Making a Play for My Stepdad Ch. 01

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My name is Susan. I’d turned 18 a month ago, 5’5″ tall, blonde, blue eyes and slim with B-cup breasts. I wish they were larger, but I’ve noticed my stepdad John looking at them a few times, so they can’t be that bad. He probably notices them more as I rarely wear a bra under a tight top. It has to be the poking nipples that grabs his attention, they always seem to be hard! He’s even told me I look cute when my hair is in a ponytail.

I have a sister, Sandra. In fact, we’re twins. Identical twins. The only difference is that Sandra has D-cup breasts. Lucky cow.

John is 30, seven years younger than my mum, whom he married four years ago. He’s six feet tall and has jet black hair. He plays football twice a week so has a fit body.

Anyway, John had accompanied me to spend the evening in the pub, drinking and playing pool. It was my idea as Sandra was staying at a friend’s overnight, and mum had gone away for the week on a business trip, and I was bored.

I’d dressed up a bit as I’d had a bit of a crush on John since I was 16, and was half hoping something would happen while mum was away. Leather pencil skirt ending just above the knees, tight red sleeveless top (no bra again) and knee length black leather boots with 3 inch stiletto heels. I didn’t bother with a coat as the sun was still out.

Dressing to impress seemed to have worked as I caught him a few times looking at my ass as I bent over to take my shots while playing, the leather stretched taut over my backside. Wiggling my ass a bit as though getting comfortable for the shot probably helped.

Anyway, we stayed in the pub until closing time. I was a little tipsy, but not drunk.

Some time during the evening it had rained – hard. As we walked home in the wet, we chatted about what we had planned for that week. It sounded like it was going to be a really quiet week, unless I had my way.

Suddenly one of my heels slid and caught a crack in the pavement slightly, causing my ankle to twist. I instinctively grabbed hold of John to prevent me hitting the deck. He quickly flung his arms around me to steady me. As I regained my balance, I noticed that one of his hands was flat on my tit. I thought that maybe this is my chance for some action.

“Oww, my ankle” I said.

“You OK?” asked John, still holding on to me.

“I twisted my ankle and it hurts to buggery,” I replied.

John thought for a few seconds then said “We’re only five minutes from home. You can hold onto me.”

Playing up a bit, I replied “Could you carry me? I’m a little unsteady as it is.”

“No problem” he said.

With that he scooped me up, his right arm behind my knees, my right arm hooking behind his neck.

As we got home I could feel John’s right thumb rubbing across my skirt on the outside of my thigh. Whether he knew what he was doing I don’t know, but I started to hope he did. I turned my head and gave him a kiss on the neck, leaving a trace of my red lipstick on him. He looked at me and smiled.

To save him putting me down, I reached behind and managed to get my hand into his pocket to grab the keys. I must have gone in too far though because I felt something hard. Oh my God! He had a stiffy, and it felt big.

I grabbed the keys and unlocked the door. John carefully walked inside, so as not to bang my head on the frame, merter escort then I pushed the door shut. He walked to the sofa and gently bent forward, putting me down. Time stood still for me as our faces were inches apart because I still had my arm round his neck. I then leant forward and kissed him on the lips. Just a quick peck.

“Thanks” I said. “Can you take my boot off and look at my ankle?”

It wasn’t really hurting much, but I wasn’t about to tell him. As he knelt down and reached for the boot zip, I bent my knee, causing my skirt to ride up my thigh. I saw him look up my leg. His eyes lingered for about ten seconds before he slowly started pulling the zip down, his gaze still higher than it needed to be. Then, while holding my calf with one hand, he gently slid the boot off with the other.

“Massage my foot, will you?” I said to him.

He placed my foot in his lap and started massaging it. That felt good. I’d always liked a foot massage. I let my head drop back and closed my eyes.

A couple of minutes later he asked if I wanted the other foot done. No way was I turning that offer down. I just nodded in case my voice gave away I was enjoying it probably more than I should have been. I felt the zip slowly descending, then the second boot coming off.

As John placed my foot onto his lap, I bent that knee. I placed the first foot on the edge of the sofa so that both legs were bent, my skirt riding up even more.

After a few seconds I let my knees part a few inches. I thought that he must be able to see my suspenders and stockings now, and let out a barely audible sigh.

I opened one eye just enough to see him looking straight between my legs. I was getting so excited now I could feel myself getting a bit damp.

I felt his hands then slowly move above my ankle to my calf. I spread my knees slightly further, giving him better access and to give him an uninterrupted view up between my legs to my thongs.

I bit my lower lip and moaned which seemed to spur John on. His hands had now reached my knees and he pushed them further apart.

I slowly lifted my feet up and apart, abandoning any second thoughts about what was happening.

I guess that John had leant forward, because the next thing I felt was his lips placing gentle kisses on the inside of my silky white thighs, just above my stocking tops. I shuddered, it was a heavenly feeling. I very nearly came there and then.

Kisses were still being placed on my inner thighs when I gasped “Higher.”

Kisses gradually rose up my thighs, my moans growing louder as he alternated sides.

Then it happened. His mouth was covering my cunt. He must have moved my thong to one side as I felt his tongue slide up inside my lips. A bolt of lightning shook my body.


I grabbed John’s hair and pulled his face to me, his tongue now forcing its way into my love tunnel. My body was shaking as he tongue-fucked me for a few seconds, then licked up and across my clit. He flicked it a few times, then sucked it into his mouth. That was it, I came and flooded his mouth with my juices. I pinched my nipples through my top to heighten the feelings and screamed as he gave me one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had.

Eventually I nişantaşı escort came back to my senses. I sat up and kissed him, tasting my own juices on his mouth. My tongue invaded his mouth swirling around his, our bodies pressing together. His arms enveloped me as I crossed mine behind his neck. We continued for a good five minutes before our mouths parted and we just hugged each other.

