Marion’s reTurn Ch. 02

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If crossdressing and male-male sex isn’t to your taste, please back out and try one of my other stories. Also, the action here is not safe sex, but this is fiction, after all — pretend.


I stopped at the door and ran my hands down my sexy little black dress, pressing the wrinkles out. I felt the tug of my ebony earrings as I looked down and saw my light cinnamon colored toenails in my five inch, open toed, strappy black pumps. I felt the slight pressure of my sheer black thigh highs hugging my legs and felt the presence of my matching bra.

I opened the door and standing before me was a man. A huge man. A man so huge he blocked much of the light from the hallway. He was wearing fashionable black shoes, dark slacks, a blazer and a mock turtleneck shirt. I stammered a hello, introduced myself and invited him in. He ducked through the doorway and may have had to turn sideways a bit to get through.

He smiled and said hello and touched my arm gently as I escorted him to the living area. “Hi Lamont, I see you two have met,” Marion, said with a sly grin.

“Lamont works out at my exercise club. Isn’t he grand?”

I was staggered by the size of this man. He had to be over seven feet tall. But more than his height was his sheer size. It was clearly evident even with his clothes on that he was muscular. Huge, wide shoulders, his v-shaped torso tapered to a narrower waist, large thighs and massive arms.

“Lamont used to play pro football until injuries forced him out of the game. He likes to play other games now, don’t you Lamont?” Marion said, patting the seat beside her for him to sit down.

“Baby, get Lamont a drink and come sit down with us.”

I got Lamont a beer, freshened my wine and sat down next to Lamont on the couch. He dwarfed us. I felt so petite and vulnerable.

We made some small talk and eventually Lamont said, “You ladies are lovely. And you! Marion told me about you, but I had no idea how beautiful you’d be.”

“Thank you,” I said demurely and my heart beat faster. I knew what Marion had in mind, and I began to feel a wanting, an excitement. A fresh desire.

“I’ll bet you’re wondering what Lamont is doing here. Why I asked him to come by tonight of all nights. I bet you can guess, can’t you, baby. I told Lamont all about us and he offered to help us out. Isn’t that generous of him? Of course, he’ll have his fun too. Won’t you Lamont?”

“I’m just happy to be able to help is all,” he laughed.

“Well Lamont, no sense wasting time. I think we can get the ball rolling if you’d like. We’re not shy here at all, so what ever you want us to do we will.”

“That sounds perfect, Marion, just perfect. How ’bout I see you two beauties kiss a little bit. I think I’d like that.”

Marion leaned in front of Lamont, and I did likewise. Lamont put his massive arms around us as we kissed.

“I do love seeing beautiful women kissing,” he said as he rubbed out backs, ran his fingers through our hair. We were so small compared to him.

We broke the kiss. Marion looked into my eyes and said, “He knows all about us, so no surprises. She’s all yours Lamont.”

“Come here, baby,” he said, tilted my head back and brought his lips to mine. My heart beat rapidly as I felt the tip of his tongue press through my lips and touch mine.

He kissed me softly at first, then with more passion. One hand cradling my head, Lamont’s other hand moved lightly up my thigh, on the outside of my sexy little black dress. As Lamont kissed me, Marion talked.

“Mmm. See baby, I knew you’d like Lamont. You’re going to like everything about Lamont. He’s going to get to you. I just know it. Let’s go on upstairs where we can all get comfortable.”

Lamont pulled away, stood and held out his hands for Marion and me. I was breathless from his kiss. He followed us up the spiral staircase to Marion’s bedroom, where twilight was inching toward darkness outside the wide floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the boulevard and condos beyond. A lamp glowed softly in Marion’s feminine sanctuary.

Marion motioned for me to sit on the edge of her bed. She sat down next to me. She directed Lamont to stand in front of me. “Come closer Lamont,” she said and he moved in tight. I had to spread my legs and pull my dress in.

