Max and the Lamp Ch. 05

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Max and the Lamp 05

The next morning, Max woke and heard his Mom outside his room. He got up, dressed and went out into the hall. His mom was standing at the top of the stairs talking on her phone.

“Of, course, Cathy. I’ll be there as soon as I can. You take care of Tim. Bye.” She looked up at Max.

“Honey, I have to go to Cathy’s right now. Her husband, Tim has been deployed without notice and she needs some help.” Cathy was her younger sister, who lived a day’s drive away. She and Tim had been married for only a few months. Tim was a lieutenant in the Army. “This is all so new, and she’s really shook up.”

“Sure, Mom, I understand. Jenny and I will stay here and watch the house, “Max said and gave his Mom a hug. She stepped away quickly.

“Thanks, hon. I’m leaving you my car, so I need you to drive me to get the rental car. I left some money in the kitchen drawer if you need it.” Mom hurried upstairs.

Bummer, Max thought. Tim was a neat guy. He hoped he was going to be OK. Max fixed coffee and grabbed a quick breakfast. When his mom was ready, he drove her to the rental office. At the car, she turned to Max.

“I’m going to miss you, sweetie. I want to, umm, continue with things when I get back.” She smiled and hugged him close, pressing her body into him.

“Mom,” he said in a low voice, “I want your naked, hot body close to me, too.” He looked around and then kissed her softly. The kiss became hard and full as Ivy opened her mouth to his tongue.

She broke off the kiss and looked around. “Max, we need to be careful!”

“Of course, Mom. I checked before I kissed you. Be careful driving and tell Cathy I hope everything is OK soon.”

“Thanks, Max. You and Jenny be careful, too.” His mom got in the car and drove away.

Max decided to visit Jenny at work. Parking close, he went into the coffee shop. Jenny was at the counter, serving customers. She waved at Max as he sat at a small table. Another woman, who looked older than Jenny was also behind the counter. The woman glanced at Max and smiled. She was an attractive, slim redhead, with creamy skin and freckles. In a few minutes, Jenny came over.

“Hey, big brother, fancy seeing you here. Can I get you a coffee?” She smiled at him. She looked cute, dressed in tight jeans and a white blouse that showed some cleavage.

“Jenny, Mom had to go to Cathy’s for a few days. Her husband was deployed out of the country with no notice, so Mom is going to help out.”

“That sucks for Cathy. I hope everything is going to be all right.”

“Yeah, me, too. Hey, can we go somewhere private for a minute?

Jenny looked around and motioned him to follow her. She walked back to a door in the back of the shop.

Max followed. They went through the door and into a small storeroom.

“Is this OK,” she asked. Max glanced around, then grabbed her hand and led her behind a large shelf. When they were behind the shelf, he put her arms around her neck and leaned down to kiss him. He felt her tense, then she relaxed. Her tongue darted into his mouth and she moaned. He slipped his hands down to her butt and squeezed them into his hardening bulge.

“Oh, Max, that’s nice. You make me so horny,” she whispered.

“Me too, Jenny. I just am so horny for you. Let’s fuck now, right here!” He whispered back.

“No, Max. We can’t, someone might see us” she said.

“Jenny, I’m so hard for you.” He pressed his bulge into her harder.

“Umm, yes you are. But it’s too dangerous.”

“OK, then suck me, Jenny. Suck my hard dick. No one will see you. I’ll keep a good eye out.” He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Jenny watched it. She looked over her shoulder towards the front of the shop. Max pressed down gently on his shoulders. She dropped to her knees.

“Ohh, Max! What have you done to me?”

Her head moved forward and her tongue came out. When it touched the tip of his cock, he jerked. His cock slid between her warm lips. She hummed on his dick.

“Jesus, Jenny. Your mouth is heaven. Suck me, sis!” He placed his hands on her head. He pushed in and out gently. He had a sudden flash of the Wendy hologram, but resisted slamming his cock down his sister’s throat. Maybe another time, he thought.

Jenny continued to bob on his dick. She held his dick in one hand and with the other massaged her pussy through her jeans. She looked up and him and he smiled down at her.

“I’m close, Jenny. You need to swallow my cum so you don’t get any on your clothes.”

“Ohky,” she mumbled around his cock. Max began to speed up but was careful to not go too deep. He closed his eyes.

“Glukk, sssslurp, glukk.” He heard the wet sounds Jenny made as his cock slid in and out her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, Jenny. I’m coming,” he whispered as he held her mouth on his cock. He felt his cock erupt in her mouth with a hot blast of cum. He heard her gag slightly then swallow. She swallowed again as his cock blew another three shots into her sucking mouth. Finally, kadıköy escort bayan he was done and pulled out. She gasped for breath as his cock slid free.

