Maria Eleison

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Dear Reader,

Maria is the pseudonym of a real and beautiful person who is very dear to my heart. But my lascivious encounters with her exist only in my fantasies of a very long time ago. But I have reason to believe that they might have been reciprocated If only I had tried and insisted…

As is true for my other stories written in English, this is a freely translated version of a story which appeared on Literotica under my German alias AbsolutPeter.

First, I had to go into the background of this tale because there is an important interconnection between sex and music, two of my main passions. I hope that you will be patient and stay with me.

I am not a very experienced writer. Before posting the text, I have been supported by my editor, madam_tasha, and I am deeply indebted to her. But, if you have helpful comments or criticisms yourself, please, leave them here below.. If you would like to comment privately, feel free to email me; the address can be found on my Literotica profile. This may not make the world a better place but I, at least, would be grateful.


Years before, when I was still at school, I was encouraged by classmates to participate in a choir studying and performing oratorios. I was one of a few choir members with a voice able to reach lower tenor and baritone notes. Initially, my enthusiasm for this was limited, but gradually, my great love for baroque music developed. I was able to sing simple oratorios even without taking private lessons. I also enjoyed the amiable camaraderie after the rehearsals during the lunch breaks between the morning and afternoon lessons. We ate in our classroom or on park benches out in the sun and enjoyed the short break before the tedium of the afternoon classes began.

Eventually, we performed Vivaldi’s Gloria in the oldest church of the city, originating from the 9th century. Each of us was dressed in a dark suit. This left me with an everlasting memory. With time, my voice developed into a baritone under the expert guidance of the choirmaster, especially increasing my lower register. Of course, I am not a professional singer but over time, the pieces chosen for performance became more and more demanding. Eventually, school was replaced with my career, and for over ten years, my involvement with choir music was set aside.

One day, I was talking to Vera, one of the secretaries working at our institute. She told me that she sang in a rather prestigious local oratorio choir. When she learned that I, too, had experience as a chorister, she immediately dragged me to a rehearsal with her choir, a task that was much easier for her than it had been for my classmates years ago. This time, the old feelings generated by the sound of the beautiful music came back to me without delay. Once again, I became a passionate amateur singer, daring to tackle more and more difficult works. Also, the present choirmaster, a rather well-known musician and conductor, was able to give me additional instruction, and I took great joy in learning the nuances of rehearsal and performance, and how to not only participate in, but practice listening and engaging in music as a whole..

I never suspected, however, that Vera immediately rose in the esteem of her female singing companions, because she succeeded in the rare “feat” of recruiting a male singer who was at least halfway serviceable. Men who enjoy singing and are also skilled at it, regardless of their range, are somewhat rare. Not only was my joining the choir a boon to Vera’s popularity, but other female choir members would go out of their way to ensure my comfort. Male singers were in such short supply that I was treated like royalty. It wasn’t surprising when, after the rehearsals, I became the only man around a bunch of pretty ladies enjoying a glass of wine or beer. There were many good conversations with them about everything in the world, and I found their company delightful. I truly enjoyed my singing life.

Maria was one of the women Vera introduced me to. Initially, Maria didn’t strike my eye particularly because all of the ladies were sexy and attractive. I enjoyed Maria’s smart and clever dialogues and she certainly was a talented singer. In addition, she was always impeccably dressed, wore very delicate make-up, styled her hair quite plainly , and, in general, was remarkably pretty. She also had a very shapely body. In short, she was a natural beauty. However, what attracted my attention to her more and more was the bright and cheerful laughter that completed her wonderful personality. And what also set Maria apart, was that she was about to give birth to her second son.

Maria seemed to be a rather shy person; however, I was surprised several times when she would encourage me with an absolute carefreeness to touch — should I rather say, caress – her plump baby belly. She also recounted to me in a whispered tone how she fell pregnant for the second time. After her son was born, keçiören escort she was missing from rehearsal and from our social gatherings for about two weeks. Eventually, she joined us again.

