him, “Can you do that for me, Uncle Doug? Can you fuck my cunt really hard?” He can barely speak, and grunts out a ‘yes’, so intent on fucking me that he’s forgotten that he has to talk dirty to get what he wants. I stand up a little, making it difficult for him to ram his cock into me the way he wants to, and looking over my shoulder again, remind him. “If you want to fuck my pussy, you have to tell me.” At last, he’s broken – past the point of caring whether his words will offend me – as he pushes down on my back and tells me without hesitation, “Bend over, I’m gonna fuck your cunt until you can’t take any more.”

Oh, what joy… It was like a damn was let loose. With every stroke, he was pulling me onto his cock, telling me, “You like that? You like it when I give it to you hard? You like to feel my dick spreading you open?” Still playing with my clit, I tell him that I like it so much that I’m going to cum. “That’s it, Meradith, cum for me… Cum for Uncle Doug… Oh God… Oh God…” Until finally, he pulls me all the way onto his cock, holding me there, filling my pussy with cum as my own orgasm milks him… Until his cum is literally running down my thighs with his dick still deep inside me.

Finally, spent, he gently pulls his half-hard dick from my soaking pussy. Still trying to catch my breath, I turn around, leaning back against the tree, and slide into a crouch in front of him, taking his cock back into my mouth, playing in our cum that is all over him… Rubbing his head on my lips, then back into my mouth… Cleaning him with my tongue… Before finally standing up to kiss him. At first, I could tell he was uncomfortable with the thought of kissing my mouth, soaked with his cum. I remind him playfully that it hadn’t killed me yet, and that I’ve been drinking it off and on for weeks now, until finally, he lets me kiss him – close-mouthed at first, but eventually opening up for a real kiss.

Afterward, when we finally remembered where exactly we were, we realized that we were probably not as hidden from the other cars at the rest stop as we had once thought, and laughingly, put ourselves back together in quite a rush before heading to the car and taking off, heading for our next naughty adventure.

As for Harry, true to form, he was convinced that I’d slept with his uncle by the time we returned, which I had, but would never admit to him in a million years. I’m still not convinced that one year of being right is worth taking the fall for the other fourteen.

On occasion, when driving to visit family, I still drive by that rest stop and I can’t help but wonder how many other lovers have taken advantage of my trysting place. In my mind’s eye, I can see the sun dappling their skin, the sounds of their passion being muted by the leaves on the ground beneath them. Makes me think about stopping some day, just to see who does go back there – after all, the path didn’t get there all by itself – and perhaps sneaking through the woods to watch, or even join them. But that’s a story for another day…

Mera Smythe

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