“My, God, Max, you came so much! I couldn’t breathe for a second.” She licked his cock tip as he drew back. “Oh, fuck, I’m so wet now.”

“Jenny that was so good! You are a great cocksucker.” He looked around and grabbed a towel for the counter. She cleaned her face off and stood up.

“I have to get back to work now or Mary is going to kill me.”

“Mary is that cute redhead working with you? Maybe you should bring her home and we can all have fun together,” Max said, smiling.

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You horn dog.” She led them out of the storeroom. “See you later, big brother.”

Max walked to the front door and looked back. The girl, Mary, was watching him. Max waved and winked at her. She blushed and looked away.

Maybe I will ask Jenny to bring her over, he thought.


At home, he finished a few chores. He was trying to decide what to do next when the doorbell rang. He walked to the door and opened it.

Melody Jenkins stood on the porch, carrying a large plastic container. Melody was dressed in a pale peach colored dress that tied around her neck and left her brown shoulders bare. It displayed her large breasts and slim waist in a flattering way. Max felt his cock stirring.

“Well, hello, Max, darling.” She smiled at him. “Ivy told me you and Jenny were all alone. So, I brought you some brownies.”

“Wow, Mrs. Jenkins, that’s nice. You didn’t have to do that.” He opened the door wider and Mrs. Jenkins came inside.

“Let’s put these in the kitchen. We can talk for a few minutes,” she said. Max followed her into the kitchen. Once there, she placed the brownies on the counter. “Do you have any soda or iced tea, Max? I walked here and it’s pretty warm outside”

“Sure, Mrs. Jenkins,” Max said and went to fix her a drink.

Melody Jenkins sat at the table and watched Max. He is a good-looking young man, she thought. His butt is real firm. I wonder what his cock looks like? Melody shook her head. I need to get those nasty thoughts out of my mind, she said to herself. But why is my pussy getting wet?

“Here you go, Mrs. Jenkins,” Max handed her a glass of iced tea. “Can I get you anything else?”

“Umm, oh, no, Max, this will be fine. And please call me Melody. Mrs. Jenkins makes me feel old.”

“OK, Melody. And you certainly don’t look old. You’re very beautiful.”

Melody laughed. “Max, you charmer, such a nice thing to say. I bet your girlfriend loves to hear you say that.”

Max noticed that Melody seemed a bit nervous. He also noticed that he could see the outline of her dark nipples under her dress; they hadn’t been noticeable a few minutes ago. Hmmm, I think I’ll show her the lamp and see what happens.

“Oh, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, Melody. Still looking. Hey, can I show you something I found at the beach the other day?

“Sure, Max, what is it?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s cool. I’ll be right back.”

Melody watched him walk to the stairs and disappear. My, my, she thought, he is in shape. I better look at this thing he’s bringing and get back home before I? Before I what, she wondered. She heard Max coming down the stairs.

“Here. Melody. What do you think of this?” She looked up. Max was holding a gleaming golden object. She took in a breath.

“Cool, isn’t it?” Max asked. “Here you can hold it.”

Melody took it in her hands. “It’s beautiful.” She turned it over, her gaze focused on it. “So warm. Kind of tingles to hold it. Ohhh. Max, what is this thing?”

Max noticed that Melody had started to sweat, and her nipples were prominent. Max had a sudden doubt. Was he really going to fuck his best friend’s mom? He wanted to; his cock was stiff and almost painful in his jeans. If he did, what would that mean? To be fair, Leroy would have to fuck his mom. Yeah, that would be fair. And hot, he decided.

Max moved around behind Melody and put his hands on her shoulder. “Ummm, Max. What?

“It’s OK, Melody. Just relax,” he said and started to rub her neck and shoulders. “How do you feel?”

“Oh, nice. That feels good. Umm.” She still held the lamp and was rubbing it. Max felt for the tie for the dress and slowly untied it. He left it fall and pushed it off her neck. Then he leaned down and moved her dark hair aside. He kissed the side of her neck.

Melody flinched. “Oh, Max. What are you doing?”

“It’s OK, Melody. You just need to relax.” He continued to rub her shoulders. The dress hung from her large breasts, unencumbered by a bra. He slipped his hands down around her dark breasts and squeezed the firm globes gently. Melody threw her head back.

“Ahhh, ahhh.” Max pulled the chair around until she was facing him. He leaned in and kissed her lips. He felt a second’s hesitation, then she opened to his tongue and kissed kartal escort bayan him back. Her tongue slipped in his mouth as they kissed and her breath quickened. He pulled away.