At first, I missed her plump, rounded form. I found it strange that I had found her pregnant belly almost arousing. Maria was still a lovely woman, but strangely, she would allow me to continue to rub her belly, even though she had already given birth. Her glances and the way she spoke to me changed, from friendly companionship to innuendo. I was very confused, at first: could it be that she wanted something from me, something like an amorous adventure? The thought of it grew more and more intriguing. Rehearsals and the social group formed from them became a central part of my life, both due to my love of music, and my growing closeness to Maria.

I preferred to use public transport in the city because finding a parking spot for the car was rather cumbersome. Maria lived somewhere further away and, thus, had to use her car to come to the rehearsals. One day, after a post-rehearsal meeting at the bar, she offered to drive me home. This soon became a regular event . For a long time I said goodbye directly after my arrival in front of my apartment, at first without touching or kissing her in any way. But, as I mentioned, Maria was a fascinating young woman. I clearly perceived her as a sexy female but my feelings towards her were divided, nevertheless. I felt that even a chaste goodbye kiss to a married woman who had just become a mother again was an imposition that I should rather stay away from.

But Maria looked at this quite differently. One day she announced:

“Why are you always such a block of ice when we arrive here? Won’t you ever kiss me goodbye?”

‘Well, if you absolutely want that you can have it!’ I thought to myself. I breathed a tender kiss on her cheeks and said goodbye quickly. I felt that my cheeks were flushed, and I’m sure my goodbye was stammered, low, and barely comprehensible. In Maria’s eyes, I saw many conflicting emotions: joy, disappointment, lewdness, confusion , determination, and even a slight dampness. For a moment, I was captured by an underlying lust in her gaze, but she soon drove away. Alone in my apartment, I reflected on this experience, and other subtle clues I’d picked up on previously, and decided that next time, I would act more decisively.

There were many opportunities to do so because the choir was dared into singing Bach’s B-minor mass, a masterpiece that is extremely demanding for choirs. Especially for amateurs like us, the mass in B-minor requires very extensive preparation before it eventually can be performed in concert. Maria brought me home from the numerous rehearsals when I still was full of the wonderful sounds of music. She herself had no different feelings because of the countless catchy tunes that we both couldn’t get rid of. We sang together in the car the passages that we had just rehearsed and were blissfully happy about these wonderful choir sounds. Maria had a beautiful alto voice which I accompanied with my bass. It didn’t bother us at all that there were no sopranos singing along as leading voices because we were so totally absorbed in this incomparable composition. We both turned into resounding, harmonizing musical instruments.

The Kyrie eleison became Maria eleison, especially for me. Was her middle name Christa? Then Christe eleison could appropriately turn into Christa eleison.

When we had to stop at red traffic lights some other road users shook their heads and wondered whether we both had lost our minds. We couldn’t care less.

One evening, Maria and I arrived at my apartment and sat together in the car, singing Et incarnatus est. I was so touched by the sensuality of this music that it brought tears to my eyes. I noticed that tears were also streaking down Maria’s cheeks. As the song ended, we silently looked into each other’s eyes, holding each other’s gaze very deeply, and for quite a long time. The air around us felt heavy with emotion, tenderness and intimacy. I could no longer control myself, and I stroked Maria’s cheek with a trembling hand as gently as I could. I was surprised by the feel of her skin, perfectly soft and even, like the skin of a ripe summer peach, and I caressed her again. Slowly, I approached her face and kissed some of the tears from her skin. Again, we sank into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, she grabbed my neck and pulled my mouth to her lips. The lightning of this kiss struck us both. We kissed for a long time and began to twist our tongues around each other. The tenderness we felt before was replaced with lust and erotic desire. Maria’s skirt creeped higher up her soft thighs, which parted slightly, suggestively, and invitingly.

I had no intention of disturbing the beauty of the moment. Nevertheless, I had to ask myself whether I should continue to cast the spell of my keçiören escort bayan own lust onto this delightfully beautiful, but clearly married, woman. ‘Though,’ I thought to myself, ‘shouldn’t Maria be asking this question of herself, perhaps even more so? In a pause between kisses I whispered in her ear:

“I won’t be able to tear myself away from you if we continue like this. I will utterly lose myself into you.”

