Making New Friends – The Initiation

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Tuesday night

I was sitting at my computer, anxiously waiting for an email from John. He was supposed to get back to me with the details and location about the sex party he was holding on Wednesday, so I wanted to make sure I was online to get them.

Finally around 8:30, the email came through.

John: So are you still interested in coming to the party tomorrow night?

Me: Definitely. It’s all I could think of since you mentioned it.

John: Great. Cost is normally $10.00 because you are over 30, but since this is your first time with us, there is no charge.

Me: That’s no problem. I’m willing to pay.

John: Trust me, on your first time, you will pay plenty. If you still want to donate at the end of the night, then I will gladly accept. The money goes to all the supplies so the younger guys can have a night out and not worry about it. I feel it’s better for them to come here and be safe then going to a club and who knows what will happen to them.

Me: Makes sense. Where and what time?

John: Starts at 2:00. Usually lasts until 9:00 or so. Most don’t spend the whole time here obviously, but we ask that you do for your first time so you can get a feel for things and the people that do come. Now I have to warn you, there will be an initiation for you on your fist visit. Up to you how intense you want it to be.

I started to wonder what kind of initiation he was talking about. Was it some sort of hazing? Nervously I asked.

Me: I’m not really into anything involving pain, scat or blood and I do need to try and be discreet a little.

John: We all need to be discreet. Trust me, if they’re at this party, then they’re not going to be telling everyone who else was here. Then they have to explain why they were here as well.

Me: Good point. So what do I have to do?

John: Can’t let you in on that yet. Trust me, you will enjoy. Everyone has.

Me: Okay. I’ll trust you. Where is this? At your house?

John: No. I have a friend that has his house set up for this. The address is 69 Blue Ball Lane. And before you ask, yes I am serious about the address. That’s why we do it at his place. So we can prepare for you, will you be looking to top, bottom or both?

Me: Cute address. Actually, since my visit, I’ve been wanting to bottom more. I’m really not into topping too often.

John: Ok. What time do you think you can get there?

Me: I’ll be there a little after 3:00. I’ll get out of work at 2 and come home to change and shower before I head over.

John: Great. See you then!

And with that, my initiation to a whole new world was arranged.


I pulled up to the house and parked my car in front of the garage. Quickly I checked myself in the mirror to make sure I looked ok. Oddly enough, I was nervous about how I looked and hoped I would make a good impression on the attendees.

I knocked on the door and a tall man with nice broad shoulders answered the door. He was naked except for a tight jock strap that did nothing to conceal what was underneath. “You must be Mike,” he said to me. He reached out and put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into the house. “Glad you could make it. My name is Tom.”

“Hi Tom. Nice address. Are the partied as good as the name?” I asked

He laughed at me. “Oh yes, they can be. I can tell you are ready to have some fun.” He reached down and squeezed my crotch just a little to tease the bulge that was already starting to swell. “Did John go over the rules for you yet?”

“He went over some. He said he wouldn’t accept my money for today because it was my first time. I still want to pay so here,” I handed him a $10 bill. “He said that I should feel free to have fun with anyone I feel comfortable with as long as they feel the same. If someone says no or if I say no and anything is forced, you guys step right in. He did say something about an initiation for me though?”

“Yes, let’s go in here and get you ready. ” Tom led me to the kitchen. “Now he said you would prefer to bottom, is that correct?”

“Yes. I will top but for some reason since I met John, I’ve been wanting to bottom.”

“Let me guess, you sucked him off and he tickled you inside out with his finger.”

‘How’d you…”

“He does it to all his friends. Ok. So we want you to wear this collar.” He reached out and grabbed a blue collar off the table. “This is only so people will know you are a new guy that prefers to bottom. Red is for the new-bees who want to top only and yellow is for those who want to do both. What we want you to do is go into the bedroom on the left and strip down and put on the collar. Not too tight, but not too loose so it will come off either. Come on out here when you finish and we’ll be waiting. There are lockers in there. You can put your things in one of them and lock them up. Only John and I have the keys.”