“Stand up, Melody,” Max ordered. Melody stood and Max slipped the dress down. She was naked except for a white thong. “Take down your thong, Melody, so I can taste your pussy!

“Oh, god, yesss.” She removed her thong and stood there naked. Her breath was labored and her tits heaved. Max could smell her sex.

“Sit on the edge of the chair and spread your legs, Melody.” Max watched her sit and splay her legs wide. He kneeled down before her. Her pussy was clean shaven except for a dark triangle about her lips. He was struck by the sharp contract between her ebony skin and the pink wet glistening of her pussy lips. He placed his hands on the inside of her thighs. He looked up and she was watching him. Max smiled and leaned in to lick her wet pussy lips.

He was surprised at her reaction. She gasped, grabbed his head in both hands and pushed his face into her cunt. Max started to lick around her flooded pussy. His nose was drenched in her moist, salty taste. He thrust his tongue in her cunt. She writhed on the chair and whimpered.

“Oh, fuck, Max. Eat me, baby,” Melody continued to hump his face as he licked and thrust. Her pussy juices tasted different from his mom’s. He lathed his tongue into her cunt flicked the tip on her clit. She shivered. He reached up and cupped her tits, flipping her nipples with his fingers. Suddenly, she cried out and arched her back.

“Fuck, I’m coming, coming!” Max continued to lick as her hands released. He then stood and leaned over her.

“Are you ready for some cock?” Max smiled as she straightened in the chair.

“Oh. Max, we shouldn’t. This is too much. Oh my god!” Melody exclaimed as Max released his stiff cock from his jeans. “Shit, Max. You are so big. And so hard.”

She reached out to touch it. It flinched and a small drop of precum formed on the tip. She leaned in and licked it off. “Ummm, sweet,” and smacked her lips.

Max reached down and helped Melody up. “Turn around,” he said. He leaned her kitchen table. Her butt was pointed at him. He reached down and fingered her pussy. She moaned. With that he pushed forward and rubbed his cock along the dripping folds of her pussy.

Melody hissed. “Oh, God. Max. You’re going to fuck me. You’re going to fuck me. Fuck me!” she cried.

Max pushed his cock into her pussy. It slid into the hot folds and was swallowed in her tight grasp. He pulled out to the tip and thrust again. He did this several times

Melody grunted, “Fuck me hard, Max!” He pulled out and slammed into her tight cunt.

“Yes,” she gasped. He slammed into her. Her pussy clenched and spasmed around his cock. They continued for several minutes, Melody gasping and crying out as his cock rammed her. On a whim, Max slapped her jiggling butt. She cried out and continued to hump back at him. He slapped her butt again.

“Oh, Jesus! Fuck me, fuck me, I’m coming!” She humped back at him rapidly as Max hung on. After a minute, she slowed. He gripped her tight butt and continued to thrust in and out at a slower pace for several minutes.

Melody moaned. “Max, oh, wow, so good. Oh, yes, keep fucking me. I’m going to cum again.” Her pace quickened. Max was close, too. When she cried out, Max let loose and blasted into her tight pussy with several strong blasts. He lay on top of her panting.

He leaned back and slowly pulled out of her. A gush of juices flowed out of her pussy. Max leaned down and scooped up some on his fingers. He smeared the slime on his still hard dick and looked at her. She was watching him.

“Clean me off, Melody,” he said and waved his dick. She looked around. “Not with a towel, Melody. Clean me with your mouth and tongue!”

She looked at Max, then dropped to her knees. “Yes,” she said. Her tongue began to lap at his dick, sucking off the mixed juices of his cum and her secretions. She slurped at his cock, taking it in her mouth. He felt his cock stir and placed his hand on her head.

“Suck it, Melody. Suck my cock!”

She grunted around his dick and started to bob on his dick.

“God, your mouth is as good as your pussy, Melody!” Max said. He held onto her head and started to push his dick deeper into her sucking mouth. The sucking and slurping sounds drove him on.

She gagged and Max slowed his pace. She put her hands on his butt and pulled him into her, so Max continued to thrust. He looked down. Almost all of his cock was going into her mouth. It had to be slipping down into her throat. Saliva dripped from her mouth in long sticky streams to fall on her tits and the floor. All at once, it was too much. He thrust hard and came into her sucking mouth. The first blast was in her mouth, but she pulled off with a gagging gluckk sound and his second and third blasts splashed onto her face.

He realized that toprak escort bayan he’d face fucked Melody. Her face was a mess. Globs of his cum splattered across her cheeks. One large dollop dripped down from her forehead over her left eye. Her lips were wet with saliva and cum. As he watched, her tongue licked out and swiped some of the cum back into her mouth. She swallowed. She used her fingers to push come from her face to her mouth and swallowed again.