With half closed eyes, she whispered back:

“Finally, I have you where I’ve wanted you for so long. Just keep quiet now and let me kiss you.”

So there you are! This beautiful woman has desired me for a long time, without me realizing this. Of course, I refrained from asking any further questions and our kisses continued with unrelenting intensity. The lustiness crackled more and more clearly and could not be stopped. I sent my hands on a journey and noticed that Maria’s skirt, which hadn’t been too long anyway, had moved farther up. My hands found their way to the inside of Maria’s thighs and gradually wandered upwards until I finally touched her panties with the back of my hand. Half-heartedly, Maria tried to stop my brazen adventure, but I couldn’t stop myself.. I felt Maria’s slit through her panties. Was there a distinct dampness or was I just imagining it?

“Please come in for a glass of wine,” I said, “we can talk about everything.”

She looked at me in silence for a long time, and then said boldly:

“If you open a decent bottle, I’ll be there.”

Within the blink of an eye, we were out of the car and in my apartment. I apologized briefly for having to go to the wine cellar and returned with a bottle of old Charmes Chambertin. After all, she said that she wanted to drink something decent! The careful and lengthy procedure of uncorking such a bottle gave me an excellent opportunity to get some questions across that seemed urgent to me at the time.

I told Maria that I didn’t want to interfere with the happiness of her family life. I got a clear answer from her that she didn’t want that either; however, a nice little tryst wasn’t to be scoffed at. Sex with her husband was satisfying, but variability had its own merits, didn’t it? The language she used answered my second question about what she thought of dirty talk: she enjoyed it quite a lot! She said that, under certain circumstances, the choice of words could not be naughty enough. They had to do justice to our intense, lusty feelings, while at the same time, she didn’t want to be humiliated. After all, she is not a cheap hooker, but deliciously foul language can be completely appropriate. I knew what she meant. This met my own views on dirty talk one hundred percent.

My last question I could answer myself right afterwards. I told Maria that I wasn’t keen on anything that belonged to the toilet. And I wouldn’t be in the mood for anal sex either, but I would enjoy long oral sex. I was looking forward very much to letting the little bud in her slit go crazy and hum like a bumblebee.

Even straight from the bottle, the wine spread its delicious flavors of mixed berry scent, with a whiff of oak wood. It perfectly complemented our high spirits and so we toasted to our mutual well-being. Wine is another of my great passions and for Maria was just the same. We both immersed ourselves in the world of scents and tastes, while our lewdness cooled down a bit. We agreed that we would only enjoy a drink of one or two glasses today before Maria left for home, and that we would put our lust aside until another day. I have to say that such a wine in the company of a delightful and erotic woman is one of the really great pleasures one can have.

However, when Maria was about to leave I pressed a violent, wet kiss on her lips. I also let my hand sneak under her short skirt between her legs. I caressed her pussy which now was clearly wet under her panties, dissolving any of my previous doubts. I quickly entered a leg opening of her thong with two of my fingers and managed to briefly feel her naked slit. However, she successfully escaped any longer lasting beleaguerments of her sex by a deft movement away from my nosy and brash fingers. I broke the kiss and whispered into her ear:

“Your cunt is so beautiful and deliciously wet.”

At this expression, she sharply exhaled her breath and reacted, pretending to be shocked. But, soon, she smiled at me again, kissed me goodbye on my cheek, and finally left by saying:

“Thank you for this charming compliment! But, I must say, I prefer flowers.”

At the next rehearsal Crucifixus was on. Certainly, this again was beautiful music, but the sorrow about the dying Jesus inevitably dampened the mood. I could hardly imagine how hot eroticism could have its say again after Passus et Sepultus est. But once again, the sunny disposition of a pretty woman helped a great deal. Arriving at my apartment, Maria immediately got out of the car. escort keçiören She was in a gay mood and, with the saucy comment, suggested that we could also kiss inside. I hissed between my teeth, “Just you wait!” and followed Maria to the apartment door where I took the lead.