I went into the room and took a quick look around. There was a small bed, escort rus a chair and a dresser with a mirror. The window was open letting in a nice breeze, but the shades were drawn. On the far wall were the lockers he mentioned. There were about 25 lockers there and only two of them were locked. I stripped out of my clothes and put everything in one of them. I locked the door and went over to the mirror to put on the collar. It felt weird putting this on, but I told myself I had to trust them.

After I finished getting ready, I walked out of the room. Tom was at the door letting a couple of more guys in. One was a large bald black man. He looked like he could play football for a living. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that you could see his pecs and nipples through. I immediately dropped my eyes to see what kind of package may be showing through his pants. His crotch looked full and he reached down to adjust himself when he saw me looking. “Ah,” he said. “Blue collar. We’ll have some fun later.”

The other guy was younger. About 25 with long red hair. He had some tattoos on his arms and I imagined they went across his back. His muscle shirt was also tight. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and you could see the outline of his cock go down one side of his leg. It looked like it was about 7″ long already and it was still soft.

They went into the room I just left, the black man grabbing my ass as he walked by. I gave a little moan and walked over to Tom. For some reason, I didn’t feel nervous about how I looked anymore.

“Now, we are going to go downstairs. It may take a couple of minutes for your eyes to adjust. The room is a little dark. There you can check out the people that are here, but you are one of the first for the night. What we want you to do is go to the bed in the middle of the room and get comfortable. As people come up to you, just do what comes natural. Since you are wearing a blue collar, you will not be allowed to touch yourself. Your cock will get hard, you will leak and most likely cum without being touched, but you are not to do anything to yourself or ask someone else to touch you. We also ask that you stay as long as possible. We understand you may have to leave, but since you are wearing the blue collar, you will probably not want to leave once the crowd starts coming in. If you need to leave or if someone does anything to you that you do not want, just let myself or John know. One of us will always be nearby. Remember though, blue does mean bottom so be prepared. You did clean yourself out, right?”

“Absolutely. I made sure I was extra clean.”

“Good. Well, let’s go and have some fun.” With that he led me downstairs to a large room.

There was some music playing that I never heard before. Since I listen to country that did not surprise me. I can’t imagine having my ass pounded to a country love song. One side of the room had some chairs and a sofa. There were several televisions all around and porn was playing on them all. I paused for a minute to let my eyes adjust and saw the bed in the middle of the room. It was a queen sized bed with a few pillows on it. The mattress was at the perfect height for me to lay down on and easily have a cock enter either end of me. I walked over to the bed and climbed into the bed. The mattress was so soft, I felt like I was on a cloud. There were nothing on it but the fitted sheet. It was freshly washed but had a faint scent that I couldn’t make out.

John walked over to me and slapped me on the ass. “Mike! So glad you came. Are you ready to have some fun?”

‘Sure am,” I said. “Can I start with you?”

“Oh, you’ll get me eventually. For now, take everything in and just remember, have fun. If you need anything, just let me know. As long as your mouth isn’t stuffed that is. There’s water and beer over there in the fridge. If you need any, just help yourself or ask someone to get you some. Around 6:00, pizza is delivered and we all take a quick break to get something to eat, though most wearing the blue collar aren’t usually hungry for food.” He chuckled and with that he walked away.

I laid down on the bed and saw the door open up again. The two men I met upstairs were walking down, both naked and sporting nice packages. The black man was already hard and looked over to the bed where I was laying right away. He said something to the red head and then he walked over to me while the red head went to someone else in the room.

“Hey, New-bee. Anyone have your mouth yet?” he asked me.

“No so get over here and let me get started,” I answered back. He walked over to me slowly stroking his cock. It was a good 8″ long and thick as hell. I started to tongue his cock and balls while I was laying on my side. The cock was beautiful. I could taste a little sweat which was not surprising since it was close to 80 degrees outside. I worked his head over with my tongue and licked down the length to his balls. I lifted one of them up with my tongue and could feel the massive weight just one escortsıhhiye of them had. I stopped for a second and looked up at him. “A little full are we?” I asked.

“Only time I cum is here. I don’t get off any other time so you got a week’s load of cum that you will get at some point tonight. Suck me for a while and I’ll leave you alone for someone else to have some fun.”