I let out a breathless “WOW.”

“I’m sorry,” said John, “but I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve wanted to do that for months, and you tasted fantastic.”

I replied “You should have told me. If I’d known it would be like that I would have let you. So where do we go from here?”

“Upstairs. Now.” he ordered.

I smiled wickedly as he took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom. I started to take my top off, but he grabbed my hand.

“No, let me” he said.

I raised my arms as he took hold of the bottom of my top. As he slowly lifted, he placed gentle kisses up my stomach. He went higher then stopped as he licked, first my right nipple, then the left.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. My whole body shuddered as I exhaled. Then his mouth was closing over a nipple. I put my hand on the back of his head and drew him closer to me. He sucked, flicking the tip with his tongue. It felt sooooooo good.

With my top now off, he pushed me backwards onto the bed then rolled me onto my stomach.

“On your knees” he ordered.

I did as he said, easing my ass in the air. I thought he was going to take my leather skirt off, but instead he placed his hands on the back of my thighs and started sliding them up under my skirt. As the skirt rose, he kissed the back of my legs, getting higher and higher.

His hands were now on my hips and he was licking up my ass crack. He spread my cheeks apart giving him access to my shit hole. He placed the tip of his tongue on it and then started tracing small circles around it. I’d had that done to me before, but not by a guy. It sent shivers down my spine.

I reached down and found my clit. Starting to rub it made my juices flow. John then placed a finger on my slit and rubbed up and down. After a minute, he let his finger slide up inside my sopping cunt, making me moan. My legs shook as my orgasm returned with vigour. As I came, John stuck another finger inside, then clamped his mouth to my asshole and forced his tongue inside.

“Shiiiiiiit” I screamed, my hands clinging onto the bed sheets for dear life.

A minute later, my orgasm subsided.

I breathlessly said “Fuck, that was good. But don’t stop there. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need your cock up inside me now. Fill me with your cum, daddy.”

I think that surprised me as much as it did him. I’ve never called him daddy, dad or anything like that. It’s always been John, he insisted as he didn’t want it to seem like he was erasing the memory of my real dad, who sadly passed away when I was 8 years old.

I heard a faint “zzzzzzz” as John unzipped his jeans, letting them drop to the floor. I turned my head to see him kicking his shoes off, then his jeans, boxers and shirt. I licked my lips as I saw his cock for the first time. Oh my God, it must have been seven or eight inches long. But it was the thickness that got me unable to wait ortaköy escort for it. It was THICK.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down between my cunt lips. Placing it at the entrance of my cunt, I pushed my ass back. His bulbous head pushed inside me, feeling as though I was being split. He pushed a couple of inches further inside, then stopped. I’m glad he did, it felt like I was already full. Thirty seconds later he pushed another inch or two inside and stopped.

“Oh fuck. Shit. Oooooooh that’s sooooooo good” I gasped.

He pulled back until it was just the head inside, then slowly but firmly pushed forward and further inside he went.

Then he was finally all the way in, his head brushing against my cervix.

“God, you’re so tight” he said.

“I’m not surprised with the size of you” I gasped.

He started pulling back as I tried to stop him with my cunt muscles. He rammed back in, forcing me to grunt my approval.

“Harder. Fuck me harder. Make me cum again. I need to cum again” I shouted.

I got my wish, because he then sped up as he fucked me hard and long.

His right arm reached around me, his hand sliding down over my bunched up skirt. Then his fingers were on my clit, gently rubbing in circles. I buried my face in the bed, muffling my moans and grunts. I could feel my orgasm rising inside me again.

“Cum… inside… me…, I’m… about… to… cuuuuaaaaaaaah.”

I felt his cock twitch and jump, and then rope after rope of his cum splashed and coated my insides, my body exploding in ecstasy. He pushed hard and leant forward against my back. His hands cupped my tits, pulling me back into him. My cunt muscles spasmed, milking every last drop of his cum, draining him.

After what seemed like five minutes, he pulled his softening cock out of where it belonged… my sopping wet cunt. I felt our mingled cum run down my legs, soaking them and pooling on the sheets.

Shattered, I flopped down on the bed.

“I’d better get your skirt off before it gets ruined” John whispered.

“It can always be cleaned” I breathlessly replied.

“I know, but I do love you wearing it. The way it fits your thighs and ass is so fucking sexy. I get an erection just thinking about it on your body. Then when you wore those boots too, it was just too much.”

I said “I thought you liked a bit of leather. Why do you think I wore them? Wait until you see my other outfits this week, you’re in for a treat. And with that massive cock of yours, so am I.”

“But Sandra will be at home won’t she? We’d have to be careful.” John said.

i smiled and replied “She won’t mind. In fact, if you ask nicely she’ll probably join us. She can be a real dirty bitch at times.”

John stared at me, a quizzical look on his face.

“Oh come on. We’ve been having sex with each other for ages now and were joking about how amazing it would be if we managed to get you to fuck us. You may even get us to fuck you too.”

John smiled.

“Fucking hell” he exclaimed.

With that, John lay on the bed next to me. I turned on my side with my back to him, letting him unzip my skirt. I lifted my hips up to allow my new lover to slide it down and off my legs. I was now wearing just my soaking black lacy thongs, stockings and suspenders.

He lay back down and cuddled into my back, his arm flopping over me and cupping a breast, my nipple hard against his palm. He kissed my neck and squeezed me into him.

“Stay here tonight, my sexy gorgeous daughter.”

“I’m going nowhere, daddy.”

We drifted off into a deep sleep together, my thoughts on what a wonderful week it’s going to be.

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