Martinis with My Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

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So when we left off, I had just had the most interesting night of my life — with my mother-in-law. I watched her gather her clothes and walk naked from her guest room, presumably to try to wash the previous night off of her body and out of her mind.

I sat back in bed, lightly stroked myself, and tried to devise a strategy moving forward. First and foremost, I couldn’t afford to have my wife find out what happened. But more that that, I deduced Linda couldn’t afford to have that happen either. I didn’t rape Linda. She willing fucked my brains out. And though I was no child, she was the “adult” in the relationship. In other words, we both should have known better, but she really should have known better. The experience was potentially embarrassing for both of us. So I’d treat it as such.

We went about our business silently until it was time to leave for the lake house. We loaded our things into the car, we got in, and we left. About ten minutes later, after ten minutes of relative silence, broken only by the sound of the occasional turn signal and nearby traffic, Linda finally spoke.

“I feel awful.” She grunted.

“About what?” I asked.

“Gee, I don’t know.” She deadpanned.

“Seriously, nothing happened. So let’s just go about our day.” I reached forward and turned on the radio. I didn’t like the music that was playing, but it was better than awkward silence.

When we arrived at the lake house, we unloaded our stuff and went out to the back deck where the girls were sitting, enjoying drinks.

“Well look at you two!” One of the cousins shouted. My wife, Lisa, turned to greet us.

“Hey there.” She smiled.

“Well hello,” Linda greeted the girls. “It looks like you all are having fun.”

I peered through the kitchen glass which then led to the main living area of the lake house. The entire house looked as though it had been well enjoyed by the visiting girls. From stem to stern it looked like a slumber party, with clothes, drinks, snacks, and beauty supplies strewn everywhere.

“We had a great time.” Lisa responded.

“Mai TAI!” One of the cousins yelled.

“Mai Tai, Mai Tai, Mai Tai!” the rest of the girls chanted, some secret joke no doubt.

“Well a Mai Tai sounds good.” I smiled.

“Really, well I think Mom could go for another martini…” Lisa chimed. I tensed as I awaited Linda’s response, not sure if Lisa was just using prior knowledge of her mother to pick a suitable drink, or if she had some other information about the prior evening.

“Mai Tai or a martini, they both sound good to me.” Linda smiled awkwardly without looking in my direction.

“Mom said you two had a heck of a night.” Lisa exclaimed.

“Hmmm?” On the verge of breaking out into a cold sweat, my face lit up with tension. I raised an eyebrow and looked to Linda.

“Yeah, Mom told me how you two grabbed dinner and had a bunch of martinis. I didn’t think you were the martini type.” Lisa laughed.

“They were really good. Not as good as Linda’s, you know, at the house. But they are good.” I rolled with it.

“Well, I don’t know how good my martinis were, but we sure enjoyed them.” Linda smiled and nodded in my direction. “I could use some hair of the dog.”

“The girls and I are headed to the store. Do you two need us to pick anything up for you?” Lisa asked. That’s when I realized I was in the clear. Not only had she and Linda spoke, but Linda had already done the math and just told Lisa the minor details tuzla escort of what we did last night: Got dinner, drank some martinis, then went to bed.

“I could go with you girls…” Linda offered.

“There’s already five of us, so I don’t think we have enough room in the car Mom.” Lisa replied.

“Oh, ok. That’s fine. I’ll stay here and straighten up.” Linda said somewhat nervously, still avoiding any glances in my direction.

“Yeah, I’ll help.” I smiled and nodded towards Linda.

“It sounds like these two make great partners in crime.” One of the cousins offered. Lisa smiled, grabbed her purse, and the 5 of them made haste up the hill to the driveway and to the car.

That left Linda and I home alone. Again.

So we slowly, quietly went about our job of cleaning up after the girls. Linda seemed really out of sorts. I breathed easier, confident we were in the clear and only had each other (and our guilt) to deal with.