I continued to work him over. I spit on his cock and took the head into my mouth. I started bobbing up and down on it, taking a little more of his length into my mouth each time. I wanted both of us to enjoy this and gagging on the first cock I sucked wouldn’t be a good start.

Finally he pulled out of my mouth and pat me on the head. “Wow, I’m going to have fun with you before the night is over. Name’s Pete. Don’t wear yourself out before I get back.” With that he walked away. I didn’t realize I had two other guys watching me as I sucked him.

The next guy walked up to me and told me to lay down on my back. I did this and he climbed up on the bed, straddling my face. I felt him lower himself and his balls started to hit me in the eyes. I wiggled up a little as he bounced, making his sack hit my face. I finally got into the right position and opened my mouth. I sucked on one ball then the other as he bounced. I reached up to play with his cock and he slapped my hand away. “You’ll get that when I’m ready for you to have it,” he said. He continued to teabag my face as I sucked both of his balls in my mouth at once. He tried to pull out but I sucked a little harder to try and keep them in. They still came out with a small pop and he climbed down of the table.

“Pete was right. We’re going to have some fun tonight. Seth here. See you soon.” I took a quick look at him and saw he was the red head that came in with Pete.

Another guy walked up and introduced himself right off. “Trevor here,” he said. “You’re Mike, right?”

“Sure am. What’s your pleasure?” I asked him. He was a young man with dark hair and a small goatee. His body was hairy, but his privates were shaved clean. His cock was a little small, but still looked delicious.

“I don’t have much time. John said to come see you. He said you’re talented and could get me off quick.”

“Well if that’s what you want I guess that’s my job tonight,” I said showing him my collar. He was a little on the short side so he climbed up on the bed and let me grab his cock. I started to stroke and squeeze the cock with one hand. I spit on the other hand and started to massage his balls, reaching for the place between his balls and ass with one finger. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. It was smaller, about 5″, so I was able to take him all the way in at once. As he started to fuck my face a little, I sucked harder and harder. I could feel him grow a little longer and thicker as I did this.

“Oh man, that feels great,” he said. “Keep playing with my nuts. Swallow that cock.”

I kept sucking and was surprised when suddenly I could feel his cock start to hit the back of my throat. I swallowed a little and he let out a gasp. He started to rock his hips faster and I continued sucking and swallowing his cock. I felt him tense up a little and he told me he was going to cum. I pulled my head off his cock to tell him ok and he fell back on my chest. He started to shoot his load all over the two of us. Some of it landed on my chest and some on his. I had the remnants of his precum on my lips and I licked it off. “You ok?” I asked. “Didn’t mean to make you fall.”

“Wow, how did you do that? That’s the first time I felt my cock go into someone’s throat. I think you sucked me a good inch longer that I normally get.”

“Glad you liked.”

“Liked? I wish I could stay longer. Hopefully I see you next week. I got to go but have fun.” With that he got up and walked away. I saw him stop by and talk to John on the way out and he pointed at me and his cock so I knew he was describing the fun we just had.

The next guy came over to me. He was middle aged and had a little bit of a belly. He too was bald, like Pete was, but I could tell even in the dimly lit room his body was covered in white hair. He didn’t say a word to me. He just walked up to the side of the bed and slapped me in the face with his semi hard cock. I started to lick it but he shoved it right into my mouth and tried to hold my jaw open. He leaned over to spit into my mouth while his cock was in it. I didn’t feel comfortable with where this was going and I tried to say something but he slapped me in the face. I managed to pull away a little and saw John walk over. He pulled the man aside and asked me if I was ok.

“He’s ok,” the man said. “That’s what the slut is here for,”

“No,” I answered. That was all I needed to say. John started to walk the guy to the stairs and the man started to yell back at me calling me a fucking tease and how I wasn’t good enough for anyone. I saw Pete step in and grab him by the arm.

“Brian, I think escort sincan you better leave now before you say something you’re going to regret,” Pete told him.

“Look at him lying there like that. You can’t tell me your cock isn’t begging for him.”

“Brian, last time. You already had too much to drink and you’re not going to get anything else from anyone here tonight. I suggest you leave quietly and maybe we will let you back next week.”

