Marlene’s Double Treat

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Note: This is a story about adult sexual activity intended for adults. Everyone in this story is over eighteen. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place prior to the need for safe sex due to epidemic of STDs.


I got home from work one afternoon and changed clothes to work in the yard until my wife, Marlene, got home. We had dropped her car off at the shop that morning to get it serviced for an upcoming trip and she was going to get a lift from co-workers to pick it up after work.

I was trimming the hedges when I heard a loud motorcycle in the distance and cursed under my breath about the noise in our quiet neighborhood. Soon it sounded like it had turned off the highway and into our subdivision. I looked up as the sound got louder and noticed a long haired guy driving down our street with a woman riding close behind him wearing a helmet. The loud machine slowed down then roared up our driveway before coming to a stop.

The same time the woman removed her helmet I decided that the long, shapely legs straddling the driver could only be those of my wife and they were exposed all the way to her panties from the wind blowing up her skirt.

Marlene leaned over to give me a kiss then said, “Hi honey, this is Ben. He was kind enough to give me a ride home after I waited too late to pick up the car.”

I shook hands with Ben and thanked him for giving my wife a ride home. Ben was a Viet Nam vet completing his Master’s Degree at the university where Marlene was the Assistant Dean of Students Affairs. He had just completed his degree and his graduate assistant position in the Student Affairs office. I had seen him several times on campus when I visited Marlene at lunch; he was a tall, muscular guy with a beard and braided pony tail.

“Come on in and have a cold beer with us.” I said as I shook hands with him.

When Ben moved off the bike it left Marlene sitting with her legs open, her skirt up, and showing wisps of her thick pubic hair and a dark wet spot along the crotch of her sky blue, bikini panties; Ben took the helmet so she could also dismount the older model Harley Davidson Sportster. I removed her brief case from behind her as she moved her leg across the back saddle and regained her composure. She did not think of a motorcycle as a means of transportation but rather as a large, vibrating sex toy; I had no doubt that she had even had several, or more, orgasms on her ride home.

Once inside we settled around the kitchen counter and sipped cold beer and got acquainted. Marlene explained that her office had given Ben a small going away party that had caused the delay in her leaving to pick up her car. She had often talked about Ben since he began working in her office the previous year; I had no doubt that she was very fond of him but had maintained her professional relationship during his tenure, at least until she wrapped her long legs around him on the way home.

As we relaxed and became more comfortable with each other I jokingly commented, “I feel much better knowing who was between my wife’s long legs when you drove up.”

Ben stammered as Marlene smacked my arm, “Ben don’t pay any attention to him he is just teasing you.”

I chuckled and assured him I was just teasing. He laughed and commented that he was lucky indeed to have been between her beautiful legs. Marlene tried to blush antalya escort a bit and thanked him for the compliment.

Over our second beer Marlene served some sandwiches and chips then commented to Ben, “So tell us about your afternoon tryst with Gwen in the AV (Audio/Visual) room.”

Gwen was an attractive but bitchy blond who was the secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs; she ruled her realm with an iron fist and let everyone know that she controlled the keys to seeing the Dean. She was Marlene’s nemeses and everyone in the office knew she was also banging the Dean.

Ben’s chin almost hit the floor, “What? How did you know about that?”

Marlene laughed, “I didn’t know until just now when I saw your face. I only saw the two of you come out of the room.”

I also laughed, “Ben you can’t fool her. She is a top interrogator.”

Marlene pressed, “So tell us about it.”

Ben was clearly embarrassed but came clean, “She had been after me for several days. I knew she was married so tried to avoid her but she caught me and pulled me into the AV room this afternoon.”

Marlene replied, “I’m very jealous. So did you bend her over the table or what?”

Ben looked at her sheepishly then confessed, “Well I really didn’t do anything she went straight for my crotch as soon as I walked in then she gave me a warm-up blow job. Then she bent over the table and lifted her dress; I pulled her panties down below her ass and serviced her from behind. She seemed happy then walked off leaving me with my dick hanging out.”

The he asked, “Are you really jealous?”

Marlene gave him a coy smile so I decided to put his concerns about us to rest, “Ben, have you ever been part of a threesome?”

He looked at both of us then answered, “Several years ago I did but I am absolutely straight.”

“So is Will.” Marlene announced, “You don’t have to worry about that. But I do want to hear about your threesome.”

We all moved onto the long sofa in the adjacent den and got comfortable; Marlene brought out a joint of Jamaican Red and we settled in to hear about Ben’s threesome story.

“One of my army buddies invited me home with him for a weekend. When we got there we found out that his step-sister had broken up with her boyfriend and did not have a date for her senior prom; her brother and I decided to put on our dress blue uniforms and be her dates for the prom.”

After the dance we went to a hotel to change into some casual clothes for a breakfast event but once in the hotel room his step-sister stripped down to her panties in front of us; one thing led to another and the three of us ended up in bed together with his step-siste3r between us.”

Marlene asked, “Did you take the front door or the back door?”

Ben blushed, “I took the back door. She had a beautiful entrance to her back door too.”

Marlene passed the joint back to Ben then placed her hand in his lap. While she moved her hand over his crotch I slipped my hand between her legs to see if the wet spot from her ride home was still there. The crotch of her nylon, sky blue, bikini panties was completely slick with her creamy juices. It was impossible to tell if it was from her ride home or from her anticipation of Ben spending some quality time between her long, shapely legs; she was soaking wet and I loved Marlene when she was soaking wet.

As she unfastened Ben’s Levi’s she said, “Let’s see what kind of condition Gwen left your antalya rus escort equipment?”

She removed his cock from the confines of his rather tight denim jeans then carefully inspected his growing shaft. It was still slick from the juicy cunt of Marlene’s nemesis and the gooey semen Ben had left in her.