Linda went off to the bedroom to put away a few things, and as she departed I took another look at her. She was wearing a white tank top that showed some nice cleavage, a light pink jacket, matching light pink shorts that were loose but just tight enough for me to see the outline of her panties, and flip flops that accentuated her feet and her pretty toes. Her hair was pulled up and she had a visor that framed her head.

As she disappeared into the bedroom, I went to the kitchen and found a pitcher of drinks the girls had made. I poured two and then went after Linda. When I entered the bedroom, she had taken off her jacket and her breasts were rather low in her top as she leaned over her bed and folded some clothes. Her room was pretty messy. Evidently the girl’s party had spread into the bedroom where there was a hot tub overlooking the lake.

Linda looked up and paused as if to question what I was doing in her bedroom.

“Here, I brought you some hair of the dog.” My hand outstretched, I offered her up the pink fruity rum drink in my hand. “Looks like you could use it.”

Linda stopped what she was doing, put her hands on her shapely hips, and then took the drink. She gave it a sniff and then chugged it.

“Does that feel better?” I asked.

Without responding, she twirled the glass in her hands and stared into its emptiness.

“The house is pretty messy. Looks like they attacked your room too. I guess some folks don’t know their bounds.” I shook my head as I said it. That got her attention and she looked me in the eye.

“No, people don’t know their bounds. And I feel horrible. Fucking horrible. What do you think?” She deadpanned and then pointed at me and then beyond me, as if into the past, miles away, back at her house. “That shouldn’t have happened.”

“But it did.”

“But it shouldn’t have.”

“But it did” I declared.

With Linda, I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I knew both of her ex-husbands, and they both spoke of the shoe. You’d be in a comfortable place with her, then she’d lure you in, the shoe would drop and you’d have some sort of conflict with her. It was always better, they said, to keep her on the defensive. Keep her on the defensive or she’ll eat you alive her first husband warned.

On the defensive, is exactly where I believed I had Linda. I reached over and took her hand.

“What are you doing?” She didn’t pull away, but she was definitely not comfortable with the contact. She had lost control atalar escort and that was something that made her uneasy. In her life, Linda thrived on being in control. She was in control of her company, and of her employees, and certainly of her daughter. But at this moment, and for the last twelve hours, she was completely out of control.

“It’s ok.” I consoled.

“No it isn’t. You shouldn’t be…” She tried to pull her hand away, but I pulled her close instead. She lost her balance and fell into my arms. “What are you doing?”

I put a hand up her shirt and felt her braless breast and another down her shorts, over her panties, and grabbed her ass. My theory was that I had full control, I was in charge, and I could use her, my mother-in-law, at my whim, because the last thing she wanted was for any of this to get out. What would she say? What would she do? What exactly were Linda’s choices? Risk having her daughter know she fucked her husband? Multiple times? I didn’t rape her. I didn’t take advantage of her. I simply saw an opportunity. And I was beginning to believe the opportunity was much larger than I ever imagined. If this was a chess game, I just checked.

“No, I don’t…” Linda protested. I pushed my face into hers, and squeezed more firmly on her breasts. Despite her resistance, I felt her nipple go hard in my hands and as I moved around from her ass to her vagina, I felt genuine wetness. “No.”

I pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. In my shorts I was rock hard again and I pushed it into her pelvis through our clothes. Though I felt her gasp, and could feel her resisting, I said nothing to explain my actions. Instead, I left my actions to speak for me. The fact was, she was going to get fucked again. By me. Her son-in-law. And maybe again after that.

“Stop…” Linda groaned. I rolled her over and ripped her shorts down past her ass, exposing her full backside and nice furry beaver poking out below. I took my left hand and ran it underneath her, once again fondling both of her breasts and her rock hard nipples before moving up to her throat. I used my right hand to pull my shorts down, expose my dick, and then thrust it into her pussy from behind. I could smell her wetness and the muskiness of her ass. Frankly, her ass called out to me and in its own way, begged for me to penetrate her rectally, but I resisted. Her pussy was so wet, and her fake struggles were so sexy, I knew I wasn’t going to last long as it was.