“Oh, Max, you are a bad boy, but so good.” She stood up and hugged her cum stained body to him. “Max that was wonderful! You fucked me to two orgasms and then fucked my face!”

“Melody, you were amazing. I loved fucking your pussy and your face,” Max said.

Max massaged her butt with one hand and moved the other to her tit. He leaned in and kissed her, tasting the strange taste of his cum and her juices. “I want to do this again, Melody,” he whispered.

“Oh, god. Oh shit,” she moaned. He released her.

“You’d better get cleaned up. My sister might come home anytime,” Max remined her. She nodded, grabbed her clothes and scampered to the bathroom. After a few minutes, she returned, looking like nothing had happened. Max had also dressed and stood at the door.

“Max, I’m going to leave now.”

He took her face into his hands and looked at her. “Call me when you want me to fuck you again.” He kissed her deeply. She moaned as she kissed him back

He stepped back. “Thanks, Melody, for the brownies. And for everything else.”

Melody nodded and walked out the door.

Max shut the door and leaned against it. Wow, he thought. That was incredible. I need to recover from that. He grabbed the lamp and went to this room. After a long shower, he changed clothes. He realized he was tired so laid on his bed for a quick nap.


He woke to a hand on his cock. His eyes flew open. His sister was sitting on his bed and was lightly massaging his cock through his jeans.

“Wakey, wakey,” big brother, she smiled and leaned down to kiss him. She leaned back and took her hand away.

“Ummm,” he stretched and yawned. “Nice way to wake up.”

“Get up, bro. Take me to The Burger Place and let’s get something to eat.”

“OK, madam. At your service.” He hopped out of bed. On a whim, he put the lamp in his backpack and took it with him.

They drove to The Burger Place, a local restaurant that made great burgers and fries. Once they ordered their meal, they looked around for a place to sit.

“Hey, let’s sit over there with Sally,” his sister said and headed over to a table. Sally Wenner waved to them.

“Hey, Sally, mind if we sit here?” Jenny asked.

“No, of course not,” she smiled and scooted over to let Jenny sit next to her. Max sat across from the girls. He was struck by how beautiful they both were. Sally was a brunette, with short hair that framed her brown eyes. She was about the same height, but slimmer and not as fully developed as his sister.

“Hey, Max, haven’t seen you since the pool the other day.” She smiled at him.

“Yeah, been busy.” Max felt his cock stir at the memory of her mini bikini.

“Stop flirting with my brother,” Jenny said, elbowing her in the side playfully.

“Hey, he’s the only good-looking guy in here. A girl’s gotta practice!” She giggled. “Here, let me take a photo. She aimed her phone at Max and snapped a pic.

“Let me see,” Jenny said and grabbed her phone. “It’s a good shot. Let’s see what other pics you have on here.” Jenny began to swipe through Sally’s phone.

“No, give me that back, Jenny!” Sally tried to grab the phone, but Jenny kept it from her.

“OH, Sally, you have some naughty pics on here. See Max,” Jenny said and showed the phone to Max.

Sally yelled,” No, Jenny. Don’t show that to Max!” He caught a quick glimpse of the phone before Sally grabbed it back. It showed a nude Sally on a bed, her legs splayed out, one hand with several fingers buried in her cunt.

Sally was blushing red as she held her phone. Max said, “Hey, I couldn’t see the picture, it was too fast. Were you in that hot bikini you wore at the pool?”

“Yeah, that was it. Jenny, you are an asshole!” Jenny looked over at Max and winked. Their meals arrived and they ate, chatting about school and their plans for the summer. As they finished, Jenny said, “Sally, why don’t you come over Friday night. We can paint our nails and watch some movies.”

“Umm, maybe. I’ll let you know,” she replied. Jenny leaned over and whispered in her ear. Sally giggled and glanced at Max quickly, smiling.

They left and drove back home. Once there, Jenny said she need to make some calls and went to her room. After a few minutes, he heard her calling his name.

“Max, Max. Can you come up here to my room?” He went upstairs and opened her door. She lay naked on her bed, smiling up at him.

“You are a hot little sister,” Max said and began to undress.

“Max, come fuck me. You made me so hot at the coffee shop today,” she smiled at him and massaged her cunt.

Max walked to stand beside her on the bed, his cock hardening quickly. She reached up and put a hand on it. “Max, I swear you cock gets bigger every time I see it. Give it to me!”

She leaned up on the bed and kissed the tip then licked up and down its length. She swiped her lips and tongue on his balls, causing Max to jerk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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