Making It with a Coloured Guy Called Jason

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“Pete is a good guy, he told me about you, that you are really a great fuck!”

“You make me sound like a prize bull or something,” I replied, being so delighted that Pete’s mate Jason came up to expectations. I had never been with a coloured guy before.

When Pete asked if it was okay for him to recommend me to Jason, he having showed me a picture of him in his swimming gear, it is not always the real thing looks that good, But Jason came up to all my expectations.

The idea was for me to see if I was compatible with Jason and then maybe organised a threesome which I imagined would be nice.

The thought of having two guys simultaneously by way of ass and oral has attracted me, but it has to be with the right guys.

I eyeballed him and he was quick to tell. He closed to me without hesitation replying to my question that I was no prize bull but I was sure enough a prize, I felt his hand brush over my jeans so delicately it made me quiver withy anticipated lust.

“This alright rus escort bayan with you. Alex?” he asked finding me beneath my zip and squeezing there. Of course it was aright, already I felt the arousal in my groin and when I quietly and eagerly replied ‘yes’ I knew I was in for it good and proper. Pete had warned me that Jason was an ar4dent lover so I was well and ready.

He thrilled me going down to his knees, stripping my tight jeans down and complimenting me on my stance. And when he felt me over my boxer shorts, knelt there before me, sniffing there and making those wo0nmderful throat noises I shuffled for him to feel me in different ways, his warm hand finding my balls so delightfully as he squeezed and pushed his face into my crotch, his fingers being more bold then as I felt them slip up between my ass at the back and beginning to rim me so delightfully.

I was happy just to stand there, feeling him explore me as I opened my legs more to give him access, he prompted sıhhiye escort bayan me to twist around, stripped me of my boxers and made those complimentary throat noises again, saying it was wonderful, he stretching my ass cheeks wide I felt the warmth of his mouth rimming and sucking me there, a joy and thrill to behold, something I loved of Pete so very much, and now having another sweet guy doing it was the tops.

No I was seriously imaging in my mind the idea of sucking hard cock and also being fucked by hard cock, it was a delightful thought which I hoped soon would be for real as I felt Jason’s tongue do its stuff inside my hole, those wonderful sucking sounds combined with the feeling his busy mouth and tongue gave me was absolute heaven.

He hardy took a breath and was at it again, gripping my thighs from the back, squeezing my butt together with his face pressed tightly between, as he worked on me, slapping my ass cheeks lightly as I felt just how long sincan escort bayan his tongue must have been..

It wasn’t long before I found out, as if he had been reading my mind, because then he was up on his feel like a jack in the box, his hand behind my head as his mouth met mine, his tongue inside, moving around in circles as I tasted myself on his tongue, it was something I had never experienced with Pete, something I would not have imagined I would enjoy, but there was really something about this that really turned me on and all I wanted then was the feel of his thick stiff cock inside me, not before I stooped down though, took its stiffness deep into my mouth and gave it a sucking of a lifetime, tasting its pungent earthiness. He reeled back, standing there cock standing high like a guardsman, ready to fuck, offering it to me, telling me to bend over on all fours, to present my ‘masterpiece as he called it -for his service.

Wow! And what service, feeling its heat plunge immediately and deep inside me I discovered just what it was like to be fucked by a coloured guy, there was something about the way he moved and offered it to me, he fucked me rigid and when he came I did too.

Yes, I think we had made a hit with each other and the threesome was definitely a must!

Watch this space …

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