“She certainly left it in a terrible state but maybe I can clean it up a bit.” Marlene said as she lowered her head into his lap.

Ben lay back against the arm of the sofa as I slipped off the sofa and onto the floor between her legs; she began bobbing her head up and down on her former graduate assistant’s cock. She lifted her hips off the sofa without missing a beat so I could slip her panties over her hips, her sweet ass, and down her long shapely legs. I inhaled the crotch of her wet panties before opening her legs further and burying my face into the thick, dark, hair surrounding her cunt. I never tired of the scent and taste of my wife’s juicy cunt.

After several minutes of diligent cleaning she sat up and inspected her on the full length of the engorged shaft glistening with her saliva. She kissed it several times then stood; I moved out of her way to see what she was going to do next. She stripped Ben of his clothes then moved to the edge of the coffee table, bent over at her waist, and placed her hands flat on its surface.

Marlene looked over her shoulder and raised the back of her skirt, “Is this how you fucked Gwen?”

Ben quickly moved behind her stammering that it was the same position. He bent quickly and kissed her bare ass several times before standing up and rubbing the bulbous, purplish head of his cock up and down her wet slit. Marlene wiggled her ass to indicate she enjoyed his playfulness.

After Ben gave Marlene’s ass a couple good smacks with his cock he slid it ball deep inside her juicy hole then grasped her hips and pulled her closer against him; his cock deeper in her. She looked up at me and smiled as my cock was just inches from her mouth; my fingers quickly found her hard nipples then pinched and rolled them firmly with my fingers.

Marlene began throwing her hips up and down to feel the full length of the hard cock deep inside her. Ben popped the cheeks of her ass several times with his hand then began long strokes in and out causing squishy sounds as he plowed ball deep in her flooded, creamy hole.

Ben picked up his pace and his body began to smack against her flanks causing the cheeks of her ass and her tits to giggle. Marlene began to moan and grunt as the sensations of being fucked increased. The sight of Ben’s hard cock pounding my wife from behind, his cock glistening with her creamy juices was absolutely incredible. My cock felt like it would explode from the sight I was seeing.

Marlene reached back between her legs and raked the back of the balls slamming against her with her nails. Ben let out a primal sound of pleasure and pain with one last thrust then froze. Marlene collected some of the cream that oozed from around the shrinking cock still in her with her fingers then licked them clean.

Ben pulled his half shrunken cock out and rubbed its slimy head over my wife’s ass. Marlene reached back between her legs and pushed a large cream pie into her hand then licked her hand clean.

She wiggled her pretty ass at Ben saying, “A gentleman would clean up after himself.”

He smiled at my wife and dropped to his antalya ucuz escort knees; he opened the cheeks of her ass wider then began the clean-up process with his tongue. Once the cleaning task was completed Marlene again took his cum slimy cock in her mouth and cleaned it completely.

We opened another cold beer and relit the joint before continuing our earlier conversation about threesomes. Marlene told us that she had thought about what it would be like having Ben and I in her at the same time while she was riding on the back of Ben’s hog on the way home.

Marlene saw Ben’s cock pulse several times, “From the looks of that you are thinking about it too.”

She reached over and took both of our cocks in her hands and gave us each a kiss. We sat quietly in a haze for several minutes as we each thought about what we were in store for. I admired the sight of my wife’s hand wrapped around Ben’s hard cock as much as I admired the sight of her hand wrapped around mine.

Marlene opened a drawer of one of the end tables and removed a small tube of KY jelly and handed it to Ben, “You will be gentle won’t you?”

Marlene pushed my legs open as I lay on the sofa on my back. She shook her head back and forth tickling my inner thighs and balls with her hair; her ass was high in the air for Ben to see. She kissed my balls and erect cock as she slid slowly up my body her hard nipples moving lightly over my torso; one of Ben’s hands was between her legs but I could not tell if he was playing with her pussy or her ass, or both. It was obvious that my wife was enjoying whatever he was doing.

She moved higher and dangled her small but very sweet tits in my face. Her hand was between us guiding my cock to the entrance of her cunt; I was completely in and feeling the heat of her wonderfully wet vagina. Ben’s face was buried between the cheeks of her ass; I was certain her was rimming the puckered orifice.

Ben moved between our legs putting lube on his fingers. I first felt his finger enter and spread the lube around in her ass then it was gone. A moment later I felt him push his cock against my sweet, loving wife’s ass; she grimaced slightly at the pressure. I felt the mass enter my wife’s ass and move along the length of my cock; our engorged cocks separated by only a thin membrane. Marlene began purring like a kitten as she was being filled by two hard cocks. Ben and I soon found the right pace and alternated our strokes in and out of our chosen orifices. With Ben on his knees Marlene was able to arch her back enough so I could suckle her nipples and Marlene melted when someone touched her nipples.

We took our time and made every stroke, every kiss, and every sound count. At times Ben would hold still and I would drill her hard and fast then we switched and I would let Ben drill her ass hard and fast. Marlene told us afterwards that she must have had a dozen orgasms during her double penetration.

Ben told us that his well was about dry and for Marlene and I finish it off when we wanted to. Marlene was the one to give me the go ahead and Ben and I picked up the pace together and began slamming her unmercifully until she and I let go. Ben later told us that he could feel my cock pulsing, spurting cum into Marlene.

We took turns using the bathroom and cleaning up. Another cold beer was opened for everyone but Ben declined the joint since he needed to get packed for his trip to FSU to begin his PhD program the next morning. We walked Ben out to his bike and said our goodbyes.

As he roared down our street I thought about how only hours earlier Marlene sat on the back of his bike, her skirt up, her legs open showing wisps of her pubic hair and a dark, wet spot on the crotch of her panties; now it was a memory.

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