“Fucking faggot,” he yelled back at me. “I was there once too you know.” With that Pete turned him around and dragged him up the stairs. Even with the door shut, I could hear him swearing because I wouldn’t suck him and let him do what he wanted.

Tom came downstairs and said something to John. They walked over to me together.

“You ok?” Tom asked.

“I’m fine. Thanks for that.”

“No problem. We mean it when we said you wouldn’t be forced. That will be Brian’s last visit here. Don’t worry about him. Once he sobers up, he won’t even remember who you are.” John reached down and grabbed my ass. “Now get back to work,” he laughed.

I laid back down on the bed and Seth walked back over to me with another man.

“Mike, this here is Sean. He doesn’t believe how good you can use your mouth.” Sean walked up to the bed and leaned over to me.

“Sorry about that last guy. Hope he didn’t scare you too much. Let’s have some fun and get him off your mind,” Sean said and gently put his cock up to my face. This time I took a deep breath in smelling his manly scent. You could tell he just showered recently and his cologne was intoxicating. I didn’t know what kind it was but it made me want him. I quickly took his cock into my mouth and started bobbing instantly. I used my tongue on his shaft, swirling around the head and rubbing the thick vein underneath the whole time as I swallowed his 8″ cock. He had a nice bush so I pushed down on him until his hair ticked my nose. I would swallow quickly a couple of times and then massage my way up his cock. After a couple of minutes of this, Sean pulled out and told me to roll on my stomach. I did and he walked around to my backside. He hoisted my ass in the air and placed a couple of pillows underneath me.

“Relax and enjoy,” he said and started to lick up and down the crack of my ass. He used his hands to spread my cheeks and then I felt his tongue find my hole. He would lick for a couple of seconds and then gently blow on it. Then he would lick it again. All of a sudden, I felt something wet enter my hole. His tongue was going in and out as he started to eat my ass. I was in Heaven.

Another young guy walked over and put his cock towards my mouth as Sean was eating my ass expertly. “Does Daddy want to suck Scottie’s cock while he’s getting eaten out?”

“Mmm, yes” I moaned and started to suck on him. He had a slender cock that was about 6″ long. It was perfectly smooth. I looked up at one point while I had his cock in my mouth and saw that he barely looked old enough to be here. His chest had no hair and his pubes were light and fluffy. He had a face of a young teen. He must have known what I was thinking.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I’m in college and I’ll tell all my friends how good my new Daddy sucked my cock.” He pulled his cock out of my mouth for a second. That’s when I felt a sharp pain. Sean had been sucking and eating my ass out the while time, but I didn’t realize he had slipped on a condom. I felt him start to push his 8″ cock into my ass. Though he was long, luckily he wasn’t too thick. The pain was sharp but wore off fast. I felt him drop some lube on my ass as he started to slowly fuck me, pushing more of his cock in with each thrust. Scott put his cock back into my mouth and I started to suck on him again. Having a cock in my mouth and one up my ass had always been a dream that I thought would never come true. I was enjoying every second and I could tell they were too. I was sucking and slobbering all over Scott cock while Sean continued to pound away. I could feel Sean start to tense up a little and his cock seemed to thicken a little. Although I had been fucked before, I didn’t have that much experience. I did know however that this was a sign that he was close. I started to roll my hips as he fucked me, never letting Scott’s cock fall out of my mouth. Then I felt Sean thrust in deep and make a couple of quick jerks. I knew he was filling the condom up with his semen. He grabbed my shoulders to help balance himself as he unloaded into me. I moaned onto Scott’s cock and felt Scott rub the back of my head.

Finally, Sean pulled out and walked around to the front of me, proudly showing me the giant load he shot into the covering. Scott pulled out and walked over to the small table beside the bed and I could hear a condom being open.

“This was all because of you,” Sean said to me as he pulled the wrapper off his dick. I reached out and pulled him back into my mouth to clean off his cock as Scott climbed on top of me. His cock was about the same thickness as Sean’s, but not as long. He entered my used hole easily while I sucked Sean clean. The sensations were too much for Sean and he backed away after a minute. “Too much, too soon,” he said as he pat me on the cheek and threw the condom in the waste basket by the table. “Thanks.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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