He towered over us. Marion ran her hand along his thigh, up to his stomach and back down. “Go ahead, baby. You know what to do, don’t you. pendik escort Don’t be shy,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me. She nuzzled in my hair and ran her hands over me and down my front.

With trembling hands, I reached up and felt him through his pants. He was big. “Go on, girl. I’m eager to see what you got. Marion said you had some skills.”

As I unbuckled his belt I looked up at him and said, with a voice huskier than I would have thought, “Take off your coat and shirt.”

Lamont smiled down at me with brilliant white teeth and said, “That’s my girl.”

I unbuttoned his pants and reached for the zipper. I stopped and felt him through his pants again. I looked at Marion sitting beside me and she smiled lovingly at me.

In my sexy black dress, made up as a beautiful woman, I wanted Lamont. I was flattered he found me attractive. It was exciting that he wanted me.

I pulled his zipper down. I moved my hands to his side, along the waistband, and moved his pants and boxers down his hips, his thighs, and let them drop to his ankles. He had kicked off his shoes and now shucked his pants. He wasn’t wearing socks.

I looked back up at this huge naked man. I knew he would have well defined muscles, but I wasn’t prepared for the sight of him. His chest looked like it had been chiseled; broad shoulders, large pecs and you could see every muscle in his stomach. And those arms. Those huge, muscular, strong arms. And no hair anywhere. Just coal black skin.

I ran my soft white hand, with my light cinnamon colored nails, along his muscular black stomach, and the contrast was startling. I let my soft white hand, with nails one-half inch past the tips of my fingers, scrape down to his cock.

Marion said softly, “It’s nice isn’t it, baby. Think how it’s going to feel inside of you. Mmm, I’m so wet. Are you wet too, baby?”

I was a little scared. He was so big and I felt so small.

I took his cock in my hand and stroked it as it grew to its full length and girth. It was long, but wasn’t overly long, seven, maybe eight inches, a little longer than mine. But its girth. It had to be at least two inches a cross. I was nervous.

I tucked my hair behind an ear and leaned in and licked it. I heard Marion say in my ear, “That’s it, baby. Have your fun.” She moved away and began taking pictures.

I wrapped my hand around his cock, stretched wide and drew him in. I tongued his slit. I felt with my lips, tongue and hand the squishy hardness of his cock. Of his thick black cock. In my mouth. I went as deep as I could, taking care not to scrape him with my teeth. Down and up on that thick black cock, my white hand in rhythm with my mouth.

I pulled off, flicked back my blond hair and mouthed his balls. Lamont moaned and rumbled, “Damn, girl. That’s sweet.”

I sucked his cock. I reached around and played with his ass crack. I reached between his legs and massaged his balls before trailing a finger and teasing his hole. He moaned and said, “Yeah. That’s good, baby. That feels good.”

I sucked his cock and was proud to give him pleasure. Felt proud to draw his precum into my mouth. Marion was back at my side and I drew her to me for a kiss. I shared the taste of Lamont’s precum with Marion while I stroked his thick black cock.

Lamont pulled me to my feet, away from Marion. Even standing in my five inch open-toed, strappy pumps, he towered over me. Seemed twice as wide. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and leaned down and kissed me tenderly. Lamont ran his large hands over my back, down my rear and pulled me against him. I felt his hardness against me.

I felt him unhook, then unzip my dress. He pulled the straps off my shoulders, and as we kissed I let my dress slip to the floor. Lamont pulled away from my eager tongue, scooped me up in his arms, wringing a gasp from me, and lay me gently on Marion’s large bed. Marion slipped her dress off, and I saw her sipping rose wine as she sat cross-legged in the oversized chair in the corner of the room.

Lamont lay down beside me. I was so small and petite by comparison. He kissed me and kissed me and kissed me. His rough black hands fluttered over my body. My delicate white hands caressed his back, his shaved head, his muscles.

One arm around me, toying with my nipple. His other hand caressing me, working its way up my sexy, sheer thigh highs to my tanga covered cock. Oh god, the feel of his large maltepe escort hands on me. I was so vulnerable, so receptive, so open and full of emotion that had no words. I wanted him to devour me.