I pushed into her as far as I could, the force moving her tighter against my hand which I now moved to her shoulders to push her down onto my cock. I could feel her gluteal mounds pushing back on me like two large cushions. Her ass shook back and forth, at times highlighting her cellulite and looking rather pock marked, while at other times, with the skin stretched by the fat, her ass looked smooth and fit. If nothing else, Linda was a real woman and a world apart from the five girls who had just left to go shopping.

I watched as my dick moved in and out of her, the bed rocking forward and back, Linda grunting with every thrust, my dick moist with her vaginal secretions, and an overall stench of sex and total acceptance permeating the air. I ran my hand from her face to her mouth, circled it with my index finger and then slid my finger past her lips until I could feel her tongue. She sucked my finger in and pushed it with her tongue to the roof of her mouth. I pushed my finger deeper cevizli escort until I could feel the beginning of her throat, then I moved my finger back and forth as if it were a dick. I heard her moan, her breathing quickened, and soon her body shuddered as she came.

I came too. I unloaded into her vagina and felt her snatch go awash with our fluids, and any friction was eliminated by the milky production of our passion. Moments later, coming down from the peak, there was nothing left but our heavy breathing and a very large wet spot on the comforter. Exhausted, I pulled my finger from her mouth, wiped it on the side of her cheek, and got off of her. Still breathing heavily, I pulled my shorts and underpants up. Remnants of my semen dripped onto my boxers, as I stared at her naked ass, and watched with satisfaction as my cum which had littered her thick snatch, continued to ooze down onto the bed.

Not yet ready for it to end, I leaned forward, took both of her fleshy, pink cheeks in my hands, squeezed and made a very satisfying:


Linda was panting, still exhausted from the fucking she had just received. I gave her a moment, took her glass and re-filled it with the remains of the pitcher. When I got back in the room, she had pulled her underpants and shorts back on. What a shame, I thought, as I handed her the glass.

“Here,” I smiled.

She chugged her second glass of mai tai, turned from me, then quietly, cautiously walked on unsteady legs to the window that faced the lake, and stared out.

I returned to the kitchen and began washing some of the dishes that were left by the girls from the night before. As is so often after sex, I felt an urgency to urinate. I made my way across the house towards the bathroom. I peered to my left into Linda’s room, past the partially closed door, but didn’t see her. I continued on to the bathroom and stepped up to the toilet. To this day, I don’t know why, but I didn’t close the bathroom door. I can only explain that, at this point, I felt such a comfort level with Linda that I didn’t really feel closing the door for privacy was necessary. The girls were gone and it was just Linda and I. So who would complain?

After lifting the lid, I aimed at the bowl and let loose a torrid stream of piss. I really had to go, and it felt so good to finally release. It was like being at a ballgame, in the john, after drinking a bunch of big beers.

As I reveled in the relief my piss was bringing, the splashing and the sloshing, and the contraction of my bladder, a hand came out from behind me, grabbed my dick and balls and squeezed them tight, like a vice grip. My piss splashed everywhere before ceasing altogether. What was once relief was extreme pain. The hand was Linda’s with her red nails and fingers tensed around my cock in a death grip. I froze all movement and cried out in pain.

Linda’s body pressed tight against me, I could feel her breasts push against my back and her breath on the back of my neck. I looked back down at her hand, which was now covered in my piss.

“Listen to me you little fucker. Never again.”

I didn’t respond, I could hardly breathe.

“Do you hear me?” She growled.

“Yes” I whispered.

“Never again. You ever try any of that shit, and I’ll rip this off…” She tugged again at my jock.

Again, I didn’t respond.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“I won’t. Never again.” I hissed. And with that she released her death grip on my cock, piss went everywhere, and I breathed a sigh of pained relief. Lynn shook her hand of my piss and departed for the kitchen.

Just then, I heard the front door open and the girl’s voices. The tables had turned yet again, and any anxiety I had previously pushed aside was now in full force.

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