Once inside, I immediately pulled Maria to me. She made me incredibly horny and I pressed my slowly hardening cock against her belly. She kissed me like a maniac and we intertwined our tongues breathlessly to ignite in us a shameless lust. Maria also wanted me to feel the damp heat between her legs on my thigh. I supported this by grabbing her by her buttocks and pressing her even harder against my thigh. Her breasts nestled against my upper body and I could clearly feel her hardening nipples.

This could only end in a wild copulation, but for now I wanted to savor the rising lustiness of this female. Without restraint, my hand went under her skirt in search of her aroused cleft. Pushing my fuck pole against her, I slowly lead her towards the bedroom and on my bed where she let herself fall backwards. The maneuver not only caused her skirt to pull up over her hips, but also her blouse opened above her breasts. I was flabbergasted: Maria wasn’t wearing any underwear: neither a bra, nor even tiny little panties. I didn’t want to restrain myself and looked down at her form, memorizing the sight of her breasts and her already wet shining crack.

The whole episode, from entering my apartment to that moment, with Maria laying on her back on my bed, must have lasted for only about a quarter of an hour. We lost ourselves in the bliss of kissing and fondling our intimate places. Then I asked her:

“Do you always come to rehearsals without lingerie?”

“No, of course not. But before we said goodbye to the others in the bar, I went to the bathroom again to take my bra and knickers off. Look, here they are in my handbag. Am I finally being clear enough for you?”

Maria presented me a tiny thong of shiny and silky material as well as a transparent lace bra. Both pieces were rich, dark red leaving no doubt about how she imagined the rest of the evening to proceed. Never before in my life had I received such a shameless invitation to fornication. But, I first wanted to take her, not myself, to the peaks of salacious excitement. I hoped that my talent for licking the pussies of aroused females would fulfill her expectations and arouse her until she could only surrender and beg to be penetrated. I told her all of this in a rather crude language and in response, Maria pulled her legs wide apart, which opened her pussy and gave it a wet shine. This almost blew my mind. A scent of aroused sex spread in the room.

The first thing I had to do, however, was peel her out of her remaining clothes, and – what worried me even more – to undress myself without collapsing in the steamy heat, but I succeeded without significant difficulties. Maria came to my aid by frantically undoing my shirt and trousers. Then I maneuvered myself to crouch between Maria’s spread legs and drew my tongue over her thighs and hips towards her belly button, leaving behind a wet trace. I avoided her slippery slit as much as possible because I just wanted to tease her, to see how hot I could make her without making contact with her throbbing pussy. Her sighs gradually turned into moans while I increased her wetness. She was clearly longing for penetration, for the sensation of my thick shaft stretching her well lubricated tunnel. With my fingertips, I twisted her long, hard nipples, which protruded steeply from her breasts. I laid myself down on top of her, pressing my hard and thick cock against her crotch, and continued to tease her perfect nipples. Maria’s moaning soon gave way to stammering, erotic, indecent strings of obscenities, driving up the tension and pleasure we both were feeling. But I could not yet give her an orgasm.

This went on for quite a while but, in light of my increasingly hardening balls, I had to get down to business. I was sure that her pussy was now causing a reasonable amount of hot commotion and so I decided to attack her clit directly. Licking, I stroked myself back over the hips between the thighs. I smelled her seeping slit, pulled her pussy lips apart with my hands, and blew gently against her gaping sex hole. Despite her two births Maria had one of the prettiest cunts I have ever encountered. Her little labia were tight and not shriveled at all. Her big lips were thickly swollen and her smell was delicious. I could hardly get enough of it. Finally, I licked her briefly, and then sucked in her clit more violently. A restrained scream confirmed to me that Maria exploded into an orgasm like being hit by lightning. She writhed her legs uncontrollably, moaned and stammered delicious vulgarities, and suddenly tensed up in a further overwhelming release.

My cock was now hard as bone and my balls were ready to ejaculate loads of cum into this totally submissive woman. I challenged myself to wait, just for a little while longer, because I wanted Maria to experience even more intense orgasms. I licked through this open sex like crazy and drove her towards several further paroxysms in sequence. In between, I growled at her: “Scream out your lusty brains.”

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