“Mmm, you’ve got a nice body, baby,” Lamont purred as he rubbed my cock. “I can’t wait to get into your sweet pussy.”

Lamont kissed his way down my chest, nibbling on one nipple before twisting and biting the other. He switched back and forth between my breasts, my nipples. Teething one while pinching and rolling the other. Exquisite pain. I held his head in my arms. My hips moved involuntarily, begging for his attention.

Lamont left my nipples burning as he kissed his way down my chest, my stomach, my waist, and finally mouthed my cock through my tanga. Marion was taking pictures.

“Let’s get these pretty little panties off of you,” Lamont said huskily. I lifted my rear off the bed, and Lamont pulled my tanga down, then up my raised legs, just as I have pulled off Marion’s countless times before. I ran my fingers through my hair and settled back as Lamont took me in his soft mouth. I shivered with the heat of his mouth as he swirled his tongue. Coolness on my skin when his mouth rose to my crown, a furnace descending to the base.

I was groaning and he sucked me and played with my rear opening. I reached and fondled his cock. Gripped it and stroked it. Wondered what it would feel like inside of me.

Lamont kneeled above me. I leaned up and took him in my mouth. I savored the velvety texture, the way the outer skin slipped over the inner hardness.

He moved me so I was sitting up, my back to the headboard, and straddled me. I sucked his cock and he fucked my mouth. I sucked his thick black cock, and his huge black body towered over me.

“Yeah, girl. Just like that. You like that? You like getting your pretty little mouth fucked?” He fucked my mouth and I loved it.

Lamont pulled out and effortlessly picked me up and put me on my knees facing the window. I felt a raspy tongue lap at my hole. I closed my eyes, lay my face on the bed and relished the feeling of that moist pressure back there.

Finally I heard, “That’s a nice tattoo you got, girl. Makes me think you like to get freaky. You a freak, baby?”

“She does have a bit of a kinky side to her,” Marion said with a smirk and tossed Lamont some lube. Lamont put some lube on me and gently worked one, then two, then three fingers in and out of me. I was rocking back and forth a little, relishing the sweet burst of those sensitive nerves as he pushed and rotated his fingers in me.

“Okay, girl. You ready?

“Yes,” hissed. My ass in the air, chest and face on the bed. I could imagine the sexy arc of my back sweeping up to my tattoo, then curling over and down to my tight ass. I braced myself, my hands clutching the sheets. And then it began.

That enormous man placed a large hand on the small of my back, and I felt him inch forward. In my sheer black thigh highs, matching bra and five-inch strappy pumps, I waited. I felt a broad touch and nudge back there. I willed myself to open for him. I felt a gentle rocking, more and more, and I felt enormous pressure, a slow slide, slightly more with each rocking motion. I was stunned to realize he wasn’t moving. It was me. I was moving to draw him in.

“Ohhh,” escaped my lungs as my rings gave way and he slid in a few inches. Lamont waited. I took shallow breaths through my nose, eyes clenched tight. “Oh god, he’s so thick,” I thought. Time passed and my tight, hot ass adjusted, then clenched and he groaned.

I felt it. I could take him and rocked further back seeing what he had. I felt his thighs against me. The pressure was immense. I’d never been so full. I’d been prepared well, there was no pain. Only unbelievable fullness.

He moved slowly back and I felt the suction, the emptiness. He moved slowly back in and I heard myself moan.

“That’s it, girl. Now you got it. Taking that thick black cock in that sweet white ass.”

He moved faster now. I heard Marion say, “Lift your head, baby.” I raised my head and looked at her. She was kneeling in front of the window facing me. Marion snapped pictures. I could only imagine what he saw; a beautiful blonde on her knees, chest down on the bed, back arching gracefully up, an absolutely gigantic black man fucking her. She brushed my hair back and kissed me.

