Massage to Heaven

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You lie down. I lift your head up a little and put the silk blindfold over your eyes. The silk is soft and cool against your eyes and it is relaxing. Then comes the headset over your ears. There is soft music playing, an enchanting flute, chimes, water. It continues to relax your mind as your nude skin cools to the ambient temperature of the room.

You feel the familiar warm oil on your skin as I start your massage. The massage proceeds quite like any other – soft hands with a light touch allow you to know where I am in relation to your body. In your mind you can feel the heat in my presence, yet your body only feels the warm, gliding hands that care for you from head to toe. You are relaxing, but you are subtly aware that not all of you is relaxing. Not seeing and hearing makes you more sensitive to the touch and the eroticism of the slippery fingers as they curve along the lean muscles of your body stir you.

Little by little I am working downward across your back, feeling your shoulders and allowing my fingers to deftly find those small muscles around your scapula, massaging them and relaxing them, allowing the spine to release its stress. Down the middle of your back, my hands stretch your muscles alternately applying pressure and then release. It is a slight pumping motion along your body that is a seduction of the mind. As my hands find your gluteus, they slide up and over, inwards as my thumbs spread your cheeks slightly under their palpitations and downward to your thighs. My finger tips move up through your thighs, grasping and releasing, grazing your perineum before dragging away the stress through my firm massaging of inner thigh muscles. Back upwards, my fingers go over your gluteus once again. I grab your hips gently and pull as to lift your ass a little in the air. Not much but so that you must notice it. I continue the motion, running my hands from your hips, down the outside of your thighs, up the inside of your thighs, stroking your perineum as begin to open your muscles, then to your hips for a slight lift, the release of such begins to form mental images of a gentle thrust each time. When I begin to see your body begin to anticipate those gentle grazings, I change and when I lift your hips I put a pillow under your bursa escort waist, creating a slight rising of your ass. I take a small amount of oil and let it fall. It slowly leaves a wet trail from between your cheeks down your spine towards your neck. My hands firmly follow the trail with my hands, pressing into your body, down both sides of your spine until I reach top of neck and base of your skull. My thumbs work into you here as your head follows fingers manipulation while your ass is still raised, wet from the oil and kissed by the warming air. Your mind feels my hands and the absence of them. You yearn for both. The absence is just as mind blowing as the touch. As I feel your body grown more tense, I choose to let you ride this growth. No more relaxing… I want to build up your tensions now. I want to take you to our edge.

The massage continues back down your back once again, returning to your nether region specifically, but now my forearms have pushed your legs apart and your manhood and testicles are fully engorged and tight. I add more oil to my hands, making sure it is still warm, then slide my hand down your perineum to your balls, massaging them, feeling their fullness, then down your long cock, allowing my hands to stroke your head firmly. There are no light grazes now. I see you as Man and your masculinity has me entranced. My hands separate and as one continues to run from stroking your head, down your shaft, gentle pull on your balls, my other hand moves to between your cheeks. It feels like heaven. I press my fingers on your perineum while massaging your cock and balls. My fingers begin to work your anus slowly, applying pressure to relax the rings as I stimulate your tensions.

My index finger slides slowly in your dark star. Then my middle finger joins it. The stroking is relentless in pace. It is not fast, but it is not slow. It is measured as my fingers roll around the inside of your opening. Sliding around your to explore you. I am gauging your body’s response as I find my target with my fingers, your prostate. Now my fingers are pressing against you, tips start to make little movement. You can feel The feel the pressure and the warmth that grows from it. Your cock begins to twitch and precum begins to leak from bursa escort bayan you. Your breath quickens and your hands begin to clench.

I withdraw my fingers and hands. You know why, don’t you? I let you lay there. You cannot see. You cannot hear. You call my name, not as much as want as in wonder. The absence is as fulfilling as the sense of touch. Your body still feels my touch but I am no longer touching you. I am watching your body stroke against the absence. As your breathing slows my hands assault you from the nothingness. My fingers slide firmly into you and immediately press and circle on your prostate while my other hand pulls downward on your dripping cock. You push against me and my hand, but you can’t have both. You can push your cock forward deeper into my hand, but that pulls my fingers out of your ass. You are momentarily pondering which you crave more in the moment. And I retract my hands again. You mind is racing as your body is. You still feel my presence near you as you lay there and I watch you with body and mind at war with each other. Soon fingers and hand return with more oil and more physical stimulation. It is more of the sweet torture of deep faux penetration of cock and deep massage of your prostate, one then the other. You finally gain the momentum and ride them each separately and concurrently. Your mind, your cock, and your ass are having three different experiences and I am directing the orchestra of sensations you are feeling. I take you here and there with the sensations, letting your mind land on wherever there is an absence, or more pressure than the others.

I stop again and step away. I look at the clock and hours have passed. Your body is a tight and rigid mess of nerves and sensations, mental and physical, your are so close, but you are riding the high of the edge as I am, aren’t you? I remove the headphones from your head and lean near you, “You are mine. It is time for me to have what is mine”

“Yes,” is all you say, but I see your body change. You are ready. You are ready to accept the other side of the edge. I return to your hips, lift them and remove the pillow. My gentle tug of one side guides you to roll onto your back. My still well –oiled hands return to your body, your chest escort bursa is exposed to me and my lips find their way to your nipples, kissing and sucking on them as I express my devotion to your body. A word is forming in my mind… “edge”? “cum”? “now”? It is coming to me.

My lips come up and I hold the sides of your face and press my lips to yours. The smell of your still on my hands is a heady fragrance – earthy, raw, sexual lust in a scent. Your body becomes rigid as it responds to the smell. You want to return to that edge now. I know you do. I want to take you there.

I remove the blindfold allowing you to now use all of your senses. I take a comfortable position between your legs, my shoulder lifts one leg to bend at the knee, my arm curls around your thigh and takes a firm hold on your hardness. My other hand returns to your perineum and begins to massage that area from the outside. My mouth is hungry for you yet I will not feed yet. But I want a taste. I slip my fingers back inside of your ass and find that magical spot just inside. Small circles are swelling you larger. I begin to milk you. I see the clear precum surface and I let my tongue enjoy its small reward for its patience. My hand is pulling on your shaft, my tongue assaulting your Raphe line between strokes and I know the word.

Your hands are everywhere in my hair, your hips are pushing against my mouth, my hands, and my fingers. I stroke your P-spot with firm and directive strokes. My fingers are moving in and out in pace to my stroking of this amazing hardness between us. “Release me,” you moan out loud. You don’t want to be let go. You want to let go. To submit to the edge that you have been riding for hours, actually all day, but it doesn’t matter now. Now is what matters.

My touch is commanding as is my voice. But I am edging with you and you hear it. “Mine.”

You body tenses and I feel your grow thicker in my hand as your cum begins to rise. I watch your body embrace the milking with my word guiding you. “Mine. Mine. Mine. NOW!”

Your cum ribbons out of you and my mind roars. I want to taste it and I will, but it is just beautiful to watch our release. It continues to stream over and over and rivulets of your natural form gather. My stroking slows to a stop and I am just watching as you are lay there spent. I finally bend over to taste you. It is a true devotion to enjoy you like this, full and empty at the same time. You are complete as I am … with Mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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