Lamont started slapping kartal escort into me hard, grunting with each pump. I groaned and grunted each time he bottomed out in me. It felt amazing. I touched my hard cock and felt my cum dripping out. I licked my cum off my fingers. Oh god, it felt so good.

Suddenly Lamont tossed me on my back. I threw my legs high and wide, my toes pointed to the ceiling like a good little slut. He slammed into me with such force I screamed, not in pain, but in surprise and pleasure. On top of me, he fucked me. Oh god, he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me.

Lamont doubled me over, flattened me in two. He held my ankles on the bed above my head and used me for his pleasure. I heard myself say, “Yes. Fuck me. Harder.”

His sweat dripped on me and I gave in to his fuck. I wanted him to use me. I would do whatever he wanted. He pounded me forever, then suddenly I was off the bed. He was on his feet, his arms hooking under my legs. I put my arms around his neck. I felt his thick black cock ease into me again. I smiled and he sawed in and out, pumping me hard. As I turned my head toward the window and laid my cheek against him, something caught my eye.

In a window across the boulevard I saw a man and woman watching us. She was standing behind him opening his pants. I closed my eyes and felt the thick black cock inside of me. I opened my eyes and saw her stroking him from behind. They had binoculars. I didn’t care. I had Lamont’s cock in me and he was fucking me. Oh god, it felt so good, that cock, so thick and deep in me.

Lamont noticed the couple and smiled. He lifted me off his cock and faced me toward the window. He pressed me full length against the thick storm-proof glass. The cold glass pressed against my front as his hot cock slipped back inside me. My arms bent at the elbow, up and against the glass. I arched my hips for him and saw the woman’s mouth form an “O” and her eyes widen, while the man fucked her from behind. She pointed at us and they watched a huge black man fuck a much smaller white man dressed as a beautiful woman. I didn’t care. I had Lamont’s cock inside my body and he was fucking me. I moaned and relished the feel of the cool glass in front and his hot body behind me.

Lamont lay down on the bed and drew me to him. I straddled him and guided him into me. Lamont let me do the work and I rotated my ass on that thick black cock. My hands on his chest, my just-past-shoulder length blond hair swayed and snapped with my movements. I moved into a squat, grabbed his hands, our fingers intertwined. I raised up until I felt that magnificent cock almost leave me. When I felt the head almost slip out, I paused, looked into Lamont’s eyes and let go and let gravity slam me down his cock. Lamont groaned and closed his eyes.

I raised and dropped over and over, feeling that thickness part my ass and slide deep inside me. My thighs singing with the strain, I dropped back on my knees. Lamont wrapped his amazing arms around me. He held me tight to him and slammed into me again and again with such force and speed that I was dizzy and delirious and grunting and panting. He shouted and I felt a throb and a surging wetness in me. I was almost there from his assault and pleaded, “On my back. Fuck me hard on my back.”

Lamont rolled us over and I pulled my legs up and as far back and flat to the bed as I could, rolled my hips up and, in a husky voice, begged him to, “Fuck me, I’m gonna come.”

Lamont slammed into me over and over. After barely noticing my pointed toes and cinnamon colored toenails in my five inch strappy pumps, I lost myself. I was aware of nothing except that thick black cock pleasuring me. I felt a pressure and pleasure growing and building. I held onto his arms and neck as that thick black cock stroked that spot and I soared over the edge of a cliff and into a sea of unspeakable ecstasy.

Lamont slowed and I gripped him tightly to me with my legs and arms. I felt him soften. He slowly squeezed out of me and rolled to my side.

“Oh my god, Lamont. That was wonderful. I came from you fucking my ass.”

“Whew! Yeah. You real good, baby. You real fine.”

Marion came over with a washcloth and gently scrubbed Lamont clean. She lay down on the bed, Lamont between us, and leaned up on an elbow. She ran her hand over his chest, stopping to toy with a nipple. Her hand moved down his muscular stomach and she took his cock in her hand, stroked it, caressed it.

Marion held his cock up, looked me in the eye and waggled it, and said, “Get Lamont ready for me, baby. It’s my turn.”


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